Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Transforming Passive into Active




Before opening the door, a guard rushed to announce them, and then opened the door of the hall.


There are many light lantern-trees planted in the main hall of the city. The light inside is much better than that outside in rainy and hazy weather. There are fire basins around the hall to dehumidify the cold air. As soon as you enter the hall, the cold and cloudy atmosphere is removed.


Two stone chairs were placed on the front stone steps of the hall, covered with thick hides, on which King and Queen sat.


There are also two more solemn wooden chairs on the left and lower sides of the stone chair, The High Priest Lan-Yin on the left and Tucheng-Earth City Queen Cui Yu on the right, all of her attendants standing behind her.


The Great Princess Lamo-Na and Princess Lamo-Er, along with two other young people, stood on the left of the stone chair. Several noble-looking men stood on the right. The two guards stood against the wall with bone knives in hand.


The atmosphere in the hall was a bit heavy. Before Yuan Zhan and others did not come in, they seemed to be discussing something.


When the door rang, everyone turned to look at it.


"Why are you all wet?  What about your attendant? Why won't he take you to change clothes?" Yincheng-Sound City King is about forty years old. When he is still in his prime years, he saw his son at first sight while he could not rebuke or disregard, but he was anxious enough to stand up, and immediately he asked someone to take him to change clothes.


The eldest prince did not make any mischief, and obediently followed an attendant to leave.


King sat down again, and Queen remained motionless.


The people below had different expressions, some smiled, some sighed, and some looked down at the ground beneath their feet.


Yincheng-Sound City King coughed embarrassingly and said with a serious expression, "You heard the long story of the High Priest..."


"Well, your eldest son is getting crazier and crazier, not to mention that he is cursed and unable to speak, even if he is not cursed, how can such a person be the future lord of Yincheng-Sound City!" Queen Cui Yu and Yincheng-Sound City King spoke at the same time, her sharp voice completely concealed the King's words.


King shut up and let her finish.


Yincheng-Sound City Queen, who had seen her son, she said nothing before, now she said in a lazy and pleasant voice, "Your Majesty Cui Yu, Yincheng-Sound City was once a subsidiary city of Tucheng-Earth City, but I don't know how long that was many years ago. Maybe five or six hundred years? Yincheng-Sound City and Tucheng-Earth City were listed as one of the Nine Great Cities more than 500 years ago. More than 400 years ago, a generation of kings of yours came to our Yincheng-Sound City to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new king. During the banquet, your city made false statements. After that, Yincheng-Sound City and Tucheng-Earth City almost broke off relations. Now it's not easy for us to resume a little contact. Your Majesty already seems to disdain associating with us, Yincheng-Sound City?”


Cui Yu's face suddenly changed, and it seemed only then that it was not Tucheng-Earth City but Yincheng-Sound City that came to mind. But she is not really ignorant to have no brai

n to not hear the deep rebuke in that carefully worded simple paragraph. She heard Yincheng-Sound City Queen say that she was not eager to explain, but caught the big prince's mistakes and omissions. "So you Yincheng-Sound City Prince can easily invade my Tucheng-Earth City's Queen?  I do not think I disdain to be with you, but now you see my Tucheng-Earth City suffering, and are waiting to see our city being ridiculed, and even want to... "


"Your Majesty Queen!" The short warrior behind pulled her and forbade her to go on. As Queen, she really has something to think about, not to say everything that comes to her mind.


Cui Yu shut up indignantly and looked very wronged, but finally she couldn't help choking a sentence: "Anyway, your eldest prince disrespected me, you must give me an account!" My Tucheng-Earth City is not such bully!”


She saw the eldest prince and thought that the other party was cursed by the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu. She took the initiative to speak to him with the same victim's shared feeling that he should be angry with her enemies, but she was ignored by the other party. She jeered whether the other party has become mute and deaf at the same time, and the other party has thrown more than a dozen skunks poops at her!


The strong and short warrior and the nobles behind Queen Cui Yu sighed in their hearts. Queen's words, though vented her anger, they put Tucheng-Earth City in the position of the weak, plain and disdainful.


As Yincheng-Sound City Queen heard it, she said lightly, "Since the founding of the tribe, no matter who made mistakes, my Yincheng-Sound City's lord line will be punished just like other people. Queen Cui Yu is my Yincheng-Sound City distinguished guest, no matter what unsuitable things you do, my son offends you, and naturally will be punished by Yincheng-Sound City law. So I ordered him to stand in the rain during such a cold spring period until another distinguished guest allowed him to leave."


