Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Hello! Queen




On that day, the weather was fine and cloudless, and the sun was shining brightly, which made people feel better.


Yuan Zhan, carrying a rattan basket and dozens of packages of hemostatic powder, left the temple and walked into the square.

Because the Temple Square is located in Yincheng-Sound City Center, all the streets around it, as long as the weather is good on weekdays, the Square can be said to be Yincheng-Sound City's busiest place, just not one of them.


Interestingly, the square is divided into meter shaped streets around. Each street has its own characteristics. Perhaps under the conscious arrangement, the square is also divided into several parts.


These plots are unequal, but there is no confusion in each. The civilian trading area is where the civilian trades. The slave trading area is where the slave trade took place, while the food-related activities are all concentrated in one place. There are also traders in the nobles’ areas, but they sell yuan-crystal jewelry, bone objects, drug refining processes, and some strange stone puppets and so on. The priests and the servants usually come here. In addition, there are special venues for singing and musical instruments, and there are also special trading sites for outsiders.


Although there is no confusion in the trading areas, because they are all concentrated in the square, they are scattered in a circular way, without distinction between primacy and inferiority, and without shelter such as walls, which allows anyone to roam and trade in any area.


"This alone shows that the rulers of Yincheng-Sound City are very clever and open-minded." Yan Mo sincerely admired.


"We'll do better at the Jiu Yuan." Yuan Zhan found an open space on the outsider's site and sat down.


The outsider area sells the most, probably the most miscellaneous, anything has, but the visitors are also very many.


"You should lay a cloth or hide on the ground, put some herbs and tools for making medicines on it, and then stand up and shout..." Yan Mo, who had no voice, solemnly shouted, "Look at it. Look at it. The best wound medicine in the world is not to be known. If you use it for fear, you will not be afraid to buy it."


Yuan Zhan was silent for two seconds. "Should I take another knife and see someone come and scratch it on his arm, then sprinkle powder so that people can see the effect clearly?”


Yan Mo complimented, "Good! You have mastered the essence of creating a disaster and then offering a solution to the said disaster. After that, you will dominate the whole world.


"... I don't understand what you said."


"What I said is a common language!"


"And if I don't understand you, your right thigh belongs to me."


"Get out of here!"


Two people laughing and cussing in the brain, Yuan Zhan can actually keep a face expressionless from beginning to end. But he also took the first half of Yan Mo's comments... Without cloth and animal skins, he simply raised the ground to a stone platform with a high shank.


Herbal medicine can be produced on the spot. He will not only make herbs on the spot, and all of them will have a fresh appearance during the vigorous period. In order not to let the plants that are spawned b

ecause they are short of water and be killed by the sun, he specifically wrapped the roots of those plants in the wet soil nearby and put them on the top.


Yan Mo watched Yue and pointed at him indiscriminately so that he could turn the root bundled in the soil into a flower pot. The trick was to wet it inside and let it be dry outside. As a result, the herbs that had been spawned were instantly on the top and placed on a stone platform.


Yuan Zhan also ranked them by plant growth, with the shortest in the front row and the highest in the last row. As a result, the small size garden became particularly conspicuous and neat.


In fact, Yuan Zhan allows the ground to quietly raise a piece of a stone platform, which is enough to make people look around. When the observer noticed that he could not only control soil, but also plant growth, his mouth was open and his chin would fall off.


However, people who can come to the city have some basic insights. At first, they were surprised, and then they quickly returned to normal.


Probably the first time they saw the plants in the "flower pot", this small stall soon attracted many visitors to inquire.


Yuan Zhan soon sold two pots of flowering herbs, Honeysuckle and winter jasmine, but the hemostatic was completely unopened because he was asking too much for them to shake his head.


The third pot still sells flowering plant prunella vulgaris [1] Heal-All. Yuan Zhan once saw the good sale of flowering plants, he urged all the flowers that did not blossom to blossom out of the buds, and he made several more pots of the spring flower which was the most asked for flower.


Just then, a round-faced middle-aged warrior came up with two of his subordinates smiling. "Da-Ren, hello, foreign guests who want to trade in Yincheng-Sound City must obtain permission. If they are in the square, they only need 30 1st rank coins a day."


