Gate of Revelation - Chapter 367

Chapter 367

GOR Chapter 367 I Can Try

After hearing what she said, Chen Xiaolian’s first thought was to kill her off.

Zayad’s daughter? There was no reason not to kill her.

Considering the character of those two Zayad father and son, it was obvious that his daughter would not be a good person.

Chen Xiaolian already had the golden Desert Eagle pointing at the African woman’s head and could open fire at her at any moment…

It was at that moment…

[System prompt: Warning! Killing quest target no. 2 would go against the contents of the previous quest. You would not be able to acquire the reward and it will also change the quest.]


Chen Xiaolian’s expression suddenly flickered!

Quest target? No. 2?

Back when he killed Zayad, he had also received a prompt from the system. When did Zayad become a system quest was a question that Chen Xiaolian was never able to answer. But what frustrated him the most was that he was unable to make contact with the key figure in this issue, Father Qiao.

Presently however, just as he was thinking about killing off Zayad’s daughter, the system had immediately responded!

This woman has become the system’s quest target no. 2?

Is she part of the quest?

How is that possible?

Chen Xiaolian loosened the hand that was holding the gun and he lowered it.

The African woman’s forehead was filled with cold sweat!

For an instant, she had clearly felt the killing intent coming out from Chen Xiaolian’s eyes!

She was a very perceptive person. Additionally, she was also very confident in her perception.

When he finally lowered his gun, she felt as though she had escaped from Death itself. She was also able to notice the questioning look in Chen Xiaolian’s face.

“You are Zayad’s daughter?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes,” the African woman whispered. “My name is Una.”

“Una?” Chen Xiaolian sneered. “In other words, you have long since recognized this gun in my hand?”

“Yes.” Una then asked gingerly, “Did you kill Zayad Jr.?”

Chen Xiaolian did not answer that question. Instead, he asked, “Those rebel soldiers are chasing you, aren’t they? Why?”

Una bit her lips but remained silent.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly turned around and moved until he was beside the truck.

Lin Leyan and the other refugees were standing nervously beside the truck as they watched the conflict unfold between Chen Xiaolian and Una’s team.

Seeing Chen Xiaolian walk over caused the other refugees to shrink backward.

Chen Xiaolian gave them a glance.

“Which one of you can drive?”

After a few seconds of silence, a thin African man raised his hand.

Chen Xiaolian looked at him and said, “Very good.”

He pointed to the truck beside him and said, “This truck is yours. All of you civilians get on this truck and keep moving toward the border. As for how far you people can run… what happens next will depend on you and you alone.”

A clamour began to rise among the crowd of people.

Chen Xiaolian simply sneered – he did not have any good impression of these refugees. Although Chen Xiaolian could be considered a fairly kind-hearted person, the things he had seen and heard along the way had sapped away all the kindness and goodwill within him.

Each and every one of them were selfish beings. Even the two African women that he had accepted into his boat, the ones with the child. Today, they had ignored him as they ran for their lives.

Chen Xiaolian was not obligated to become an unpaid bodyguard for them!

“What? Are you u

nsatisfied?” Chen Xiaolian sneered. “Could it be you fellows think I owe it to you? That I should take up a gun and protect you all the way until you reach the border? When you encounter danger along the way, I am the one who should go risk my life while you run away?”

Chen Xiaolian then pointed at the truck. “Giving you all this truck is the biggest act of kindness from me. If you are unwilling, you are free to stay here and die.”

Someone began getting up the truck. Then, without a single word, they all climbed up the back of the truck.

Finally, the only ones left among them were Lin Leyan and the Caucasian woman.

The Caucasian cast a complicated glance at Chen Xiaolian and whispered, “I want to say this… thank you!”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

The Caucasian woman then struggled to climb up the truck. Not a single person inside had extended their hand to pull her up.

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

He walked to the driver’s side and said to the African man in the driver seat. “Keep moving south. The rebel army have their own target, so they won’t continue to chase after you all. If you are lucky, you would be able to safely make it to the border.”

After sending off the truck full of refugees, Chen Xiaolian turned around. Lin Leyan who was beside him tugged his arm.

Chen Xiaolian looked at her and nodded his head. “Don’t worry.”

He then walked until he was standing before Una.

The African men who were Una’s subordinates… these fellows were clearly government soldiers who had taken off their military uniforms. Or perhaps they were her personal guards.

