Part 4   TN: Double-length part because it felt wrong to cut this scene in half, enjoy! Also, some terms were borrowed from the Catholic Church, and might be changed later if a better name is found or if the manga translates it differently Late February of the year 1147. During a harsh winte

Part 3   “Your father invited me to be the new dean of the Department of Medicine” (Is that so? I didn’t realize…) It seems that Bruno has made all sorts of arrangements behind the scenes. Recently, he’s been so focused on the college that he often doesn’t

Part 2   TN: Check out the Table of Contents for links to the raws The Empress’s meal was open to the court. The meal was informal, but still prepared elegantly. The Empress sat at a round table near a window which had been left open. After observing that the Empress had been seated, F

Chapter 474: Dimwit       But Han Ye thinks that she’s in pain, so he forgets everything in his anxiousness and hugs her. His voice is trembling as he says, “Little Shadow, why is your face so red, how come your skin is so warm? Don’t, don’t scare m

Chapter 475: Won’t let go even in death          “The Triple Bound Ghost City is founded by Jun Shang, do you think Jun Shang would never know of your deeds and conduct?”       “Hahaha… are you an idi

Chapter 101: Return Date On that night, we had a casual dinner with the royal family per the Queen’s wishes. Although, Bart and his crew were thoughtful and didn’t attend, so it was only a small group made out of the Albans, Lisburns and the royal family. Alistair was nervous, but an in

At that moment, I see Rubia glaring at Viine with a sharp, somewhat unwomanly gaze. Moreover, the illusion of a majestic woman possessing three eyes, who was wrapped up by a swaying black aura, manifests behind her. The woman is a goddess? With inflamed eyes, she laughs in satisfaction while looking

125: The Death Flag Unfurled To Its Maximum   Author: Fire Head (炎頭) Translator: Hand of Vecna Editors: Two More Free Thoughts (TpstT), Keii Behind the scenes of this glamorous tournament. Sei and his companions were stealthily investigating the waiting rooms for the participants, which ha

The Banished Villainess' Husband - 10                                                                          

Ch251 - Escape Through the Night   Feng Jingyu understood that Lin Xuanzhi wanted to confirm the relationship between Yan Tianhen’s parents and whether they could be relied on in the future, so he thought about it and answered truthfully, “If his father had known from the start th

Chapter 21 — I want her to know her place (放置を学んで頂きたい)   “What do you all understand, what do you all know…!” Maryjun’s weak voice was quivering, as if she was about to cry. It was completely different from her lively attitude this morning. Even if Maryjun

Chapter 220: Is this Called Somewhat Close? Chen Ming glanced at the dragon cave, Oh, right. I still have a nation weapon in that scripture storage. Sigh, you just can't take the teleportation array with you when you teleport. I'll deal with it after the battle! Wait, maybe I can bri

Chapter 219: The Strongest Summon! 'Dragon Body Aura(fake) Description: birthed like a mountain range, and buried as a dragon nest.  Effect: a stronger body than an average hardship cultivator. Dragon Bone Aura(fake) Description: eternal even in death, feeding on nature's creatures

Ch44.2 - Taobao shop   After their meal, the three people sat in the courtyard to digest. Yin Xun was very interested in the sweet roasted chestnuts that Lu Qingjiu had mentioned earlier, and said that he would go off to find fine sand tomorrow. “Where are you going to go sea

Chapter 247: Accidental Encounter   Sila brought his wounded body to an isolated path, near Belacia City’s wall. His qi was still in disorder due to Kawin’s new profound art, so he would have to suppress it soon. ‘Kawin and Revin’s profound arts resemble Montra’

Chapter 84: Gap instance “Concentrate your spirit, your imagination! Become a concept of the Sound of Soul Power yourself. An imagination is pure, does not contaminate any other concepts. Reject all other thoughts. Then......” POP! There was no then. The Qi sphere in Lu Ping’s h

Chapter 85: God speed "It's stupid..." sighed Chu Min. The way Lu Ping used was typical. If you couldn't find the right way of cultivation, you should try one hundred, one thousand, and ten thousand repetitions to succeed. This was a simple way. It wouldn't break through in a

Chapter 86: An investigation "An investigation team!?" In the Dean's Office, Yun Chong bounced off the seat after receiving the news. As the dean, he was more aware of the significance of this Investigation than the gatekeeper! These people wouldn’t visit a school without a ca

Chapter 38      Thanks to Norris, Ardis finally knew the source of his discomfort. It isn’t something he can ignore but, it’s not like he can do anything about it now.    In any case, the root of the problem lies within the unfounded belief of the forbidden ch

Chapter 39   「So…… regarding what we’ll do from now on.」    Beside the twins who curled up in their coats, Ardis broke the silence.    The dawn that started to shine over the grasslands. Overcoming the first night after leaving Thoria, Ardis talked ab

Chapter 40      A town where money and people gather, naturally there will be an entertainment district where all the people gather after their work. With a population of three hundred thousand people, the scale of the entertainment district in the capital, Gran is justified.  

