Gate of Revelation - Chapter 351

Chapter 351

GOR Chapter 351 I’ll Accompany You!

Clearly, Chen Xiaolian’s portrayal of wealth was able to move the African minister.

“All right. I can arrange it, however… I cannot guarantee anything,” said the minister cautiously.

“As I’ve said, once it is successful, I will be sure to show you my ‘thanks’,” replied Chen Xiaolian with a smile. “Then, I shall await His Excellency, the President’s summon. I will temporarily be staying in this hotel.”

Seeing as how the critical agreement had been reached, Chen Xiaolian chose not to linger. He got up and bade farewell.

He went back to his table and saw that the Caucasian woman had finished eating. She raised her head. When she saw Chen Xiaolian, she quickly got up.

“Mr, will we be going now?”

“Mm.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

After paying for the meal, Chen Xiaolian left with the Caucasian woman. Unknown to him, the African minister was observing him from behind. The minister then shook his head and muttered, “Another idiot who dreams of riches… humph, at any rate, there’s money to take, hah!”

When they were walking out of the restaurant, the Caucasian woman showed no inhibition and she leaned close to Chen Xiaolian and held his arm. She also used her *** to brush against Chen Xiaolian’s arm.

As there were people in the corridor, Chen Xiaolian did not resist so as to not arouse any suspicion.

After taking a few steps, he saw a familiar face.

The fellow from Australia, Winston walked over and saw Chen Xiaolian. He also saw the Caucasian woman leaning upon Chen Xiaolian.

“Err… you…”

“Hello,” Chen Xiaolian openly greeted him and nodded his head.

“… hello.” There was an awkward look on Winston’s face. He could smell the pervasive smell of cheap perfume coming from the Caucasian woman’s body.

Winston watched as Chen Xiaolian and the woman entered the elevator and shook his head. Then, he sighed and left.


After walking into the room, Winston saw Lin Leyan who was working while sitting beside a computer. He smiled.

The hotel room had been transformed into an office.

There were four to five tables inside the room and also a variety of office stationary.

“What is it?” Lin Leyan looked up.

“I saw that fellow just now… the one who saved us on our way back here, the one who is an Oriental like you.” Winston spoke in a rather awkward and sorry tone. “He… he was with a ***. Sigh…”

Lin Leyan froze for a moment and did not say anything. She fell into a state of silence and lowered her head.

After entering the room, Chen Xiaolian closed the door. Then, the Caucasian woman beside him immediately leaned over and her red lips moved forward to kiss Chen Xiaolian’s face.

Chen Xiaolian immediately pushed her back!

“What is it?” The Caucasian woman gave Chen Xiaolian a puzzled look.

Chen Xiaolian looked at her.

She was a rather attractive looking Caucasian woman and was not too old… however, like many others, her skin condition was not too good. The thick makeup on her face was unable to hide the wrinkles on the corner of her eyes and the smile lines on the corners of her mouth.

Most Caucasian women would appear older than their Oriental counterpart.

Seeing that Chen Xiaolian had remained silent, the Caucasian woman bit her lips and there was a deliberate fawning look. She leaned forward once more and said, “I will make you feel very, very good…”

“Wait a minute.” Chen Xiaolian took two st

eps back before looking at the woman and sighing.

She had served her purpose – the reason he had called for her was to enact a play for the African minister.

That was the fastest way to close the distance between two men.

But now…

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian had no interest in her.

“I understand. You don’t like a women who takes the initiative, you like being the one in control, right?” The Caucasian woman giggled and slowly walked toward Chen Xiaolian. She reached out with one hand to pull the zipper at the back of her dress and gently twisted her body. Her dress then fell off like a snake moulting off its skin.

She was not wearing a bra inside.

Caucasian women naturally had bigger *** compared to Orientals. Her body was a fine example of this point.

Chen Xiaolian sighed – he was not about to blush in shyness. He was not a young child after all. Additionally, he do occasionally watch certain ‘movies’ from Japan, Europe and America.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the woman. Then, he suddenly picked up a blanket lying on the sofa beside him and tossed it on the woman’s body.

“Listen up,” Chen Xiaolian said with a cold expression. “I do not require your services. However, you will need to stay in my room tonight. Understand? Tonight, I will not be touching you and you don’t need to do anything. However, tomorrow… after leaving my room, if anyone asks you, you will tell them that we did it, understand?”

The Caucasian woman was shocked.

The woman looked at Chen Xiaolian’s expressionless face. Suddenly, a look of realization appeared on her face.

What appeared on her face next was a look of sincere… sympathy?!

“Yes, Mr. I understand! I… tomorrow, if someone asks me, I will say we did it. Also, I will tell them that you are very, very… very, very great!” After pausing for a while, the woman then lowered her tone and continued, “I know how important reputation is for men. Besides… something like this is nothing to be ashamed about… many men, many of them… have this kind of problem.”

Chen Xiaolian was flabbergasted.


What on Earth is this woman thinking about?!

