TN: Change Leon Groth Klois to Leon Groth Kreuz   The following year, the Asahina family was blessed with the birth of a new member into the family, Sumire, a baby girl who was seven years apart from Tsubaki. Sumire was a girl who had a thin pigment, a special characteristic of the Asahina ho

Several months have passed since the day Tsubaki decided to take the role of a villain. By continuously taking an attitude that says “I am above you” toward the other students, Tsubaki had smoothly gained their animosity toward her. And then, after the closing ceremony for their second-g

48 Leng Tian Tian’s Infatuation. Translator: Skilvh   “Greetings to the Crown Prince!” Leng Zi Shi smiled at Shang Wu Xin, the lovely dimples shown near the corner of his mouth instantly added an innocent charm to this young boy. Shang Wu Xin nodded her head, she didn&rsqu

“The emperor arrives!” Eunuch Xu’s voice, which sounded like a duck, rose in the hall, then everyone stood up immediately and extended their respects. Although tonight’s imperial banquet was held for the Crown Prince, General Leng Yufeng and Childe Huan Moche, the emperor ha

Translator: Skilvh     40  Awkward Situation In The Carriage. “I know!” Huang Mo Che and Leng Yu Feng said while lowering their head. They knew from the way the Crown Prince said, that the Prince was not talking about playing, and they have never thought of deceiving t

Translator: Skilvh     41 Two Honest Brothers Tonight, they stayed at the mountain. Although the things at Feng Zhou City was solved. Shang Wu Xin was not in a hurry to return to the capital. However, if a group of people walked through the normal road, the things that they encountered

42 General Leng’s Hand-made Food (1) “The meat is ready, Crown Prince please have a taste!” Looking at Huan Mo Che struck-dumb expression,  Leng Yu Feng went to the other side of the Prince to sit down. He then took the cooked wild game, using a dagger he cut it into small pi

43 Hero Leng Yu Feng saves Beauty “Crown Prince!” a group of men dressed in black suddenly came running down from the mountain, the voice came from Wu Wei who had not been seen for many days. Hundreds of people dressed in black with blood lotus embroidered on their clothes joined in the

Translator: Skilvh Note: For those reading this novel, please join my discord on the website to support this or hear about the latest update about his novel. Thank you 44 Unexpected Kiss In the carriage, there was a wounded man and a young man who was cutting a cloth for the bandage. Huan Mo Che h

Translator: Skilvh     45 Back to The Capital, The Emperor’s Unclear Attitude The weather in the capital was particularly good. The sun was high above the sky while no clouds can be seen obstructing it. “Is it true that the Crown Prince will come back today? Why haven’

Translator: Skilvh     46 The Beautiful Man Han Xuan Hao “Crown Prince!” Manager Hai looked at Shang Wu Xin with tears upon seeing her entered the house, and then said sharply, “Aiya, how did the Crown Prince become so thin! This old slave said that he would go togethe

Translator: Skilvh     49 Predicted Rewards “Emperor has arrived!” Eunuch Xu’s duck like voice resounded in the hall, and everyone immediately stands up and saluted. Although the dinner banquet today was for the Crown Prince, Leng Yu Feng and Huan Mo Che. However, th

Conversation While Irina was respectfully sent to the Imperial Palace, the guards and maids in the palace didn’t recognise her. Ling Yue didn’t live in the Imperial Palace but would often appear. As for Irina, it was their first time seeing her. The maids and guards didn’t know ho

Father and Son “There are so many books…” “Lots of them are actually documents I’ve read. The documents were moved here for storage. They’re considerably old things. They’re meaningless now, but they were the steps that the North took to become what it is

143. Getting fat The recent event made An Ran raise her head, only to see Xiao Xiao holding sugar fried chestnuts and coming towards them. Xiao Xiao also saw An Ran, and was surprised, that smile on the corner of her mouth slowly disappeared, then in the next moment it appeared again. As she adv

144. Scenes The next day she woke up, Su Yi Cheng had already gotten out of bed. An Ran dazedly got up and washed her face, and when she opened the door Auntie Zhang had already came over. Apparently as she was waking up she had already gone to the market, and was now using the time to prepare th

TWQQF ch 234 - An Unexpected Discovery; Chasing Away The Best (3) Even so, Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t entirely certain that he was transformed by the dimension.   “Do you still want to kill me?”   “I wouldn’t dare!” Hearing her question, the old man in

TWQQF ch 235 - An Unexpected Discovery; Chasing Away The Best (4) “Yuteng, if we encounter more powerful cultivators like this one and absorb them into the dimension, would the cause any issues?” Cheng Xiao Xiao really wanted to understand this point.   “Young mistress, I d

TWQQF ch 233 - An Unexpected Discovery; Chasing Away The Best (2) Cheng Xiao Xiao nodded at him and added “I am okay!” to comfort him.   “Xiao Xiao!” Mrs. Cheng ran over and threw her arms around her. Crying, she said, “Xiao Xiao, you nearly scared me to death.

