Chapter 150


What’s Your Name?

Xiao Chen looked at Jing Yue’s sour look, a bit smile crawling into his eyes.

"Following such a big trouble, I’m afraid the school can’t carry on the etiquette assessment as scheduled." Xiao Chen lazily leaned on the side of the carriage and said, "I will report it to the emperor and suggest him to delay the assessment so that you can participate it on schedule."

"Really? Will the emperor accept your propose?" Jing Yue changed her face instantly and looked at Xiao Chen in excitement.

"..." Xiao Chen peered at Jing Yue indifferently and closed his eyes.


‘What does that mean?’

Jing Yue stared blankly at Xiao Chen, suddenly feeling so perturbed!

After all, it should have been her, who was badly hurt, to have a sleep! Why Xiao Chen performed like this, as if it was her fault to disturb him?

Jing Yue pouted and glared at Xiao Chen. Finally, she gave in, lay down beside him and unknowingly fell asleep. As for how she got off the carriage and came back to the mansion, she couldn’t remember at all. When Jing Yue gradually woke up, she only felt that something cold was on her neck again.

"Oh..." Jing Yue moved slightly. As soon as she opened eyes, she found a pair of green snake eyes fixing on her.

"Oh no!" Jing Yue screamed and sit up all at once. The snake on her chest rolled over to the ground and then raised its little head to stare at Jing Yue with grievance in its little eyes.

"Why you are here?" Jing Yue glared at the little snake and asked after lifting it up before her eyes. She blinked and suddenly recalled that she seemed to have lost this little guy after running out of the burning house last night.

Could it be that……?

It got into her sleeve and went home with her!?

"You little guy really clings to me." Jing Yue pursed her lips and put the snake down after thinking for a second. She gazed at the snake on the bed and blinked, "Ok, since you are homeless, you can follow me!"

"Hiss..." As soon as Jing Yue finished speaking, the little snake lively stuck out its tongue and twisted its body around Jing Yue’s wrist. Its gesture of intimacy made Jing Yue’s lips curve into a smile.

"However, only under two conditions!" Jing Yue stretched her finger to tease the little snake, "Firstly, if you dare to wrap my neck when I am sleeping again, I will cook and eat you!"

"Hiss..." The snake was suddenly scared to lower its head.

"Secondly, you are not allowed to show up in public without my permission. If you get me into any trouble, I will bake you!" Jing Yue dangerously narrowed its eyes at the snake around her wrist and asked, "What’s your name?"

Jing Yue immediately felt she was so stupid to ask a snake its name.

"Alright... I have no idea about your gender through your appearance.For the time being, I will call you... Little black? Red line? Black red? Small thing?" Jing Yue blurted out a series of names and the little snake lay in her hand like a dead body with its mouth open.

‘What the hell all the names are! You can't call me Little black because I am black!’

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