“What do you mean by doing something unsuitable?” Queen Cui Yu was so angry that she grabbed the armrest of the wooden chair and cracked one of her nails.


"Well, it turned out that you were punishing him. The child was not in good health and fell ill as soon as he got wet. You had better let him get wet. In that case, you might as well give him a beating." King was so distressed that he turned to Queen Cui Yu and said, "Now the child has been punished, but I don't know how long it will take to recover, Her Majesty Cui Yu. Are you satisfied?”


Queen Cui Yu is trembling with rage. What kind of punishment is this? And no one knows whether Queen made Lamo-Ling go to the rain or not. Maybe she just saw her son get caught in the rain and decided to say that there was such a punishment. But people, who are also King and Queen, have spoken to her. If she continues to pester, she will be seen as unreasonable. That's probably why the wicked Yincheng-Sound City refuses to send warriors to help Tucheng-Earth City.


The four princes and princesses, including Lamo-Na, could not speak to anyone after hearing the above conversation. One of them was particularly indignant.


Yincheng-Sound City King turned his face again and apologized to Yuan Zhan, who had been neglected for so long. "Waiting a long time. I heard you are from The Longevity Maple Tribe?”  Do I know your tribal name?


Yuan Zhan is proud but not arrogant. See Yincheng-Sound City King's friendly look. He holds his right fist to his heart and gives a warrior's salute. "My name is Yuan Zhan, the Chief of Jiu Yuan Tribe, and our Priest Mo Da-Ren with me."


"The Jiu Yuan!" Queen Cui Yu stood up. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu was only saying that it is revenge for the disciples when he was making a mess of Tucheng-Earth City, but after so long time, enough Tucheng-Earth City got to find out from the Black Earth to what people are together before, and where those people come from.


The Jiu Yuan, Yuan Zhan, Mo Da-Ren, these are names that appear repeatedly in the report, and Queen Cui Yu also remembers them firmly.


"So you're not dead yet! Come on! Take them!” Queen Cui Yu is intent on catching the culprit, even if it is Yincheng-Sound City’s lord hall.


The strong and short warriors hesitated for a moment. The Yincheng-Sound City people would never allow them to start here.


Sure enough, just after Queen shouted, Yincheng-Sound City King had changed his kindness and shouted, "Who dares to hurt my distinguished Yincheng-Sound City guest?”


"Ah!" The two guards lined up beside the wall came forward synchronously, and the bone knives were all out of the sheaths.


Yuan Zhan's expression hasn't changed. Just now, he and Yan Mo have discussed that Yincheng-Sound City's situation is so strange that they can't hide their identities completely. But when there is a gap between Tucheng-Earth City and Yincheng-Sound City, they can report their real identities and maybe mare an escape for themselves.


Escape? After he walked into the Half-Beast man room, they had no chance to escape. The Half-Beast man will not let them go, nor will Yincheng-Sound City. When Lan-Yin removed the slave mark left by Zhi Mu on his forehead, he also left a spiritual imprint on him.


Just to keep Lan-Yin from noticing that they already knew about his imprint Yan Mo and Wu Guo had locked in that spiritual force and dared not destroy it.


Although this spiritual imprint is weak enough to do anything to Yuan Zhan, Lan-Yin will know it immediately if they leave the temple and Yincheng-Sound City.


The great prince's words just now contain a lot of information. Regardless of what he said, he is afraid Yuan Zhan can force him to go even if he doesn't agree to "solve" the Half-Beast man, Lan-Yin. After all, he only has 8th rank. Yan Mo is still like that. He really has to bow his head under the low eaves.


How can Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo endure and be willing to be manipulated and used? Since they can't move forward or backward, they simply take the initiative to reveal their identity and replace the passive status of a chess player with one of the active players’ status.


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Jiu Feng can make Tucheng-Earth City go to Wucheng-City of Witches and Yincheng-Sound City to help. Isn't Yincheng-Sound City afraid of crossing him?


On the contrary, if Yincheng-Sound City had always thought that they were just people of a small tribe and had no backing behind them, Yuan Zhan, even though he was the leader of the Longevity Maple Tribe bloodline, they would not have let Yincheng-Sound City protect him, perhaps they would have sacrificed them as much as they could if he wanted to take advantage of them. But if they have a backing of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu + the Human-face Kunpeng Clan + the Longevity Maple Tribe, the weight will be totally different, and Yincheng-Sound City should at least consider the consequences of killing them before starting to do it.


