Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Strange and unpredictable, the road ahead is vague



Yuan Zhan's eyes fell on the girl's face. "Do you want a secret medicine to remove scars? Our tribal sorcerer will refine it. It may hurt a little, but it should restore your face. "


Yan Mo wanted to poke at him: How do you know I'm going to make a scar remover? And the first time you meet a girl, you're going to sell scar remover and hate her at the same time?


Yuan Zhan is probably the kind of person who is difficult to make friends with the other gender. To treat women, he would first look at age, then ability, and finally usefulness. Without his Priest Da-Ren, he might have looked at the other's appearance and body shape carefully, but now he only regards the Great Princess as a leader of the forces, which is still shining in his eyes because of her identity and possibly large number of yuan-crystal coins.


The Great Princess smiled, not as Yan Mo imagined, but turned to the side of the High Priest Lan-Yin and smiled, "Lan-Yin Da-Ren, one of the purposes of my coming here today is to ask you for some medicine. Is it appropriate?”


Lan-Yin looked carefully at the Great Princess's face. "The scratch is a little deep. It will take some time to recover completely. I don't have any medicine on hand for scar removal now. Can you wait for me for a while? I'll find the best drug refining priest to refine for you.”


The Great Princess is very considerate that although the temple has a variety of medicines on hand, they do not include scar-removing medicines and the ones they have have little effect. Such special-purpose medicines are only considered and refined when needed.


Yan Mo said in Yuan Zhan's brain: "It seems that Yincheng-Sound City does not have the ability to heal and recover from scar trauma. They seem to use medicines to treat their diseases and injuries, as did the Black Earth City before. Princess Duo Fei and the Priest Ye He's abilities should be special and rare, that is, they don't know which Tianqiancheng-Heaven City belongs to.


"Tianqiancheng-Heaven City? Princess Duo Fei? Priest Ye He?”


"Neighbors of our tribe are not very friendly. The Priest Ye He has been killed by you and me. Princess Duo Fei is now building a new force not far from our tribe."


Yuan Zhan frowned. "Tell me about the situation around our tribe."


"Wait a minute, the Great Princess wants to talk to you."


The Great Princess looked up, her height was much shorter than that of Yuan Zhan, and she reached the shoulder of Yuan Zhan, but she was not short, about 1.7 meter. Yuan Zhan was more than the average man, half a year ago, it had more than 1.9 meter.


"Do you have any medicine now?”


Yuan Zhan asked Yan Mo, "Can you do it?”


Yan Mo sneers, "You have such confidence in me."


"That is! When will it be ready?


Yan Mo was happy. "Tomorrow."


Yuan Zhan said to the Great Princess, "You come here tomorrow night."


The Great Princess, "I'll send someone tomorrow night to pick it up.&



"You'd better come by yourselves. This is the secret medicine of my tribe. It needs some special means to stimulate its medicinal properties."


The Great Princess was stunned. Her guard wanted to speak and was stopped by her. She was ready to say yes. The High Priest Lan-Yin interposed in time: "Just as I wanted to ask Da-Ren to help me refine drugs together, if Da-Ren was sure, that would be the best. When the medicine is refined, I'll send someone to invite your highness down with me."


The Great Princess showed her gratitude. After all, she is a princess. Although Yincheng-Sound City does not care about the protection of men and women, there are many people staring at her every move. Yuan Zhan is more than a strange man. He is also an unknown guest with black domino. If she has too much contact with Yuan Zhan, she still does not know what some people will think of.


In addition, Yuan Zhan just had a conflict with Tucheng-Earth City's Queen, and if she had too much contact with this person, it would also give people a sense of bias. For the time being, she didn't want to go to the woman who was so domineering and unreasonable in the rumor.


Yuan Zhan said it doesn't matter, as long as the Great Princess can come in person.


Yan Mo oddly, "why does she has to come in person? What are your plans?"


Yuan Zhan didn't say it with sly glint.


After that, without much talk, the two sides separated at an appointed time. Yan Mo, through Yuan Zhan's ear, heard the Great Princess seemingly discussing the cat man issue with Lan-Yin.


"... I've had all the guards I've been looking for withdrawn. The cats are intelligent creatures, those who insist on keeping them as slaves, I fear that my Yincheng-Sound City will have some unnecessary enemies in the future. If they could escape once, they could escape second times. Even if they can't escape, Yincheng-Sound City will have some trouble with their ability to confuse others."


"What does Your Highness mean?”


