Chapter 350

Chapter 350: What falls down is mine!




After returning home, Zhi Mu stopped refining drugs, but pestered Yuan Zhan asking him to sell the scale to him - the prescription was not good, but the scale was a real benefit.


Yuan Zhan sold it for ten 6th rank yuan-crystal coins a high price.


Zhi Mu gritted his teeth and paid the money despite his heartache.


Yan Mo already knows the exchange rate of yuan-crystal coins, except that the bone coins are one hundred for one 1st rank yuan-crystal coins, and then between 1st rank and 9th rank of yuan-crystal coins are ten liters of 1st rank, that is, ten 6th rank are equivalent to one 7th rank coins.


Yan Mo thought that he could not recover alone. Yuan Zhan also needed higher-order yuan-crystal coins to absorb. He asked Yuan Zhan and Zhi Mu to replace ten 6th ranks with one 7th rank, but Zhi Mu refused.


Yuan Zhan asked about it before he knew that in the Three Cities, few people actually paid for it with high-order yuan-crystal coins, because the higher-order warriors and the priest absorbed low-order yuan-crystal coins poorly, which would also cause waste, such as a 7th rank warrior, absorbing ten 6th ranks is not as good as when absorbing 7th rank, and high-order yuan-crystal coins are rare. They would rather pay with more lower-order yuan-crystal coins than higher-order single currencies.


In addition, the higher the level of yuan-crystal coins sub-attributes, the more pure the attributes besides the energy contained. At present, in addition to the four attributes of wood, water, fire and soil, there are also non-attributed yuan-crystals. For this reason, if the yuan-crystal coins attribute used in the transaction is the same as that of the trader, it will be more popular than other attributes and non-attributed yuan-crystal coins.


For example, Lan Yin thinks that crystal is better for him than other elemental crystal, he would prefer to lower some prices to collect higher-order crystal of this elemental crystal, and then choose non-attribute crystal, it is really impossible to choose the other three properties.


Attribute-free yuan-crystals are most used in trading because they are much more numerous than the other four, and there is also a great advantage that any warrior and the priests can use them regardless of their respective abilities. Zhi Mu traded ten attribute-free 6th rank yuan-crystal coins to Yuan Zhan.


"Remember to thank our Mo Da-Ren before using the scale every day." Yuan Zhan specifically explained.


Zhi Mu nodded indifferently.


"The prescription I gave you was also from Mo Da-Ren." Yuan Zhan added.


Isn't this my revised prescription? How can you Mo Da-Ren see my prescription? Zhi Mu was just about to ask the exit. He looked over Yuan Zhan's back basket and suddenly felt a chill in his vest. Was it the burnt corpse? Mother God in Heaven, the burnt corpse would not be alive would it?


Unfortunately, he had no chance to ask again. Yuan Zhan was asked for help when an herbalist csme to find his door again.


After a silent night, the next morning, Zhi Mu received news that a slave leader had come to see him.


At the sight of Zhi Mu, the slave leader knelt down on one knee in great panic and said, "Da-Ren, the old cat who tried the medicine disappear yesterday!"


"Disappear? What does that mean? "Zhi Mu frowned.


The head of the slave looke

d sad. "It's just missing. We can't find him. We don't find it out until we count the number of slaves in the morning."


"What do other slaves say?”  Asked Zhi Mu, because Yincheng-Sound City had the rule of sitting in company when he was in charge of slaves, and it was all bad luck to lose one.


"They don't know. None of the roommates is aware of it." The slave leader looked bitter and helpless. "Those two cats are not human. They don't care about the lives of others at all."


"Two? You mean the young cat man ran away too?




"Why didn't you run early and not late, just after my drug test...?” Zhi Mu stamped his foot and regretted it.


The medicine must have worked. Otherwise, as the old cat man who was dying, and the young cat man was not very healthy, the two together would never be able to run away.


The most important thing is that all the fighting slaves have slave marks. If they want to escape unless their soul is strong enough to break through the control of slave marks. In other words, as long as their soul power exceeds those who give them slave marks, slave marks will no longer be effective.


When the old cat man tried the medicine, he repeatedly checked that the other party for soul strength improvement, it was improved but still very weak, at most 1st rank, he also do not know whether it was born psychic weakness, or injury caused. It is reasonable to say that such a weak soul could not break through the slave mark of 5th rank Soul God even if it recovered. But now the fact tells him that the old cat has not only escaped from control but also successfully escaped. He even erased the slave mark of the young cat man.


However, Zhi Mu still took a chance and asked, "Can't they be found through slave imprints?”


The slave leader shook his head. He would not come here if he could do that, and he could guess that the two cats might run away from Priest Zhi-Mu's drug. The slave escaping was nothing to the priests, but for those of them who manage slaves, it was a matter of great punishment. He hoped that Zhi Mu could give him two good words and less punishment. He's a little bit worried.


"Keep looking. In addition, if the person above you is bothering you, you should make things clear to him and come to me if you can't.


That's what the slave leader was waiting for. He immediately kowtowed and said, "Thank Da-Ren!"


