Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Drug Testing




Zhi Mu didn't take Yuan Zhan seriously when he heard that he could help him modify his prescription. He has never heard that the Longevity Maple Tribe who are good at refining drugs, and their people don't need it at all.

What's more, how easy is it to modify prescriptions? He spent half his life studying this, and only now has he come up with three effective prescriptions. These three prescriptions have made him step by step from the lower servant to the position of the junior priest. Although it is still the lower level of the priesthood, it is undeniable that this is a leap forward.


So although Yuan Zhan promised to give him a prescription in five days, he almost forgot about it.


Until Yuan Zhan knocked at his door and delivered the prescription.


"Chinese foxglove, Mondo grass, Tiger lily, Yellow fir, Soft rush... You have all these herbs, don't you?” Yuan Zhan went straight into the subject.


Zhi Mu was stunned. "What is Mondo grass and Soft rush?”


Yan Mo told Yuan Zhan, "He has all these herbs, but they are called differently. If you ask him to open the medicine cabinet, I will show you directly, that Mondo grass is in his plantation."


Yuan Zhan reproduced. Zhi Mu doesn't look like he's playing with him. Out of his thirst for intermediate level prescriptions, he grinds his teeth and opened the medicine cabinet that he cares about most and most preciously.


Yuan Zhan found the herbs he needed through Yan Mo. "Mondo grass, you have it in your plantation, and you need to deal with it before you can make medicine. What is your unit of weight? "


"Component unit?”  Zhi Mu could not understand the word at all.


"How do you usually calculate the amount of herbs you need?”


"Well, a little, a dash, a nail cap, one or two pinches, a piece or two, a handful... And so on.” When Zhi Mu looked at Yuan Zhan's expression, he suddenly felt stupid. It was obvious that everyone calculated the weight in this way.


"It's all about feeling and experience?”  Yuan Zhan frowned, with a fierce face that he didn't know.


"Yes." Zhi Mu shivered and did not know that his attitude became cautious, just as he saw advanced level priest imparting knowledge.


Yan Mo decided to impart the concept of scale to Zhi Mu. It doesn't matter if it spreads in the future, it can just give him some SCUM VALUE. But out of his natural selfishness, he did not intend to teach Bai to anyone other than the Jiu Yuan.


"A-Zhan, I taught you how to make the medicine scale. You've learned it before. It's very simple. Even if you forget it, I'll tell you twice that you should be able to remember it. When you're done, don't give the scale to Zhi Mu. Help him to weigh all the herbs according to what I said.”


"You want me to control the weight of his prescription?”  Yuan Zhan praised. "Well, then he can't help giving me yuan-crystal coins. When he gives them, we'll tell him the correct weight."


Yan Mo laughed, he didn't mean that, but the purpose is similar. "You take a 7th rank yuan-crystal coins for the prescription, and the scale counts separately. If he wants to learn, teach him as long as you think the price is right, and..."


Yan Mo moved in his heart and said with a little attempt, "You

should engrave my name on the scale and tell him to pronounce it. Tell him that every day before using the scale, he has to say - I have to thank the manufacturer Mo Da-Ren- he has to recite my name and thank me. If he passes on the method of making the scale to others, he must engrave my name on those scales.


Yuan Zhan nodded. “That's what it should be. The scale does this, so does the prescription. He will thank you every time he makes this medicine in the future.


"Ha-ha, good!" Yan Mo wants to see if it is possible to increase the number of faith points. In the case of limited energy, whether he can recover ahead of time may depend on the number of faith points.


Zhi Mu finally knew the complete formula. He was afraid of forgetting it. He used talc to record the name of the herbal medicine and its components on the stone.


After carefully studying the modified formula, Zhi Mu subconsciously felt that it was feasible, at least the drug properties of the various drugs did not seem to be the same. And the herbs and stones used in this prescription, he knows and has also dealt with, not afraid of being unfamiliar and failing to operate it halfway.


Later, Yuan Zhan made the medicine scale. After several times using it in front of Zhi Mu, Zhi Mu naturally realized the benefits and wonderful significance of this thing and looked at the medicine scale eagerly. It's a great thing to use! Especially for the drug refining priests.


