Chapter 352

Chapter 352: You can advance and retreat, you still have to show your true colors.




The round-faced warrior was angry at Tucheng-Earth City's Queen, but he hadn't spoken yet.


Yuan Zhan has sneered: "What's going on inside Tucheng-Earth City? Who is your Tucheng-Earth City? Your broken Tucheng-Earth City wants me, and I don't want it either way!"


Yan Mo poked at him, "There you go."


Yuan Zhan was kind and quickly changed his voice: "Woman, hurry up, let your family and your big little priest all go away, Tucheng-Earth City will be mine later."


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen and others and onlookers: "..."


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen laughed ironically, and her bodyguards and warriors looked at Yuan Zhan with contempt and insane eyes.


The round-faced warrior shook his head too, and the voice was too thoughtless. Can you say all that casually?


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen made a crack at the foot of the slate  shot and it formed a long cute green buds, but not many people notice, they patronized the lively, and who will look at the foot of people. The green bud gradually changed color and crept on the ground little by little.


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen laughed enough, her voice changed and she snapped, "What a big dare! You dare not name your tribe. I swear to the God of the Earth that all of your tribe will all become my lowest slave in Tucheng-Earth City before summer comes. You, I will cut off your legs, dig out your eyes, cut off your tongue, and let you carry the King's chair day by day until you die!!”


Yuan Zhan stood up slowly, tall and smooth-muscled figure without dressing is enough to give people with endless pressure, coupled with the face that does not look like a good person at all, even Tucheng-Earth City's Queen's momentum was stationary.


Some sharp-eyed people's eyes fell on the man's waist. After seeing the black dominoes hanging there, many people’s faces changed colors.


Yuan Zhan looked at Tucheng-Earth City's Queen, sneered on his lips and spits out two pronunciations: "Ha ha."


Yan Mo: this guy has no teacher and he managed to master the highest state of "ha ha".


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen listened to these two pronunciations. It was unbearable. No matter what price she paid today, she will make the man to kneel down to her and beg for mercy.


"Your Majesty." A seemingly noble man leaned over Tucheng-Earth City's Queen and whispered, raising his finger.


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen looked down at her opponent's finger and saw the black dominoes around Yuan Zhan's waist, but that did not quench her anger. Instead, she had felt offended and reviled rage.


"Who the hell are you? From where are you? As a black domino holder, you even run to the square to trade, savages are savages!” Tucheng-Earth City's Queen pointed at Yuan Zhan while cussing endless.


Yuan Zhan sneered, "Is it any of your business, Laozi is happy!”


"Hey, don't learn to talk like me." Yan Mo points out wax for the founder of the Taoist school, and thinks that in the future, no one will regard Laozi as a respectful title, or maybe it will become a special hegemony of barbarians cuss words.


When the round-faced warrior looked at Yuan Zhan's domino, some of his vacillating positions immediately became firm. He immediately opened his m

outh to Tucheng-Earth City's Queen and said, "Your Majesty Queen..."


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen shouted at his opponents: "Not yet!"


The round-faced warrior heard the words and cried out, "No fighting is allowed in Yincheng-Sound City! You are all high-ranking warriors. Once you fight, it will do great damage to the buildings in the city. Your Majesty Queen, if you really want to compete, please go to the arena of competence, where you can fight any way, not in the city, not in the Temple Square!!”


Tucheng-Earth City's Queen did not expect a small guard to resist her, but the other side is Yincheng-Sound City, she now asked Yincheng-Sound City for help, she can only temporarily endure this humiliation, only later. But if she can endure the humiliation for a while, it does not mean that she will listen to them.


"If you have any losses in Yincheng-Sound City, settle them with me Cui Yu!"


The round face warrior was helpless, immediately the opponent gave an order, let them go to invite the person who can be in charge. Originally, he thought that only Tucheng-Earth City's Queen had bullied a tribal tour merchant, but now it became the two major guests to fight with each other, so that if they could fight to that extent, God knew what the final stage would be. He can't and can't carry it around anymore.


Yincheng-Sound City warriors patrolling the city came first after the heard the news.


When the guard of Tucheng-Earth City's Queen heard the Queen's order, he looked at a man who was not tall but very strong. The action was not obvious. Queen at the front did not see it naturally.


The short man sighed in his heart and lightly nodded his head.


He understands the Queen's mood. Queen, one of the same Nine Great Cities, pulls down her face and goes to the nearest Yincheng-Sound City for help. Although as a party seeking help, Queen shouldn't be looking for help in the city, but the more proud she is, the more she needs to bow her head, the less she wants to lose face.