"Go ahead, don't let the irrelevant know about it for the time being."


"Yes, Da-Ren, you can rest assured." Slave leader was grateful and turned to leave. After all, the escape of slaves is related to their inadequate care. Priest Zhi-Mu can totally ignore them.


Zhi Mu turned three times in situ and ran upstairs. He wanted to go back and continue refining according to that prescription.


Thank you Mo Da-Ren, right? He will chant his name three times in good faith before he refines drugs later.


At this point, Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo do not know anything.


Zhi Mu did not go to them. Anyway, he knew that if he ran excitedly, he would be shorthanded up by the greedy tree man. In this case, he might as well pretend that he did not know anything. If he refine a batch of medicine, the medicine would be very good in nature. He would naturally pay that 7th rank yuan-crystal coins.


Zhi Mu was afraid of being disturbed, so he didn't even stay at home. He took some herbs and other articles and hid in the drug refining room of the Enlightenment Hall to refine drugs.


On the same day, Zhi Mu produced the second batch of soul-boosting drugs. This time, instead of looking for someone to test the medicine, he directly pinched a pill about the size of soybean and put it in his eyebrow, promptly arousing his feeling of medication.


This process is also necessary for drug refining. Generally, after the safety of the drug is ensured by the drug test, the priest will communicate with the drug he has prepared, that is, to get the perception of drug nature.


Through this communication, the Priest will have a general understanding of the drugs he has prepared, at least to know whether they are successful or failing.


The pill was stimulated and instantaneously turned into countless particles, and a tiny but undeniable energy flowed into Zhi Mu's eyebrows.


Zhi Mu looked up and was intoxicated. "It's really effective, but it's too weak. I don't know what will happen if the dose is increased?”


Zhi Mu looked at the pill in the pot, hesitated for a few seconds, and then picked up another shot.


There are ten pills in the pot. Zhi Mu has used up all ten pills. He can feel his soul is stronger than before. The upgrade is not obvious, but it is good.


Would it be more effective if it was used by people with impaired soul?


Zhi Mu thought, and began his third refining, this time he was going to find some more slaves with wounded souls to try medicine.


And Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo, who don't know anything, want to earn more yuan-crystal coins. After they went back, he started growing some herbs.


Yan Mo then began pointing to Yuan Zhan for refining drug refining process products.


Some simple methods of hemostatic powder are not difficult. Yan Mo is afraid of poor effect and cheats directly in the medicine. Yuan Zhan grinds his peeled coke into powder and mixes it in.


"You put more, how can you put that little?”


"Shut up! Don’t tell me”, Yuan Zhan is stingier. A small package of hemostatic powder is slightly picked out with nails and put in, then mixed and ground into fine powder and mixed.


"We need to make yuan-crystal coins quickly, that is, we'd better be able to come up with very fast, very effective drugs, so as to attract people, this hemostatic drug itself is very common, you just put a little more for a start, how good can it be?”


"Just to put more effect on it?”


"I have tested that my flesh and blood do have hemostasis and muscle-building effects, about a gram can produce..." Yan Mo shut up. He felt that he was going to be surrounded by someone's anger. "Forget it, I tell you what to do. Anyway, the amount I asked you to put is my guess. For example, if one gram of raw meat still kept alive is 10, I think the same gram of burnt flesh will produce about one to a third of the effects.”


Yuan Zhan was very angry. He did not know why he was so angry. In short, he listened to his Mo thoughts on how to test with his own flesh and blood. He was very angry. At the same time, he was angry, and he felt pain all over his body, even as if he had seen Yan Mo cut flesh and bleed in front of himself.


"Cough, if you think about it, if we get a lot of yuan-crystal coins, I can recover faster, and you can see that I am alive, not the burnt corpse in front of you, but so what if the price is just some scorched skin that I do not peel off, just like people lose their hair and dandruff every day."


Yuan Zhan angrily said, "You won't lose your hair unless Jiu Feng..."


Yan Mo was excited. "Do you remember something?”


Yuan Zhan looked up with a strange expression.


"What else do you remember?”  Asked Yan Mo.


Yuan Zhan's expression became more and more strange. He looked down at the burnt corpse beside him. His expression seemed a little shocked. But after a while, he accepted the memory he had just flashed calmly on his face and touched it with his hand. "No wonder I would say you are my man, originally..."


Yan Mo feels a little bad at heart. "Hey, where do you see it?  Don't change the topic!"


Yuan Zhan did not know what he thought of, and the whole look was distorted. "You will lose your flesh in the future, right?”


"Yes, the surface layer that burned the most could not be restored at all. It was only heavy and long."


"Doesn't that mean your face, your chest, your buttocks, your thighs and your eggs will all fall off? And you're going to grind them all into powder for others to eat? "Yuan Zhan said that the last few words while he was furious.


Yan Mo, "..."


Yuan Zhan entered the irrational mode and refused to use Yan Mo's fallen scald as medicine.


Yan Mo tried hard to reason with him, got bored when he talked about it, and asked him directly whether he wanted to burn the corpse or live him.