Perhaps the impact of the scale on Zhi Mu was so great that he was somewhat distracted during the process of refining prescriptions. Yuan Zhan picked out a little black ash and threw it into the powder he was grinding and mixing. He didn't notice.


Yan Mo saw the weight was too small and suggested, "Would you like to add a little more?”


Yuan Zhan categorically vetoed: "No."


Yan Mo: "... That's clearly my skin and flesh."


Yuan Zhan: "It's mine when it falls down. You cannot accept your own droppings.”


Yan Mo: You cow, wait till I recover and see how I will settle the score with you kid!


Zhi Mu is a professional at the same time, although the medium-term treatment is a little small, but after the later stage of cooking, he becomes engrossed.


In the manufacture of medicines, boiling is the most difficult process. We should not only pay attention to the temperature and fire, but also put all kinds of medicines into one by one according to the law of primary and secondary generation and mutual restraint, and the boiling time sequence of various medicinal stones.


This process should not be bungled up at all. Otherwise, the lightness of the process will greatly reduce the drug's properties and achieve less the desired effect, and the heaviness of the process will directly lead to the failure of refining.


Yan Mo is very interested in this world’s refinery-related methods, to see that Zhi Mu did not drive them away, so he stayed.


He has been observing the movements of Zhi Mu through the eyes of Yuan Zhan, and with the understanding of some time ago, he found that people here basically do not drink soup, they are more popular with pills, powder and ointment, especially the pill that is easy to swallow, and the main point of healing trauma is powder.


In the process of refining drug refining processs, the most important thing for a drug refining priest is to stimulate the medicinal properties of the herbs he needs.


That's what the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu taught him before, but it's impossible to see how a refiner is going to activate a drug, let alone what kind of drug it is.


Usually an herb has many medicinal properties, such as the Mondo grass. It has the functions of strengthening heart, lowering blood sugar, enhancing immunity, and also has the functions of antimicrobial, antitussive, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor. But in this prescription, the drug refining priest only needs to strengthen his heart and enhance his immunity, so when he stimulates it, he only needs to stimulate the drug in this respect.


This kind of thing is simple to say, but it is not easy to do. It involves the precise grasp of the medicinal properties of herbs by the drug refining priest. How to grasp the medicinal properties of an herb depends entirely on the intuition of the drug refining priest, that is, soul communication. Therefore, drug refining priests usually pay more attention to spiritual exercise and improvement.


"A-Zhan, I suddenly felt that the occupation of the priest was almost tailored to me." Yan Mo sighed.


"Oh?”  Yuan Zhan was not interested in refining medicine. He was bored with mud balls playing in the field. He saw a mud ball in his hands for a moment, then turned it into several pieces of mud balls, and later became hard stones, and later changed hands to fiddle with them.


"I can communicate with many species. You say if I consult with them and let them concentrate some of the medicines I need, and then I collect them, then I can get what I need without hurting the whole plant?”


"What about whole herbs that need to be processed and dried, and minerals?”  Yuan Zhan is still realistic.


"I also feel more than the general drug refining priest, even dead things will have mental power, in fact, any object has its own special magnetic field, and as long as they have so-called spiritual residual, I can communicate and feel." Yan Mo is excited, and now he wants to test his ideas by himself. He has never had exciting drugs before. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu told him that he wanted to try these things, but he just didn't have time.


"You must be the best, but you have to wait till you can move..." Yuan Zhan suddenly stopped thinking and looked to his left hand.


The mud balls in the left hand changed not into stones, but into hard brown balls of some color and texture.


Yan Mo is conceiving all kinds of possibilities for him to change the original prescription by stimulating the drug. He has not noticed the change of the mud pill in Yuan Zhan's palm for a moment. When he regains his mind, Yuan Zhan has put the mud pill away. Zhi Mu is here. He does not intend to clarify the mud pill which has changed its texture now.


Nearly three hours later, Zhi Mu used his soul to seal the medicinal properties of the newly refined ointment-like drug, and then exhaled, wiped the sweat on his forehead and relaxed.