If the tribal soil-control warrior in front of you can be respectful at the beginning, well, they also hold the noblest black domino of Yincheng-Sound City guests, whose identity is at least equal to Queen's, but who knows that one of you who is so noble actually runs to the square to sell medicine in person?


Besides, if they all show their identities, they will be considered as a noble persons. As a soil-control warrior, you should at least pay a little respect to Tucheng-Earth City's Queen, shouldn't you? What's more, they are still in other cities, the blood of the earth god, but it makes civil strife to show people a joke about how earth control people love fighting.


Short and strong man was not happy, originally Queen only heard that there are very good hemostatic drugs to sell, just came here specially. If the tribal warrior could be a little gentler, things would not have developed like this.


What is more abominable is that the tribal warrior not only destroyed the whip from Queen, but also regarded Queen as nothing, and later it was too big to say that he wanted to encroach on Tucheng-Earth City. Not to mention His Majesty Queen, noble Queen, but he can't stand it.


I don't know where you came from, but you have to pay a price for insulting me, and my Tucheng-Earth City's Queen!


Queen's escort, Got a go ahead from the leader, the leader was about to attack Yuan Zhan immediately.


The people around him were curious to see how the same soil-control warriors would fight.


But just at the moment when Tucheng-Earth City warriors took off, Queen Cui Yu suddenly gave a low cry of surprise. "What kind of thing is this? Cut it down!"


The Tucheng-Earth City people were in a state of chaos, and their legs and feet were tied to the vines growing on the ground. And the vines have thorns. You can only get hurt and stabbed if you pull them apart with your hand, but if you cut them with a knife, they will grow longer when they break and grow faster than before.


Queen Cui Yu looked up at them and looked at the tribal warrior who was still standing there, looking like a poisonous snake. "Is it you? You can still control plants? Two abilities warrior?”


Yuan Zhan's eyes were more poisonous. He raised two fingers to Queen, turned them aside and shook them.


What's the meaning of this? Queen Cui Yu didn't understand.


She had no time to see more. The thorny vines quickly wrapped all the Tucheng-Earth City people and so on. A huge vine ball appeared in place.


The change made the audience look stunned.


From Tucheng-Earth City's Queen, the whole process is a long story, but it is a short time for many people to see what happened.


Yan Mo felt that the action of the vertical finger was a bit familiar, but for a moment he didn't understand what it meant.


"Be careful, although the wood is earth, but there are many of them in the group. I am afraid those vines will not be able to get them for long." Yan Mo reminds.


Yuan Zhan also knows this. He didn't intend to use plants to fight. His purpose was just to make the other lose face. His big move is still behind him.


Suddenly, Yuan Zhan was surprised. "There is no soil."


Yan Mo was also stunned. "Hmm? What does that mean?


"They seem to have a way of separating my connection from the earth." This was the first time for Yuan Zhan to encounter such a problem, and he became very aggressive. "Great, Tucheng-Earth City, one of the Nine Great Cities."


Yan Mo's mind whirled. "What about wood control? Can you still control plants?”


Yuan Zhan took out a seed and urged, "Yes."


"Throw the seeds on the ground and let them take root in the ground to see if they can break the isolation."


Yuan Zhan eyes bright, "good idea!"


Several seeds were thrown to the ground, and Yuan Zhan urged them to take root quickly.


Yuan Zhan felt a little soil energy, but was then separated.


While Yuan Zhan was busy breaking through the isolation, there was also a problem with the stinger cage over there.


"Hurry up! They're about to break free!” Yan Mo shouted.


"Not sure. I need time." Yuan Zhan reinforced the barbed rattan cage opposite. But the rattan, which could grow faster and even exceed the destroying speed of the other side, slowed down at that time.


Yuan Zhan insights, "My ability to control wood will weaken when I break away from the ability to control soil."


"No, you said the contrary. It should be your ability to control wood that is assisted with soil control ability. Its effect has far exceeded 4th rank. Now the growth rate of the spine vine over there is the normal 4th rank wood control ability. A-Zhan, what should I do? It seems that we can't fight.”


"Then run. When I come up with a way to break off the isolation, I'll hit them again!” Yuan Zhan caught made all the plants on the plant into seeds and put them in the outer layer of the rattan basket.


Yan Mo is speechless and happy. Speechless, this guy can live for a long time as long as he doesn't commit stupidity on himself. Happily, with such a cheeky chief who can't fight decided to run, he doesn't have to worry that the Jiu Yuan will lose a lot in the future because of some unnecessary face losing problems.