Chen Rui initially had the intention of dragging the time and recover his injury. Seeing Royce falling out now, he had long prepared for this in his mind. He shouted, “<Aura Blade>!” Royce had just witnessed Chen Rui sliced Mikas into half with his secret move, so he didn’t

Royce’s words made Chen Rui a little surprised and he asked, “Tell me what is it first?” “Vasasha!” Royce’s eyes showed a strange brilliance, “You have to help me get her!” Chen Rui knew that Vasasha, Arux, and Royce were called the 3 scythes in Jose

Late at night, the loud noises from a magic store in the Dark Moon City awoke the nearby demons. The shouts followed could be heard by almost the entire street, “Royce! You dare to destroy Young Master Alan’s plan! Today, I’ll ruin this magic store!” In a distance, Royce&rsq

Chapter 881: Long Lan Er?   Edited by RED Lin Feng stared at the woman. He looked terrified and his body felt numb. She looked cold, her eyes like those of a phoenix, and she was wearing a dress made of feathers. She looked cute, but her Qi was cold as jade. She had big soft-looking white b

Chapter 822: Stamp Out the Source Of Trouble!   Edited by RED “Thank you, Lin Feng,” Long Lan Er blushed. Her cheeks reddened as if she were drunk. Lin Feng stared at her and was slowly turned on. “Anyway, hehe…” Lin Feng laughed softly. The two of them agree

Chapter 883: Poison!   Edited by RED Lin Feng watched the blood-red lights disperse. Fa Kun Lun’s voice also disappeared. The state teacher sighed helplessly. Lin Feng knew how the state teacher felt. As a friend, he would never be able to avenge Fa Kun Lun’s death, and he had f

Chapter 884: Avoid Future Trouble!   Edited by RED Fa Xuan rejoiced. He had a huge ferocious smile. The last time he had tried to plot against Lin Feng he had failed. Lin Feng had summoned over a hundred puppets with the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, so it had been impossible

Chapter 885: Same Celestial Book Spirit!   Edited by RED Long Lan Er’s hand was cool and soft. Lin Feng just pushed her hand away, because it felt too good to hold hands with her. Lin Feng shook his head and followed her into the water world. Lin Feng easily found the hut on the other

Chapter 877: Summoning the Demon Corpse Army!   Edited by RED “Lin Feng, are you sure you want to do that?” asked Fa Kun Lun icily. His eyes were filled with murder as well. He was furious too, especially when he saw Lin Feng holding Yan Ran Xue’s hand. Yan Ran Xue was alre

Chapter 878: Fa Kun Lun’s Fall!   Edited by RED Was he dead? Was the incredible Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire who had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer dead? Had his body already rotted? Fa Kun Lun, a strong cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer, was dead!

Chapter 879: Ancestor’s Invitation?   Edited by RED “Why? Why?!” shouted Fa Xuan furiously. His muscles twitched and his eyes became bloodshot. When Lin Feng heard Fa Xuan, Fa Xuan knew he was doing something wrong. He had made such great efforts, but now his work turned o

Chapter 880: Wedding?   Edited by RED “You cross the beach and then you’ll see the Ancestor. You go alone.” said Zun Jue, pointing to a hut on the other side of the beach. Lin Feng nodded and walked on. He quickly arrived in front of the hut, but didn’t enter immedia

Chapter 130: Leaving the Sea (1) Translator: Sissy That Walk So, was Chen An just threatened? After Ouyang Bai Sha left, Chen An got up and walked to the window. The typhoon made the window shout loudly. Beans of raindrops kept hitting the window. It sounded like being located in the rain of bull

Chapter 129: Living Hell (3) Translator: Sissy That Walk “You are too abnormal, Lu Feng,” after hearing those words, Ouyang Bai Sha’s facial expression became softer instead, and even looked at Lu Feng affectionately, “I have never seen you so excited for others except that

Chapter 8 – Mother’s homecoming (8) Translator – Vodka     “Mom! Didn’t I tell you that you don’t need to tell that to Nii-san?” Kaede urged mom in a loud voice which bordered on being filled with anger. Wait, what? It was supposed to be abo

Chapter 9 – Change (1) Translator – Vodka A new chapter starts. In this chapter, the author is switching from third-person narration to Kirasaka’s narration in a heartbeat. Such an ordeal, this is. I don’t know any good ways of going about this switch.     I h

Chapter 338: The Other Prince   Year 4014 - XX Island- A certain man with black hair and emerald green eyes, played with the rose in his hands. Soon his subordinates would arrive with Lyn. He couldn't wait to see her again when was the last time he saw her? Three years? Two years? Either

Chapter 339: You always help me   After a few minutes, Lyn turned around and saw Kazuya with his head low. He appeared to be guilty about what just happened. So she carefully made her way back over to him. Slowly she got closer and closer until her back hit his. Lyn did not face him directly;

Chapter 335: Other half   "Kazuya," Lyn suddenly said, breaking his train of thought. "Hm?" His sentence fell short when he felt Lyn's lips on his. It was a brief kiss, but Kazuya felt his heart skipping a beat. His face flushed. "Thank you for the present."

Chapter 336: Letter from brother   Back then, it was the same with that person — her dear eldest brother. The one is known as the Other Prince. He got this title because he was born at the same time as brother. But because brother came from Mother's first husband, the one who got re

Chapter 337: The Ambush   Everybody else may doubt brother. But she doesn't. It's precise because everybody doubts him that she has to believe in him. The date brother mentioned on the letter is tomorrow. They arrived in Junlan church just on time then. Any later, then she would