Gate of Revelation - Chapter 366

Chapter 366

GOR Chapter 366 Who Are You?

Hans was subconsciously against this plan. However, he knew too well that this was the only viable method.

Looking at the struggle within Hans’ eyes, Chen Xiaolian harrumphed and said, “I am not asking for your opinion. I am simply telling you what I plan to do – it doesn’t matter if you agree or not, that is what I will be doing.”


Chen Xiaolian did not allow Hans to finish what he wanted to say and interjected, “Hans, do not forget what I told you before. We are not God!”

Hans exhaled. After a moment of struggle, he abruptly shouted loudly, “All right! We’ll split up and run… split into two groups! Who’ll come join me?”

The few volunteers immediately stood beside Hans.

There was a tangled look on Hans face as he glanced at his companions and said, “All right! If so… Chen, the others will be going with you!”

Chen Xiaolian was quick to pick up on what the German fellow intended to do!

He… planned to become the cannon fodder!

Although he disagreed with Hans’ choice, Chen Xiaolian had to admit Hans was someone worthy of admiration. He was truly a selfless and noble person, unlike those Virgin Mary whores who only knew how to criticize others while doing even worse themselves.

There was a convoluted expression in Lin Leyan’s eyes and she said in a hushed tone, “I will go join Hans.”

“No! Lin! You stay in the same team as Chen!” Hans stared at Lin Leyan and said in a lowered voice. “It’s decided!”

Lin Leyan attempted to argue but Hans quickly uttered something in German, which caused Lin Leyan to turn silent.

Hans words were, “Do you still not get it? Chen will only prioritize protecting you! If you are not beside him, I fear he would not use his all to protect the refugees!”

Credit where credit was due, Hans words were spot on.

Hans gripped his gun tightly and exhaled. He then whispered, “Chen! I’m counting on you for the others! We will do our best to buy you… time!”

Seeing Hans turn around to leave, Chen Xiaolian reached out his hand to hold Hans’ shoulder.

There was a complicated look on Chen Xiaolian’s face as he looked at Hans and whispered, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Hans looked back at Chen Xiaolian with a look of determination.

Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth and said, “Truth be told, if I were to choose between you two, I feel that you and your men are the ones who should continue to live on!”

As he spoke, he did not hesitate to point at the refugees.

However, he had spoken in German. Hans shook his head. “Chen, we have our own beliefs. We are the ones who brought them with us… but now, so many of them had died!”

After saying that, Hans firmly removed Chen Xiaolian’s hand from his shoulder.

Chen Xiaolian watched as Hans and several other volunteers strode into the forest.

Before parting ways, Winston had walked over to stand before Lin Leyan.

This Australian youngster who had one arm in a sling and an injured leg looked into Lin Leyan’s eyes.

“Lin, I know that the one you like is him… but, I still want to tell you that I, I… I love you very much!”

Then, a hint of embarrassment seemingly appeared on the Australian youngster’s face as he continued, “Mm… actually, there’s nothing much to it. I just feel that I should speak my mind so that I won’t have any regrets.”

After saying that, the Australian youngster turned around and left. He had to hobble forward. But even so, there was determination in hi

s steps!

Lin Leyan burst into tears.

A few minutes later, the sounds of gunfire came from the depths of the forest!

When the sounds of gunfire entered his ears, Chen Xiaolian felt as though they were brutally hammering his heart.

The intense sounds of gunfire were moving. It was likely that after Hans and his men had continued to move after exchanging gunfire with the rebel soldiers who were sweeping through the forest, doing their best to lure the rebel soldiers. They ran to a different direction so as to give Chen Xiaolian’s team a bigger window of opportunity and more time.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the people around him and saw only fear and cowardice within the eyes of the refugees.

He sighed and kneaded his face.

“I’ll just say this once. Follow my lead and don’t run around randomly! If someone lags behind, you must reach out to help them! If you don’t, I will personally kick you out of this team!” Chen Xiaolian fiercely informed the refugees.

However… he noted that the African woman actually had an indifferent look in her eyes. The same was true of the three to five young able-bodied men beside her.

Chen Xiaolian could not be bothered with them.

The Caucasian woman’s feet had been bandaged and Chen Xiaolian tossed a tree branch for her to use as a crutch. He told her, “If you can’t keep up, then go die alone.”

