Chapter 656

Chapter 656 “Fake Goddess (4)”

At this time the members of the Misty Fairy House are currently gathered in wait by the altar, their eyes filled with worshipping light as they waited.

Suddenly, a bean of green light materializes from above and descends to the ground, revealing the fairy like woman in green.

“Greetings to the Goddess!”

Aside from Jun Tian Yue (mother) who did not come to pay her worship, everyone else has now taken to their knees in a squatting position.

“Mmm,” the fairy in green makes a faint nod in return before arching her inspecting brow. “I’ve come today with only one goal in mind, has Yun Feng recovered yet? If so, I want to take him away with me this time.”

“This…” Chief Wu Wei grew hesitant and didn’t answer for a while: “Yun Feng hasn’t recovered yet. Please Goddess, have mercy on him.”

“What do you mean by have mercy?” The woman in green grew furious and snapped back: “Are you implying my kind act of taking him with me is an evil deed? This is an act of goodwill from my part do you hear me! Or are you deliberately trying to hide him from my eyes by pretending he’s unwell? Humph, I’ve recently heard Yun Feng was in a relationship with some woman out there, is that true?”

Shocked by the last comment, Chief Wu Wei didn’t know where the goddess got that information from and was now starting to show a pang of panic in his demeanor.

“I don’t know what kind of magic she used to seduce Yun Feng, but know this, a mere mortal can never compare to a goddess!” the maid continues to put on a façade of a high standing deity despite being a lowly servant herself.

“Goddess,” Chief Wu Wei was now openly frowning. “In all the years you’ve come to us, we’ve been nothing but respectful out of you being a goddess. However… Yun Feng is my son, can’t you spare him?”

When recalling about the horrid state his son was in due to this so called goddess, this father would immediately get riled up inside. If not for this woman then my son would never have turned into his current miserable state.

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“Impudence!” The maid glares fire over the implied offense: “Nothing but ants, how dare you bunch resist me. I, a goddess, is doing all of you a favor by merely being in your presence. Even those lord deities in the Celestial Realm must bow down to me when meeting me, and what are you?”

Despite the bead of sweat coming off of Chief Wu Wei’s forehead, the man didn’t waiver and refused to give in.

“Do you know about the great war between demons and gods a millennium ago?” The maid suddenly starts yapping on with her mouth and brought up a story of old. “The demon and god war happened only because of a single woman. She’s the mistress of the four great sacred beasts, and I am that very woman! Now do you all get it? Whether it be the Demon Realm or Celestial Realm, all must surrender under my feet. As for you all, humph, nothing but lowly existences that can’t even be worthy to lick my feet!”

Perhaps its due to her own arrogance and assumption that none from the Celestial Realm would descend upon the mortal world, plus the Demon Realm has been sealed off for ages already, therefore she had no reason to believe her lies would be found even if she exaggerated things to unrealistic level.

Sure enough, the hearts of those present were all shaken by the proclamation. They didn’t dare to doubt the woman’s word at all and just wholeheartedly believed the story.

“But I had no interest in any of them from the start, its they who kept entangling around me. Now be grateful that I’m interested in Yun Feng, otherwise none of you could even kneel before me.” If one’s nose were to suddenly grow longer over every lie they made, then this deceitful maid would surely have a nose longer than any being in existence. “However, I’m a kind-hearted goddess so I will give you all a second chance. In half a month, that’s my limit. Afterwards I will return again for him.” After saying this, the figure of the woman promptly disappeared like she’s never there to begin with.

Of course, the main reason this deceitful wench left wasn’t because she’s done spouting her nonsense, rather its because her real body back in the Celestial Realm had just been beaten silly by those young lord’s and misses. As such, she had no choice but to retract her avatar less she’s discovered by the sharp-witted ones….



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