As he was in a hurry to escape, Yuan Zhan took a look at the barbed cage, and took time to laugh at the round-faced warrior. "If it were me, I would not like the guests to destroy my home at will. Tell that bird-tailed Queen if she wants to fight with me. See her in the arena!”


The round-faced warrior was very grateful. He thought that it was still the tribal warrior who let him try the hemostatic medicine. He had the upper hand, but he preferred to give up because he didn't want to destroy more ground in the square. It was just too high-ranking warrior's upright demeanor.


"Stop! The barbarian, you stop!” Queen Cui Yu finally broke away from the cane vine cage under the protection of the guards. But when she came out, she saw that the tribal warrior had left behind a big thorn cage, and then he walked so fast that he to the temple just in a blink of an eye.


The round-faced warrior looked at Queen Cui Yu with a bad expression and did not dare to come forward to say what Yuan Zhan had said before he left.


"Why didn't you catch him? Can’t you do anything good?” Queen Cui Yu threw a slap on the side of a guard. She was going mad. So many of them are against one person. They didn't even get the upper hand. He also made her lose face.


The slapped guard immediately bowed his head and knelt.


The short warrior sighed again and went forward, whispering to Queen Cui Yu: "Your Majesty, the other side is also a high-ranking soil-control warrior. Although we have isolated the other side from the earth, if we attack the other side with the ability of soil-control, the isolation will be useless because we would have to cancel it before attacking him. In addition, here is Yincheng-Sound City, we have some powerful means that are not suitable for use, and the damage will be too great. Originally, we had other capable blood warriors to attack him, but it was unexpected that he was a double-line warrior, our people were trapped by him before they could move. But the other side's ability to control wood is general, it can only trap us for a while, let alone hurt you.”


Does the identity or ability of a short warrior differ from that of others? When Queen Cui Yu saw him speak, she forced her rising anger down by three points. "I want him killed!"




"Find out his tribe, and when you solve Tucheng-Earth City's current problem, go get rid of it!"




Queen Cui Yu held up the feather crown which is also well protected by her armrest and quilt. She scans the surroundings coldly, raises her head and looked at the lively people around her. She left the square in a crowd.


Yincheng-Sound City, hum! All the humiliation she has suffered today, she will certainly recover it tomorrow! Today, she will not let go of anyone who saw her disgrace.


Yuan Zhan swung back to the temple with Yan Mo on his back. When he came to the door of his house on the ninth floor, he saw the High Priest Lan-Yin smiling at him.


Zhi Mu, standing aside, raised his hand to him and laughed awkwardly.


"You guessed it. They found it." Yan Mo.


The High Priest Lan-Yin nodded to Yuan Zhan. "I'm glad you're all right. That Queen Cui Yu's temper is notoriously bad."


Yuan Zhan is not surprised that Lan-Yin learned about it so quickly, because if you look out of the temple, you can see the whole square into your eyes as long as you have good eyesight.


"Tucheng-Earth City what did their people want here?”


"They have not yet stated their true purpose, and we do not know what they want."


Yuan Zhan did not believe it, but he accepted the phrase from Lan-Yin. "Then what are you looking for me for?”


Lan-Yin looked at Zhi Mu first. "I heard you helped Zhi Mu modify a prescription?”


"That's it?”  Yuan Zhan's face shocked the High Priest's expression.


Lan-Yin laughed. This kind of trivial matter would not have made him the High Priest, but the advanced level priest, who was asked about it, heard that it involved a distinguished guest who had been given black dominoes by him personally. At the moment, he dared not ask for any questions, so he sent the matter to him first.


Just as Lan-Yin had his idea and wanted to get in touch with the tribal double-lined warrior, which he could not see through, he took over the trifle, which he did not think was a trifle.


How can it be trivial to modify an effective and harmless soul-boosting formulation in five days?


Yuan Zhan had pressed his hand on the wooden door and loosened it, turning to the far end.


Lan-Yin paused, quickly grasped the meaning and signaled to Lan Yuan and the guardian.


Lan Yuan took two quick steps to get ahead and smiled sideways at Yuan Zhan. "Follow me, please."


There is only one High Priest on each of the seventh, eighth and ninth floors, and there is a lot of space available.


Zhi Mu apologized to Yuan Zhan in a guilty whisper. Instead of following him, he left the sound pool one step at a time.


Lan-Yin watched the tall young man walking in front of him, and a little joy rose in his heart that was not in keeping with his age. Apparently, the earth controlling warrior did not want to be controlled by that man, and he seemed to have something to say to him, what would the other party say? And can this person completely solve the problem that has plagued Yincheng-Sound City for many years?


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