Chen Xiaolian had injured some of them earlier; even so, three of them were still standing there. However, they had no weapons in hand and could only stand beside Una.

“You, follow me,” said Chen Xiaolian while pointing at Una.

There was a trace of helplessness in Una’s eyes and she glanced at her subordinates. “What about them?”

“Did I not make myself clear? You follow me. You alone.” Chen Xiaolian ignored the others.

Those fellows were all Zayad’s subordinates, the soldiers of the government and not civilians. Was there anyone in Kombia who did not know the despicable character of these soldiers?”

If those rebel soldiers were the equivalent of jackals, then Zayad’s soldiers were the equivalent of tigers and leopards.

Chen Xiaolian could not be bothered with the life and death of these people.

“From now on, you are all discharged, free… as for what happens next, you can go wherever you want. Surrender to the rebel army or run away… you can do whatever you want,” Chen Xiaolian said coolly. “At any rate, it has nothing to do with me.”

The few African men looked at each other.

“If you don’t leave, you’ll die. I’ll only count to three.”

Before Chen Xiaolian had even began counting, some of the African men had already turned around to leave.

Some of them even ran to the remaining truck, reaching out to touch the door of the truck.

Chen Xiaolian sneered. “What are you thinking?”

The African man was shocked and he turned around to glance at Chen Xiaolian.

“If you want to leave, then use your legs. Did you think I would give you the last remaining truck?” Chen Xiaolian smiled.

Several of the African men turned to look at Una.

The frustrated Una knew that there was nothing she could do; she waved her hand.

Several of the African men went forward to support their injured companions before dispersing into the forest – they had split apart instead of moving as one. It would appear that they had really dispersed.

Thus, the only one left there were Chen Xiaolian, Lin Leyan and Una. Watching Una, Chen Xiaolian walked over and retrieved a pair of handcuffs from his Storage Watch.

That was something that he had stolen back during the Tokyo instance dungeon.

Seeing the handcuffs, Una’s eyes turned gloomy. She did not resist and allowed Chen Xiaolian to cuff one of her hand. She whispered, “I am of value, please don’t kill me…”

Chen Xiaolian ignored her.

He pulled Una to the side of the truck and cuffed her to the back side of the truck.

Then, he handed Una’s handgun to Lin Leyan.

“Keep an eye on her, if she tries to resist, kill her! If she opens her mouth, kill her! If she tries any tricks, kill her! Even if she wants to go to the toilet, kill her! At any rate… you understand, right? She is only allowed to stand here without moving or saying anything. Otherwise, kill her!”

Chen Xiaolian had deliberately spoken out loud to let Una hear him.

Lin Leyan was stunned.

She subconsciously accepted the handgun and asked, “What about you?”

“Me?” Chen Xiaolian turned to look into the forest. “I’m suddenly regretting it! For this group of people, I allowed another group that should not have to die to march toward their deaths. That is simply a sin! Whatever, just consider me a guy that’s too kind for his own good!”

A glimmer suddenly appeared in Lin Leyan’s eyes. “You, you want to go…”

“I’m going to go save Hans and the others.”

It was not as though Una had never thought of trying something – at the very least, in her opinion, this yellow-skinned young woman did not appear that hard to deceive. She also did not have the appearance of a ruthless character.

However, she did not have the courage to!

Before Chen Xiaolian left, he whistled. Following that, a monster charged out from within the forest!

It was a… tiger?

Well, the [War Form] of the Four-eyed War Cat do somehow resemble that of a tiger.

The tiger in question had a mighty and powerful body. When it bared its fangs, it exuded a pure aura of savagery. But the most horrifying aspect of it… had anyone ever seen a tiger outfitted with armour? With metallic paws?

That… that was simply a monster!

An armoured tiger?

At that moment, forget Una, even Lin Leyan was dumbfounded.

Chen Xiaolian did not explain further. He simply left a Four-eyed War Cat there to protect Lin Leyan.

As for himself, he moved forward in a crouching posture through the forests, quickly making his way toward the last position where the sounds of gunfire had appeared…

The battle on the river had concluded.

That part of the river had been dyed red with blood and corpses floated upon the surface of the river.

Several boats were being pulled to the riverbank. The surface of the boats was filled with bullet holes.

