Chapter 657

Chapter 657 “Youth Exchange (1)”

“Isn’t today’s Youth Exchange event being held on the dragon boat nearby? Let’s go have a look, I’m sure it will be very exciting and fun to watch.”

“Oh yes let’s go! I heard this time the precious disciple of Elder Muzhen is also attending. From the rumors I’ve heard, her alchemic skills are top notch and is very likely to become the next Bai Chang Feng from the Medicine Sect.”

Youth Exchange?

In the middle of the main street, Bai Yan’s footsteps had just stopped after overhearing the passerby’s conversation. Stroking the little fox’s fur, she curves the corner of her mouth upwards: “Do you also want to go?”

Naturally the little critter nodded vehemently. Showing water in his puppy eyes, the kid looks up hopefully and easily won the battle.

“Alright, we will go take a look then. Perhaps Dragony would like such events too and we could find her there.”

At the end of the day, Bai Yan only wanted to try her luck to see if the missing lass would wind up at such a place. If she’s going to aimlessly wander the streets then its better to try at a big event where plenty are gathered at once.

Then all of a sudden, the mother felt a slight tingle in her hand. It was her son licking the palm of her hand. For a moment, Bai Yan actually fell into a trance and remembered back to the first days of her son being born. Back then the boy was still in his fox form as well….

“Don’t worry my son, I will definitely help you recover!” Bai Yan’s embrace tightens a notch as she brought the fox up to her cheek for a calming hug. “No one can separate us. I won’t let them.”


Dragon River, the prescribed location where the dragon boat was moored. According to legends, it’s said that the river was once home to a dragon, hence its name. Just that its been many centuries since there’s been a sighting….

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At the moment, two guards were busy inspecting the visitors with careful scrutiny as the guests boarded the luxurious looking river boat. If one didn’t have a slip then they wouldn’t be able to get on it seems.

“Son, why don’t I take you to some other places to look around, the event requires an invitation before being allowed inside. There’s not much to see anyways.”

What’s more, there’s no way Dragony could be aboard if it’s a closed off event, thus making her visit moot. Unfortunately, her thoughts were soon interrupted by a sly sounding voice from the side.

“Selling dragon boat invitation, selling dragon boat invitation, only needs ten thousand gold for it. If you don’t buy then its your loss! ten thousand gold! ten thousand gold for an entry slip!”

Talk about worst timing. Going dark in her face, Bai Yan turns to the owner of that voice where a sly looking fatty was holding several invitations in the air with his sloppy hand. The guy was calling out to the coming crowds of people in order to sell his product like those in the market.

Then ass if the ominous feeling in her mind was destined to come to light, Bai Yan suddenly felt a tug at her sleeve. It was Bai Xiachen using his puppy eyes and paw to indicate he wanted one of those from the fatty.

As much as she detested being scammed by those heartless merchants, Bai Yan couldn’t exactly say no to her son when the solution was being placed before her eyes. Walking towards the man: “Are your invitations real?”

Seeing how he’s finally got some business going, the fatty hurries to put on a iconic smile of a merchant. “Of course lady! My passes here are all real with the name and family of others so they’re genuine for sure. Look at the top, you can check for yourself about their authenticity.”

“Ahumph,” Bai Yan gives an awkward cough after shooting the names there a glance. “Wouldn’t someone find out if I use someone else’s name and pass?”

“Oh don’t worry about that. Every year during the Youth Exchange, there are plenty of new participants so seeing some new faces aren’t all that uncommon. You can be at ease if you are worried about being recognized.”

In other words, whether or not you are discovered by the authority would depend entirely on your own luck. However, based on the crowd’s gossiping conversations nearby, plus the words of this fatty, Bai Yan did confirm one point.


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