Yuan Zhan, without much verbosity, quickly counted out thirty 1st rank coins and handed them to the round-faced middle-aged warrior.


After receiving the money, the round face warrior took out a wooden card and inserted it into the Yuan Zhan. When he put in a piece of bean curd like a piece of hard wood, he made a salute good ceremony and then made a gift to Yuan Zhan.


"Hey, warrior, do you need trauma medicine? The effect is very good. You can try it on the spot." Yuan Zhan raised his voice.


The round-faced warrior closed his legs and turned his head. His eyes flashed with color. "How do you see that I'm injured?”  He thought he was hiding it well.


"Bloody smell." Yuan Zhan answered.


The round-faced warrior suddenly said, "Thank you. No, I have medicine."


Yuan Zhan didn't seem to hear the other side's refusal. "Try ours, don't pay yuan-crystal coins until you try it."


The round-faced warrior laughed and turned back. "Okay, I'll try that." He was not afraid that this tall tribesman would harm him. So many people were watching.


Yuan Zhan found out a small packet of powder from a parcel wrapped in a stone platform. The powder is packed in a small wooden bottle with a cork stopper.


"Spread this bottle of powder evenly on your wound after stimulating its medicinal properties. Don't waste it." Yuan Zhan threw out the small wooden bottle.


The round-faced warrior received it in one hand.


"Leader?”  The two young warriors were not reassured and approached the round-faced warriors together.


Round-faced middle-aged warrior waved to them, on the street he pulled open his coat, which was a circle of rough cloth wrapped around the waist, the front of which was dyed with a layer of blood.


The round-faced warrior asked two of his men to help him unravel the rough cloth that wrapped the wound, revealing what looked like a wound deeply scratched by a wild animal.


The color of the wound is still good, but the blood is still oozing out, which proves that the medicine he used before is not very effective.


The round-faced warrior looked at his wound and whispered a curse. After holding the bottle to stimulate the medicinal properties of the medicine in it, he did not hesitate to bite the cork, so he had to pour the powder in the bottle onto the wound.


"Wait!" Yuan Zhan frowned.


The round face warrior stopped by his hands and his expression changed slightly. "Why? What's the problem?”


"If you stand up and take medicine, you will waste the powder. My powder is precious. I am sorry that we are wasting our Mo Da-Ren. Lie down and let your men help you.”


Since the round-faced warrior exposed his wound and accepted the wound medicine, it was also because he knew that the medicine he had bought before had little effect. If Yuan Zhan did not stop him, he went to the trading area, where he could buy better wound medicine.


But now that without yuan-crystal coins he can get him to try it out, he's certainly more willing to choose this side.


The round faced warrior laid down in accordance with the words. They are all powerful warriors who can lay down and sleep in the snow with their hide wrapped. Naturally, they don't care whether the ground is clean or not.


People gathered around to watch the excitement. Everyone was interested in the new foreigner's wound medicine.


One of the round-faced men took the wooden bottle and confirmed it with the round-faced warrior again, so he carefully spilled the powder on his wound.


"Hiss!" The round-faced warrior's muscles trembled and he took a cold breath in pain.


His medicated men were shocked. "Head, are you okay?”


The round-faced warrior gritted his teeth and refused to scream out.


The young warrior was about to stand up and question Yuan Zhan, but he shuddered after sweeping eyes on the wound on the belly of the round-faced warrior.


Another young warrior was worried about the round faced warrior. He wanted to look at Yuan Zhan not to let him run away. He was too busy to know what to do.


Yuan Zhan sat there and continued to pinch his flower pot. He was not very concerned about the response of the round-faced warriors.


But Yan Mo kept an eye on the round-faced warriors. "It works. The blood has stopped."


Yuan Zhan looked up at the round-faced warrior. When he saw the distorted expression of pain on the other side, he could not help doubting and asked directly, "It hurts a lot?”


The round-faced warrior nodded hard.


Yuan Zhan looked at his miserable pain, and immediately asked Yan Mo in his heart, "why is he so painful?”


"Shouldn't have hurt, but with my exfoliated flesh, now 80% of the ordinary anti-inflammatory and hemostatic drugs have become anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and muscle-generating drugs. Special drugs, stimulate wound cells to heal quickly, pain is normal, people heal fast, legs and knees are still painful.