Yuan Zhan's lips were slightly provocative, with a sneer and a provocative expression. "Our Mo Da-Ren and I were attacked by Tucheng-Earth City High Priest and others before, our soul was damaged and we almost forgot our identity. But now I remember a lot. Queen Cui Yu, your Tucheng-Earth City are greedy and venomous. Seeing that I am the blood of the God of the earth, and the blood of the God is strong in me, you hit me on the head and murdered the most kind and soft-hearted priest of the Jiu Yuan. Do you know that Mo Da-Ren is the disciple of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu? As you know, our Mo Da-Ren is cared for by our ancestors and was given the Human-face Kunpeng Clan as his guardian god birds. All those who hurt him will be punished by his ancestors. Tucheng-Earth City, you bully me so much, as the Jiu Yuan Chief and The Priest, and God will punish me if I don't destroy you!”


Nobody expected such a change. The eyes of all the people in the place were focused on Yuan Zhan.


Lan-Yin had no control over his expression. He had never thought of a slave the small priest bought was more than The Longevity Maple Tribe mixed hybrid. It was the Tucheng-Earth City. Now, the wind and the sway were forced to come out to look for help.


Zhan, Yuan Zhan, why didn't he think of it!?


The Jiu Yuan... Lan-Yin already knows the name of that tribe. Although the Nine Great Cities are far apart, they will insert some spies with each other. The closer they are, the more complex their relationship is, the more spies they will insert.


Tucheng-Earth City and Yincheng-Sound City used to have a relationship with each other. How could Yincheng-Sound City not arrange a spy in Tucheng-Earth City? So when Tucheng-Earth City's King and Queen knew that the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's disciples came from the Jiu Yuan, and that the Jiu Yuan's Chief was a blood-filled soil-control warrior, they also got news here.


After seeing Yuan Zhan, he did not have many associations, mainly because his identity as the Longevity Maple Tribe confused his vision, so that he did not think in the direction of the Jiu Yuan at all.


Queen Cui Yu eyes almost madly stared at Yuan Zhan, new hatred and old hate all rush to the heart, but Yincheng-Sound City palace guard has raised weapons. If she really dares to do it here, it really going to rip the relations with the face of Yincheng-Sound City.


No need to be reminded that Queen Cui Yu raised her head and stared at Yincheng-Sound City King and Queen. "You heard that they didn't attack Tucheng-Earth City enough and were delusive about destroying Tucheng-Earth City. A savage tribe has such ambitions. If she grows up, maybe our continent will start a new round of war. Your Majesty, if you don't kill him today, I'm afraid that in the future your Yincheng-Sound City will be no better than my Tucheng-Earth City!”


"Woman, aren’t you provocative? My Jiu Yuan is only your enemy to kill, and our ancestors will not allow us to attack and invade others at will. Otherwise, you will not know the existence of the Jiu Yuan until today. If we really want to start a war, oh!” Yuan Zhan sneered and said that a tribe just developed in the wilderness had become a hermit.


Lan-Yin stood up, and when he first saw the tribesman, he guessed that the identity of the other side would not be easy, because the ordinary tribe might not have even seen such things as stone chairs not alone make them.


Now the soul of the other party is almost restored, the memory returns, and the whole person's momentum is much stronger than before. Although his men stood below, none of them dared to see him as an ordinary tribal warrior, and even his popularity overwhelmed Queen Cui Yu.


This man is only 8th rank. If he grows up to 9th rank or even 10th rank, I am afraid his Majesty King and Queen will not be able to sit still above and will take the initiative to come down to greet him.


Queen Cui Yu did not know what to do, hate filled her, but her momentum has been completely suppressed by this savage, and in other people's territory, but she is not good at making a fight strategy, the one who is good at strategy is her eldest son, unfortunately, her eldest son needed to stay in Tucheng-Earth City to deal with his father, brothers and those cunning nobles and Temple’s Priests.


"Your Majesties?”  Queen Cui Yu wisely refused to confront Yuan Zhan head-on, but insisted on Yincheng-Sound City's attitude.


Yincheng-Sound City's King and Queen were also entangled, but their faces were not showing it visibly.


