Chapter 240: A Borrowed Sword   Indigo’s restaurant resumed operations shortly after the other players confirmed the danger had passed. Burapha, Sila, and Lookhin reunited at the same table less than an hour after they originally split up. They were exchanging intel. Meanwhile, Bluebird

4 Mattari   The one who pointed a gun at me was the mercenaries who came by previously, the ones who were prohibited from coming in my shop. “Hold ya horses, don’t you try to use magic. I’ll fire.” Putting his finger on the trigger, one of the mercenaries sneered. &l

The one in front of my eyes was none other than Sena-san, and the fluffiness was from Sena-san’s hand. I unconsciously brushed my cheek against it! ___ “I-I am sorry! To think that you had transformed…:” Since he came with his half-beast form, I wonder when he had transf

Translator: Kell | Editor: Weasalopes Life in Another World with His Stealth Skills (Part Two) Hikaru held his breath and waited. A tiny pinprick from the distance was running towards them, getting closer. It got bigger and bigger until he could make out what it was. Someone riding a horse. Just

The teachers are gentler and talk more softly. Every student is nervous about the upcoming exam. However, under such a circumstance, Gu Cheng is calmer than ever. He still has one term. The distinction between Tang Zhao and him will be shortened slowly and eventually eliminated. The first mock

“Tang Zhao, do you think I can realize my dream?” It’s a weekend so there are a lot of people around, many of whom have made wishes in front of the ancient tree. But by now, not many linger around. It seems that Ah Zhao and Gu Cheng are the only two who are left in this little s

After we had escaped from the hall, I patted on my chest and said with my heart still fluttering with fear, “Gosh, that was so scary...” Yu Hui, having shown up beside me, helped me up and said, “Yeah, that’s what an enchanting demon in big demon level should look like. He

Ye Shaohua is different from other people in the magical continent. She wants to fight more than everyone else. The magicians here are very delicate, except for those who are both martial arts practitioners. But Ye Shaohua is different. When she was in the Warcraft forest, she dared to kill the se

Is Taijiquan without internal mental skill created by Zhang Sanfeng? Isn’t it just like the Taijiquan practiced by the old lady and the old man on the street. This incomplete version is castrated too thoroughly! Don’t say the lethality, even if it’s used for loading. It’s h

Chapter 19: Sharing   "Is that Wu Tian coming here for you? Sorry, I have never expected that he would be looking for you. Did he do anything to you?" The person who had appeared before Jiang Bai was his neighbor, Yao Lan. She was already out here when he arrived, seemingly in a ru

“It’ll be difficult to clear away all that snow.” He scratched his chin thoughtfully as Louise gazed at his reflection in the window. “Louise.” When he called her name, Louise jolted quickly in surprise. “Y-yes?!” “We’ll remove some sn

If this moment means surprise to Lou Yao Yao and Qin Zhi, then to Fang Xi Lei and Lou Yuan Zhi, it would purely be scary.  Take a look at what they have seen and what they have heard!  After a long day of work and dragging their exhausted selves home, they saw the Qin boy downstairs thei

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Weasalopes” After having dinner, and a little before going to bed, we have a meeting. There we discussed our future plans. Basically, we participate in the training and wait for the big wave to occur. We decided that if it did not occur in t

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Weasalopes” It was early in the morning when I arrived at Tonell Village. On the way to the village, I was attacked by monsters several times and it took somewhat longer than expected. Fortunately, I wasn’t injured, but when I underst

If You Became Bald   After contemplating for a while, Yang Chen asked, “Darling, is being with me really all that stressful? Please be honest.”   An Xin blinked a few times. “Stressful? Of course, it is.” Yang Chen’s face fell. “I see. I suppose Ruoxi

Do You Like Her   He looked over and saw a lady wearing a light pink skirt standing in front of a bakery. Below her slender calves were a plain pair of sneakers. Although she wasn’t dressed to the nines, she was still attracting the gazes of passersby.   Yang Chen sucked in a breat

Chapter 22: Dungeon Captured   After using <Transfer> home, I immediately called Baa-chan. "Baa-chaa~n"(Leo)   "What is it? Oh, have you finally returned?"(Carina) Baa-chan, totally unaware of what happened, comes out from the back.   Then, she saw me

43. Joining the Guild “Congratulations,” HereticKing and I_Am_A_Poor_Man said as the golden glow signalling a successful Job change dissipated from XiaoYu’s body. However, XiaoYu didn’t respond at all. He kept staring at the pop-up dialogues. He had been knocked off guard b

Chapter 97 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (25) The eyes under her thick eyelashes revealed a glint of smiling expression, but when she lifted them, they changed into ones of joy and happiness. Snow White said in a soft voice, “This is what I made especially for mo