Some of the rebel soldiers were eagerly moving the goods on the boats – unfortunately for them, after searching for quite some time, they realized that those were all items of little value.

Thankfully though, they were able to find some fairly valuable items on the bodies of the refugees.

Those that were able to follow Hans out were all those people living in the wealthy area of Kabuka and they all have some rather valuable possessions on them.

It did not take long for each of their bodies to stripped clean. Those rebel soldiers were very thorough and did not miss even the clothes on the refugees’ bodies.

The rings on their fingers, the watches on their wrists, the necklaces on their necks, the earrings… pretty much everything that could be found by them were found.

The corpses of the two mercenaries were also abused to the point where they could no longer be recognized.

Two rebel soldiers who appeared to be officers gripped onto an M16 rifle each, belonging to the mercenaries. There were highly joyful looks on their faces.

Somewhere around 50 metres away from the riverbank was a cleared out open ground.

There, several rebel soldiers stood in a circle with guns in hand.

In the middle of the circle sat Hans and several other volunteers.

Hans’ forehead was covered with blood. His head had been smashed with a rifle butt earlier.

However, Hans was not concerned about himself. Beside him, Winston was in a far worse state. This highly affectionate youngster was on death’s door. He coughed out violently and blood kept pouring out from his mouth.

Hans’ eyes were blood shot.

He had attempted to negotiate with them several times but they simply ignored his attempts.

Finally, someone who appeared to be an officer came to stand before Hans.

There was a very hostile expression in the rebel officer’s eyes. He stared at Hans for two seconds; suddenly, his leg lashed out to kick Hans’ face!

The German fellow was instantly knocked down the ground. Without waiting for him to get up, the officer stepped down on his face with his leather boot.

“Where is that person?”

“I, I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” Hans spat out. He found it difficult to speak.

The rebel officer grunted. Then, he suddenly raised one hand and used it to pull out a handgun…



The sound of gunfire rang out the same time Hans shouted!

Winston who was lying on the ground beside him shuddered as the bullet hit him in his chest! Soon, he breathed his last.

Hans roared out furiously and struggled with everything he could muster even as he was lying on the ground. His mouth swore furiously.

Two rebel soldiers who were beside him rushed forward and their fists and kicks fell upon Hans.

The other volunteers quickly jumped forward to fight against them. However, more rebel soldiers joined in. They used their rifle butts to strike down heavily on the volunteers. One of the volunteers who had just jumped forward received a strike from the rifle butt to his head, cracking his head and causing his body to fall down. The others suffered just as badly…

The rebel officer watched the beatings with an indifferent expression. After a good 30 seconds, he shouted and the rebel soldiers slowly stopped.

All the volunteers were left lying on the ground. Not a single one could stand anymore.

“All of you deserve death,” the rebel officer said coldly. “You people dared to take up arms against us and lure us away… you’ve injured two of my subordinates! Thus, you will all die! Now, if there is any among you who can answer my question, then I will let that person live! There is only one chance!”

The rebel officer stared at the volunteers and asked, “I’ll ask once more! Where is that person?”

As he asked, he pointed his gun at a volunteer that was lying down on the left side.

No one answered.

The volunteer’s face was pale and there was a clear look of fear in his face as he struggled. “I, I really do not know…”


A gunshot rang out!

The rebel officer looked at the corpse of the volunteer who had been killed. “All right, I believe you. Now then… next.”

The muzzle of his gun turned to point at Hans.

Hans had stopped struggling. He simply lay down there on the ground and looked at the rebel officer.

“You will be damned to Hell! God will punish you!”

“God?” The rebel officer laughed out maniacally and said, “And where is your God now? Ask him to stand out!”

Then, he placed the muzzle of his gun at Hans’ head and said, “With my gun pointing at you, I am God! If I want you to die, you’ll die! Your God? What can your God do? Save you? Or kill me?”

Hans closed his eyes.

However, just as the rebel officer was about to pull the trigger… a chilling voice emanated out from the depths of the forest.

“Right now, his God can indeed do nothing… but, I can give it a shot.”

Chen Xiaolian slowly emerged from the depths of the forest, a sword in hand.

Hearing that voice, Hans abruptly opened his eyes. He looked at Chen Xiaolian in surprise.

Chen Xiaolian exhaled. “I am very sorry… I’m a bit late… you fellows better close your eyes. Things might get a little bloody.”

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