Gate of Revelation - Chapter 202

Chapter 202

GOR Chapter 202: Permanent Death?

Colombo tossed Dr Mu’s body aside and his spirit body quickly flew backward!


A blood coloured blade flashed out before Colombo! Bai Qi appeared before him, his sword in hand!

The sword in his hand was translucent and a faint red coloured light flowed within it. It had the appearance of flowing blood…

A shocked expression spread out on Colombo’s face and he stared at Bai Qi. “Spirit body?”

Chen Xiaolian stood to the side. He did not step forward; he and Bei Tai simply stood vigilantly at two different corner positions, surrounding Colombo.

As for Colombo… dealing with him was left to Bai Qi.

Chen Xiaolian had absolute confidence in Bai Qi!

When facing an enemy such as Colombo, the one problem they face was that he had a spirit body. Thus, they may not be able to effectively mount an attack against him – however, this was not an issue for Bai Qi!

Bai Qi had appeared from the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang. Back then, he was capable of summoning and commanding those Qin terracotta soldiers who were a form of undead life form. At the same time, Bai Qi was also a ‘War Soul’. At present, Bai Qi could be said to be Chen Xiaolian’s most powerful form of offensive power!

Colombo dodged the first sword attack from Bai Qi. However, his face became increasingly distorted. The originally translucent spirit body of his gradually became paler and more faint!

Bai Qi’s eyes turned fearsome and he slowly raised his sword, pointing the tip at Colombo.

“Barbarian! DIE!”

Bar… barbarian…

Chen Xiaolian rolled his eyes.

Bai Qi actually labelled Colombo as a barbarian?

The origin of the State of Qin is plenty barbaric oh…

Err… but if one were to consider the traditional line of thought, those within China were Chinese while those not from China were barbarians. Under such a perspective, Bai Qi’s claim could be considered eligible from China’s perspective.

At least half of the warehouse had collapsed down!

Phoenix was in a dishevelled state. Both her hands were holding onto a piece of talisman each. As for Lun Tai, he stood behind Phoenix in a back-to-back position. In his hand was a military knife that had been affixed with a talisman from Phoenix.

The two of them panted for breath as they stood back-to-back in the middle of two vengeful spirits.

Monster was gasping as he lay on the floor. Judging by his appearance, the amount of damage he took was quite considerable and the wounds upon his body had turned black in colour. There was also a thin layer of frost enveloping his body.

Black Annie’s vengeful spirits had made it through into the warehouse and the Titan brothers had moved into a back-to-back position as well. The firearms in their hands had long since been forsaken. However, it would appear that the twins’ abilities were not suitable against spirit bodies. They were only barely able to hold on; both of them held onto a wooden stick – appearance wise, those sticks resembled magic wands. Strangely however, they were simply using the stick as a torch. They raised the torch up high and brandished it, using the flames of the torch to keep the vengeful spirits at bay.

Dagger though, was performing fairly well. Both his hands were holding onto a blade each and he was squaring off against one of the vengeful spirits. The more he fought, the more valiant he became and was even suppressing the vengeful spirit – however, he appeared inconsiderate of his companions. He continued shouting out as he fought the vengeful spirit. Despite knowing that Phoenix, Monster and the others were not in a good situation, he showed no intention of moving forward to help

out. He simply continued fighting against the vengeful spirit in the corner of the warehouse.

In that instant…

A chilling howl echoed out from somewhere far away.

The sharp howl was like the furious roar of a night owl, comparable to tigers and wolves! It was a sharp and piercing sound of that degree!

The moment the four vengeful spirits within the warehouse heard the howl, they reacted in the same manner. Their faces became distorted. Then, they unleashed a shrill howl. In that moment, the entire warehouse became inundated by the shrill and mournful voice, nearly causing their ears to bleed out.


The four vengeful spirits made the same move. Without showing any hesitation, they broke away from their current opponent and charged forward in the same direction.

The warehouse instantly fell silent and the remaining people took the opportunity to catch their breaths. The expression on Phoenix’s face turned ugly to behold and she said, “They… they are headed outside! Where did your companion go to?”

Lun Tai struggled to support his own body. He produced a Healing Beast Blood and gulped it down before exhaling. “What is there to ask? Chase them and we’ll find out!”

Phoenix’s eyes flickered and she said, “You… you all had prepared for this! Where is Chen Xiaolian?”

“Our Guild Leader should be outside right now!” Lun Tai grinned.

The four vengeful spirits pierced through the night sky, creating a white coloured translucent arc, which descended down from the sky!

Colombo appeared to be in a miserable state as he kept retreating. He dodged to the left and ducked to the right. Bai Qi had one hand placed behind his back while the other hand held onto the sword, brandishing it forward in a seemingly gentle manner. Yet, despite the elegance and gentleness shown by his movements, it also exuded an indescribable force of savagery!

As for Colombo, he had suffered from a few of those stabs. He was a spirit body and Bai Qi’s sword attack did not cause him any harm. However, each time he was struck, he would scream out and his translucent body would grow increasingly dim.