"I don't want you to arrest the escaped cats anymore, but I can't decide it by myself. Many nobles in the city, even the priests and the servant, have bought the cat slaves. I'm afraid they won't give up easily. I hope Lan-Yin Da-Ren can..."


Yuan Zhan stepped on the sonic pool and could not hear the words behind.


"The Great Princess, too, is a much smarter and wiser girl than Duo Fei, and a much better person." Yan Mo admired.


Yuan Zhan even approved this saying, "I don't know what Duo Fei is like, but this woman is not simple."


"Oh? What do you see? "


"Firstly, I looked at her like that and poked at her pain as soon as I opened my mouth. She was not angry at all. Secondly, her bodyguards listened to her very much, and no one dared to make a sound without her say so. Thirdly, she has a good relationship with the High Priest, and the High Priest and his guardians not only treat her as a princess. Fourth, she knows how to let go of something in time.”


Four sentences, outlined a magnanimous, imperial harsh wrist, exquisite and decisive person of power.


Yuan Zhan said, "Mo, I want to know everything about the Jiu Yuan. Regardless of whether your reminder has any effect on my self-healing, I need to make a judgment.”


Yan Mo was also very worried about the Jiu Yuan crowd, not about the Jiu Yuan people splitting up. After all, they had not been out for more than four months. He left behind some hindsight for three disciples, Cao Ting, Da-He and Mag Er when he left. If they really wanted to make trouble and he was not afraid of hurting the fundamentals. He was worried about whether Bing, who brought the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Jiu Feng back to the Jiu Yuan, would be so loyal to him and Yuan Zhan, such as the Awu and Zheng, that they would be willing to take revenge on them.


But the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu would not let the Jiu Yuan people act recklessly if he went back with Bing and cursed so many people for their super survival experience, but rather let them accumulate strength.


But all this is just his speculation. He is not sure how the actual situation will develop. But Yuan Zhan's mind and body had not recovered before, and even his memory was incoherent. He could not find someone to share his worries.


Now Yuan Zhan volunteered to know the situation of the Jiu Yuan, and Yan Mo naturally did not hide it. All was said, including his conjecture about the current changes of the Jiu Yuan.


Yuan Zhan did not speak for a while. Some of the things Yan Mo said brightened up some of his vague memories. Some of them he had heard and could not remember at all. But he felt that he should have remembered at least 90% of the things, and some of them did not matter much even if he could not remember them now.


"Are you worried that the Jiu Yuan people will die for us?”  Yuan Zhan suddenly asked.


"Of course." Yan Mo does not think about the ropeway: "those people were awake by me up one by one, one by one, it is hard to cultivate them. We the Jiu Yuan people are all elites, and one less I will be distressed to death."


"You didn't think so before."


"... What do you think of?”


Yuan Zhan said quietly, "It seems to me that you have always wanted to leave me and the Jiu Yuan."


Yan Mo, for a while, he may have paid too much attention. The Jiu Yuan and someone are still worried about him.


"I also remember that we seem to have two sons? And they haven't been born yet?” Yuan Zhan expressed surprise.


Yan Mo, "..."


Yuan Zhan rubbed his back against the basket. "You're not dead, nor are our two children?”


"Otherwise, why do you think I recovered so slowly? Wu Guo that little bastard has been secretly absorbing my vitality, I am good, he can also be good, and I am not good, those two are also not good.


"They're sucking your vitality?”  Yuan Zhan turned pale and said without hesitation, "Get them out!"


"Get that idea off that head of yours." Yan Mo lethargically said, "Wu Guo, that little bastard, though he has been drawing on my vitality to do his nourishment, he also helped us a lot. The spirit of those two children has been with me since the accident. It can also be because he has attached to the power of Wu Guo in my soul sea. Before that the Half-Beast man seduced you, if not for Wu Guo, helping me, my 6th rank spirit cannot make you clear and retain your thoughts from beginning to end. But Guo Guo is very weak now. He and Du-du are sleeping, and only when they meet danger will they respond spontaneously."


Yuan Zhan shook his head, and before he had finished, he said, "Can't you put them in my body?”


Yan Mo laughed. “If I could, I would have done it early. Don't think about these confused thoughts. You don't have to worry about their affairs. As long as I recover, they can follow suit.”


Yuan Zhan is more determined to earn more yuan-crystal coins so that his Mo and his children can recover soon.


Neither of them mentioned going back to the Jiu Yuan, because it's not realistic at all.


But they didn't realize that this opportunity they thought was unrealistic would soon appear before them, and in a way that they had never expected at all.