After doing that, Chen Xiaolian pulled Lin Leyan to his side and led them forward.

He chose to go in the direction opposite of Hans’ team.

The distant gunshots were constantly affecting Chen Xiaolian’s mind.

The sounds of gunfire were initially intense. But it gradually grew sporadic. Even so, the sporadic sounds of gunfire did not die off.

As long as the sounds of gunfire continued, hope remained!

Lin Leyan’s tears were wetting her cheeks but she bit her lips and followed Chen Xiaolian forward even as blood trickled down from her lips.

This path of theirs appeared to be free of obstacles. After roughly 10 minutes, they came close to the edge of the forest but saw no sign of obstructions from the rebel soldiers.

It would appear that all the rebel soldiers had been lured away by Hans and his men.

The distant sounds of gunshot continued.

Chen Xiaolian continued leading the refugees to the edge of the forest. When there were only around 10 metres or more between them and the edge of the forest, he crouched down.

There were two rebel army trucks parked beside the road on the edge of the forest.

Four rebel soldiers with guns were stationed beside the trucks. Two of them who seemed like drivers had cigarettes in their hands as they chatted and laughed.

Chen Xiaolian was about to move forward when he suddenly thought of something.

He waved to the African woman, the one with quite the influence in his team.

She frowned and moved forward while crouching until she was beside him.

Chen Xiaolian did not bother discussing with her. He simply told her his plan, “See those four people?”


“I’ll take down two of them. As for the other two, I’ll leave them to your men. I don’t care what methods you use. At any rate, you people will be responsible for them.”

The African woman cast a frowning glance at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian replied frostily, “This is not a request.”

“… all right.” The African woman exhaled.

She quickly returned to her men’s side and they whispered a few words to each other.

Three of the young African men crouched down and moved to Chen Xiaolian’s side. As they did so, Chen Xiaolian noted that the way they were moving their body with that crouched posture was very professional!

The African men who led them said coldly, “We can deal with the two on the left… but we don’t have any weapons.”

Chen Xiaolian pondered about it and pulled out a dagger that was placed on his waist.

The African man looked at Chen Xiaolian in the eye and said, “Those people have guns.”

“Whether you want this or not is up to you.” Chen Xiaolian had no interest in talking nonsense with them.

A hint of anger flashed through the African man’s eyes but he chose to accept the dagger.

“Do your best not to cause too big of a scene. Otherwise, the resulting sounds will attract the rebel soldiers.”

Chen Xiaolian reminded them.

The African men nodded.

When Chen Xiaolian crept out from the grasses, there were no more than five steps between him and the nearest rebel soldier!

This fellow was likely the driver. He was not carrying any guns, only the cigarette.

Chen Xiaolian burst forward all of a sudden; he jumped out from the grasses out of the blue and was upon him! With but a crack, he had snapped the man’s neck!

At the same time, his other hand flicked and a stone flew out!

One of the rebel soldiers with a hat on his head was standing beside the trucks. He had his head lowered as he rubbed a gold chain that was hanging on his neck. The stone struck his head, causing a bloody hole to appear! The rebel soldier did not even have the opportunity to grunt before falling down lifelessly.

Chen Xiaolian’s movements were very fast. In but an instant, he had taken down two fellows. To his surprise, when he turned around, he found that the other African men had taken action at quite a good speed!

One of the African men was using the dagger obtained from Chen Xiaolian to stab the driver’s neck. The other two African men had the other rebel soldier pinned to the ground, one pinned down his legs while the other pinned down his arms!

The rebel soldier who was assigned to keep watch shouted but the African man who killed the driver moved toward him and plunged the dagger into the rebel soldier’s mouth!

After the rebel soldiers watching over the trucks had been killed, the refugees hiding in the forest ran out.

The African woman walked forward until she was before Chen Xiaolian.

The look on her face was clearly slightly more arrogant compared to earlier – her subordinates had managed to snatch two guns from the fallen rebel soldiers!

“There are two trucks here. I’ll be taking one! I can give you the other one.” The African woman coldly said to Chen Xiaolian.

From her tone, it was clear that this was not up for discussion.

After having seized those guns, this African woman clearly believe that she had the qualifications to haggle with Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian stared into the African woman’s eyes. She on the other hand, had no scruples in staring back.