After being struck several times in a row, the light from Colombo’s spirit body had grown ten times weaker. He resembled a spark of fire within a gale that could be put out at any given moment!

It was at that moment that the four vengeful spirits descended from the sky!

Colombo laughed out maniacally and said, “Now, it’s time for you to die!”

He suddenly opened his mouth!

His mouth, which was of a normal size suddenly enlarged to become as big as a basin. Like a whale that was sucking in water, the four vengeful spirits by his side roared and were all sucked into his mouth!

Colombo’s body suddenly expanded and his originally translucent body revealed a faint flow of light. There were hints of solidity coming off his body!

Next, a clump of black qi vigorously flowed out to envelop Colombo’s body.

The scalpel in Colombo’s hand transformed. It expanded and quickly stretched out to become a long half-moon shaped… sickle!

The black qi swirling around Colombo seemingly transformed into a long black cloak.

If one were to observe him from a distance… the swirling black cloak, the long sickle…

He resembled the Western being spoken in the legends…

The Grim Reaper!

Bai Qi did not launch an attack. Instead, he took a step back. Positioning his sword behind him, he cast a calm gaze at Colombo who was standing before him.

He continued doing so until Colombo finished his transformation. Colombo’s aura violently exploded out from his body and the swirling black coloured qi spread out. After being enveloped by the black coloured qi, the weeds on the ground instantly withered and turned to ash…

Within the wasteland, the black coloured qi released by Colombo was astonishing, resulting in Bai Qi becoming small and insignificant in appearance!

Colombo’s stature had expanded up to a height of two metres. He looked down on Bai Qi in a condescending manner and spoke with a dark and savage voice, “Now… time to die!”

Bai Qi quietly raised his head, his expression as tranquil as the moon. Then, he slowly said, “Is that how you do battle?”

“… what?”

“Do not just kill; complete the tasks in one move.” Bai Qi gently sighed and he gently wiped his sword with his sleeve [1].

“Ha ha ha ha! I do not know what you’re talking about! However, you may go die!” Colombo laughed out and his sickle descended toward Bai Qi’s head. “I can feel it, you are also an undead! The best sacrificial item! By killing you, I would become even more powerful!”

The sickle descended, bringing the black coloured qi down with it. However, Bai Qi simply raised the translucent short sword in his hand.

As the black qi descended like Mt. Tai, a faint, white coloured radiance flowed out from Bai Qi’s body and was emitted out from the edge of his sword. The light split apart the black coloured qi that was enveloping the sky!

Bai Qi made his move! He appeared displeased as he strode out from within the field enveloped by the black qi. Wherever the light of his sword reached, the black coloured qi would end up being split into two!


A clear and sharp sound rang out!

Colombo gave a wretched howl. The large half-moon sickle that he was holding had split into two!

The edge of Bai Qi’s sword split the darkness apart and shot forward. After cleaving the sickle, the edge of the sword descended upon Colombo’s shoulder!

Colombo screamed out in misery and his figure bolted back quickly. As he did, black coloured light spilled out from him.

An arm wrapped in black qi that was holding onto a broken sickle fell onto the ground. The light from Bai Qi’s sword shone upon it and the arm, sickle and the black qi dissolved into ashes before disappearing.

Colombo screamed out, his voice growing increasingly wretched. After losing his arm, the black qi upon his body surged forward and they quickly reformed a new arm. However, it was apparent that damage had been inflicted upon him. His massive body had shrunk down by a slight degree.

“How is… how is that possible?” Colombo roared out in fury. “You should be the same as me! How could you oppose the aura of death? How could you have… holy powers?!”

Bai Qi soared forward!

Body and sword as one, Bai Qi flashed through the air like a meteor. He seemingly became a white beam of light, which struck Colombo’s body and pierced straight through him!

In but a blink of an eye, Bai Qi had descended upon the ground. Behind him, Colombo simply stood there, unmoving.

Bai Qi gently placed down his sword. Then, he slowly turned around.

Upon his pale white face, faint black coloured flames seemed to be flickering within his pair of eyes.

“I… I am unwilling!”

Upon Colombo’s chest was a gash. The black qi there had already been dispersed and a white coloured light flowed within the wound.

Colombo’s body trembled uncontrollably and his face was a mask of savagery. Suddenly, he fell to his knees.

“I… unwilling! Unwilling! Just one… I am just missing one! If I had killed one more, I would have obtained the completed Grim Reaper body!  You… you all…” Colombo viciously glared at Chen Xiaolian. “You should not have been a match for me! None of you should have been a match for me! If only I could have killed the fifth… if only I could gather five vengeful spirit…”

Observing Colombo, Chen Xiaolian frowned and he thought of something.

“I… am unwilling! I… I will return again! I am an undead, I have an undying body! Even if you kill me, I will be reborn anew! In the end, I will obtain the completed Grim Reaper body!”


