Gate of Revelation - Chapter 353.1

Chapter 353.1

GOR Chapter 353 Part 1 Where Did He Get That?

When Chen Xiaolian reached the door, he saw one of the African soldiers raising the butt of his rifle to slam down on Chen Xiaolian. He took one step back to dodge the incoming attack, reached out with his hand and pulled the African soldier to his chest into a reverse headlock. Next, he struck the soldier’s head. Without waiting for the soldier to drop down the floor, Chen Xiaolian grabbed the soldier’s rifle.

He charged out of the door and saw a crowd of people running around into the corridor. He also saw Zayad Jr. and his men making a turn into another corridor.

Chen Xiaolian gave chase but the soldiers in the rear guard noticed him. They raised their rifles and opened fire at him. Chen Xiaolian rapidly jumped toward a door at the side and pasted his body upon the door.

Tat tat tat…

Bullets rained down on the surface of the walls.

Chen Xiaolian waited quietly for the soldiers to finish their barrage of bullets instead of rushing out blindly. When the bullets stopped, he crouched down and burst forward.

Before his feet landed on the floor, he had already raised his rifle to open fire at them!

Several African soldiers grunted before falling down.

Zayad Jr. who was running away heard the sounds of gunfire coming from behind him and he shouted. Several of his soldiers turned around and ran to the back, raising their firearms to shoot at Chen Xiaolian.

As for Zayad Jr., he howled furiously and led the rest of his men through the corridor and into an elevator.

The elevator was not heading up. Instead, it went down.

When the presidential palace was being built, an underground floor was built.

In the corridor, Chen Xiaolian was being held down by the suppression fire sent out by the African soldiers and was unable to rush out… although he had enhanced his body before, he was not Superman. He was hardly capable of shrugging off bullets and knives. If the bullets hit him, he would still die.

He turned and saw that no one was coming through the other side of the corridor. Then, he gritted his teeth and summoned Garfield!

Three Four-eyed War Cats appeared, roaring loudly and instantly charging forward along the corridor. All three Garfield doppelgangers charged out at unbelievable speed and they sprinted forward along the walls!

Chen Xiaolian who was crouched down at the same spot heard a cry of shock followed by snarling sounds.

Then, he got up and rushed out.

When Chen Xiaolian had made his way to the corner of the corridor, he saw seven to eight corpses lying on the floor. Garfield’s offensive power was not something that these ordinary humans could hope to withstand.

Several of those African soldiers had died miserable deaths. Their bodies were torn open and their internal organs and blood stained the floor.

Chen Xiaolian endured the wave of nausea and summoned Garfield back into the system. Then, he ran forward until he reached the elevator.

The panel on the elevator showed that those fellows had headed down to an underground floor…

Chen Xiaolian desperately pressed the buttons on the elevator. However, it became clear that the elevator had been locked down and could not be opened.

He cursed out and slung the rifle. Next, using both hands, he forced his fingers into the gap between the elevator doors and pushed…

After opening the elevator doors, the cables inside were exposed. Chen Xiaolian jumped inside, grabbed one of them and slid down the elevator shaft.

Chen Xiaolian landed on the top of the elevator and proceeded to use brute force to tear open the top part of the elevator. Then, he jumped down.

Walking out from the elevator, he saw a passageway outside.

It was a concealed passageway with cement walls

and floor and metal pipes lined the walls. Faint sounds of footsteps could be heard some distance away.

Chen Xiaolian reached for the rifle and hastily gave chase.

The passageway was very long, but Chen Xiaolian was able to quickly close the gap between them. In fact, he was already able to hear Zayad Jr.’s shouts.

Making his way round a corner, he saw a group of African soldiers that were at the rear. Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation and opened fire at them and the bullets struck the soldiers. Two of them were carrying a box and when they fell, so too did the box. The contents of the box fell out on the floor to reveal gold, jewellery and the likes.

Zayad Jr. shouted out in succession. He was not exactly easy to deal with either as he pulled out a gun to shoot at Chen Xiaolian. At the same time, he shouted, “Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

Chen Xiaolian was suppressed and was forced to hide behind a series of metal pipes. Feeling furious, he simply pulled out an RPG from his Storage Watch.

When he was in Nigeria, this was the most expensive weapon that he had bought from Old Jack.

Unfortunately, there were only two warheads for it.

After equipping it, he took advantage of the period when the soldiers’ firepower had lessened to quickly emerge from his hiding spot.

When the African soldiers that were on the other side saw what Chen Xiaolian was carrying on his shoulder, they instantly felt their souls leaving their bodies. Ignoring Zayad Jr.’s shouts, they hastily tossed away their weapons and ran for it!

After having launched out the warhead, Chen Xiaolian quickly threw himself back behind the series of metal pipes…

Following a loud explosion, flames rose upward and the underground passageway became overwhelmed by the searing heat and billowing smoke. Chen Xiaolian bent his body forward as he rushed forward, rifle in hand.

When he reached his destination, he found several corpses on the floor. Part of Zayad Jr.’s upper chest area was stained with blood and he struggled on the floor – he was quite lucky. Chen Xiaolian was not a professional soldier after all and the warhead he launched did not hit him. Instead, it had hit the wall beside. When the warhead exploded, Zayad Jr.’s trusted aides threw him down the floor and covered him.

