Chapter 174 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (5) Jiang Qi looked at that familiar giant and then looked at the boy in his embrace. He hesitated a bit, then asked : “Do you think he is a demon?” “I hate him!” That boy’s tone couldn’t be more firm. Jian

Chapter 175 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (6) Wind blew. The willows were swaying along the wind without any support with no fixed direction. The lake water was clear like mirror, reflecting the blue sky and layers of white cloud willowing, accompanying the sunlight. Adults brought t

“Son, do you have any clues?” “I would say that it’s clear as day now. The water came from elven waters. It’s the result of an accident. Someone produced elven mana and inadvertently spilt it into their river. As a result, the mana in the water drifted to humanity. In

I could live more freely in humanity’s lands. While I lived as the Prince in the elven lands, their society was relatively ordinary. As a consequence, I couldn’t see the special rights of being a Prince – under the definition that special rights included more than being respected.

Those grey-haired, high-level masters immediately put away all arrogant states, and were all looking respectful. Those who had never seen the God of Sword all raised their heads and were grateful to witness this myth. Initially, they felt pitiful, as they hadn’t been able to see the God of Swo

Yan Qinghong and Yan Tianwei were still standing there without a sound. And Yan Qingping was still smiling. Yan Gongruo and Yan Qiusha were also smiling, they weren’t shocked at all, unlike Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya. Yan Duancang glanced around again, and met the people’s enthusiastic gaz

There was bitterness lingering in heart. ‘My lord. No, Count Lancephil. I didn’t want to see you like this.’ Serifa, who is in charge of directing and controlling the Druids, smiled bitterly. ‘If it wasn’t for the Druid’s Oath, I’d like to stay with you s

“Sa, Save Sir Clay!” “Save the Supreme Commander!” Druids and other knights around him yelled. However, in contrast to the way they shouted with momentum, no one took a single step forward. Tudu Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo! A rain that could injure the blue sky poured down. No on

Creation and Eternity Martin paused for a moment after he was done with the Book of Creation and Holding, carefully stroking its cover before sighing, “I strengthened the Inquisition Mark so you can tailor it to your needs. You can choose between three level 16s, two level 18s, or a single le

Trivial Matters As he read through the letter, Richard could only think about one thing: Flowsand’s Book of Time. He didn’t really care about upgrading the Book of Creation and Holding, let alone sacrificing Flowsand’s Book of Time for it, but the letter had led him to c

H.P.S.T Chapter 443: Dinner and Performance “What are you working on?” Harry asked. “A report for the Department of International Magical Cooperation.” Percy said smugly, “We’re trying to standardize cauldron thickness. Some of these foreign imports are just a s

H.P.S.T Chapter 441: They Are All Angry The small kitchen was a mess, and everyone was excited to talk about Dudley becoming a pig. Fred and George gloated and introduced their newest prank props, developed this summer. They made a lot of deformation sweets, which could turn the eaters into animal

H.P.S.T Chapter 442: Plans to Communicate with Hermione “Let’s go, Evan!” Fred said suddenly. “I’ll show you upstairs!” “Yeah, let’s show you where you’re sleeping!” George followed, winking hard at Evan. “YOU STAY WHERE YOU ARE!&r

Volume 8, Chapter 31: Side Story, Earth: When I got trapped, part 2. “Hey, welcome!” A ramen shop that had opened several years ago in a certain place in Tokyo. This was the branch store of a certain famous store, with the main store being a very traditional place that was dedicated

Volume 8, Chapter 32: Side Story: Ship upon the Stars, Part 1 “………eh?” By the time I was aware, I was in a strange place. A white floor that felt like stone but looked like non-slip plastic. Although the walls and the floor were all of the same texture, the ceil

Volume 8, Chapter 28: It seems Like I’ve Become a Legend Again, Part 4 Hello there. It’s Yurushia again! With me right now, Sefira is glaring with hatred in her eyes. No, I’m really sorry! I really don’t mean to. I’m a Demon after all. No way. Sefira was the [

Volume 8, Chapter 29: It seems Like I’ve Become a Legend Again, Final One of many worlds…… [Tess]. The great “will” of the world, of [Tess], felt like it was relieved. Although the forms of its thought were so removed from those of living things that the

Volume 8, Chapter 30: Side Story, Earth: When I got trapped, part 1. AN: This story is about the time before Yuzu gets stabbed and awakens as Yurushia. As for where it stands in the timeline, it’s around the time where Yurushia visits earth and has been sealed for 6 months, but it contains

Translator: Sheng Chen Editor: Arya Chapter 68: Done by Disciples of Aum Shinrikyo? “Lock the scene, don’t destroy the scene of the crime!” “Collect all the clues, organize them and bring them all back to the police station!” While commanding the subordinates, the

Translator: Sheng Chen Editor: Arya Chapter 69: The Debut of Onmyojis! Late night three days later, Hu Feng arranged another projection of Hitouban on the remote streets of Nakano, Tokyo, labeling it as an intermediate demon and it was difficult for a single team of trainee onmyojis to eliminate

Translator: Sheng Chen Editor: Arya Chapter 70: The Movement of the Parliamentarians The high-definition video of onmyojis fighting against demons at night, captured by the journalists in Tokyo at close range really blew out the Japanese parliamentarians’ minds! When seeing it for the firs

Translator: Sheng Chen Editor: Arya Chapter 71: The Forewarning of Hyakkiyakou Coming out of his trance, the police director quickly asked. “Sumika, what does ‘servant’ mean? What’s this about ‘the blessing of gods of Takamagahara’? What’s the meaning of

Chapter 96: There is a bride who comes from afar     The city of Basson flourished during the time before summer. Travelers would come there and then go to Trot. Although the station carriage transportation network was well maintained, the mainstream traveling option was still on foot.