"All right?”  Yuan Zhan asked.


Zhi Mu nodded and shook his head. "It's a little short. These are just ointments. I'll rub them into pills later. How big is it to rub? Well, how many grams will make a pill?”


Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo responded.


Yan Mo is also a bit dull. His prescription has not been verified by laboratory reasoning. He can only judge whether it may be effective for psychic enhancement and try to eliminate the possible toxicity. However, he has no detailed data on how many effects and how many levels of psychic power need to be taken at one time.


"The drug produced this time does not look very much. First, one gram of a pill, looking for testing people... After finding someone to try it on, adjust it according to the reaction.”


Zhi Mu also intends to do the same. A revised new prescription, who knows whether it's a good medicine for spiritual improvement or a poison for spiritual collapse? No one dares to take it without it being tested on someone who is not them.


However, although no test has been carried out yet, before sealing the potency, he had felt it during the refining process, and intuitively judged that this drug was definitely much better than the psychotropic drug he had prepared before, but how good it was, how effective it was, and whether there were any other negative effects still depended on the results of the test.


Zhi Mu first asked Yuan Zhan for help, dividing all the ointments in the pot into one gram and one pill.


Yuan Zhan weighed out a gram of weight and looked at the pot of medicine and thought, although these are no longer plants and earthworks, but they were originally, and became a paste, poured on the ground is that not also the soil?


So can he use his soil control ability to distribute medicines?


Yuan Zhan wanted to try.


Zhi Mu looked at Yuan Zhan's small pill, and wondered that he was unwilling to do such a tedious work. He was just about to take the pot and share it with him. He saw the ointment in the pot suddenly scatter around. Then he circled in the pot, and soon it turned into a raindrop, rolling and rolling into the first gram of pills.


Zhi Mu looked at the small pellet that was round and moving in the pot and began to feel miserable. What a good slave is this. He cannot only give birth to herbs, but also distribute them so carefully and evenly. What a pity!


Yuan Zhan's body shook slightly, so he made a pot of small pills. It was strange that he felt more tired than moving a mountain.


Yan Mo is not surprised at all. He just feels that Yuan Zhan's ability is like something pushing against the sky! How many things in the world will not turn into dust in the end, as he thought just now?


If he can control everything, such as turning a person or group of people into dust in a twinkling of an eye... Is this supposed to be near god's power? No wonder Tucheng-Earth City Temple's people are so greedy to get Yuan Zhan that they can't help it.


Of course, it was impossible to let the priest come by himself, so Zhi Mu took Yuan Zhan out of the temple and rode a donkey-like animal outside Yincheng-Sound City.


There are a large number of slaves working outside the city. Yincheng-Sound City is planning to expand the outside city, and construction is starting from the east.


Instead of entering the construction site, Zhi Mu went into the slave camp and found a leader who said to him, "I'm going to test the medicine. I want people over 1st rank of soul strength. You can help me ask who wants to. The selected person can get a 2nd rank yuan-crystal coins."


"Da-Ren, wait a minute." The leader respected Zhi Mu very much and went to call people after saluting.


Zhi Mu wanted to have a good relationship with Yuan Zhan, and explained to him voluntarily: "there are three kinds of slaves here, one is a savage slave that slave is the lowest, and it is useless. It can only do coolies work. Occasionally, there are good blood vessels or good potential. The second slaves are war slaves. They all have certain fighting power. They usually do some hard work without fighting, and good ones will be picked out. The third was the Yincheng-Sound City people, but they committed crimes and were demoted to slavery as punishment. These people included civilians, warriors and occasionally nobles. We usually come here to find people to test drugs, as long as we give yuan-crystal coins, many of them are willing to.”


Yan Mo was a little surprised, but there was a sudden surprise. From the first day of his arrival in Yincheng-Sound City, the city has given him a feeling of brightness, happiness and uplifted mood, with few dark sides. In the temple, he also saw many slaves, but the slaves were honestly more civilized in dress than their livestock and warfare. They were not dirty and seldom had injuries or gloomy looks. Looking out of the plantation, there were no slaves beaten and abused in the street.


