Chapter 895

Chapter 895 “Watchdog (1)”

They all scattered at the sudden turn of event. However, Bai Yan wasn’t going to let these fleeing cowards off for what they’ve done. In Raising a hand, countless wind blades instantly materialized out of thin air in pursuit of the targets they were assigned. One by one, the blades shred through their assigned target and peppered them with holes. In the end not a single enemy managed to escape.

Chief Wu Wei was shocked by this amazing display of power and control. This is my granddaughter, Yun Feng’s daughter…..

“Yan’er.” It’s the woman’s own father who spoke up first. Slowly coming over, Yun Feng reveals a faint smile of joy at his own child’s achievement. “You girl, when did you grow this strong? You nearly scared me to death just now you know that?”

“Father,” faintly showing a smile of her own, Bai Yan felt warm and kind despite the carnage she unleashed mere seconds ago. “My strength is nothing still. In order to find my mother, I still have a long way to go….”

But no matter how difficult the road was, she won’t give up.

Yun Feng’s heart quivered at the thought. Due to all the events lately, he’s almost forgotten his wife Bai Ning was still unaccounted for. Making a sigh: “Yan’er, what’s your next plan then?”

“Father, you should know I have a brother while I was living in the Bai House back at the Liu Huo Kingdom. Right now he’s outside training by himself and I’m unsure of his whereabout. I want to go find him first.”

“Wait!” Chief Wu Wei practically cried out the objection after hearing what she plans to do: “You cannot go for the time being.”

“Father?” Yun Feng was perplexed by his old man’s sudden outburst. Then again, it wasn’t just him. The younger brother Xun Huan and mother Jun Tian Yue was also quite taken aback by this.

Understanding his strong reaction had caught everyone’s attention, Chief Wu Wei knew he had to explain less the misunderstanding continues.

“I believe I know what these people want. If it was only our Misty Fairy House who got attacked then I would be as confused as you all on their reasoning, but since they also attacked the Medicine Sect and Holy Land then there’s only one reasoning….”

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Turning around, Bai Yan’s gaze tightly locked onto her own grandfather like she wants to see through him: “You’re certain?”

“I’m quite confident on it. But this matter will have to wait until Bai Chang Feng and Chu Ran makes it over here, then I can tell you. I’m sure they’re already on their way to discuss the matter.” Making a dry cough all of a sudden to clear his throat, Chief Wu Wei then got to the other main reason for his outburst, “And… your grandmother’s birthday is coming up in a few days. Can you stay until then to celebrate with us?”

Giving her husband a warning stare, Jun Tian Yue didn’t feel the same way: “Why are you bringing that up now? If Yan’er wants to go find her brother then let her do that first. It’s not like I only have one birthday, next year’s will be just as fine.”

She didn’t want to delay her granddaughter merely for something so simple.

On the other hand, Bai Yan was taken aback by the news. Keeping quiet for a brief moment, she eventually complied: “I am in no hurry Grandmother. If your birthday is coming up then of course I and Xiachen can stay for the celebration. Moreover, I also want to learn the reasoning behind the attacks by the Spirit Realm’s denizen.”

Chief Wu Wei undoubtedly felt relieved at having them stay. Ever since that day when they realized the girl’s identity, the family has never gotten much opportunity to patch things up. This would be the perfect chance to cultivate some feelings between the young and old.

“Mother,” Bai Xiachen suddenly tugs at his own mother’s hand using an innocent voice, “Can we go check up on Uncle Wang? He’s injured and most likely needs Mother’s help.”

“Okay.” She readily answers the boy’s wish.

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