Chapter 676 – Suppliers’ headaches (Part 2 of 2)     “Eh, have you all heard the news? Qinwang Jelly has been taken off the shelves and is replaced by a Strong Group Jelly. Have you all heard of this brand?”     “Ah? Why? Qinwang Jelly has been

Chapter 677 – Milk Tea promotion     Tai Hua Supermarket had renewed new contracts with all their suppliers. The new rates were cheaper, but Tai Hua Supermarket also allowed them to hold promotions.     Tai Hua Supermarket gave them an excellent position to display th

Chapter 397: Yellow Flash! On an open plane, the wind blew gently on the fresh grass making a refreshing smell cover the place. “The environment in the Land Of Fire is incomparable to where I come from.” Looking at the scenery, Mie couldn’t help but sigh. Among the five lands,

Chapter 398: Roja Vs. The Yellow Flash! “Minato?” Tsunade looked at the Yellow flash, and suddenly her eyes flashed as she understood what Konoha wanted to do. Minato was proficient in Time-space Jutsu, and he had The Flying Thunder god technique. With this technique, he can bring her

Chapter 399: Minato’s countermeasure! “Minato’s technique already reached such a level? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look effective…” Tsunade watched the confrontation and said. Roja held Sen Maboroshi and calmly looked at Minato. He placed the sword in front of

Chapter 400: Shock! “I didn’t expect that this wouldn’t work…” Under their gazes, Minato took a deep breath slowly calmed his heart and looked serious. Roja’s attack was already surpassed S class Ninjutsu. Even such an attack couldn’t kill him which was

Chapter 296 - Special Drug-Making   As the saying goes, "long-term illness makes the patient a good doctor." This was surely applicable to Xie Lianzhen. Anyone who was in contact with medicines for a long term would be very sure about how effective a medicine was. Moreover, Xie Lia

Chapter 297 - Alliance   Lu Mingshu blinked her eyes slowly. She then proceeded to clean herself up and asked, "Grandma, have I passed the test now?” "What test?" The old woman only replied after a while. Lu Mingshu endured to pain and slowly said, "Aren't you

Chapter 298 - I Am Here   "Neither of you stepped out of this area once?" There was no response. "Is it that hard?" Lu Mingshu sighed. "To be honest, we don't even know what went wrong," the uncle answered. "We got the key from the guards and broke th

Chapter 41: Gathering at the Field     The smell of the spices were a little stronger than the ones in commercially sold cola. The ginger ale here had a stronger ginger taste as well. Hmm, with how strong the spices smell, would they go well Japanese-style dishes? What should I do&hell

Chapter 42: Thank You, and Thank You   I shook my head slightly to stop my shivering. The adventurer card hanging off of my neck swung back and forth above my camisole. Oh dear, it’d be problematic if I dropped this. After I placed my card on top of the clothes I took off earlier, I

Chapter 161 Pouring Sulfuric Acid Lang Ruoxian hugs Yan Hua as soon as he comes in.   “I’m fine.” Yan Hua is particularly calm.   The comments on the Internet are all on her side. After all, there are still a lot of people who have high moral standards. Most people d

Chapter 162 I Won’t Tell You I’m Five Years Old Lang Ruoxian accompanies Yan Hua these days. Sometimes, he has a video conference. And Shu Sheng often takes documents to let him sign. They never avoid Yan Hua when they do their work. So Yan Hua soon finds out that Lang Ruoxian seems to

Chapter 161 Ouyang Xiaofeng "Liu Feng, you're so handsome!"   "This Liu Feng has completely stolen show today!"   "Don't be green-eyed. This buddy is really awesome, who can jump two or three meters high. D*mn it! He is really a master in martial arts.

Chapter 162 The Arrogant Overseas Student from Japan "D*mn! No!"   "If you don't believe it, just take a look for yourself."   "Bump bump bump!"   Just after Liu Feng and Wei Zixuan finished talking, the competition on the ring officially begun

Chapter 153 Three Super Talents on the Marvel List! Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Jiu took the soldiers of Frontier City and left.   Tang Country's Black Saber Guard and Death Squad were together with Jiang Jiu.   Now, the Frontier City had become an empty city.   If Tang Co

Chapter 154 Who Dares Touch My Brother! Three super talents!   Ye Xuan looked up to the distance. In the distance, the man was staring at Lingxiu Sword. The sword was shaking violently, but it could not break off from the man's hand.   A man in gray who was in his twenties stood n

Chapter 222: End Of The War! “Am sorry, I get uncomfortable in these kinds of situations, but…” Naito smiled at her, then he suddenly stepped forward, and hugged her really tight. Kushina wanted to say something, but suddenly she widened her eyes, as Naito’s hands held he

Chapter 223: Two ninjutsu! In the second part of this war, the eyes of the entire world were on the resources that the Land of Fire gain, the three major lands of wind, lightning, and earth were all biting their teeth, even the Land of water looked like they can’t wait to grab a bite of it.

