Gate of Revelation - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

We Will Not Die!

Chen Xiaolian had both the Korean loli and the Japanese flight attendant brought outside the airplane.


The little loli could still move by herself. The flight attendant on the other hand could not move even a single step. It was unknown if this was due to fear or if her legs were injured. Back when he was helping the flight attendant out of the airplane, it seemed as though her soft breasts were pressed down onto his shoulders; however, Chen Xiaolian did not give it any thought – Matters of life is more important right now! Who would spare a thought to these messy thoughts!

After having moved around more than ten meters of distance away from the airplane, the three of them sat on the ground.

Only after he felt that they were all right did Chen Xiaolian returned to take a look at the airplane.

The body of the airplane was still intact, albeit barely. As for the two wings, they had disappeared. It seemed that it had been broken off.

They were currently in a forest area – Judging from the vegetation here… Well, truth be told, Chen Xiaolian did not know what to make of them.

He is not an experienced person in the field of wilderness survival. He could not utilize the vegetation to determine where they are and whether this place is a tropical zone or a temperate zone. He was unable to differentiate between those.

The scenery on the other hand, was enough to put any person into shock.

Behind the airplane, a long passage was created through the forest! It seemed that after the plane was forced down, it had ploughed its way through the forest, creating this long passage.

The passage was around a few hundred meters in length and the canopy of trees were either broken or flattened by the airplane.

The airplane’s landing gear was no longer there and the airplane rested on the ground. On both sides, trees were either torn off or blown away…

Chen Xiaolian had seen a lot of disaster films made in Hollywood, where the scenes were filmed using special effects. Before him however was a real scene and not some computer generated images. This reality that was put on full display before Chen Xiaolian had caused him to fall into shock for a few minutes.

It seemed that the flight attendant had begun to gradually calm down and was trying to stand up. Fortunately, her legs did not appear to be hurt. The earlier episode must have been due to fear.

The flight attendant leaned upon a tree, watching her surroundings in a helpless and terrified manner. She then started crying with a rather hoarse voice.



This time he finally understood. The latter phrase of “tasukete” must be her crying for help, right?

The Korean loli just sat there and cried – considering her age, she is probably less than ten-years-old. For her to only stay seated and cry instead of fainting was probably a feat of strength for her. As for others… probably should not hope too much from her..

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and suddenly made the decision to run into the aircraft cabin.

The flight attendant saw him moving and shouted out some words at him, seemingly trying to stop him. However, Chen Xiaolian only waved at her while he continued moving into the aircraft cabin.

A few moments later, Chen Xiaolian emerged from the inside while carrying a box out. After that, he returned inside and carried out another box.

When the flight attendant realized what was going on, she stood there in hesitation for a moment. Finally, she bit her lips, took off her shoes and quickly followed Chen Xiaolian inside barefooted.

They moved out a portion of the food and water within the aircraft cabin.

After that, they moved out some boxes.

Chen Xiaolian retrieved a slightly thick outer sweater and draped it over the little Korean loli before personally pulling up the zip for her.

The little loli who was sobbing stopped, she raised her head to look at Chen Xiaolian.

“Do not be scared,” Chen Xiaolian whispered. Without caring if she had understood what he said, he turned and ran into the plane again.

His mobile phone had been damaged. Thus, Chen Xiaolian spent a long time within the plane before finally finding another mobile phone. He did not know which passenger had dropped it, however, he was unable to get it to operate. It seemed that the mobile phone had also been damaged…

He angrily cast it aside.

So fragile! If he had known, he would have bought a Nokia!

Behind him, the flight attendant patted Chen Xiaolian. He turned his head around to find the other party handing out a…

Mobile phone.

“Yours?” Chen Xiaolian pointed at her.

While it was uncertain if the flight attendant understood him, she nodded her head. Chen Xiaolian became overjoyed and suddenly started laughing loudly. A feeling of surviving through disaster washed over him, causing him to become overexcited. He could not help himself as he went over and hugged the flight attendant, giving her the thumbs up.

However, a few minutes later…

A pale faced Chen Xiaolian returned the phone back to the flight attendant.

“No… signal.”

All numbers ended up giving the busy tone that signified that the call could not be made, including the Worldwide Relief number 400-888-4099.

The flight attendant panicked. She took the mobile phone and tried dialling a few numbers. After that, her face turned pale; she crouched down with both hands holding her knees and started crying bitterly.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he took a very deep breath, narrowed his eyes and surveyed his surroundings… surveying this… forest.