In the evening, the wind rises and the sky changes. It is not dark until spring thunder rolls and rainstorms pour down.


Yan Mo asked Yuan Zhan to replace ten centipedes and ten blood-sucking locusts with Zhi Mu's medicinal herbs. He also grew some medicines. He borrowed Priest Zhi-Mu's pharmacy and now has a small bottle of scar-removing ointment.


On the second day, the weather continued to rain.


Yuan Zhan did not know if he felt anything. In the early morning he did not go to the opening Hall of the temple for a long time and traded herbs with others. This time he was not only collecting yuan-crystal coins, but also some kinds of herbs and minerals that Yan Mo said he wanted to change.


In the evening, Lan Yuan came to him personally and asked if the scar remover had been prepared.


Yuan Zhan is accustomed to carrying all the important things with him, which makes the rattan basket behind him a big circle. But he is strong enough, and this burden is nothing to him.


Hearing that his scar remover had been prepared, Lan Yuan signaled to follow him.


Instead of going to the upper level of the temple, they simply walked out of it.


"Time is too short, we have found several refining drugs priest. At present, only two small pots of medicine have been produced. We don't know the effect yet. Whose medicine is next, we will let the slaves try it first." Lan Yuan seemed afraid of Yuan Zhan's misunderstanding, explaining in advance.


Yuan Zhan looked at the surroundings all the way, Mo-Mo did not speak.


Lan Yuan added, "His Highness the Great Prince Lamo-Na has something to do with not being able to come to the temple. Please go to the palace. Another thing, His Royal Highness Lamo-Ling, our Highest Prince, heard that you are the mixture of the Longevity Maple Tribe or a rare double-line god blood warrior, and that the drugs of your tribe are amazing. Not only can the bleeding wounds stop bleeding and crust immediately, but now even the scars on Her Highness's face can be removed, he... he'd like to see you. "


Yuan Zhan turned his head.


Lan Yuan hesitated. "Your Highness the Prince's personality has become a little strange because of a bad thing he encountered in his youth. If he does something to you that is not suitable for his status, please forgive him and have a lot of understanding."


Ding! A memory in Yan Mo's brain was quickly awakened. What did he say about Shifu Curse-Witch Zhou Wu? Said he cursed one of Yincheng-Sound City's king’s son, making the son unable to speak for ten years?


Wouldn't this great son be his Highness, the strange prince? Is that ten years over now?


Above all, let the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, his old man, curse himself. Wouldn't His Highness be a virtuous or worse man with Tucheng-Earth City's Queen?


Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo met the great prince half an hour later, with a slight premonition.


The Yincheng-Sound City palace is magnificent, larger and more elaborate than some of the palaces Yan Mo had seen in his previous life.


This castle palace, which is connected with the edge of the pool, has the advantage of combining Eastern and Western styles. It has not only the thick and solid feeling of Yan Mo's former Western castle, but also the fantastic ideas and precise and exquisite architectural structure of the East.


A large number of exquisite patterns that can't be seen in barren places are carved stone on walls, bridges, roofs... Where anyone can see or not see.


Some of the individual castles on top of the castle were designed by artists first and calculated by mathematicians precisely and accurately. Yan Mo even suspected that some aspects of the castle were more civilized than his predecessors.


But soon he understood the reason with Lan-Yin's guide and explanation.


Lan Yuan told them that when Yincheng-Sound City and Tucheng-Earth City had a good relationship, the Tucheng-Earth City people helped build the castle, and the whole composition of the castle came from an ancient site.


"It is said that the site is probably one of the Bone Sculpting People heritage sites that have disappeared for a long time. The last time huge wars of various nationalities and it was discovered by accident, because there were so many people who found it here, the treasures inside were completely emptied on the spot. Our Yincheng-Sound City lords were still the High Priest of the Yin tribe. It was difficult to grab a bone objects. The bone objects recorded the plan and pattern of a city. Later, our Yincheng-Sound City is said to be built on the basis of that city. Well, it's a very old legend. They don't necessarily know about other Yincheng-Sound City people. Lan Yuan has a little ostentation he doesn't know about."


Yan Mo. hummed


Yuan Zhan also smiled and said in his head, "If I told him that our Priest Da-Ren, had found a place to inherit the Bone Sculpting People. Not only did he own it, but he also inherited the Bone Sculpting People's true and most central inheritance osteology. What would you say about this Lan Yuan Da-Ren reaction?”


It is possible for him to do anything, and nine times out of ten we will sit at the bottom of Yincheng-Sound City. Stop! Look left!


Yuan Zhan stood still.


