Chapter 151


Follow Me and Eat Meat!

‘You can't call me red line because I have a red line on my belly!’

‘Oh... I’d rather die than have that name...’

The snake was lying there still and motionless, while Jing Yue was racking her brainsfor a proper name.

"What are you doing?" When Jing Yue was in struggle, Xiao Yu lifted the curtain of the chamber and slowly stepped in. He slightly knitted his eyebrows and asked when he saw Jing Yue sitting on the bed, frowning and pondering. Jing Yue tilted her head and looked at Xiao Chen.

"Oh, you come just at the right time." Jing Yue grabbed the lying snake and jumped toward Xiao Chen, "What name do you think I should call it?"

"..." Xiao Chen indifferently looked at Jing Yue and said, "Why are you carrying a dead snake?"

"Huh?" Jing Yue went blank slightly and then poked the little snake's abdomen and angrily threatened, "I’ll eat you if you keep playing dead!"

"Hiss!" The snake suddenly hissed and turned over.

"See, it’s alive." Jing Yue blinked and showed it to Xiao Chen.

"..." A trace of seriousness came into Xiao Chen’s eyes before he lowered his gaze with something significant and asked, "Where did you catch it?"

"I didn't catch it; it followed me back itself." Jing Yue saw the little snake wrapping around her arm and crawling into her sleeve. It was cold and comfortable, so she didn't stop it. But Xiao Chen couldn’t bear it; he grabbed its tail and dragged it out.

"Hiss..." The snake was angry and raised its head to glare at Xiao Chen with a murderous intent in its green eyes.

"Funeral flower red!" Xiao Chen was shocked when found the red line on the abdomen of the snake. He gazed at the snake on the table in horror, his dark eyes full of danger. A person and a snake confronted with each other, which made Jing Yue blink in bewilderment.

"You know this kind of snake? It’s called funeral flower red?" Jing Yue reached out to pick up the little snake. There was a deep frown on Xiao Chen’s face when he saw the aggressive snake become so mild in Jing Yue’s hand.

"It’s the most poisonous snake in the mainland – Funeral Flower Red." Xiao Chen stared at the snake lying in Jing Yue’s hand with something complex in eyes, "They look the same as the ordinary flower snakes at birth with a red line on their abdomen. After their adulthood, the red line will expand, and the body will slough to become black."

"Wow... it sounds terrific." As Xiao Chen explained, Jing Yue, out of curiosity, turned the little snake over and spotted the light red line on the abdomen, her eyes wide open in surprise. It seemed that Jing Yan took this poisonous snake as a harmless one.

"One bite and you’ll die immediately." Xiao Chen squinted at Jing Yue’s action and said slowly, "There is even no chance to save your life, so it ranks the most poisonous."

"That’s awesome." Jing Yue grinned and looked at the snake in her hand, "It seems that I’ve got another way to protect myself. If anyone dares to hurt me, I will let little flower to bite him!"

"..." Xiao Chen was indifferent with something glimmering in his eyes.

"I’ll call you Funeral Flower in the future. Be good to follow me and you’ll have meat to eat!" Jing Yue saw funeral flower crawling freely on her arm with eyes full of smiles. She looked up and just met Xiao Chen’s scrutinizing eyes.

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