Gate of Revelation - Chapter 111

Chapter 111

GOR Chapter 111: Braving the Metropolitan Police Department

The number of police cars chasing them increased. They frantically issued warnings through their loudspeakers, ordering Chen Xiaolian to stop the car. Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and stamped heavily onto the throttle, sending the car barrelling away.

The police cars behind attempted to overtake them, but Chen Xiaolian summoned out his Need for Speed’s gaming spirit, abruptly rushing left and right, colliding with them again and again. After a few collisions, the car had become a wreck with the doors on both sides dented inwards.

“Japan police cars are quite durable,” Chen Xiaolian was able to calm down and was no longer as nervous as he was before.

Their car travelled through the road in an S line. The police cars behind them attempted to overtake them several times, but were stopped by Chen Xiaolian each time. One of the police cars lost control and collided into a shop. The signboard of the shop read [Victoria’s Secret]. The portrait of Miranda Kerr [1] wearing a sensual pair of lingerie on the door propelled outwards due to the collision…

“It is all right! The Japanese traffic police and ordinary police do not carry firearms [2]. If we are in the US, the police would have opened fire by now,” Roddy rolled down the windows, allowing the wind to blow inside before extending his hand out as he shoved the middle finger towards the back!

“Haha! They do not have guns? I do!”

Bei Tai held out both hands as he summoned out an M16 automatic assault rifle from the system! Thankfully, it has a folding stock (butt). Otherwise, it would have poked Chen Xiaolian’s face!

Bei Tai howled madly and pushed out half his body out the window. Next, the sound of “chug chug chug chug chug” rang out!

The police car closest to them was shot to the point of releasing sparks everywhere. Then, it staggered into a streetlight by the road! As for the second closest police car, its hood has begun to release flames. With a bang, its hood burst out and the car flew, rolling over in the process!

Chen Xiaolian’s mind was a mess: Son of a bitch! What kind of members have I gotten?

“Bei Tai! Where did you get that gun?”

“Rookie Guild Leader, you must have never participated in an Afghanistan instance dungeon, hahahaha!” Bei Tai laughed madly and he suddenly produced several egg-shaped…

“Damn! You even have grenades?”

“Tactical defence grenade,” Bei Tai laughed. He pulled out the rings and threw them to the back…

A series of explosions rang out from behind them. Chen Xiaolian looked at the back view mirror and saw the streets of Tokyo in utter mess…

Tokyo Tower.

High up in the skies, a black figure was suspended amidst the layer of clouds. Both his hands spread out and he wore a big pair of smart goggles on his face. The left side connected to a headset and various data unfolded on the surface of the goggles.

“Falcon reporting on the latest data. I am receiving data from all 389 receivers normally. The entire region is under our monitoring. I have sent over the six most suspected target positions,” The man in black spoke in a very low tone.

A deep voice came from the headset.

“Falcon, continue monitoring.”

“Affirmative, Team Leader. I wish everyone success.”

Within a warehouse of a big commercial building in the central area, a beefy figure with a bodybuilder’s physique sneered as he turned off the walkie-talkie and forcefully tugged his protective suit.

Inside the room stood seven to eight team members, each wearing a full set of highly sci-fi combat suit.

“Well then

, are you all ready? From this moment onwards, this city will become our playground! Vent as much as you want!” After he finished speaking, the beefy figure shouted. “Long live Thorned Flower!”

“Long live Thorned Flower!”

After shouting loudly, all of them put on a circular shaped helmet.

The muscular beefy figure walked to the side of an immense object covered in black tarpaulin. He then pulled away the tarpaulin!

A tank with a domineering appearance, filled with a sci-fi feeling was unveiled before everyone!

“Move! Let us move out! The first target… ha ha! Metropolitan Police Department? I like this target!”

“Are you sure it is here?”

Their car had managed to shake off the pursuing police cars. It was likely that the firepower that Chen Xiaolian’s group was packing had shocked them, thus forcing them to retreat for the moment.

“I am sure,” Roddy immediately replied. “I have rechecked the map three times.”

“Son of a bitch!”

They halted the car at an intersection. At the corner, there was a very big, white wedge-shaped building.

“We need to be faster,” Chen Xiaolian turned to look upwards. Up in the skies, a police helicopter was hovering in the air, maintaining a sufficient level of altitude while following them. “Ordinary police may not be equipped with firearms, but I estimate that they would soon send a more powerful team.”