Lan-Yin spoke to Yuan Zhan one step ahead of time: "You are the Chief of the Jiu Yuan Tribe. I have heard your name, so the one in the basket... Is that Mo Da-Ren, the disciple of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu Da-Ren?”


Yuan Zhan, Mo recognizes.


Yincheng-Sound City's Queen raised her eyelids and looked at Yuan Zhan, who she had not paid much attention to before.


Yincheng-Sound City King had an odd expression. After calming Queen Cui Yu, he seemed to be thinking about something. When he heard that the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's disciple was there, he opened his mouth and said, "Oh, Mother God is merciful! The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu Da-Ren's disciple Mo Da-Ren is also there? So can you ask Mo Da-Ren of your tribe to release the curse for my eldest son? My son was really wrong at that time, but cursing him to be a mute forever is too pitiful. My son has done a lot better in recent years, and he has been dumb for twelve years. I sent people several times to find Wucheng-City of Witches, but The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu Da-Ren was not here...”


Why? Cursed forever? Twelve years of dumbness? But what Shifu said was to curse him for ten years.


Yan Mo told Yuan Zhan about it. Yuan Zhan turned to look at the prince who had changed his clothes and slipped into the hall quietly. Lamo-Ling probably heard what his father said. He saw Yuan Zhan and winked at him.


This kid... Secrets! Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo thought at the same time.


Compared with Yuan Zhan's interest in Lamo-Ling, Yan Mo has had a great affection for this father-son relation.


With his father, he saw that the Yincheng-Sound City King was concerned about his own children from beginning to end. At this time, everyone was anxious to kill the enemy in the future. But the first thing he thought of was still his cursed eldest son. Unfortunately, although he had visited his teacher, he had not yet begun to learn how to curse and remove them and the number of faith points was not enough.


Yuan Zhan asked Yan Mo if the curse could be solved. After getting a reply that could not be made in a short time, he first asked Yincheng-Sound City King: "Where is the prince's highness?”


Yincheng-Sound City King nodded.


The crowd turned to Lamo-Ling, who had just come in. Two girls, Lamo-Na and Lamo-Er, said hello to him voluntarily. The other two young people, one nodded to Lamo-Ling, but the other did not respond.


Lamo-Ling ignored the crowd, even the two sisters’ initiative to greet him, so he staggered to Yuan Zhan and poked at the vine basket wrapped in mud behind him.


Yuan Zhan grabbed his hand. "He's good and helped me and my Mo Da-Ren a lot. I, Mo Da-Ren, also intend to lift the curse for him, but this curse is more difficult to lift and will take time to prepare.


"How long will it take?”  Yincheng-Sound City King's eyes lit up and leaned out.


Others thought: what did the big prince do to help the Jiu Yuan two people that they can take the initiative to lift the curse for him?


Lamo-Ling felt that he had pitted Yuan Zhan and looked at him evilly.


Yuan Zhan acted like he didn't see it. You want to take advantage of me, why can't I take advantage of you? His mouth answered Yincheng-Sound City King's question: "It's not long, but my body is still recovering. Even if he wants to lift the curse for the Big Prince, he can't do it."


"How long does it take you Mo Da-Ren to recover?”


"Uncertainty, but if the energy is sufficient, the recovery time will be shortened."


Lan-Yin seems to use soul power to tell the status quo of Yan Mo to King, Yincheng-Sound City King hesitates, and what side head says to her Queen.


Queen did not speak at once, and seemed to be meditating.


Yuan Zhan was not in a hurry and said, "If you can't wait for my Mo Da-Ren to recover, why don't you wait for the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu Da-Ren to lift it in person? He will have heard from people that we are now in Yincheng-Sound City and believe that he will soon lead our tribal warriors to Yincheng-Sound City to meet us.”


Threat! Naked threats!


The people present are not fools, even the youngest princess Lamo-Er has heard the meaning from Yuan Zhan hidden behind the words. This is telling them that their Yincheng-Sound City affair is no longer a secret. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu knows, The Jiu Yuan also knows, if they have anything wrong happening to them, then the next one will be called to be retaliated on by the Curse witch will be... Yincheng-Sound City.


When they heard that the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu was coming, Queen Cui Yu was stiff at first, but then her eyes shone with excitement.


Yuan Zhan suddenly remembered, "Oh, by the way, I came here because of the scratch on the Great Princess's face. Our Mo Da-Ren have made the medicine. Do you want to find a slave with a scar so we test it?”

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