Gate of Revelation - Chapter 116

Chapter 116

GOR Chapter 116: Mech Angel

“Hold on tight!”

Seeing the Block Widow rush through the street and jumping onto the walls of the big building to their left, Qiao Qiao shouted out.

The youngsters riding on the back of the spider quickly laid their bodies down. Chen Xiaolian tightly held onto the thorn protruding out from the top part of the Black Widow’s limbs.

The injured Nicole suddenly let out a cry as her left hand loosened, causing half her body to hang down and sway. At that moment, Roddy immediately extended his hand to embrace Nicole’s waist. He howled and pushed her up. Next, he threw himself onto Nicole, using his body to keep Nicole in place.

Nicole turned around and looked at Roddy’s face that was very close to her. A complicated emotion flashed through her eyes.

The Black Widow was a spider after all. It moved quickly through the vertical walls of the building as though it was on level surface. Soon, it had circled around the building.

At that moment, they thought they have temporarily staved off danger…

Suddenly a loud noise rang out!

The Thunderstorm Tank behind the building opened fire!

The turret launched out a radiant blue coloured bolt at the big building, piercing right through the walls! The area pierced through by the blue coloured ray was just several metres before the Black Widow!

The walls collapsed and the Black Widow staggered. At the same time, the few youngsters riding on it exclaimed in shock!

“Full power! Blast down that big building!”

The beefy Team Leader was shouting.

The drivers within one of the Thunderstorm Tank quickly set the power to maximum!

Instantly, the turret muzzle emitted blue coloured arcs of electrical current…


This time’s blue coloured electrical bolt was far thicker than the ones released earlier!

Under the power of the blast, the big building on the left was punctured through again!

The electrical arcs instantly melted down the walls and the exposed reinforcing steels!

The corner area of the building appeared as though it had been hacked by a knife, directly cutting off one third of its structure!

The broken walls of the collapsing building fell down along with its fragmented walls, stones and other exposed reinforcing steels like rain.

Almost one third of the walls were collapsing down and the Black Widow was unable to run. In the end, it too slid down from the walls of the building.

Its sickle-like claws struggled as it waved about, trying its best to find a leveraging point on one of the falling wall fragments…

Finally, the collapsed fragments all came crashing down, all one third of the big building.


Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly.

Qiao Qiao had turned pale and she struggled to command the Black Widow to run through the small gaps between the dense amounts of falling stones.

The Black Widow finally landed on the ground. Before them, the walls of the building have collapsed, blocking off an entire street!

This big building before them was like a giant wall with a height of over 10-metres.

At that very moment, the Black Widow’s body staggered and it tilted over.

As it turned out, in the chaos earlier, the electrical bolt had swept past the Black Widow, tearing out two of its limbs. Its limbs had fallen off far away at an unknown location.

Having lost two of its limbs, the Black Widow was heavily injured. Its body tilted and was no longer capable of standing or running!

“Get down!”

Chen Xiaolian pulled Qiao Qiao down as Roddy carried Nicole down the Black Widow. Qiao Qiao then summoned back the Black Widow, turning it into a beam of light and into the system.


Chen Xiaolian pointed at the left side of the road; there was a small alley there. The four of them hurried over. However, before they could run into the alley, a loud noise rang out!

The walls to the left of the alley burst apart! Stone fragments flew about and blocked off the entrance to the alley.

Behind a Thunderstorm Tank, a player wearing combat suit sneered as he kept aside the launcher he was carrying on his shoulder.

“Kill them!”

The beefy Team Leader revealed a fearsome smile. “You ruined one of my Thunderstorm Tanks. Don’t even think about getting away!”

He had already jumped down from the tank and was moving across the road. He carried a firearm in his hand.

“Put me down!”

Nicole coughed out blood and struggled for a moment to break free from Roddy’s hold. Then, she produced a flashing red crystal from the chest area of her broken Mech armour, which she firmly crushed. “Find a way to hold out for 10 seconds!”

Ten seconds?

Qiao Qiao and Roddy were surprised by Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate. “Listen to her!”

He quickly moved to the side where a parking pole was placed. Chen Xiaolian used his axe to chop down the pole before savagely throwing it forward!

The metal pole arced through the air in the direction of the beefy Team Leader. The Team Leader laughed out hideously and shot out.

The barrel of the gun released a blue coloured light and directly disintegrated the parking pole.

At that moment, from the other side of the street, the gun sounds of “tat tat tat tat tat” was heard!

“Guild Leader! We are here to provide support!”

A Black Widow spider appeared in the intersection. Atop the Black Widow, Bei Tai was holding onto an assault rifle. The barrel of the rifle poured out bullets with wanton abandon. The barrage of bullets swept through the Thunderstorm Tank. Although the bullets only left small white dots on the surface of the Thunderstorm Tank, the beefy Team Leader who was standing beside the Thunderstorm Tank had to pull away his other team member and duck behind the tank for cover.

Beside Bei Tai, Lun Tai was carrying a rocket launcher on his shoulder!


Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

A “boom” rang out and a rocket missile slammed onto the Thunderstorm Tank!

The flash from the resulting fire and explosion engulfed half the street!

“Get down!” Chen Xiaolian pressed Qiao Qiao down while Roddy who was behind them too, went down onto the ground.

Nicole’s face distorted. “It is useless! These conventional firearms cannot cause any harm to the Thunderstorm Tank! You need weapons of at least the electromagnetic level to achieve that.”

After the rocket exploded, the Thunderstorm Tanks were still standing. However, the resulting smoke and airflow stirred up the dust and gravel on the ground, blocking their view.

“Hurry up and run!” Chen Xiaolian pulled Qiao Qiao while Roddy did the same for Nicole. They bolted towards the side of the road, moving towards Bei Tai and Lun Tai.

Bei Tai had already tossed out several smoke bombs, letting them roll around in the middle of the road, creating a smokescreen to block the enemy’s line of sight.

At the same time, he continued spraying a hail of bullets with the assault rifle, covering for Chen Xiaolian and the others.


The beefy Team Leader stood behind a Thunderstorm Tank. “I detest these low-level ants the most.”

He immediately put on his helmet and activated the infrared vision device. The smoke could no longer affect him!

“Fire! Kill that Black Widow for me!”

The Thunderstorm Tanks instantly turned around. Their manoeuvring chassis’ were able to easily make a 360-degree turn. At the same time, two team members jumped down. They too, wore their helmets with infrared vision activated. The firearms fired out blue beams of light as they fired back at Bei Tai and Lun Tai!

“Charge forward!”

The enemy fire suppressed Bei Tai and the Black Widow rapidly turned around a corner. After the smoke cleared, the Thunderstorm Tanks quickly chased after them!

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian and the other three had already broken through the smoke and reached the intersection. The distance between them and the two brothers, Lun Tai and Bei Tai were only less than 20 metres.

Behind them, however… a Thunderstorm Tank’s turret muzzle has already turned over… the muzzle was aimed at the back of Chen Xiaolian’s group of four…

Just then, a boom vibrated through the skies!

Amidst the thunderous roar, an object pierced its way down through the skies towards them! Behind it was a long flaming tail, just like those of a comet!

The beefy Team Leader heard a voice calling out from the headset:

“Falcon calling Team Leader! An aircraft is heading towards your coordinates! It’s fast! It’s very fast!”

The beefy Team Leader was shocked. An object descended from the skies and hovered above the street, placing itself between the Thunderstorm Tank and Chen Xiaolian’s team of four!

It has an oddly shaped circular metal body, made of unknown materials, releasing a faint green glow. It seemed to be formed of two circular rings connected to each other, with the larger ring encasing the smaller ring!

Next, suddenly…

A “weng” sound rang out!

A translucent ripple suddenly burst out from the top of the circular ring, spreading out in a circular fashion. In just a blink of an eye, it diffused throughout the entire block like a shockwave!

All the infrared vision devices, as well as the other electronic combat equipment that the Thorned Flower Guild’s team members were wearing suddenly went dark!

Even the still moving Thunderstorm Tanks were affected. With a humming sound, the tanks died. The well-aimed turret muzzle froze in position before lowering down.

“Damn it! Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) wave! All electronic equipment has failed!”

One of the members cursed out loudly.

The beefy Team Leader was enraged and he emerged from behind the tank. He pulled the trigger of his firearms but it too, had failed!

Their arsenal was technologically of a higher level. However, technologically advanced weapons all depended on electronics. Under the Electromagnetic Pulse wave, all of them were rendered useless!

The beefy Team Leader furiously threw away his firearm. “Use the spare equipment!”

“We require 5 seconds to restart!” The members within the tanks reported.

At that instant, the hovering circular metal body suddenly moved forward. It moved close to Nicole!

“What is that thing?” Roddy asked as he looked blankly at the metal object.

“My pet… Floater!”

Nicole broke free of Roddy’s supporting hand and quickly said. “Find a place to hide! There will be a huge pandemonium!”


Roddy was flabbergasted. As for Nicole, she had already charged towards the circular metal object.


An overwhelming sight occurred!

The circular metal body suddenly broke into pieces, transforming into pieces of fragments! Then, they flew towards Nicole!

The broken Mech armour on Nicole’s body fell off one after another. Some directly fused together with those pieces…

A brilliant mass of green radiance shone out, forcing everyone to turn their gaze away. When they turned around to look at Nicole…

Roddy stared with wide-open eyes, completely blown away by what he saw.

Nicole stood there, with a brand new metal armour on her body! The appearance of this armour was extremely awe-inspiring. Behind her, two long wings fluttered out!

Upon the silvery white armour, between the pair of wings, there was a flashing green light!

Nicole hovered in the middle of the air, the fully metallic armour completely enveloped her body. The pair of wings spread open and the several turbines behind her released a green coloured glow…

She floated up in the middle of the road, looking just like a…

Mech Angel!

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