“Let us go! We can only charge in,” Chen Xiaolian stopped the car and the three of them exited the car. The absurdly violent Bei Tai directed the M16 at the helicopter in the air, shooting a burst at it, causing the helicopter to dodge away.

“Go go go! Charge into the big building!” The three of them ran frantically and Chen Xiaolian zoomed in on the radar display within the system. The golden coloured blip was actually within the big building!

“Son of a bitch! It really is within the Metropolitan Police Department!”

When they entered, a police officer came over to stop them. Bei Tai struck him with the rifle’s butt and shot out a burst of bullets at the ceiling! Instantly, shrill cries erupted out from the lobby area and countless people ran in every direction. Some directly placed their heads down onto the ground.

“If you do not resist, you will not die!” Chen Xiaolian shouted several times using Japanese. The three of them rushed inside the big building, heading towards the displayed target area. They charged into the fire staircase.

“Son of a bitch! It is the 9th floor, can we not take the elevator?” Roddy let out a bitter smile.

“Idiot, if we take the elevator, we will be as good as dead once they stop it,” Chen Xiaolian kicked him. “You already have a strengthened body, what is there to fear from some stairs? Hurry up and move!”

The Metropolitan Police Department was in fact lacking in firearms and most of the people there were just office workers – at the very least, they were not assigned guns.

However, Chen Xiaolian did not make light of them. This was the police headquarters; they must have an armed security force. It was simply because they had charged in so suddenly that the armed security guard was likely still in the process of raising the alarm!

In one breath, they ran all the way up to the 9th floor and rushed out of the fire escape path. They immediately caught sight of two robust looking police officers running towards them. One of them raised a revolver, its barrel aimed at Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian quickly retreated.

With a “bang”, a bullet struck the doorframe beside Chen Xiaolian, scaring him to the point of perspiring cold sweat!

His heart secretly felt fearful: That was too dangerous!

Bei Tai did not bother about anything else and simply unleashed a hail of bullets over, suppressing the two police officers, and leaving them crawling on the floor. Before they could raise their heads, Bei Tai had pulled out a grenade and sent it rolling towards them.

A loud “bang” reverberated from the corridor, followed by the cries of shock and misery.

“Charge! Remember, turn left in front and turn right after that. It is the second room!”

The three of them ran in frenzy through the corridor. No one in the building dared to step forward to stop them. The police officers within this big building have no firearms and the two back then were clearly part of the armed security that was just sent over. However, after Bei Tai suppressed them with a volley of bullets, a series of shouts came over from a walkie-talkie. Clearly, the other side was calling for reinforcements.

The three of them rushed towards the location indicated by the radar and saw a thick sturdy door. There were Japanese and English signs upon the door.

“Archives Division?”

Bei Tai smashed open the door and was about to rush in when a cold blade flashed out from the partly opened door!

Chen Xiaolian was ready for it. He held the Bone Crusher Axe in his hand and pulled Bei Tai back. The axe wielding hand moved to intercept the sword!


Sparks flew about!

Chen Xiaolian could feel that the other party’s strength was very strong. Wielding the axe with one hand, his body staggered and he took several steps back, falling onto the wall.

From behind the door, an Asian American man wearing a protective suit and wielding a katana charged out with a roar!

“Roddy, get back!”

Chen Xiaolian bellowed. He raised the Bone Crusher Axe and charged forward again!

Head Cleaver!

Impish Teeth Displacer!

Ear Gouger!

Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes were executed in succession. The other party was obviously disadvantaged in this exchange. The narrow katana was unsuited for hacking; additionally, the katana was less heavy compared to the axe. After receiving three successive strikes from Chen Xiaolian, the man was thrown backwards into the room. He fell onto a chair in the Archives Division, flattening it immediately!

“Do not enter first!” Chen Xiaolian suddenly grabbed a grenade from Bei Tai’s hand and bit out the pin before throwing it into the room. Then, he closed the door!


A huge explosion reverberated out from inside!

“Wicked!” Bei Tai gave him the thumbs up.

Chen Xiaolian pushed open the door to see the interior in ruins. The katana wielding Asian American was lying on the floor, groaning. Although he was wearing a protective suit, he did not have protective pants! His thighs and knees were bleeding profusely.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the corner of the room and found a glowing golden cube on the floor. That was the energy source!