Lan Yuan did not know what had happened and stopped, and followed Yuan Zhan to see the direction of the past.


"Ah!" Lan Yuan cried softly, as if he had not expected to see the man here.


On the second floor of the castle, near the side of the wall, there was a large area of open space where flowers and plants were planted.


In the flower bush stood a man in his early twenties, slender and beautiful in profile, wearing a thin cloth like a priest’s, looking up at the sky with his head held high, and letting the rain hit him in the face and body.


The man did not know how long he had been standing here. His clothes were all wet through, sticking to his body, showing his curves and matching the handsome side face.


Lan Yuan and Yuan Zhan both stared at the man, while Yan Mo's consciousness fell around the man's feet.


"A-Zhan, go and see. Quick!"


"What good things have you found?”  Had to say that Yuan Zhan, who had recovered 90% memories, knew his Priest Da-Ren quite well, he had no misunderstanding of the other side being attracted by beauty.


Yan Mo was anxious. "Help me take a closer look at Cao Cong over there. I doubt it's either wheat or leek."


Whether it's wheat or leek, it's a good thing! Wheat is the best, leek is also good. Leeks have been found in the Mer-people site, but when they can return to the Jiu Yuan they do not know, of course, they want to be able to collect valuables of the way.


As for the beautiful man who pretends to be a plant irrigated by rainwater in the green space, The High Priest Yan Mo has ignored him perfectly. The most beautiful man can neither eat nor subtract SCUM VALUE from him. What's the use? One prostate massage stick is enough, and he's only interested in the buttocks of the same animal.


Yuan Zhan hurried past, and Lan Yuan tried to stop him or warn him that it was too late.


Yuan Zhan bent down and pinched a leaf.


Softer, smooth and hairless leaves, fractured with a unique chive garlic fragrance. Yan Mo is almost certain, but he needs further confirmation.


In the rain, the man's head is not low. He raised his hand emptily to Yuan Zhan, meaning: Get up.


Yuan Zhan ignored it and knelt down to dig the soil and expose the roots of the grass.


Leek roots are deeper and have fewer roots than wheat seedlings.


But wheat seedlings have shallow roots and many roots.


Yan Mo affirmed, "This is leek! A-Zhan, pick up those vegetables!!"


Yuan Zhan shook his hand and pulled out all the wild leek around him in an instant. By the way, all the leek on the other side of the rain came to blossom.


Leek blossom is still very beautiful, especially in such a piece of flowers.


Yan Mo calls it "pollination, pollination, this thing needs pollination to produce seeds."


Yuan Zhan first heard the word, "How to pollinate?”


"Take the powder of one flower's stamen and apply it to the middle pistil of the other flower's heart. Watch out for the rain."


This is more troublesome. The leek is monoecious, but requires cross-pollination, that is, at least two flowers for pollination.


In fact, this kind of leek growing in the field does not need artificial pollination, once flowering, it will pollinate with the wind or insects, and then it will produce seeds in the flower chamber. When the flowers fall, the seeds are ripe.


But now it's raining, and they are eager to get seeds, but they have no choice but to help pollinate and speed up the process.


Yuan Zhan carefully guarded several leek flowers, pinched one of them, then applied it on the center of another flower, and then ripened them. In this way, some black seeds were produced by this very rough and crude pollination method.


Beautiful man is very surprised, looking down at this suddenly growing and flowering weeds. In a few moments, he looked at Yuan Zhan, who was still busy.


Lan Yuan was a little silly when he saw this scene. When he saw the beautiful man looking at Yuan Zhan, he quickly walked over to salute him. "I've seen your Highness."


Beauty man pointed to Yuan Zhan.


"This is a distinguished visitor with black dominoes in our city, the Longevity Maple Tribe, a double-lined blood warrior."


There was no smile on the face of the beautiful man. Yuan Zhan was too busy to raise his head. He went up to raise his foot and kicked.


"Your Highness!" Lan Yuan screamed hard and quickly tried to block the foot.


Yuan Zhan held one hand, grabs the barefoot wrist kicked by the beautiful man and throws it away.


The beautiful man was thrown out very weakly.


"Your Highness!" Lan Yuan still shouted this time, but the direction changed, and he was about to fall to the ground to save the beautiful man.


His Highness fell into Lan Yuan's arms.


Lan Yuan helped him to stand firm. His Highness pushed him aside. Once again, he went to Yuan Zhan and pulled up his robe. The gentleman knelt down flat, pulled up the leek and smelled it. The first person who smelled the flavor of leek would feel it was more pungent.