Yuan Zhan also cared a little. "You can't just find slaves here to test drugs? Must they be willing?”


Zhi Mu shook his head. “No, it's just that our city stipulates that if slaves or civilians or nobles are killed for involuntary reasons, the murderer will be punished. Although slaves will not be put to death, yuan-crystal coins would be better off so we are using yuan-crystal coins as a reward for slaves to voluntarily try drugs at the beginning.”


Yuan Zhan was thoughtful after listening.


Yan Mo, the transmigrated man, had to admit that Yincheng-Sound City's "law" was absolutely advanced among the tribes and middle and lower cities he had come into contact with, even though they only needed fines to kill slaves, they did not treat slaves as grass mustard for good or ill.


"Do you think we are too kind to slaves?”  Zhi Mu asked with a laugh.


"No". Yuan Zhan shook his head. "That's good. I saw that the living slaves were working hard too, and very few of them were lazy."


Zhi Mu straightened his chest, with pride on his face: "many slaves who are sold to our city do not want to leave. Here, as long as they work hard, they are not afraid of hunger, and do not worry about being killed. If they perform well or make a significant contribution, they will become warriors or civilians from slavery."


"Good measures." Yuan Zhan sincerely admires it.


"But that's not the case with slaves, thanks to His Highness the Great Prince." Zhi Mu mentioned the Great Prince, with respect and love, and a strange feeling of heartache and pity, which was totally different from the way he saw the little Princess Lamo-Er.


"The Great Prince?”


"Yes, the Great Prince is the softest and kindest person in the world. He is also very wise, if not..." Zhi Mu didn't finish, but the head of the voluntary slaves came back.


"Da-Ren, those who are willing are already concentrated in the open space and will wait for you to pick them."


Sure enough, as Zhi Mu said, there are many slaves who have yuan-crystal coins as incentives to apply for the test.


Zhi Mu thought that the prescription was provided by Yuan Zhan, and he thought that the other side should have more experience with the reagent than he did. Then he said in a courteous way, "what kind of slave test do you prefer?”


The leader who led the way looked at Zhi Mu's respect for Yuan Zhan's language. He could not help but look at the tall man with a big basket. Then he accidentally saw the black domino hanging on his waist.


The leader took a breath of air and dared not look any more.


Yuan Zhan said casually, "Pick it yourself."


Zhi Mu was not very polite either. As the person who made the medicine, he certainly preferred to choose the right person to test it.


Yuan Zhan looked over the faces of the slaves who had come to apply.


Most of these slaves were human beings, and a very small number belonged to non-human intelligent races, such as the cat men in the cage he had seen in Nuo Fei before.


There were also two cat men among the slaves who came to test the medicine, but one could still stand, but the other was in bad condition.


It was an old cat man, wounded all over, with pus coming from many wounds. The whole man was in a melancholy state and seemed not far from death.


The cat standing still half kneeling on the ground holding the old cat, and looking at Zhi Mu with a plea look, he did not know what kind of medicine the human being wanted to try, but he eavesdropped on other slaves that some of these new drugs might poison people, some might be good medicine for curing wounds. For this reason, no matter what medicine, he was, he simply dragged his grandfather into it.


Zhi Mu's test is to find a healthy and spiritual person. Naturally, he will not take the old cat man who is dying of injury and illness as the object of the test. Even the cat man who can still stand is injured, which is not considered by him.


When the cat man looked at Zhi Mu, he didn't stop looking at his grandparent for a moment. He was about to fall in despair. At that moment, he saw Yuan Zhan standing in front of him.


Why? Does this man look familiar?


Yuan Zhan also looked at the cat man.


Yan Mo looked at the old cat man and immediately said, "Use him. I can't save him now. I can only let Zhi Mu do it." He offered to save people, and there were still some of his flesh in the pills. If the old cat got a little bit of recovery, The Guide would have to reduce him to SCUM VALUE.


Yuan Zhan walked up to Zhi Mu and pokes at the picky-eyed man, "Want that one."