It was getting dark.

Three figures, one male and two females sat around a campfire.

The fire was lit using a cigarette lighter plug. Only these lighters that does not utilize flammable liquid were allowed on the plane. As for the lighter, it was retrieved from a box belonging to one of the passengers.

Using a branch, they lit the fire. After that, all three of them wrapped themselves in blankets.

For food, they had the meals from the plane. Wrapping the food with aluminium foil, they had them lightly heated upon the fire. While it was unappetizing, it was something they could fill their stomachs with. All things considered, now was not the time to pay attention to this matter.

During this time, Chen Xiaolian tried to start a conversation with the other two females.

Unfortunately, the Japanese flight attendant only knew how to speak some simple English. In addition, there was a strong Japanese accent in her English. As for her Chinese, she could probably only say the likes of “hello” and “thank you”.

Chen Xiaolian himself only had an average grasp of English. With the exception of what he had learnt in school, his other exposure to English came from his several years of watching U.S. drama. Simple conversation in English was still possible for him, but in regards to a more complex conversation, things would be hard.

As for the Korean loli…

Chen Xiaolian had been pleasantly surprised to find out that she actually understood Chinese!

However, it only extended towards understanding of Chinese. She had shown that she could somewhat understand his words. However, in the area of conversing in Chinese… she was helpless.

In the middle of the night, the depressive atmosphere became worse as it pressed down on them.

Sometime during the night, an incident occurred that caused Chen Xiaolian’s mind to become excited.

He spotted a plane flying over the skies… its light was flashing at it flew slowly through the night sky.

Naturally, he knew better than to start waving around and shout for help… Considering how far up it was, it would be weird if they could see him!


A faint feeling of comfort inexplicably appeared within Chen Xiaolian’s heart.

It was probably a sense of humour unique to web writers.

(There was nothing amiss with the stars and the moon in the night sky. In addition, there was also the plane that had flown by just now… At least now I can be certain that I had not transmigrated over to another world or to an ancient time.)

Behind him, the little Korean loli began to cry.

Wrapping herself with the blanket, she curled her tiny body; with tears falling off her eyes, she murmured something in a soft voice.

Chen Xiaolian walked towards her and heard some of what was being said. It seemed that she was crying the words “omma”.

That made sense. For a child so young, wishing for her mother at this point in time was no surprise.

Chen Xiaolian inhaled deeply, then crouched down before patting the little loli on her head. The little loli stopped crying and turned to look at Chen Xiaolian, her big eyes fixed into a blank stare.

“Do not worry, we will be fine,” A smile was etched on Chen Xiaolian’s face. It was both warm and firm – His words were not only meant for her, but also for himself, to strengthen his own belief:

“You will not die, she will not die, and I too will not die! We will survive and return to our homes! I promise! As the only male here, I will protect you… I am still only eighteen-years-old, I will have a great life waiting for me! I have yet to even get a girlfriend! I still have many readers calling me Great God[1]! How could I end up dying in such a terrible place? Do not worry! Oppa will ensure your safety and lead you to your home!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian deliberately made a face in front of the little girl. He then shouted out the few Korean words he had learnt by watching Korean variety shows: “Fighting!!”

The flight attendant who was just beside seemed to have been affected by his final words. She smiled, then raised a balled up fist while facing Chen Xiaolian and shouted out. “Ganbatte!”

Well, he could at least understand that phrase.

Chen Xiaolian smiled at her, then turned to observe the dark forest. The smile on his face gradually faded as his eyes turned solemn.

… That night, the little loli and the flight attendant could not hold on and fell asleep. Only Chen Xiaolian did not sleep for the night. It was not due to a sense of responsibility, but because he simply could not fall asleep.

During the break of dawn, Chen Xiaolian woke up the two females, pulling up the Korean loli first.

“Stay here and do not go anywhere, I will go find help! Wait for me. Do not leave this place!”

After thinking about it, Chen Xiaolian used a very simple English phrase to converse with the Japanese flight attendant.

“{Stay_here. Do_not_move! I’m_looking_for_help! I_will_be_back!! Trust_me!!}”

There was naturally some error there, but he could not care about that. As long as the meaning could be understood, that would be fine.

Also… Damn it! This is not a test!

Chen Xiaolian searched for a fairly durable wooden stick to be used as a weapon. Then, he tied his shoelaces, took two bottles of mineral water and stuffed them into his pocket before walking off.


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