"Wouldn't your chances of recovery be so painful?”  That's what he cares about.


So I should slipped up to you. When I first had a little pain sensation in my body, I almost ached.




"Very painful."


"You can feel pain in your body too?”


"It will be much weaker, but still feel it."


Yuan Zhan was relieved. "Then we can go back when you're fully fit."


"It depends." Is it not good if the soul stays away too long?


Warrior with the round face was so sick that he could not bear, but had to ask Yuan Zhan: "why is it so painful? Are you a cure or a poison?”


"The blood has stopped." Yuan Zhan pointed out the facts.


A round-faced warrior can't look up at his abdomen, so he looked at his medicated men.


The young warrior nodded hurriedly. People around the busy people also looked up and saw that the blood really stopped, one by one followed by a hiss.


The round-faced warrior motioned to help himself up. He stood up and looked down at his injured abdomen. He looked up and said, "How many medicines do you have?  I want them all!"


"A bottle cost 5th crystal coin."


"It's too expensive. I have a 4th rank coin."


Yuan Zhan laughed at the round-faced warrior and ignored him.


With this example of the best drug tester, the people around us began to ask Yuan Zhan about the price of the drug, which was generally too expensive. The price was almost the same as that of the drug manufactured by priest themselves in the noble’s area.


Yuan Zhan bites a bottle and a 5th rank coin without loosening his mouth. Anyway, we all see the effect. People who really need it will naturally come and trade.


Soon, some tourists like outsiders came to greet him, people dressed like nobles came, and the temple servants also came, but the temple servants were embarrassed to buy medicine directly, so they only bought the herbs they needed.


Throughout the ages, the most feared and loved part of all commodities is being looted. However, three or four people also expressed their intention to wrap up the wounded. The crowd at the present stage is no longer just watching. As long as they have plenty of money, they want to get a bottle and keep it in case. There were more people shouting, and more people saw the bustle and kept coming.


Many people came to hear that the first thing after the effect was to see the belly of the round-faced warrior, and the round-faced warrior in order to ensure that the medicine is really okay, has been exposed wounds.


"Ah, did a skin grow on the wound?”


"Before, it was bleeding. I saw it with my own eyes. Now it's not bleeding at all. The wounds are still closed. The medicine is really good."


"Look, what kind of animal caused the wound?”


"It's not like a woman scratch anyway."


"Ha-ha-ha!" A lot of people laughed.


The round face warrior is more broad minded and doesn't care much about how to make fun of him. Some people ask him what animal is scratching him, and he laughed with himself: "the cat people who were bought are not obedient, their claws are fierce, and they are scratched before they made go to sleep.”


"Did your cat run too? I heard that the cat pups just bought by an 8th rank warrior Lan He family are missing.


Everyone's topic is gradually skewed. Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo hear the word "cat man" and their attention is automatically raised. But before people spoke for a while, they were interrupted by the shouts coming from nearby.


"Make way, Make way! Don't block the road!"


The round-faced warrior saw the arrival and hurried to salute the two men to clear the passage.


In fact, the road is very wide, but the destination of the visitors seems to be Yuan Zhan's side.


Fortunately, the crowd of onlookers also consciously moved away after watching the arrival of people. Yuan Zhan looked up and saw at first sight a bird's feather crown that was higher than the head height of all people.


The crown made of bird feather is gorgeous. The feathers on the top are colorful and shimmering. The top three feathers are highly erect and have a blue like eye pattern on their feathers. They look very special.


"Peacock hair, that's it." Yan Mo admires those who wear feather crowns very much. Those who can wear such exaggerated crowns can never do it without courage better than ordinary people.


The crowd dispersed, revealing behind them a group of well-dressed outsiders, people wearing feathered crowns were crowded in the middle.


Why is it an outsider? Because even Yuan Zhan can see at a glance that the temperament and dress of the other party are different from those of Yincheng-Sound City people.


"Feathers seem to be lightweight, but with so many roots inserted, they have to be firmly fixed, which absolutely no light weight is. I bet that woman must have cervical diseases.” Yan Mo commented after observation.


A tall woman with a crest on her head on her head was a tall woman with a veil and only two eyes. Her skin was wrapped in cloth and not even her fingers were exposed.


"Can your medicine stop bleeding quickly?”  A servant-like man stepped forward and asked Yuan Zhan in a less polite way.


