Gate of Revelation - Chapter 241.1

Chapter 241.1

GOR Chapter 241 Part 1: Chen Xiaolian’s Army

The soldiers were sweeping across the battlefield.

The result of the battle was undoubtedly glorious.

According to the information gained from the interrogation of the prisoners, this vanguard army from London was composed of 900 men in total. Most of them were ordinary freemen who responded to the King’s call to arms – that was the most common method of recruiting soldiers in the medieval period.

Another portion of the army consisted of the royal army loyal to King Harold. They were the professional soldiers of this era.

The corpses found on the battlefield amounted up to nearly 400. As for prisoners, there were a total of 136 prisoners.

All in all, this battle succeeded in wiping out over half the number of the enemy soldiers.

This was undoubtedly a huge victory.

The losses sustained by the Norman army were relatively much lower.

The one to face the biggest loss was Chen Xiaolian’s mercenary team.

Out of 100 men, only 36 men were left standing and alive. The death count was at 44 men while 9 ran away… those 9 men ran away in the heat of battle and did not reappear anymore.

11 mercenaries were seriously injured – those injuries were at the level where it would be difficult for them to regain their former battle strength.

It could be said that, out of the 100 men that Chen Xiaolian had under him, more than half were lost! However, they were the one to launch the initial attack against the London soldiers, creating chaos among them and holding them in place. Their actions gave Merlin and his soldiers the time they needed to launch their attack. It could be said that the biggest merit in this battle belonged to Chen Xiaolian’s mercenary team.

This, Merlin did not deny.

Within the 200 strong Norman army, only 29 died while 9 were seriously injured. Over 40 suffered from light wounds.

There was no casualty among the mounted soldiers! Only one of them was unfortunate enough to fall down from his horse in the middle of the pursuit. However, the injuries were not serious.

In other words, they lost roughly 100 men in exchange for wiping out over 500 men from the enemy camp and seize victory.

This difference was one that could only be described as utter victory!

As for the surviving mercenaries, they don’t appear to be feeling too sad for their dead companions – it seemed they have already gotten used to such a scenario.

Chen Xiaolian observed the battlefield and watched as the mercenaries scoured the field in droves, picking up various loots.

The corpses of the soldiers from London were seemingly stripped naked. The clothes on their body, boots, weapons, equipment and even some worthless items hidden upon them were all taken away.

One of the captains appointed by Chen Xiaolian found a cross from one of the dead London officer’s body. Seeing that it could be made of gold, he bit down on it before spitting his saliva. Then, he carefully wiped the cross clean and put it into his pocket.

Another mercenary was carefully inspecting the teeth of each corpses – he was in no hurry.

The aristocrat leader that was killed off by Chen Xiaolian had two gold teeth inside his mouth. The mercenary found it and used a knife to pry them out.

Merlin generously gave Chen Xiaolian a right: The mercenary team have the right to select their own loot.

Each of the mercenaries stuffed their pockets and bags until they were full.

In addition to jewellery, metal pendants and coins, the loot that was favoured most by mercenaries were weapons and equipment.

Almost every mercenary had a shield with the cross emblem on its surface. The stone axes they used to hold were replaced with metal long swords, knives and hammers.

A chainmail that was stripped from one of the corpse caused a dispute between several mercenaries and they nearly pulled out their weapons as a result. Chen Xiaolian stepped forward and kicked them down using one kick for each.

“Idiots who’ve never seen a market.”

A Norman mounted soldier sneered as he observed the mercenaries fighting over the spoils of war.

Hearing those words, Chen Xiaolian turned around and threw a cold stare at the soldier.

By the time they finished clearing up the battlefield, it was already noon.

The corpses were gathered together and set on fire.

Merlin produced a cross and prayed before the fire.

Next came a difficult decision. The prisoners.

There were no seriously wounded prisoners… as their soldiers were sweeping the battlefield, enemies who were badly wounded were simply killed off. That could be considered as a way to reduce their pain.

During this medieval period, the standard of healthcare was very low. With that level of serious injuries, it would be better to just let them die.

As for the seriously injured from their side, those soldiers received a somewhat better treatment. Their wounds were bandaged and some men went to cut down some branches to make a stretcher or stick for them.

In the afternoon, those 60 mounted soldiers that were left behind finally arrived. However, they lost 9 warhorses – the warhorses’ legs were broken and they could no longer run.

“What should we do to these prisoners?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Merlin.

Merlin was thoughtful before saying, “Bring them back. As long as they are willing to swear allegiance to King William, they may stay in the camp as labourers. After the war is over, we can release them and have them become farmers.”

Chen Xiaolian was relieved.

He had been feeling rather worried. He had wondered if he should do anything to stop them if Merlin had wanted to kill off the prisoners.

In the mercenary team, the one with the best luck was Bighead.

This fellow stood before Chen Xiaolian, his body intact – all the other mercenaries would have injuries of some sort upon their bodies. However, this fellow did not even lose a single hair.

Chen Xiaolian suspected that this fellow must have run into the trees and hid himself there when the battle began.

Although his knife was also stained with blood, Chen Xiaolian was certain that he must have just smeared it.

“Master! You promised me you will give me a reward!” Bighead licked his lips and he followed behind Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian turned around and kicked him. He said, “I will honour my promise! Now, go pick your loot! When we return, I will award you with something else! Now scram! Get out of my sight!”

Merlin strode across the battlefield. From time to time, he would call out to one or two mercenaries and exchanged a few words with them.

Later on, Chen Xiaolian noticed that Merlin was glancing at him more and more.

Finally, Merlin walked over toward Chen Xiaolian and said, “I asked your subordinates about it… according to them, you performed valiantly during the battle. You and your companion went forward to break down the shield wall erected by the London army!

“As far as I know, under normal circumstances, only mounted soldiers in heavy armour could break through the shield wall – although these soldiers from London aren’t exactly that good, their defence is still very strong.”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything.

“After we return, you will definitely be granted the title of Knight, this I swear to God. I will do all I can to convince King William to reward you.”

Chen Xiaolian finally looked at Merlin and said, “Does your nose still hurt?”

Merlin gave a wry smile. His nose was very red and he gently rubbed it before saying, “I’m fine. You didn’t use your full strength when you hit me, isn’t that right?”

“Of course, if I had, you won’t be able to stand here and talk to me.”

“I owe you a big favour!” Merlin said in a serious tone. “If not for you, we would have lost this battle!”

“Just remember not to screw me over anymore.”

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