Yuan Zhan, with a gloomy face, reluctantly withdrew by three points. "Here, here, and here, including here, belong to me."


Yan Mo had a toothache, and he never thought that one day he would talk to another person about the ownership of his own "body part".


"What do you want to do with these? Do you want to keep it? I'll tell you the ugly story. If you dare to steal it, we'll be separated in the future!"


"No." Yuan Zhan said calmly and naturally, "When I die in the future, bury this part of your body with me. You'll live longer than I do, right? "


Yan Mo, "... Fxck!”


Hence, the way of distribution of the exfoliated skin and meat of the burnt corpse was settled. Yan Mo could only control the exfoliated skin and meat of his limbs, and the rest belonged to Yuan Zhan.


As the day passed, Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo finally made a batch of blood stasis and anti-phagocytic drugs before the night, and waited for second days to go to the square to find a place to peddle. Zhi Mu and the slave leader didn't think too much about the two cat escapes before the second day dawned.


But things did not go as well as they wanted. The cat man’s escape became more serious and even more serious. Finally, even the royal family and the High Priest were shocked.


"Did you hear about it? The Great Princess's face was scratched by a cat!"


"Ah, you've heard about it, too? I think the guards of the city and the Royal Palace are moving, and the gates are closed.


"Hey? What the hell is going on? I didn't hear it very carefully. I heard that a group of cats were making a mess of the royal palace."


Yuan Zhan stood still and the cat man made a scene at the Palace?


The short and stocky priest, surrounded by several priests at the centers, saw Yuan Zhan as interested and purposely amplified his voice: "Not only the palace, but also many nobles and some families who bought cat man slaves have had accidents. The cat men are said to have all run away!"


"How could it be?”  The Unkempt priest exclaimed. "Those cats must have been bought with slave marks. How could they all escape? Not to mention the slaves of the Royal family, that's the slave imprint of at least 7th rank's soul under the priest.”


"It's strange that the cats have the highest spiritual power of a 5th rank. The kittens sold to the royal family and nobility don't even have 1st rank spiritual force. But somehow, all the slave marks of the cats failed that night. What's more, no one even noticed them when they fled, even the Royal Palace guards. Only a few of the kittens who were teasing at the time were seen, but there was hardly any resistance. Only the Great Prince broke away from control and tried to catch his kittens. He was scratched and let the kittens escape.” The priest, short and fat, was well-informed and said with foam flying in his mouth.


The Unkempt priest found the suspicion, "You say only the Great Princess managed to break out of control? Someone had confused the Great Princess with soul force?”


"Yes, the cat men escaped undetected because their owners and guards in their homes were confused. Now this has alarmed the High Priest and this morning the Second High Priest Lan Wu Da-Ren went to the palace with several soul advanced level priests.


Yuan Zhan heard this, nodded to the short and stock priest, thanked him, and walked by the talking priest.


"What do you think?”  Yuan Zhan asked Mo who was attached to him.


"Cat man... Cats are actually smaller. If they get bigger, their ability to catch prey will not be inferior to that of tigers and leopards. But when they can all become human beings. Can they still be smaller? Well, those cat owners have a lot of courage. Maybe they look at kittens and kittens as cute and think they are harmless. But if the prototypes of these cats are cat-fearing or lynx-like, their combat effectiveness will never be weaker. But I don't think those kittens, unlike lynx, have towering tufts on the tips of lynx's ears, which is the most obvious feature of lynx.”


"Mo, you know that's not what I'm asking."


Yan Mo laughed. “You want to say that the cat man’s escape is related to the two cat men who tested the medicine?'


"Time is too coincidental."


"It's a pity that we didn't approach the old cat man at that time, and we didn't know how his injury was, especially his mental strength."


"Zhi Mu must have checked it."


Yan Mo thought, "Mental strength can be concealed, especially when injured, the most difficult to judge. The old cat is rumored to be able to the highest rank among them, not to mention the old cat man. The injuries he shows must be inconsistent with his reality. I believe the soul booster will be good for his recovery. But that medicine only added a little burnt flesh, the weight itself is small, but also burnt, even if the real effect of the addition will not be too countering. So it's not so much that there's a problem with the medicine as that old cat man has been waiting for a chance to recover and escape.”


Yuan Zhan was thinking in a different direction from Yan Mo. "The priest just said that this has already alarmed the Second High Priest to take people to pursue, so sooner or later they will know about the old cat man. When they find the slave camp, they will naturally find Zhi Mu to test the medicine, and Zhi Mu will definitely say that the prescription came from us."


"Just a prescription. Can they still blame us for the cat man’s escape?”


"They won't count the cat man’s escape on us, but they will salivate for other prescriptions on our hands. Even if we haven't created them, they won't believe it."


"That's right. We'll sell..."


"You can't sell prescriptions." Yuan Zhan meditated a little, his narrow eyes showed a sly look. "If you can really add a certain amount to the effect of the drug, I have an idea, maybe it can make you recover faster."


So you think Yincheng-Sound City is not busy enough now? Yan Mo was somewhat worried about the safety of Yuan Zhan. He could see that he was in the right place and the old sly man was still there.

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