Chapter 69

Meng Gu took Chen Ruo Yu to the parking lot to get the car, he was still thinking about what just happened and laughing, "Chen Ruo Yu, since you became my girlfriend, your skills have improved."


"What skills improved? my skills have always been this good."


"Yes, yes. It's just that after becoming my girlfriend, your skills are becoming more and more apparent."


"Didn't you see her like that? What the hell is that? Dr. Meng, your vision is really bad. That's wrong, your former vision that was really bad, but now it has gotten better." Chen Ruo Yu remembering it was not happy, "Say, did you give her any amiable or friendly hints that made her think that she could be arrogant in front of me?"


"What do you think?" Meng Gu was unhappy.


"Well, I believe you for now." Chen Ruo Yu looked at Meng Gu and said, "Dr. Meng, when you're in front of your ex-girlfriend, at that time I ask that you use your petty, poisonous tongue and properly showcase your unpleasant personality at that time, be vigilant and always maintain the image of being ready to die to preserve your chastity."


"You have a very high evaluation of me." Meng Gu stubbornly pinched her cheek, "Next time when you see her, don't bother about her, any questions she has let her come to me."




"Why what?" Meng Gu said matter of factly, "This kind of thing, of course, it up to the man to settle it. In fact, I have already told her very clearly, she does not pester me, maybe because of seeing you today she was stimulated and not happy and so came to find you. I will talk to her again, I won't let her bother you again."


 "Don't." Chen Ruo Yu's mouth twitched, "Why give you an excuse to go meet her again?"


"Hey, that's not an excuse, okay?"


"She will definitely be eager to provoke you again, if you go look for her the first time, then she will continue to cause trouble. If you ignore her, she won't have the opportunity to make noise."


"If she looks for you, you are not allowed to get angry about me, you cannot tie her feet."


"If you want to tie her feet she will think that you're paying attention to her, not even a single finger." Chen Ruo Yu shook her finger and continued, "Rest assured, I also won't lose my temper with her. Even if I don't quarrel with her, I can stare at her and not say anything suffocate her to death." She also shook her clenched fist and made a suffocated face.


Meng Gu was amused and laughed, "Chen Ruo Yu, I truly underestimated you before."

"Indeed," She raised her chin with a proud expression, "In any case, your position should be clear, your behavior must be disciplined, and you should not give her any hope at all. If you can accomplish this, I will not put her personal actions on your head."


Meng Gu did not laugh and just stared at her and looking at her redden, "What are you doing? Hurry up and drive."


Meng Gu pulled her head over and kissed her lips, then started the car and asked, "Where to?" 

Chen Ruo Yu looked around, no one saw them and then felt at ease. She thought for a moment, "If we go out, we'll spend money. If we go to your house, then you will have to send me home and have to run around twice. So let's go to my house."

"Then why did you have to run over to pick me up, I could have just hurried to finish and gone straight to you, wouldn't that have been better?"
"But I wanted to pick you up, after working hard, seeing me when you get off work, isn't it good?"


Meng Gu looked at her deeply.


"What are you looking at? I take the bus, it is very convenient, anyway, I am not doing anything.  You come to my house and drink some water and rest, and we can discuss your childish express delivery event, and then you can go back home and rest early."


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