Gate of Revelation - Chapter 271

Chapter 271

GOR Chapter 271: Just Kill

These terrorists were not unaware of politics.

Japan was an important ally of the US in the Asia-Pacific region. Presently, the terrorists had hijacked a civilian airplane that was headed toward the US in order to negotiate a deal with the US government.

Now that they’ve caught a high level official from an ally nation of the US, they will have a higher bargaining power. No matter what happened, the US government must consider what would happen to an official of an allied nation.

Even more so, they will need to consider the international consequences of their actions!

“So, what is it that you want to talk to me about?”

The eyes of the female terrorist flickered as she looked at Sawakita Mitsuo.

“I request for treatment befitting our status!” Sawakita Mitsuo said with a seemingly moral high ground.

This old man is a fool!

That was the evaluation that the female terrorist gave to Sawakita Mitsuo.

At a moment like this, knowing how different his identity was, he should have hidden his identity. By actively seeking them out, he would only make himself into a bargaining chip – to think that this old Japanese official would be so foolish.

“I am very clear that the US government had always held a strict stance toward terrorists. In the case where your negotiation with them fails, I fear that it might end up being a detriment for our safety. Thus, I must expose my identity with the hopes of obtaining special treatment from the US government! Additionally, I hope that the US government will consider the international consequences and allow us to safely make it out of this crisis!”

The female terrorist curiously regarded Sawakita Mitsuo and asked, “… are you very fearful of death?”

“I am not afraid of death,” Sawakita Mitsuo said coolly. “However, I am tasked with a much more important mission for this trip. Additionally… even at the cost of my life, I must ensure the safety of the VIP who is travelling with me! His identity must be made known to the US government! They must consider the issue of his safety! A tough stance in this matter cannot be allowed! His safety must be assured!”

The female terrorist’s heart skipped a beat and she could not help but blurt out, “This trip… VIP?”

“That is correct!” Sawakita Mitsuo spoke with a strict and lofty voice. “The nephew of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan! He possesses the precious bloodline of the Imperial family and is a valuable member of the Imperial family, His Imperial Highness, Prince Akahito [1]! Our trip to the US this time is a private visit made for the sake of inquiring about the Ivy League universities in the US! No matter what happens, his safety must be prioritized!”

A member of the Imperial family? A Prince?

The female terrorist became excited!

Originally, after hearing that she had caught a minister level official from Japan, she thought she had struck gold.

How could she have guessed that she had netted an even bigger fish!

A Japanese Prince!

“Could he be the Crown Prince?” The female terrorist asked with a rather greedy voice.

“… no,” said Sawakita Mitsuo. He gave the female terrorist a glance and a hint of a sneer flashed through his eyes. Then, he said in a heavy voice, “Although Prince Akahito is not the Crown Prince, he is the favoured nephew of His Majesty the Emperor. Additionally, he is highly knowledgeable and a pillar of the Imperial family!”

Not the Crown Prince…

Oh well, even though it’s not the Crown Prince, he is still a Prince of a powerful nation. That is still an unexpected windfall.

This is like winning the fi

rst prize in lottery!

“Who is Prince Akahito?” The female terrorist excitedly turned to look at Sawakita Mitsuo’s side. Her gaze moved past the middle-aged man – one glance was enough to tell her that he was just a companion. Next, her gaze came to rest upon Nagase Komi. A female, she probably isn’t it…

“This person is His Imperial Highness, Prince Akahito.”

With a solemn expression on his face, Sawakita Mitsuo pointed at…

“Son of a bitch!”

Chen Xiaolian swore out inwardly and he raised his head to stare at the old man. Within his head, over tens of thousands of expletives were cheerfully stampeding through his head.

Sawakita Mitsuo’s finger was pointing directly at Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian cast a complicated gaze at the old man.

The old man abruptly performed a 90° bow and said, “I am sorry, Your Imperial Highness! In order to ensure your safety and that the US government weigh this matter properly, I had to expose your identity in order to use our nation’s influence to protect your safety! If you wish to blame someone for this, then just blame me!”


I can’t wait to just throw this old thing off this airplane!

Chen Xiaolian’s face was a mask of red.

Prince Akahito?

Prince your sister! Aka your sister! Hito your sister!

This brother is a pure Chinese man! I’m not some Nihon Prince, damn it!

Still, by now Chen Xiaolian could more or less deduce what Sawakita Mitsuo was trying to do. Although he was unable to fully figure out what it was, he should follow along with the old man.

He gave a cough and made a dissatisfied expression as he stared a Sawakita Mitsuo. He said, “Great Teacher! You were too reckless!”

“Please forgive me!” The old man continued to bow.

The female terrorist assessed Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian had a fairly agreeable appearance and looked like a bookworm. The attire he wore on him was also fairly decent, allowing him to exude the atmosphere of a student.

He seemed to be of no threat at all.

Additionally… she had already inspected the old man’s documents.

Thus, after pondering about the matter for a little while, she was about 70 to 80 % convinced.

Additionally… this was a huge harvest for them!

With such an important hostage in their hands, the US government will be required to, at the very least, accede to a few of their demands!

“Well then, Mr Prince, please get up and follow me to the front. Since you are a member of the Imperial family, I will allow you to be seated in the First-class seats. Being here does not suit your aristocratic identity. Ha ha ha ha….”

The female terrorist laughed happily.

The words she said sounded nice. However, the real reason she had Chen Xiaolian go over to the front was not due to some preferential treatment.