Chapter 38 There actually wasn’t that much time till the competition. But within this narrowing band of time to practice, I never felt more blissful. Because of my feelings toward Yin Li and my newfound understanding of life, I danced with no regard for the first time ever. My body was w

Chapter 39   I actually did remember the first time I met Yin Li. After our trip to Mexico, I had already regained that memory. It’s just that I didn’t want to say. It was a day in autumn. The climate had been changing rapidly. After a bout of rain, it suddenly became a lot

Chapter 2357: A Dangerous Situation Hun Zang’s heart immediately sank when he received the hall elder’s message. He became even more determined to stop the Heaven-splitting clan from taking Jian Chen away. “Hun Zang has already used the Martial Soul Array. He possesses the powers

Chapter 2358: Attempting the Path of Swords Jian Chen was cold. He knew that he had caught his opponent off-guard the first time, so he had managed to knock him away while he was still ignorant of the Anatta Tower’s force. However, he definitely could not use the same method twice. It was e

Chapter – 102   The temple of the sun god Lathander was across from the temple of the god of justice, Tyr. After completing her routine prayers, the young priest Lady Mara found that it was very chaotic outside. To be honest, it really was a wild time, even girls like Lady Mara quickly

Chapter – 101   TN: I’m trying a new way of leaving TNs. All my footnotes will start with a ‘T’ The Shadow belonged to a monster with a challenge rating of 26. Most adventurers wouldn’t encounter one in their lifetime. The Shadow of the Void and it’s sibli

Translator: Sheng Chen Editor: Arya Chapter 72: Shuten-doji, Modified Samurai, Sacred Emperor After confirming the cause and details of Hyakkiyakou, Hu Feng began to finalize its ending. He thought that since Sumika, who had the recognition of Japanese people, was a descendant of great onmyoji A

Translator: Sheng Chen Editor: Arya Chapter 73: Crazy Cult Believers  “All the believers here I am the Sacred Emperor, the resurrected Christ, the new Savior…… The end of the world is close at hand and only those who convert their belief in me can live in the ruins of the

Translator: Reflet Editor: ryunakama After hanging up, Taiyou took a deep breath. That was when Kohaku flung herself onto him. “Kohaku-san?” “Perhaps ye should call everyone right now, lad.” “Eh? What are you saying all of a sudden?” “Call everyone and

Translator: Reflet Editor: ryunakama //note: BBA is an abbreviation for Baba, which means granny or old woman in Japanese “…” “Whoa!” Taiyou was shocked. Kohaku had suddenly started licking his cheeks. “W-W-What are you doing Kohaku-san?” “So t

325 – Goddess Lolth In a space covered by darkness, there was suddenly a light, then the space twisted and spat out three people onto the ground. “Ouch!” Yang Feng hit his head hard on the ground and cried out in pain. However, he didn’t release his tight grip on Esramia.

336 – Killing Atedonia When he reached the huge palace gate, Yang Feng looked at the palace with shock in his eyes. He saw the heads of countless extraordinary life forms embedded into the huge palace. There was the head of a primordial dragon, a head of an absolute beginning giant, a head o

(284) Vain struggle by the Cursed Spearman Translator: Tseirp     We finished our introductions. First, the names, occupations, and experience of the three are as below.   Middle-aged Lumberjack-san, Kikkori‧Bocco. His job is Lumberjack. His level increase by one to 18. This

(285) Is it really back to how it was? Translator: Tseirp     For some reason, I was unlocking criminal-type jobs one after the other. It wasn’t going that well at that point but (although Pimp kind of paled in comparison to the others) the bigger problem started after that. &n

Do it!” CP0’s Vice Chief decisively issued the order after judging the strength gap between the enemy and them. Now Demon Sherrif Laffitte and Devil Child Nico Robin are not here. He intends to make a quick decision and take down Ross quickly so as to avoid some extraneous problems. Th

During the brief confrontation, due to the involvement of the Division Captain, Ross was hit on the shoulder by Vice Chief’s Claw, but this claw only left three blood marks which swiftly healed. Ross’s terrifying Tenacious skin and resilience made CP0’s Vice Chief and Captain brow

“…” The whole scene was silent, leaving only the sound of silk currents. Ross and the Vice Chief’s fight had stopped. Ross was suspended in mid-air, his slightly broken white overcoat fluttering gently in the wind, his eyes were calm and indifferent, without any surprise i

At this time, Goku naturally wasn’t aware of King Piccolo’s response. He was currently sitting on a luxury jet heading towards West City. “Bulma, why did you put my dragon balls in the box?” Goku, who was sitting in the passenger seat, thought it strange that Bulma had caref

However, this caliber of firepower still seemed to be insignificant in front of King Piccolo and his subordinates. King Piccolo waved his hand, and then a light flashed; suddenly, like a rising windstorm, a deep-blue energy wave swept out like the roar of tigers and the screeching of monkeys. In an

After ending the call with Master Roshi, Goku and Bulma took the aircraft and arrived at West City. At this time, West City was already in chaos induced by King Piccolo’s declaration. Vehicles, like a long floating dragon, were crowded on the overpass. Many cars had bumped into each other res

Translated by: Zryuu Edited by: Butter  — Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly. “I intend to continue cultivating.” Fourth Elder Bai cast a glance at him. “That’s too vague. Your performance today can be considered to be remarkable among the craftsmen circle. I don&rsqu