Yuan Zhan wanted to pinch the pot out of the octagonal shape Yan Mo said.


"Hello, you, didn't you hear me?”  The servant yelled unhappily.


Yuan Zhan is lazier and ignored them.


"Whoa!" A whip unexpectedly flew to Yuan Zhan, while a woman's voice was shadowed: "Reply back, don't humiliate me anymore!"


The guard's face changed dramatically and he immediately bent back to the end.


No one expected that the woman with the crest would whip someone face.


The round-faced warrior had headaches and frowned. An outsider is so overconfident in Yincheng-Sound City and he felt that he ought to stop it. But the other party's identity is extraordinary. Even their Yincheng-Sound City's lord has to be careful when he went to receive the other party. Now they are also outsiders. He doesn’t have to interfere. However, he had just been benefited by the other outsider. It would be too cold and heartless for him to look at things like that.


But Yuan Zhan had moved when the round-faced warrior came out in the field.


Yuan Zhan raised his hand and grasped the whip.


The woman tried to take back her whip and almost fell back when she tried to pull it back with all her strength. If someone didn't help her quietly behind her, she would make a big fool of herself.


The woman was furious. But a man beside her grabbed her and said a word to her.


The woman looked down at her whip, only to find that her whip had disappeared to the handle.


"You turned my whip into dust? Are you a soil-control warrior?” The woman's voice rose slightly, as if surprised and unbelievable.


Yuan Zhan suppressed his anger and did not want to cause too much trouble in Yincheng-Sound City until Yan Mo recovered. If this woman knows the truth, he will have to escape away early.


But when the woman saw that he had not answered, the voice became cold and gloomy again. “You are a soil-control warrior, so you are a tribesman affiliated to Tucheng-Earth City? Where are you from? What ranks of warrior are you? Why not go to Tucheng-Earth City and why did you come to Yincheng-Sound City?"


Yuan Zhan grinned.


All the people around thought that the tribal warrior would suffer a great loss, because everyone knew that the tribesman was facing the city. Wasn't that a death hunt?


No wonder you look down on Yuan Zhan. This guy's dress is really easy to misunderstand. Lan-Yin had given him a full set of wardrobes, but he still prefer a leather skirt and no other clothes all over his body, with tribal tattoos on his face and he walked barefoot. He didn't look like a noble high-ranking warrior of the Three Cities.


Moreover, he is sitting now, the black domino that represents his identity is blocked, and no one is paying attention to it at all.


The woman saw Yuan Zhan look at her as nothing and her voice dropped to a chilling point. "Do you know who I am?  How dare you do this to me?"


Yuan Zhan finally rewarded her with three words: "Who are you?”


The woman was so angry that she fell on her back. The guard next to her and helper her up and said solemnly, "You’re bold! Tucheng-Earth City's Queen is here, and the soil-control warrior is not yet saluting Queen!"


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen! Yan Mo laughed. "What did Shifu say about her?”  He said, "Tucheng-Earth City’s lord wife is very annoying, so he cursed her severely?”


"She looks very annoying." Yuan Zhan laughed, too, with a grim smile. He could not remember anything else, but he still remembers his hatred for Tucheng-Earth City. Until now, he thought he had to wait for revenge in the future. When he thought of not turning the mountain, the Tucheng-Earth City took the initiative to send themselves to him.


Yan Mo continued to laugh, and there was no smile in his laughter. "Guess what? The old man cursed her?”


"The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu cursed her? I wonder why the woman came to Yincheng-Sound City.” Yuan Zhan said, "Mo, what do you say if I kill this bird-tail queen?”


"Kid, don't ask me for a permission to murder."


Yuan Zhan knows what to do.


Tucheng-Earth City the palace guards shouted, but Yuan Zhan still sat there, playing with the earth in his hands, without even giving them a look.


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen angrily ordered, "Take him!"


"Wait!" The round-faced warrior couldn't help it. "This is our guest in Yincheng-Sound City."


"Guest? What kind of guest is a tribal savage? Does he deserve it? Take him!” Tucheng-Earth City's Queen waited for the round-faced warrior to resist, and she said:" This is something involving Tucheng-Earth City. You Yincheng-Sound City people should not interfere!”

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