His Highness Lamo-Ling was no exception. He threw out the broken leaves on the spot.


Yuan Zhan took a look at him and they looked at each other again.


Yuan Zhan stood up and Lamo-Ling followed him, staring at Yuan Zhan without blinking. From his face, see his lower body, and see his barefoot self.


I don't know where Yuan Zhan was right for his appetite. His Highness even showed a very evil smile.


Yuan Zhan looked askance at him. "Your Highness? The eldest son of Yincheng-Sound City's Lord?”


Lamo-Ling nodded, curious about his basket, and motioned him to open it for him to see.


Since when Yuan Zhan would agree to something like that? For fear that Mo's body would be wet, he sealed the whole rattan basket with earth, leaving only a few air holes below.


Lan Yuan went up again, "Your Highness, how did you get here? Doesn't that mean you're going to visit His Highness Lamo-Na?”


Lamo-Ling face changed, stooped down and grabbed a handful of leek. He straightened up and handed it to Yuan Zhan.


Yuan Zhan walked over.


Lamo-Ling laughed again and came over to pat him on the shoulder.


Yuan Zhan did not shuffle away.


Lamo-Ling was more satisfied, pinching Yuan Zhan's upper arm muscles and waving: Follow me.


Yuan Zhan stuffed the leeks back to the other side, but he did not hesitate to keep up with him.


Lan Yuan saw that the direction they were going was completely different from the direction he was going. He frowned and had to catch up. "Your Highness, His Highness Lamo-Na is still waiting for Da-Ren's medicine..."


Lamo-Ling looked back at Lan Yuan expressionlessly, and the talking peach-blossom eyes seemed to be really talking: let her come.


Yan Mo finally turned his attention from the leek to the great highness. "It doesn't look like a bad guy. “Though he smiles a little bit peculiar, why did the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu curse him?”


Yuan Zhan: "why do you say that? He happened to be standing there at that time and place?”


"You think he was waiting for us specially?”


"Then why should he wait for us?”


"Because..." Yan Mo couldn't answer. There were too many possibilities.


Lamo-Ling, with Yuan Zhan, was about to walk into a separate castle. Someone caught up with him.


It's not Lan Yuan. It's a palace attendant. As soon as he came near, the attendant shouted, "Your Majesty, King and Queen, are asking if you please go to the main hall with your distinguished guests from afar."


Lamo-Ling did not pause.


Then the servant helplessly cried out, "Your Highness, Tucheng-Earth City Queen Cui Yu has told your two majesty about your disrespect, and your two majesty will let you go anyway. Otherwise... You won’t get a yuan-crystal coins for the next three years!"


Ouch Mother, this problem is too serious! Lamo-Ling and Yuan Zhan paused together. Yuan Zhan understood and looked at the beautiful man. "You can't get a yuan-crystal coins in three years. If I were you, I would go and see it."


Lamo-Ling looked at the leek in his hand and waved to Yuan Zhan.


Yuan Zhan... leaned the head.


Two men of totally different styles and shapes came together, their heads huddled together, and Lamo-Ling licked his lips and sent a message to Yuan Zhan's brain: "My soul is suppressed and I can't say more. Do you know why the relationship between Yincheng-Sound City and Tucheng-Earth City is so good? Do you know why our High priest Lan-Yin looks so young? He's probably over two hundred years old. If you want to live, don't believe those temples priests, the more the High Priest, the more you can't believe, if they let you..."


"Your Highness!" shouted Lan Yuan.


Lamo-Ling, who had not finished speaking, had lost his face and had to be separated from Yuan Zhan. It seems that he has exhausted his strength just now by using his mental energy to say this.


But Lamo-Ling hid it very well. When he stood upright, he touched Yuan Zhan's back with his hand very provocatively and slid down to his hip till he is caught by Yuan Zhan.


"Your Highness!" Lan Yuan stared at Lamo-Ling, his eyes full of disappointment and indignation.


Lamo-Ling rolled his eyes, took back his captured hand, followed the attendant behind him, and staggered toward the main hall of the city.


Lan Yuan wanted to explain to Yuan Zhan what his Highness had done, but he didn't seem to know how to explain it. His face was full of embarrassment.


Yuan Zhan seemed to wave his hand in disgust and keep up with the servant who was waiting in front of him.


The attendant walked very fast, though it was spring, and it was cold when it rained.


Yuan Zhan had a little agitation when the spring rain was cold to the bone, coupled with the old cold stone castle.


Yan Mo was hundred thousand times alerts!

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