Chapter 94: The poor developed elf – first part     Polka was pretty cool even in early summer. At this time of the year, the river play ban has already been lifted around Basson, but in Polka, long sleeves were still needed. Andy didn’t remember having to go into a situatio

Chapter 95: The poor developed elf – second part [Irina]     The moon had an unbelievable light for less than half a month. The place was a grove of mixed trees. Under the roof of young leaves, it was hard to say that visibility was good, even if you were lurking in darkness for a

The Guardian’s secret base, Lin Rui had just explained the existence of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the difficulties it faces to Matt. Although S.H.I.E.L.D. found Matt, they did not find the secret base of the Guardians, otherwise, Lin Rui could not hide here. “It turned out to be the case. Accord

In the luxury office, Tony has had a brief and serious conversation with Lin Rui for more than ten minutes, and Tony has also talked about his plans with Mirage Knight. In general, Tony hopes to have a stable connection with Mirage Knight. On one hand, Tony can provide Mirage Knight with better equi

Knock Knock~ “Jackson, are you any better?” Outside Lin Rui’s door, his mother stood at the door with a glass of water and shouted. “Mom! I am already better!” Lin Rui was already in position when he rushed into the room from outside the window and lay down on the bed

After speaking to Melheys I returned home. Usually, my mother is tending the front but since the shop is closed there’s no one there. “Welcome back.” A quiet, indifferent sounding voice calls out to me. Misha unexpectedly appeared from the kitchen. Honestly, I was a little sur

My father didn’t come home yesterday after all. Since he’s a blacksmith he knows about swords but I’m still vaguely anxious. “…….It’s a strange feeling.” If anything happens I’m sure I can do something about it so there’s no reason to

A while later in Deruzogedo demon king academy.   “On that note, I’ve got something to tell you all. The Deiruheido demon sword tournament will be held soon and excellent students from this school can also enter. First-year students are rarely recommended but there are students in

TWQQF ch 194 - An Unexpected Loot; Grade A Male God (11) The crane rotated its head and body and ignored it’s owner. He was way too talkative; it was even too much for a mystical crane to bear.   The young man seemed to already be used to the crane’s behavior. He smiled and didn&

TWQQF ch 195 - An Unexpected Loot; Grade A Male God (12) The young man looked at the person lying in front of him, touched his fingers again. He then shook his head, and looked at her again. He touched his fingers again. Back and forth and back and forth, and he was baffled, “Am I not the gen

TWQQF ch 196 - An Unexpected Loot; Grade A Male God (13) Upon hearing that, Cheng Xiao Xiao was enraged. She pointed at this man, who was so pretty he’d bring about the jealousy of both men and gods, and shouted angrily, “You got the short end of the stick? I got the short end

The door was easily opened as Yi Tianyun push it a little bit, behind the door itself lays a dark passageway, it’s not entirely pitch black, but the light that shimmer in the end of the passageway is so faint that the path to it seems so dim. After Yi Tianyun walks through the door, a seductiv

The voice of the Black Dragon King is getting weaker in every passing minute as the wave of aura from the Black Dragon Strength dissipates. “I beg you human, let me go! Stop absorbing my strength, I will die! I know a lot of secret, treasure and stuff. Let me go and I will tell you everything

With the speed of Black Dragon, Yi Tianyun arrives at Gong Village at an incredible pace.  He doesn’t bring the Black Dragon in to the village, he choose to stop at the nearby forest and unsummon the Black Dragon. It’s for the safety of the Black Dragon and the people around him. H

Chapter 278 – Bear-san Fights Rutum The match against Rutum was set to start after a short break. 「I don’t want you claiming you lost because you were too tired.」 I wasn’t sure whether it was his pride or maybe even kindness, but Rutum forced me to take a break. At first, the pl

Chapter 279 – Bear-san Gets Scolded By The King When I punched Rutum his body flew a couple meters before he landed, twiched, and stopped moving completely. My sudden action caused the cheering to stop and the audience to go silent. Umm, he wasn’t dead, right? Oh, his leg still moved sl

Hong Ye quickly reported, “Nanny Zhang, who is in charge of placing the carpet, has been summoned and is waiting for Young Mistress’s questioning! Also, the three servants, who were sweeping at that time and offended Third Old Mistress, are here as well! Would Young Mistress want to ques