Lin Mumu raised her head again and looked at the woman a little distracted. No wonder Lin Mumu would be so distracted. The makeup of the elder sister on the opposite side was just too exaggerated. Who gave her courage to apply such a red lipstick on her huge lips? When she opened and closed her mou

Sometime after that. I was at the guild and gathering requests to hunt Lesser Fire Dragons.   If I was going to hunt them anyway, I might as well do it as quests so I could rank up and be rewarded. I didn’t know what the requirements were for ranking up, but doing a lot of quests woul

Chapter 95 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (23) The arrival of the Queen made Snow White giddy with happiness, even the progress bar above her head risen for five more point. “Mother.” Snow White lightly furled her red lips, a faint red emerged on her usuall

Chapter 96 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (24) The knife and fork cut the leftover beef steak into slices as Snow White elegantly delivered them to her bright red lips one by one with a curve of a smile adorning her lovely face. Inside those pair of peach dark eyes appe

Chapter 93 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (21) “Is this why you want to meet with me?” the young girl acted coquettishly like a spoiled child, her two eyes were brimming with adoration towards the King, “Hmmm, Fujiana is just thinking that Snow White i

Chapter 94 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (22) Facing the Queen’s absolutely arrogant manner, Belice still maintained her temperate and affable expression, “Yes, Queen, Belice will be on stand by outside the Palace Gate. Please let this servant know if you e

  Chapter 372: Own strength The Bai Family was noisy due to separation. While on Bai Zhi’s side, the atmosphere was also uncomfortable because Hu Feng wanted to join the army. Bai Zhi thought that when the time comes that Hu Feng will leave the Huangtou Village, she could wave her hand

The way Xue Haolin felt it, they looked at him like an exhibit, some of whom seemed to snicker. He was strict, so his employees were scared of him and even didn’t dare to look into his eyes. But today, they appeared to smile at him. He walked into his office in a strange mood and then sudden

(TN: A white boned spirit means a sly and cunning person; it was apparently a figure of speech used in the novel ‘Journey to the West’.) At this time, online shopping still wasn’t as popular as it would become in the future, and everyone liked to hang out in the shopping malls and

Chapter 89 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (17) Good girl, you’re really filial! Shen Mubai was so excited until she nearly beat the table and shout ‘bravo!’ out loud, but the restriction of her character’s design still existed, thus she had no c

Chapter 90 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (18) Snow White who was wearing a magnificent princess attire was standing at the same place, her fair skin was smeared with a faint scarlet colour that looked mesmerizing, especially her beautiful deep eyes that seemed to conta

Chapter 91 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (19) When the maidservant just wanted to reply, the palace door behind was suddenly opened. “Mother!” Snow White’s eyes brightened immediately. When she realized her eager inappropriate manner, her cheeks beca

Chapter 92 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (20) Shen Mubai’s breath in a flash became stagnated; you can put this long face anywhere and it could still become a murder weapon. She still had tender affection towards Snow White’s small pitiful face, so she open

Chapter 88 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (16) Snow White’s dark eyes was covered in a layer of undisguised happiness. When she met the other one’s line of sight, she hurriedly held back her expression, but her cheeks were still dyed with a light scarlet hue

Chapter 27 – The Start of Trade “This is a lamp that uses a built-in micro steam engine to generate lightning-like energy through steam power. This energy is very specific, and it can emit intense light through specific metals. Steam lamps can make use of coal and fire crystal nucleus t

Chapter 42: A Different Conference and Sword Trial “Third place: Gu Xichun. Predicted cultivation: realm three first class. Cultivation place: Shadow Mountain Sword Cave.” Zhang Yi looked at the name on the third page, and in shock and puzzlement,”How is this possible?” Xi

Chapter 90: Pretty Please Huan Zhong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He sighed. Just as he was about to speak, he found Kong Hou had a terrified expression, as though she had discovered something scary. Following Kong Hou’s gaze, Huan Zhong found the fiendish energy that had been

Chapter 89: Great Hope I realized that my hair was only meant to be used as a “platform”. I felt increasingly salty upon knowing this reason that I wanted to attack the person who robbed the hair from the back of my head. However, the culprit who did it was not near me now. …On

Chapter 187 Clear the city to search for someone Shu Yue mind had an ulterior motive that she couldn’t tell people. Hence, when Ji Danqing and Zhang Zirong arrived, she quietly moved to their side. At this moment, many people had come to the city gate. Everyone had a puzzled look. It se

Translator: SumTLMan After a long while, Angel learned some basic information about Wimbledon from Ananda. At first, Angel thought Wimbledon was poorly treated at home, just as most aristocratic families had some dirty affairs. Wimbledon may have been an object of malice in the duke’s family

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit Chapter 57 - She didn’t dare to move (6) In the face of Ye Qing's questioning, Lin Zhan explained, "I didn't tell you because I never considered myself a member of the Lu family. I told you