Chapter 41      Arriving in the capital, Ardis chose a suitable cheap inn with a tavern and entered. Of course, it wasn’t for the purpose of drinking but to gather information.    He had decided to ask the tavern’s master and an information broker as to how th

Returning to the Desolate Ancient Land   “I plan to infiltrate the Barbarian World and sneak into the Wuke Family.” Jiang Chen said. “Denied.” Yang Junlong immediately rejected the plan. “ Jiang Chen, you’re no fool. You’ve seen what the Wuke Family

Chapter 97: I’m Not the Owner Sun Changyu led the Sun family warriors out of the hunting grounds, and even though he had been granted entry into the Yun Xiao Academy, he still wore a dark expression on his face. He looked around and discovered the leader of the Sun family along with his entou

Chapter 654: Imminent Problems “The Twin Witches…” “The witches of fate.” Without thinking, Yun Xi could guess who the twin witches were. White Lotus and Red Lotus. The side quest “the legendary witches” was exactly tailored for them. “Yes. Prin

Chapter 153: The Old Tricks Strike Again It was a little creepy when the Obsidian Beetle saw that Zhang Mu was staring at him, so it questioned him, “What do you want? There’s nothing good about your smile. What do you want from me again?” Zhang Mu walked over and patted the back

Chapter 141: Alternative Interpretation After the mermaid Robert claimed claimed himself as the messenger of the Atlantis civilization, many news and media channels in various countries quickly reported, the heads of government rushed towards the United Nations headquarters, the words about aliens,

Chapter 125: Slapping Brother. Song Yunjia goes to Nanding Hospital first. Then Song Yunqiang arrives. Song Yan hasn’t come to his senses yet. Out of duty, the nurses of Nanding Hospital stop Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang from bothering Song Yan. “Miss Song, Mr. Song, the patients hav

Chapter 126: Brother’s Tricks Song Yunxuan appears at the funeral in plain clothes. The media are shut out. People who cooperated with the Song family, made good friends with Song Yan before his death, and are ready to have some contact with the Song family’s successor arrive in time

Chapter 127: Falsely Accuse It is so amazing that people in mourning hall keep speculating. The whispers of judging keep flowing into his ears. Song Yunqiang’s expression is solemn and serious, and his face is full of anger. In the crowd, Rong six comes to Chu Mochen. “Brother, the w

Chapter 123: Testament Is in My Hand Song Yunxuan puts fingers on the pocket on Song Yan’s chest, and she feels a little chilling. In fact, Song family’s property means nothing for the Gu’s family. But it can help Gu Changge turn the tables. It’s a nonsense that getting s

Chapter 124: Change of Ownership of the Song Family Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia are unconsciously stunned when they hear her words. Song Yunjia releases her hand. “What do you mean, Yun Xuan?” Song Yunqiang is more anxious, “How does the will come to you? Dad gave it to the la

Chapter 271 Killing with One Move Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!   As if a flash of lightning, the shining spear zoomed across the sky, spraying innumerable sparkles.   It was undeniable that Meng Wu's strength was extremely strong. The silver spear in his hand moved agilely like a silve

Chapter 367 – Killing the Frost War God Flames floated everywhere in the Occult Flame Palace, every inch was full of irascible fire elements. Without any delay, Fatty’s location was betrayed by these fire elements. “Run, brat, keep running.” The voice of Emperor Occult Flam

397 – Sickle Devil Beetles Before the 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises could reach the mobile fortified stronghold, they were killed like ants, greatly shocking Zhang Zhiqiao and them. Zhang Zhiqiao was an exceptional genius of the Bright Moon School. With the help of her

Chapter 407.2: In Full Combat Readiness Qin Yining blinked innocently. “Why does father think I did something?” “Do you think your thoughts and actions can escape my eyes? Just look at you—you look like the mouse who’s gotten into the cookie jar.” Amused by his

Vol 10 Chapter 2   Let me know if you find anything odd or wrong about my translation, I’ll review and fix if it whenever I can.   Enjoy your read~         Tl: Jun   ED: Jun Special thanks to my Patrons:  Paullouis, Kevin Le, Mathew Decker,

Vol 10 Chapter 1     Let me know if you find anything odd or wrong about my translation, I’ll review and fix if it whenever I can.   Enjoy your read~         Tl: Jun   ED: Jun Special thanks to my Patrons:  Paullouis, Kevin Le, Mathew

Chapter 1023: Awkward! Edited by RED The night passed quickly. On the day after, it was the day of the wedding. Therefore, the entire Ri Guang Empire was bustling with activity. The disciples of the Ri Guang Empire and the members of the Tai Qing Sect were all carrying flowers for the bride and gr

Chapter 1022: Lin Feng Is Furious! Edited by RED Lin Feng first brought Yi Ren Lei to Tian Dao Yuan. Lin Ou now managed Tian Dao Yuan, so it was stabilizing. Not only was it getting safer, but it was also starting to rise again. It was slowly getting back to its original strength. Two of its form