Chapter 896

Chapter 896 “Watchdog (2)”

“Xiaopeng, where is your father now?”

“Sister Bai Yan, I’ll take you to my father, I’m sure he will be very happy to see you.” Lighting up in that meat galore of a face, Wang Xiaopeng’s jiggling body looked like it would drop a piece of meat off at any moment when he’s walking.

Watching that departing boy’s back, Bai Yan couldn’t help but muse: “Xiaopeng seems to have gotten chubbier since the last time we met. That body shape would surely affect him. I better do some research in the weight loss field of alchemy so that he can lose those fat.” But there’s more urgent matters at hand and that was to take a look at the patient.

Wang Deqiu was arranged in a room some distance away from where they were. Therefore, it actually took Bai Yan a few minutes of walking before she arrives at the destination, and for some reason, the chubby made sure to stick close to the woman. Perhaps the chubby still didn’t recover from the frightful experience so he needed some sense of security….

“It’s a good thing you sold those Dan pills to my family back then Sister Bai Yan. The stuff saved my father after they tried killing him.” All jolly in the face, Wang Xiaopeng readily ran inside to lead the way.

Lying on the bed was undoubtedly Wang Deqiu according to observation. However, the lively middle-aged man who likes to smack his own boy when grumpy was nowhere to be found, instead it’s a sickly-looking male without any trace of blood on the face. Sure, the Dan pill did save Wang Deqiu’s life after being severely injured, but it’s not something trivial in any manner of the word for most anyways…..

“Your father’s injury is no big deal for me. I’ll give him another type of medicine in my possession. After some rest and recuperation on his own part, he will be up and running again.” Seeing her former neighbor alive most certainly brought on a sense of relief for Bai Yan after seeing how many dead there are on the streets. “Oh yes Xiaopeng, your little sister and Dragony is still at your home back outside the gate. Go with Xiachen and pick them up okay?”

Leaving the two little lasses alone for a few hours were fine, but a few days was another matter. That’s why she’s going to have the two boys go in her stead.

“Don’t worry Mother, me and Xiaopeng will go pick up Dragony and Xiaotong. Nothing will happen while we’re on the job.” All childish in the face, Bai Xiachen fails miserably at trying to act reliable and adult like.

“Go ahead then.” Chuckling at that hilarious image, Bai Yan rubs her boy’s head and gave the go ahead.

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“Come Xiaopeng, let’s go pick up the girls. We don’t need any adult watching us work.”

Towards this form of his friend, the chubby just found it strange. Sure, Bai Xiachen was still Bai Xiachen according to the chubby’s assessment, but there’s more to it. More mature? Not quite. Just different and more dominating….

Just as Wang Xiaopeng was being indecisive on his own thought, the foxy boy himself had already dragged his friend out the door. In no time at all, the two young boys were out of sight and nowhere to be found.


Back over in the Wang estate, Wang Xiaotong was currently eyeing the front door endlessly. She didn’t say a word, only staring at the front hopeful and worrisome. On the other hand, Dragony was quite talkative despite stuffing herself with some pastry she found somewhere.

“You don’t have to worry about your family, the Queen and the Prince are very powerful people so they can handle the enemies without question.”

In the little dragoness’s heart, Bai Yan was practically invincible, and her son Bai Xiachen naturally inherited the fine bloodline as well.

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