As Chen Xiaolian’s expression was contorting, a sound came from the door.

Bang bang! Bang bang!

Hearing the sound of someone knocking the door rapidly, Chen Xiaolian frowned.

He walked over and looked through the peephole. Then, a perplexed look appeared on his face.

He opened the door and looked at Lin Leyan who was standing outside the door.

“You?” Just as Chen Xiaolian opened his mouth, Lin Leyan strode into the room.

The young woman from Taiwan entered the room and saw the Caucasian woman. She saw that the Caucasian woman was naked with only the blanket covering her body. A look of annoyance and disappointment appeared on Lin Leyan’s face.

She took a deep breath. Then, staring at the Caucasian woman before her, she shouted, “You, get out now!”

The Caucasian woman was stunned and she asked, “Who are you?”

“I am his wife!” Lin Leyan spat out in a low tone.

The Caucasian woman was shocked!

Someone who could afford to stay in this hotel and those high-grade things in the restaurant… the wife of such a person had come here to catch her husband who was about to engage in an illicit affair. Who was she to offend such a person?

The Caucasian woman trembled and said, “So- so- sorry! I didn’t know, I really didn’t know! I’ll leave now! I’ll leave right now!”

She bent over to pick up her dress. Without even wearing it, she covered her head and ran out of the room.

Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly and sighed.

When there were only the two of them left, Lin Leyan turned to face Chen Xiaolian, her face set in a frown. There was disappointment in her face and she said, “You, you really found a *** ?”

“Somehow… it’s not what you think.” Chen Xiaolian spread out both his hands.

Lin Leyan bit down on her lips forcefully and looked at Chen Xiaolian with a very complicated expression.

Next, she suddenly did something that shocked Chen Xiaolian.

The young woman swiftly pulled her camouflage clothing off!

She wore a sleeveless T-shirt inside. As she was about to continue taking off the T-shirt, Chen Xiaolian responded by quickly moving forward to grab her arm.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Don’t you want a woman? I’ll accompany you!” Lin Leyan’s chest heaved as she spoke – her figure was indeed quite good. “You saved me before. Besides, you left quite a good impression on me. If you really need it… I can accompany you!” Lin Leyan looked at Chen Xiaolian and continued, “What? Could it be I’m not as pretty as her? At least I’m cleaner than her!”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything. He simply stared at Lin Leyan in silence.

Lin Leyan exhaled and continued speaking with a furious tone, “You… could it be you don’t know just how prevalent HIV is in Africa? Do you not care about your own life anymore? You just want a woman, right? Don’t you just want ***? I’ll give it to you! Those type of women… you, you would touch them?”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly smiled.

It was a very frank smile that came from the heart.

From what he could discern, Lin Leyan did not really like him – in her eyes were pain and disappointment. While there was also anger in her eyes, there was none of that love and jealousy usually found between men and women.

“What are you smiling at? Could it be that my figure is not good enough? Am I not beautiful enough? I, I… I…” Lin Leyan suddenly gritted her teeth and shot out, “I am a virgin!”

Chen Xiaolian was finally no longer able to hold back his laughter. “Ha ha ha ha ha… you are actually still a virgin? Oh, Heavens! How old are you?”

“Twenty-five! What about it? Is being a 25-year-old virgin something to be ashamed about?”

“Not that,” replied Chen Xiaolian with a sigh. He bent his waist and picked up Lin Leyan’s clothes before personally putting it back on her. Then, he said in a very serious voice, “Thank you! I’m really thankful to you! Right now, I can feel it. You truly do consider me as your friend… mm, maybe not just a friend. You think of me as your little brother? Is that why when you see me do something like this, you feel very disappointed and pained?”

Chen Xiaolian pulled Lin Leyan to the sofa and they sat on it together.

“You misunderstood what happened just now… I needed to get close to a government official earlier, so I used that woman to enact a show for that minister… mm, surely you understand. In many cases, this kind of thing can close the distance in relationship between men. I had no intention of actually touching that woman… I had planned to give her money and just have her sleep on the sofa for the night. But since you’ve come and chased her away, that’s good as well. I will have a better reason.”

Lin Leyan looked at Chen Xiaolian suspiciously and asked, “You… is it true?”

“Of course it’s true, I am telling the truth.” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “To have a beautiful woman like you offering your body to me… if I am really feeling lustful, I would have gone in long ago… besides, a virgin, ha ha ha ha…”

Lin Leyan blushed. “Virgin… what’s so funny about being a virgin? Don’t many men like virgins?”

“Why do people like virgins?”

“Because… purity?”

“Purity?” Chen Xiaolian smiled again and asked, “Is purity very important?”

“Of course! Purity symbolizes beauty, unsurpassable, holiness!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed and said, “I have a very bastard friend called Roddy. He likes to say something that deserves a beating.”


“He said: Those pure girls, do they not need to poop?”

“… … …argh! Bastard! How could he say something so disgusting?”

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