A Fight for Love - Volume 1 - Chapter 16

Chapter 16

After dawdling for a long time, it was already eleven a.m. when Qian Lian and Lin Ziqi showed up on the street.

"That is it. It is affordable and practical," Qian Lin said as she pointed to the signboard of a fast-food restaurant. She walked towards it. After looking at the signboard, Lin Ziqi grabbed Qian Lin. At noon that day, he wanted to treat her to a great meal just like that person had done yesterday.

"This is not good enough. I am treating you today, so let's have a great meal!" Lin Ziqi pulled her and ushered her to the one she had gone to at noon yesterday before she had a chance to respond.

After walking inside, Qian Lin felt the place was kind of familiar. Suddenly, she remembered it was the full sea view restaurant that she had tricked the teacher at yesterday! Oh, my gosh, is Lin   Ziqi crazy? He is going to treat me at such a luxurious restaurant? Her heart seemed to skip a beat and she decisively stood up and pulled up Lin Ziqi outside. She still remembered the fierce battle from the day before and today she did not want to fall into the ditch she had dug for others yesterday.

"Qian Lin, do not worry, it is all on me!" He grabbed her as she was trying to walk outside. He held up the bankcard in his hand.

She stared at the bankcard in his hand and froze again. The card . . . was familiar.

Qian Lin stepped back by his insistent pulling, staring at him with unbelievable insight. At last, she decisively sat down. Do you never want me to use the bankcard again? Since this kind of thing had happened once, if it happened for the second time, she would definitely die cruelly.

 As Qian Lin had made up her mind, she saw that Lin Ziqi called the waiter over by snapping his fingers. Not until today did she know that snapping fingers was such a hot movement.

A Set Meal? Is he crazy? Yes, he must be crazy. Qian Lin widened her eyes, showing her protest against Lin Ziqi's excessive order. A Set Meal seemed to figuratively cost people an arm and a leg, and furthermore, it was extravagant for just being two people to have one set. This guy even ordered two A Set Meals, plus the soup, which served as a palate cleanser. Qian Lin speechlessly looked at the delicious dishes, feeling she had lost her appetite.

"Why do you not eat? You do not like it? Fine, I will order others."

Lin Ziqi looked at Qian Lin, who was stunned, without eating anything. The corner of his mouth moved a little and he wondered if he had ordered wrong and she did not like this set meal. As he raised his hand and to call the waiter to order another set meal, Qian Lin stared at him in a way that he had no choice but to stop.

"Do you consider yourself a second generation type? You cannot waste your money even if you are rich, and besides . . . " 

Qian Lin did not continue to say it, because she suddenly thought, no matter if he was really rich or if he did have a part-time job to earn the money, since the dishes were already on the table, why would she be so polite? She had always advocated that waste was the most shameful thing, although sometimes she wasted, too! But she never thought of herself as advocating when she was wasting.

"Besides what?" Lin Ziqi casually asked as he elegantly took a sip from the cup on the table. The voice and the expressions seemed to be intentional or unintentional, which made Qin Lin squint. After a moment of restraint, Qian Lin continued to use the knife and fork to eat the expensive but familiar A Set Meal in front of her. Before she came to Sakura Academy, she had this kind of meal almost every day, but she had never thought it was delicious. Now, in a foreign country, sitting next to the younger brother of her ex-boyfriend who had little relationship with her, she felt it was more delicious than anything else.
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"Why do you still have so many problems with a lot of delicious food here? Can't you stop and eat? Leave me alone!" After hearing her own voice, Qian Lin was suddenly surprised with her sweet, feminine voice. Was it her voice? She took the water next to her and drank a lot of it. Then she raised her hand and asked the waiter for another cup. She didn't even dare look at Lin Ziqi, for fear he would recognize the guilt in her.

Lin Ziqi looked at Qian Lin, and the corner of his mouth unconsciously rose.

During this meal, she had frozen countless times, and his mouth had twitched countless times. If it wasn't for Qian Lin's last sentence she had finished, Lin Ziqi would have suspected that only one meal had made her lose her speech function.

Qian Lin was stunned as she looked at Lin Ziqi call the waiter to pay the bills, and the expected high meal expense rang in her ears. She originally thought that Lin Ziqi would be surprised and feel bad. Nevertheless, she didn't see these two kinds of expressions appear on his face; instead, he raised his eyebrows and threw the bankcard in his hand to the waiter.

If Qian Lin didn't know that he was homeless and had to live with her in her home, if she didn't know that his only brother was dead, making him an orphan, and even if she believed that Lin Ziqi was some second generation rich guy who would stake tens of thousands of cash in one throw of the dice, she may have thought differently.

After shaking her head, she once again fixed her eyes on him. At this moment, she felt he was more and more like a rich second generation. And with the waiter's words, Young Master Lin, her heart completely trembled.

Young Master Lin? Is he a regular here? Why did the waiter not take his card but let him sign the bill? According to her seventeen years of experience, there was only one answer that existed—he was a regular here who with a special identity.

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