Chapter 71


Ambiguous Relationship


Zhou Zhe's parents asked Chen Ruo out to dinner, Chen Ruo Yu thought that Zhou Zhe did not know, because he did not participate, nor did he give her a heads up. However, her mother knew about it because she called Chen Ruo Yu and said that Zhou Zhe's parents went to A city and for her to entertain them.


Why would she have to entertain Zhou Zhe's parents, what does it have to do with her? But Chen Ruo Yu didn't have time to protest, her doorbell rang, and the two elderly people who had nothing to do with her were standing outside her door.


Zhou Zhe's parents were very polite, saying that Zhou Zhe went out for business today. They didn't have any friends here and they remembered that Chen Ruo Yu was here too, so they came to see her for her to take the old couple out to visit A city and have a meal.


Chen Ruo Yu's head was tingling, and she would like to say that she and her parent's level people also have difficulty behind friends and generally can't have conversations.


 However, the elders have asked her to accompany them, Chen Ruo Yu did not dare to not go to accompany. So she held her head and nervously accompanied the two old people to stroll around the famous shopping district, and then later found a good restaurant to sit down.


Zhou father and mother were very friendly, but Chen Ruo Yu was still a little nervous, parents looking for a junior to eat, the general purpose is definitely not simple. Sure enough, the two elderly people asked Chen Ruo Yu at the dinner table about her life in A city. They talked about the comparison between A city and C city, they talked about the weather and finally finished speaking, Zhou mother finally got to the main topic.


"Xiao Yu, have you recently properly talked with Ah Zhe? I have been looking forward to the two of you cultivating your feelings."


It has come, Chen Ruo Yu straightened her back and carefully answered, "I and Zhou Zhe are very good friends, we occasionally run into each other in the neighborhood." She said it like this, it should be clear, right?


Zhou father did not speak and drank his tea, Zhou mother smiled and said, "Xiao Yu, Ah Zhe was originally supposed to move back home at the beginning of this month, but now it has been more than half a month and there is still no movement. We asked him and he answered vaguely saying it was business matters. He talks smoothly about other things, but when it comes to the matter of returning home, he only said to wait that he still had some matters. If he doesn't move now, he will be stuck during the Spring festival, his luggage has already been packed, so what matter is not good and left to handle. I thought about it with his dad, since everything else is fine, it must be an emotional reason."


Chen Ruo Yu did not know how to reply and just thought, truly sharp parents.


"Xiao Yu, do you not want to move back to C city?"


"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was a little dumbfounded. That her son didn't go home as planned, this matter had nothing to do with her, but Zhou Zhe didn't tell his family. Lu Bao Ni also didn't have any results, obviously, as a friend, she certainly cannot sell them out.


"Auntie, Zhou Zhe and I are ordinary friends. My work and friends are here, I don't intend to move back to C city. But Zhou Zhe's delay in going home is definitely not because of me. Maybe he still has some other matters to arrange?"
"Can there be anything else? In such a short time, he was already ready to return home, it cannot be because of another girl, right?"


Chen Ruo Yu was shocked, she did not say that Zhou Zhe is not leaving because of another girl. It's over, she will not be able to get away.


Chen Ruo Yu felt her palms begin to sweat.


"I...I am not too clear about what is going on with Zhou Zhe." as Chen Ruo Yu said this, she felt particularly guilty, she felt that her expression must not be very convincing because Zhou father and mother had disbelieving and disapproving appearances.



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