Chen Xiaolian’s thoughts finally clicked into place and he sneered, “I understand now! Those rebel soldiers are here for you, am I right? Just who are you?”

The African woman did not answer. She slowly backed away while whistling. The two young African men who had the guns stood before her and they coldly stared at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian turned to the African man on the left and said, “Where’s my dagger? Return it to me.”

The African man had one hand holding a gun while his other hand played with Chen Xiaolian’s dagger. He gave Chen Xiaolian a goading look and said, “I like your dagger a lot.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled.

If someone who knew him well, Roddy for example, were here, seeing the smile would cause him to run as far away as he could.

Because only those who knew Chen Xiaolian very well would know, when Chen Xiaolian revealed such a smile, that meant he was really angry!

It was the so-called furious smile.

Chen Xiaolian’s response was very direct!

He attacked!

Chen Xiaolian’s hand shot out with lightning like speed and caught the muzzle of the man’s gun!

The African man did not even have the time to pull the trigger as the gun slipped out from his hand and into Chen Xiaolian’s hand!

Before the other African man could react to that, Chen Xiaolian had rushed close to him. Moving the muzzle of the gun his aside, he slammed into the African man’s body. The African man felt something powerful slam into him and his body was sent flying!

Chen Xiaolian picked up the gun that he dropped and casually twisted the barrel of the gun!

Seeing this caused the other side to stare with widened eyes!

As for the other African man who had lost his gun to Chen Xiaolian, he was still tightly clenching Chen Xiaolian’s dagger. Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and looked at him. Not in the mood to spout nonsense, he simply pulled out the golden Desert Eagle and pointed it at him.

The man became dumbstruck.

Chen Xiaolian walked over and snatched back the dagger. As there was a gun pointed at him, the African man dared not move. After taking back the dagger, Chen Xiaolian weighed it a bit before abruptly kicking the man’s calf!


Nearly everyone heard that sound!

The African man’s calf became bent at an odd angle and he screamed out miserably as he knelt down the ground!

Chen Xiaolian leaned closer and said coldly, “Did you say you like my dagger? Then, allow me to gift my dagger to you.”

After saying that, he stabbed the dagger into the man’s shoulder!

The African man screamed and rolled on the ground.

“You! Stop it!”

Chen Xiaolian turned to see that the African woman was standing not far away. In her hands was actually a gun!

It was a mini handgun.

To Chen Xiaolian’s surprise… the gun was also… golden!

Chen Xiaolian waggled his eyebrows and said, “To think you would actually have a gun on you. You’ve hid it very well.”

The African woman watched as her subordinate rolled on the ground screaming. The other two men quickly ran to her side and they anxiously stared at Chen Xiaolian.

The woman gritted her teeth and said, “You… don’t come forward!”

Chen Xiaolian regarded the golden gun that was in her hand before abruptly saying, “Are you Zayad’s daughter or his woman?”

The African woman remained silent.

Chen Xiaolian said in a frosty manner, “You had better keep that broken toy of yours. If you continue to aim that at me, you will only regret it. If you do not believe me, then you are free to open fire and see for yourself.”

The African woman was clearly becoming more nervous and her hands trembled.

Chen Xiaolian openly walked toward her.

The African woman’s finger was on the trigger, but she dared not pull the trigger.

Her instincts seemed to be telling her: That man’s warning is not a joke!

If I really shoot at him, I’m dead!

Seeing Chen Xiaolian walking over, the two men beside the woman charged forward. But none of them were able to stop Chen Xiaolian. With a punch and a kick, he knocked them down to the front and back respectively.

When Chen Xiaolian was standing before the African woman, he reached out with his hand and gripped the handgun. With a gentle pull, he snatched the gun away.

The African woman’s forehead was soaked with sweat!

She dared not move.

When the gun was taken away from her, she seemingly lost all her strength and she plopped down the ground, kneeling.

Chen Xiaolian stood before her and regarded her coldly. He said, “I really think that the others had all died in vain. You are the one person above all who should have died.”

The African woman raised her head and she said in a quavering voice, “Don’t, don’t kill me… I, I am of great value! Take me with you out of here! I am the only one who can live! I can give you benefits! A great deal of benefits!”

“Just who are you?”

The African woman raised her head again and looked at Chen Xiaolian. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “You… the golden Desert Eagle that you had in your hand earlier was, was… was my brother’s.”

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