"Which one?”  Zhi Mu looked forward to Yuan Zhan's hand. "Ah? The old cat man? He's dying!"


"Just him."


Zhi Mu cussed his mother in his heart. You just said that I should pick it out by myself. Now you're pointing at it indiscriminately.


Yuan Zhan, however, has already proposed that, for the sake of the recipe provided by the other party and the distinguished guest, he cannot veto it. He can only reluctantly signal to the leader that he wants to leave the old cat man behind.


"Da-Ren, do you think you need any other slaves for drug testing?”  The chief asked respectfully.


“Of course, there can't be just one slave.” This time, Zhi Mu made a quick decision. He was afraid that Yuan Zhan would point at others arbitrarily. He chose two slaves with two souls, 2nd rank and 3rd rank, respectively.


The young cat man was also left in the name of caring for the old cat man.


Yuan Zhan motioned to give the medicine to the old cat man first.


Zhi Mu noticed that although the old cat man was dying, his soul was still there, but it was quite low. If there was a problem with the medicine, he might soon see the reaction and agreed to give it to the old cat man first.


It seems that there are many pills divided into one gram of pills. In fact, there are only a handful of pills, about one hundred pills.


Zhi Mu picked out one and immediately stuffed it into the old cat man’s mouth.


After waiting for a while, the old cat was still in a state of lethargy and no response.


Zhi Mu thought that maybe one was too few. This time, he picked out three pills and gave them to the old cat man to take after stimulating the drug.


The old cat man’s eyelids shook, but he did not open them immediately.


Yuan Zhan thought it was troublesome to test the medicine at such a little bit, but Zhi Mu was patient. He even made a stone slab. Every time how many tablets were taken by the old cat man, he wrote down all the tablets, including the reaction. The most important thing was to see the other party's spiritual floating.


More than fifty pills were fed, and Zhi Mu was distressed. He searched the old cat's body with his soul power and found that the pill had a certain effect on him. This can be seen from his restless soul which became stable, but besides that, the old cat man seemed to have no other reaction.


This is too big a contrast with the anticipation before Zhi Mu, which made him disappointed.


"How big are the pills you usually make?”  Yuan Zhan interposed.


Zhi Mu patted his head and said, "Look at me! This small pill looks a lot, but in fact there are not many, such a small handful, usually enough for me to pinch three pills.


"Or give him a look?”  Yuan Zhan is not a doctor. His proposal is confusing. At least Yan Mo almost turned his eyes when he heard it.


But Zhi Mu thought the proposal was good. "I think it's too small, cat man. You open your partner's mouth and I'll stimulate all the rest of the pills. You wash them down with water."


The young cat also liked the idea that the dead cat should be a live cat doctor. He really opened his grandpa's mouth. After Zhi Mu excites the remaining pills, he pours water into his grandpa's mouth and washes them all down.


"Gudu." The old cat man’s throat moved a lot.


The young cat was not at ease, and he gave his grandfather more water.


Zhi Mu stared at the old cat man and waited for a long time before he saw the old cat man’s eyelids shaking open, but he opened them and then closed them again.


Yuan Zhan felt that the old cat man’s eyes slipped around his face.


"Hey, old cat man, how do you feel?”  Zhi Mu knelt down and asked.


The old cat man hummed and gave no words.


Zhi Mu frowned. After taking so many medicines, the old cat didn't respond. Wouldn't it be more ineffective if given to a healthy person? Why isn't this prescription working?


Zhi Mu stood up and looked at Yuan Zhan.


Yuan Zhan said indifferently, "I don't think you can pay yuan-crystal coins."


Zhi Mu thought it was the same. He didn't need to pay yuan-crystal. The prescription was useless. Even if it had no effect, it would have no loss to him. On the contrary, he could use this prescription for reference.


When Zhi Mu thought of it, he became happy again, and said to the slave leader beside him, "Look after this old cat for me. I will come back tomorrow. If there is any change in the period, you send someone to the temple to find me."


The leader quickly said, "Yes, Da-Ren you can assured that we will take good care of him."

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