A Fight for Love - Volume 1 - Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Who on earth on you?

These words were on the tip of Qian Lin's tongue; nevertheless, she swallowed them back. She felt he was acting so strange to her all of a sudden. She even felt strange about the previous Lin Zifeng.

Zifeng used to say that he grew up in a normal family, but the money he had spent came from the card that Lin Ziqi was holding now. She once thought that it was all hard-earned money that his parents used for his tuition to an aristocratic school. According to the situation now, maybe this was not the truth.

"Xiaoqi? You confused me. . ."

Hearing Qian Lin muttering these words and looking at the confused expression on her face, Lin Ziqi's heart somehow twitched. Confused? Is it true, as my brother has said in his diary, that Qian Lin does not know the identity of his official second generation? He did not believe beforehand that a child who grew up in that kind of family could cover his identity and be a low-key person. But now, watching Qian Lin's reaction, Lin Ziqi was confused, too. What kind of person was his brother whom he had never seen? Why did he grow up in a rich family but live a simple and modest life?

"We . . . are not the same! He is him, and I . . . am always me!"

"Are you? Then why did you come over to me? Do you want to experience the kind of life that you never had before? Or to follow your in your brother's footprints?" Qian Lin's heart skipped a beat and a brand new reorganization emerged from her heart—the pure love she had always protected was actually a game of love for a rich second generation. If so, she could not bear it.

"I . . .  You know, I came here for my brother. . . All of his stuff makes me . . . " Lin Ziqi paused as he spoke only half of his words. He suddenly recognized that he could not tell her the truth now! He had not played it enough yet; he was interested in everything here, and the game was supposed to go on. Therefore, he would not speak the truth at this time.

"For your brother? Then why did your brother come here? Since he had come here, why did he leave in a hurry? Since he had decided to leave here forever, why did he still appear in my life? He did it this way; will you also do like him?" Qian Lin paused as she looked at Lin Ziqi with dismay in her eyes. At this moment, she could not tell if he, the boy standing in front of her, was Lin Zifeng or Lin Ziqi. She just instinctively vented out all of her pent-up depression.

"Why do you involve me in all of it? Why?"

Looking at her eyes, so full of pain and fragility, and her depressed expression, Lin Ziqi was stunned. Even though he knew Qian Lin was different from others and himself, he still got into her life in person, and now, her expression still shocked him. In his impression, she was supposed to be an invincible and super strong woman. Her physical and mental strength was as hard as iron, and nothing could kill her, no matter how great the blow was. Until now, he realized that any woman could be so weak as to cry, and even the Goddess Qian Lin with her super popularity was not an exception.

He picked up the tissue on the table and gently wiped the water droplets spilling from the corners of her eyes. The gentle movements and the pitiful insight would make others mistakenly think that they were a perfect couple.

"Zifeng. . ."

Qian Lin stared at Lin Ziqi with tears in her eyes as a few unspeakable whispers slipped out of her throat.

The words made
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Lin Ziqi freeze at once, and his hand that was wiping away her tears just hung there. His eyes were suddenly filled with depression, irritation, hate, and unwillingness.

"I am not him. . ."

These angry words made Qian Lin stunned for a moment, and then she suddenly realized that the person standing in front of her was not her Zifeng, but Ziqi. Her Zifeng would never shout at her, not to mention show his anger and hate in front of her. In addition to anger, there was hate in Linziqi's eyes. She really wanted to open his head and see how much hate and anger was in there!

"Xiaoqi, I am so sorry! When you are quiet, you are too like him!"

"Qian Lin! Don't always compare your big daddy to the dead. I am me!"

Lin Ziqi's outrage made Qianlin freeze, and she was even more surprised at the self-proclaimed "big daddy" he blurted out. This little kid is two months younger than I am, and he even dares to claim himself to be "big daddy"! Interesting! Qian Lin stared at Lin Ziqi for a moment. She wanted to see what he would say after that.

Lin Ziqi looked at Qian Lin, who was not moved by his outrage. He pushed the chair away and left. He did not want to be a third wheel all the time! His birth was a spare tire arranged by Old Lin, and now he did not want to be a spare tire for Lin Zifeng. No, he swore that one day he would be the only one in Qian Lin's mind and eyes.

Qian Lin stood up and looked at Lin Ziqi as he walked outside. She didn't stop him and she just shook her head, and then picked up her bag and walked out. If it had been Lin Zifeng, she would have definitely clearly asked him why he was angry. But it would not be necessary for Lin Ziqi, because there had always been a group of fires shining in his eyes.

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