Considering how important of a hostage this ‘Prince’ was, it was only natural that they keep a close eye on him!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flashed. However, he quickly lowered his head, fearful of letting the female terrorist notice the look in his eyes.

Go to the front?

That’s very good!

We were just worrying about how to get close to you terrorists. Otherwise, we would have no chance to finish you fellows off at the same time.

You want to personally keep an eye on me?

That’s very good!

Even so, Chen Xiaolian threw a baleful glare at Sawakita Mitsuo. Next, he gave Roddy a secretive wink before getting up.

Both the old man and Chen Xiaolian were escorted to the front seats.

“Make way! Make way for the His Imperial Highness, the Prince of Japan.”

The female terrorist pointed her gun at the few flight attendants who were being seated at the First-class seats. One of them happened to be Takashimoto Shizuka.

His Imperial Highness? The Prince of Japan?

Takashimoto Shizuka was stunned for a moment before raising her head to see Chen Xiaolian who had a bitter look on his face. Seeing Chen Xiaolian standing before her, the Japanese girl could not help but be shocked.

“Your Imperial Highness?” The flight attendant stuttered out. “Prince? You are a Prince?”

“Shut up, do not talk!”

The female terrorist pushed Takashimoto Shizuka away before pushing Chen Xiaolian down onto the passenger seat. As for Sawakita Mitsuo, he sat down beside Chen Xiaolian.

Shen slowly walked down the concrete platform. He walked all the way until he reached his car. Then, he pulled the door and seated himself inside.

He turned to look out the window. There on the concrete platform, Tian Lie’s figure could be seen standing. Suddenly, his figure leapt up as Tian Lie jumped off the other edge of the concrete platform and his body disappeared into the sea.

“Guild Leader?”

The driver who was seated in front suddenly turned around. He asked in an anxious voice, “He ran away?”

“Mm,” answered Shen who narrowed his eyes as he observed the sea absent-mindedly.

“But, but…” The driver appeared conflicted and he asked, “Why not kill him? Those who desert the guild should be treated as traitors!”

Hearing that, Shen smiled and turned around. He looked at the driver in the eye and asked in a low voice, “Answer this one question from me.”

“… what?”

“Are you the Guild Leader? Or am I the Guild Leader?”

Although those words were uttered softly and in a calm manner, when those words fell onto the driver’s ears, he turned pale. He rapidly lowered his head and said, “I… I… not… please forgive my slip of tongue, Guild Leader.”

“Since I am the one who wrote down the rules for the guild, I also hold the authority to change them. Don’t you know? This is where the fun is at.

“I have to authority to take and also the right to give.

“This is the meaning of absolute power.

“Rules? They all depend on my will.

“If I want to kill, then I’ll kill. If I want to let go, then I’ll let go!

“Do you understand?”

The driver shuddered and lowered his head. A moment later, he drummed up his courage to raise his head and turn to face Shen. He said, “But… Guild Leader. I am not trying to question your decision here, but… Tian Lie’s issue is not a secret within the guild. If this decision of yours ends up causing dissatisfaction to arise in others… for example, the other Inspectors or the Guild Patriarchs…”

“Then let those who oppose me step forward to face me. If they have what it takes to overthrow me, then they can go ahead and overthrow me. If they don’t have what it takes, then they should just be obedient and listen to me.”

After saying that, Shen’s mouth curved into a light smile. He continued with a somewhat indifferent tone of voice.

“If they don’t have what it takes to overthrow me but still want to oppose me, then… people like these… just kill them.”

Just kill them.

Those words that were uttered in indifference seemed to contain a trace of human arrogance within them!

“Now what?” Chen Xiaolian placed his hands beneath his seat and secretly traced those words on his palm.

Sawakita Mitsuo glanced at Chen Xiaolian.

Then, Chen Xiaolian suddenly heard Sawakita Mitsuo’s voice from beside his ears.

The old man was clearly moving his mouth. However, the sound he made could only be heard by Chen Xiaolian.

Secret vocal transmission?

This old man actually possesses this kind of skill?

“There are two fellows in the front side of the cabin. You and I will deal with one each.”

Hearing those words, Chen Xiaolian threw a gaze at the cockpit, meaning: There is another one hiding inside the cockpit. It’s too far. What do we do about that?

“I have a way of dealing with the one in the cockpit. However, I can only deal with one long-distance one.” Sawakita Mitsuo spoke into his ears again.

Chen Xiaolian’s mind raced. Deal with one that is far away?

He nodded his head and traced his next words, “I will deal with the female terrorist.”

After saying that, glanced around and saw that there were only two rows between the female terrorist and them.

With such a distance, Chen Xiaolian was confident that he could finish her off in one second.

“As for those at the back.

“The one in the middle of the cabin can be dealt with easily. Your companion and mine are positioned close to them. Once they make their move, that terrorist is as good as dead.

“The most problematic issue are the two fellows at the end of the cabin. They are too far away.

“Even if we do succeed in taking out our objectives, the two fellows at the back will have enough time to set off their explosives.

“It’s too dangerous.”

Sawakita Mitsuo frowned.

Chen Xiaolian silently considered the situation. Then, he suddenly reached out his hand to touch his seat belt.

“Maybe… I think I have an idea.”



1 The name given is ‘秋仁’ which translates to Akihito. However, the present Emperor of Japan, ‘明仁’ is also Akihito. So I took a derivative word of ‘秋’, Aka instead. This name alone stumped me for over half an hour… anyone have any advice on this, I’m all ears.

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