Bei Tai pulled out a dagger and stepped forward with the intention of stabbing the katana wielding man’s body. Chen Xiaolian though, stopped him. He walked forward and grabbed onto that man’s neck. “Player? Awakened? Speak! Do you have any teammates?”

The man swore furiously. It turned out to be a standard Japanese word.

“If you speak, you live. If you don’t you die!” Chen Xiaolian coldly raised the Bone Crusher Axe.

“I will speak!” The man cried out helplessly. “There is only me! I am an Awakened, do not kill me! Just take the energy source! I do not have teammates!”

“How did you end up hiding in the Metropolitan Police Department?” Chen Xiaolian quickly asked.

“Two days ago, I received the instance dungeon notification. Since the first phase of the quest is to protect the energy source, I searched for the safest and most suitable place for defence. Originally, I had wanted to sneak into prison. However, there was insufficient time. Thus, I could only forge some documents and sneak into this Metropolitan Police Department before the instance dungeon began.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “A very smart idea. Unfortunately for you, you bumped into us.”

Chen Xiaolian quickly retrieved a pile of thin, white thread from the system – Black Widow’s web!

Next, Chen Xiaolian tied one end of the thread around an archives cabinet. As for the other end, he handed it to the Japanese Awakened. “Hold it! I promised to let you live, I won’t go back on my words.”

“Eh?” The Japanese Awakened was stunned for a moment.

By then, Chen Xiaolian had already walked over and with one blow, smashed the window apart. The winds blew wildly inside and Chen Xiaolian glanced out…

“Nine floors will certainly have a distance of more than 10 metres,” Chen Xiaolian spoke, carrying the Japanese Awakened towards the open window. “Hold the thread tightly. Whether you live or die will depend on yourself.” After saying that, Chen Xiaolian asked Bei Tai. “Do you have a handgun?”


Bei Tai grinned and handed over a handgun. Chen Xiaolian shoved it into the Japanese Awakened’s chest.

The Japanese Awakened subconsciously wound the thread around his hand. Next, Chen Xiaolian tossed him out of the window!

The fellow screamed wretchedly as he fell down.

The spider web slid outside rapidly.

Finally, the spider web stopped sliding, leaving around 3 metres of distance between the man and the ground! Although the fellow was holding onto the thread, the momentum was too big and he was unable to endure it. His hand let go off the thread and he fell down!

However, he also has protection from his protective suit. After falling onto the ground, he struggled for a while before climbing back up.

Below the building, several police cars had pulled over and police officers holding onto firearms of varying length had surrounded the area. The Awakened fell from the skies while holding onto the spider web, transforming into their number one target.

The poor fellow was unwilling to be arrested without putting up a fight. He pulled out the handgun that Chen Xiaolian had given him in frustration, jumped behind a wall and started shooting at the police.

The warnings issued by the police had no effect and soon, both sides shot back and forth. In an instant, endless sounds of gunshots filled the outer area of the big building’s ground floor.

“All right, this fellow is taking the heat from the police. This should help buy us a few minutes.”

Chen Xiaolian picked up the katana and examined it. Observing that it was a [B] Class weapon, he tossed it to Roddy. “Take it. I will give it to you for now.”

Roddy was rather excited and he caught it with his hand and examined it, nearly cutting his own fingers in the process.

Chen Xiaolian walked over and picked up the energy source. This item appeared big, but was in fact very light. After picking it up from the floor, it shrank at a rapid pace! Finally, the item within Chen Xiaolian’s palm became the size of a cigarette box.

Chen Xiaolian tested and found that he could not place this item inside the system. He could only keep it in his pocket.

“We will leave this building through the other fire escape route! Bei Tai, you open the way. Roddy, you are in the middle. I will bring up the rear!” Chen Xiaolian’s face was one of determination. “Do not fall behind in the middle of the way! Do not stop no matter what happens!”

“Let us go!” Bei Tai raised the M16. “I have four more magazines. After that, I have no other methods. I did not expect this to happen here in Japan, so I did not make enough preparations.”

The three of them ran out of the room and found that there were almost no one left on the 9th floor. Most of them had fled. Chen Xiaolian and his team ran quickly towards the other side of the building and faced no resistance at all along the way. They charged into the other fire escape route and rushed downstairs.

After running down to the first floor, they opened the door of the fire escape route to find a team of heavily armed police officers rushing over!

These officers were not ordinary police officers. They wore tactical helmets, bulletproof vests and held onto automatic rifles…

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