A blade pierced out from Colombo’s mouth, cutting off his last words.

Bai Qi stood behind Colombo, his sword piercing into Colombo from the back of his head and out through the mouth.

Next, Bai Qi slowly retracted his sword.

His sword seemingly exerted a suction force and the black coloured qi swirled out violently from the back of Colombo’s head!

“Ah ah ah ah ah!” Colombo’s eyes finally revealed an expression of fear.

He raised his hands in an attempt to clutch his head. He tried to cover the black qi that was madly flaring up from the back of his head.

“You… you… you…”

Countless black qi soared up into the sky. It was as though black coloured, ink-like clouds were being formed above the piece of wasteland. The dark clouds then descended and it rapidly pervaded the edge of Bai Qi’s sword!

As they descended, it appeared as though Bai Qi was standing within the eye of a tornado.

He held on to the short sword and more of the black qi was pulled by him into the sword. The translucent sword slowly became black in colour. It was as black as ink, so much so that ink might actually drip out from it!

Bai Qi’s pale face grew even paler. As he stood there, it seemed as though his body was becoming increasingly transparent, like a piece of glass…

Phoenix and the others who were running over arrived just in time to witness this astonishing scene.

The black clouds covering the sky collapsed and quickly dissipated. More than 90 % of them were absorbed into Bai Qi’s sword while the remainder drifted about amid the night.

Bai Qi kept his sword and turned around. He coldly regarded Phoenix and the others.

That one glance from him caused Phoenix to feel a wave of coldness washing through her body. Her legs that were originally running quickly became rooted on the spot.

She felt as though that glance from Bai Qi had pierced into her body! The coldness spread through her entire body, causing a loss in the ability to move.

Bai Qi retracted his gaze and stepped toward Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian noticed that each step taken by Bai Qi appeared heavy. It even appeared as though he was… slightly stumbling.

Appearance wise, it seemed that he was not in good shape.

“Are you all right?” Chen Xiaolian frowned.

Suddenly, Bai Qi’s body staggered for an instant.

He raised his left hand. Shockingly, the palm of his hand had turned black in colour, like carbon!

The black colour slowly spread up his arms.

“What is going on here?” asked Chen Xiaolian, his eyebrows furrowed.

“It… very strong,” answered Bai Qi. He frowned and turned to look at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian discovered that some changes had occurred to Bai Qi’s expression when compared to the past him – it appeared that a hint of life had appeared upon the originally stiff expression of his.

“You are lucky,” Bai Qi suddenly said. “It is very strong. If it was one third stronger, I would not have been a match for it.”

Chen Xiaolian’s body shook.

The reason was not just due to what Bai Qi had said… “If it was stronger by one third, then I would not have been a match for it.”

Another reason for his surprise was the tone of voice used by Bai Qi!

Although Bai Qi could also speak before this, he was only able to utter a few words at a time, like a child who was beginning to learn how to speak. His attempts to speak had always appeared mechanical and difficult.

At that moment however, Bai Qi’s tone of voice was clearly much smoother!

“You… grew up?” Chen Xiaolian regarded Bai Qi.

“Death qi abundant, lifeblood insufficient,” said Bai Qi. He glanced at Chen Xiaolian and continued, “Next time, if you cannot find lifeblood for me to absorb, I would not be able to help you.”

After saying that, Bai Qi transformed into a beam of light and he disappeared!

Among the several times that Chen Xiaolian had summoned out Bai Qi, this was the first time that Bai Qi had disappeared by himself without Chen Xiaolian’s command!

Could it be… Bai Qi had suffered from a serious injury?

Chen Xiaolian checked his pet interface and saw that Bai Qi had returned into the system.

After seeing that, Chen Xiaolian felt himself easing up somewhat.

“Hey! Chen Xiaolian! What is going on here?”

Phoenix finally moved over. She stared intently at Chen Xiaolian while biting down on her lips. She asked, “Just now, the one in white…”

Chen Xiaolian turned his head and looked at Phoenix.

From behind Phoenix, Lun Tai was already running over together with Phoenix’s other team members.

“All right… I think this quest is complete,” Chen Xiaolian said coolly. “If you want to know, I will slowly tell you about it.”

[System prompt: Meteor Rock Guild has completed the random quest. The system’s guide character is alive. Acquired 100 marks. Defeated Jack the Ripper and prevented Jack the Ripper from getting five black magic sacrifices. Acquired 100 marks.


[System prompt: The quest’s objective character Jack the Ripper had permanently died! A redundant value has appeared in the system!


[System prompt: The random quest’s objective character Jack the Ripper had permanently died! Chen Xiaolian has acquired additional bonus reward: 1,000 points. All participating members of Meteor Rock Guild has acquired 300 points each as bonus reward!]

Permanent death? Redundant value?

Chen Xiaolian was dumbfounded.

What is the meaning of this…

Judging by the contents of the system prompt… it would appear that Jack the Ripper’s permanent death was an irregular situation…

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