Zayad Jr.’s injuries were not too severe and he was only stuck beneath some stone debris that came from the wall.

Using one hand, Chen Xiaolian pulled him up. Retrieving the gun in his holster, Chen Xiaolian inspected it.

It was actually a gold Desert Eagle.

This fellow sure knew how to enjoy life.

Chen Xiaolian sneered and took it for himself. Then, he pulled Zayad Jr. with him through the underground passageway.

At the end of the underground passageway was a fence. Outside the fence was a parking garage, which housed a Hummer!

Although it was a civilian model version and was incomplete, it was sufficient to shock Chen Xiaolian.

Other soldiers rushed out from the garage but Chen Xiaolian did not feel like dealing with them. He simply stepped into the Hummer and tossed Zayad Jr. on the front passenger seat. Then, sitting himself on the driver seat, he found the keys hanging beside.

After starting up the vehicle, he drove the Hummer and charged out!

What lay outside was the backyard of the presidential palace. They had crossed the street and there was only around 200 metres from here to the back door.

Clearly, the underground passageway was made in order to make a getaway.

Zayad Jr. who was in the front passenger seat attempted to resist. After regaining his consciousness, he attempted to fight Chen Xiaolian and grab the steering wheel only to receive a punch to the face. The punch caused him to spray out blood and he dared not do anything after that.

“You move one more time and I will cut off your ears and nose.”

Chen Xiaolian gave him a cold glance and returned to driving.

The Hummer charged out the backdoor and into the street. It was not long before they had put some distance between them and the presidential palace.

In the streets behind them, more cars could be seen speeding out from the presidential palace – those belonged to the other guests. Since Zayad Jr. had escaped, the other soldiers in the presidential palace also ran off and there was no one left to stop the guests.

Observing the many cars speeding away, Chen Xiaolian looked around and found an alley. He drove the Hummer inside and turned off the engine. Then, he pulled out the gold Desert Eagle and pointed it at Zayad Jr.’s head.

“Where’s your father?”

Zayad Jr.’s pair of crafty eyes darted around…


Chen Xiaolian had not hesitated. Adjusting the muzzle slightly, he shot Zayad Jr.’s arm!

This commander of the Kombian National Army screamed out miserably.

“I’ll ask you a second time, where is your father?” Chen Xiaolian asked with a cold gaze.

“… the army headquarters!” Zayad Jr. wailed out.


Another shot!

This time, the bullet struck Zayad Jr. on his other arm.

“You are an idiot. But did you think I am too?” Chen Xiaolian sneered and said, “Your father is in the army headquarters? At a time like this?”

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk!” Seeing the muzzle of the gun pointed at his forehead, Zayad Jr. dared not lie anymore. “He is in the east side of the city! In a warehouse!”

“What warehouse?”

“… it, it is a storage warehouse used to store our family treasures,” said Zayad Jr. in a trembling voice.


“East side of the city, behind the clock tower. That place is a forbidden military area.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and he determined that Zayad Jr. did not have the guts to lie again this time.

“What’s up with tonight?”

Chen Xiaolian cast a frosty look at him. The sounds of explosions and gunfire could be heard coming some distance away from their spot.

“… the rebel army, the rebel army had attacked.” There was a very ugly expression on Zayad Jr.’s face.

“Attacked?” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said, “You had better tell me what is going on as quickly as possible. Just what had transpired? My patience is limited and if you cannot make me understand, then you’ll die.”

Zayad Jr. became flustered.

However, even though he had no ability to back up his rank as the commander of the Kombian National Army, he was still quite the eloquent fellow.

It did not require long for him to give Chen Xiaolian a full account of what was happening.

The problem came from the rebels.

Chen Xiaolian’s trip to Kombia happened at the same time when a rebellion was breaking out.

To be more precise, several tribes that were opposed to Zayad’s rule had secretly colluded with some commanding officers of the Kombian National Army to enact a coup to overthrow Zayad.

Rebellions such as this had happened many times before in the past decade. However, Zayad had more soldiers in his army. Thus, he would be able to successfully stamp down the rebellion each time it broke out.

In the beginning, no one had actually viewed this rebellion seriously.

However, something different happened in this rebellion.

The army that Zayad sent to crush the rebel army was actually defeated by the rebel army!

That was the reason why Chen Xiaolian would encountered the besiegement of Lin Leyan’s group by the rebel soldiers.

Additionally, the losses sustained by Zayad’s army in this defeat were far heavier than they had expected!

The rebel army had initiated an ambush at a certain location, killing off at least 800 soldiers of the Kombian National Army that Zayad sent out and capturing nearly 1,000 soldiers. They also seized various firearms, adding over 1,000 small arms, vehicle and ammunition into their arsenal.

It had to be noted that the entire Kombian National Army only had around 10,000 soldiers.

Zayad held the rank of commander-in-chief of the army, but in truth he only had 3,000 soldiers under him. The others were split between a dozen other factions.

All this time, Zayad had depended on the fact that his faction was the strongest to hold control over Kombia’s political affairs. This time however, he had been badly beaten!

His army was severely weakened. When that happened, even more soldiers turned coat and went to join the rebel army.

The rebel army wasted no time in launching another swift offensive – attack Kabuka!

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