Gate of Revelation - Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: The Wrong Person?

After receiving a kick, Chen Xiaolian fell down the roof of the train and his body slid down to the side. With both his hands tightly gripping onto the side of the train’s roof, Chen Xiaolian watched as the longhaired man smiled derisively. Then, the longhaired man slammed down his foot.


Chen Xiaolian’s left hand was trampled by the longhaired man’s foot and the sound of “ka ka” could be heard coming from his bones. He endured the pain, then sent out his right hand to grab onto the other party’s ankle.

The longhaired man was suddenly pulled down and his body fell flat on the roof of the train.

Soo Soo let out a scream as the longhaired man loosened his hand and the resulting momentum caused the little girl to roll down towards the side of the train. Chen Xiaolian had no choice but to let go of his hold on the longhaired man and used his hand to grab Soo Soo’s wrist…

Soo Soo shrieked sharply as the train galloped forward. She had her wrist held by Chen Xiaolian and was hanging down the side of the galloping train. Thanks to the train’s high level of speed, her body swung back and forth and the little girl was scared to the point where tears could no longer come out…

“A a a ah!”

Chen Xiaolian struggled to make a toss to throw Soo Soo up to the roof of the train.

At this moment, Roddy who was shouting “Demacia” had rushed up. He had both his arms open, just like a crab.

Chen Xiaolian shouted. “Roddy! Catch!”

Roddy suddenly saw Soo Soo’s figure sailing through the air, moving towards him. He quickly caught her with both hands and the two of them fell down upon the roof.

Chen Xiaolian who had one hand hooked upon the roof finally managed to place his foot onto the upper ledge of a train window. With a jump, he leapt back up onto the roof.

The longhaired man had also gotten up. However, he did not bother with Chen Xiaolian and headed towards Roddy.

Roddy had one hand placed upon the roof as support and was barely able to lift up half his body when he saw the longhaired man lunge towards him. Seeing the other party coming towards him, Roddy forced himself up. He sent a left hook forward but had his wrist gripped tightly by the longhaired man. The resulting pain caused his body to bend down.

The longhaired man sneered. Roddy then used his right hand to retrieve something from his bosom and threw it towards the longhaired man’s head.

The longhaired man tilted his head to dodge and caught sight of a mobile phone flying past him. He laughed out with disdain. “Idiot!”

However, just as he was speaking out, he heard a whistling sound of wind coming from behind…


A heavy blow landed on the back of his head!

The longhaired man’s eyes blacked out for an instant. He then turned around to see Chen Xiaolian behind him, holding onto a mobile phone! The exterior shape had remained intact!

The longhaired man felt so much pain that he could see stars spinning before him. He then looked at the item in Chen Xiaolian’s hand and asked in a muffled voice. “Nokia?”

“Heng!” Chen Xiaolian raised his hand and came at him again. This time though, the longhaired man was prepared and he dodged to the side. He then landed a punch onto Chen Xiaolian’s shoulders before gripping his wrist and executing a shoulder throw!

Chen Xiaolian was slammed down on the roof and he almost lost his breath. In his mind, he thought: Damn, too disadvantageous!

In terms of strength, he seemed about equal to his opponent. However… there was too big of a difference in fighting skills!

As an ordinary high school student, how could he know any fighting skill

s. As for this longhaired man, he was obviously equipped with a great deal of fighting techniques.

Even though the quality of their bodies was about the same, Chen Xiaolian could only end up being beaten up by him.

At that moment, another head emerged from the hole in the roof. Qiao Qiao struggled up the hole and saw Soo Soo being held by Roddy. She then rushed madly forward. She did not rush towards Soo Soo but instead flew forward with her knee to the front, slamming straight onto the back of the longhaired man!

Due to the momentum behind this knee strike, the longhaired man’s body staggered for a moment. He then became furious. Turning around, he extended his hand to grab Qiao Qiao’s hair. With a forceful tug, he pulled Qiao Qiao down onto the roof.

“Bunch of rascals!” The longhaired man’s face turned grim. “I had originally not wanted to kill anyone! You are the ones looking for death!”

He lifted his right hand over his head…

A sphere of golden flames suddenly appeared upon his palm. With a “hong”, it was brought down upon Qiao Qiao who was on the roof!

Chen Xiaolian leapt forward in the nick of time and pulled Qiao Qiao to the other side!

The longhaired man’s fist that was covered in a golden light smashed down upon the roof, causing a sudden harsh, tearing sound to blast out! A huge hole was blasted open by his punch! The hole was so big that it was possible to look down onto the insides of the train with ease…

Within a hard sleeper bunk, a pair of both male and female were huddled together, both holding onto each other’s face as they mutually kissed…

“I will fight you to the end!”

Chen Xiaolian spread opened his arms and aggressively caught the longhaired man in an embrace. He then pushed the longhaired man with him down the hole!

They both fell down from the top into the train coach!

The couple who were originally resting within the bunk were scared silly as they watched two people fall down from the hole in the ceiling. Their fall broke the table inside the room into smithereens and the items on it, fruits, peanuts, seeds and cola were all sent flying.

Chen Xiaolian exerted all his might to engage in a wrestle with the longhaired man… he was clear that the longhaired man far outstripped him in terms of fighting techniques. In order to gain even a sliver of hope to win, he needed to get into a tangle with the longhaired man. That way, the longhaired man would have no chance to utilize his superior fighting techniques!

The two of them grappled with one another and Chen Xiaolian had to suffer from several punches, resulting in him vomiting out a mouthful of blood onto the longhaired man’s face. The longhaired man’s face was a mask of savagery as killing intent spilled out of his eyes!

Chen Xiaolian returned several punches back to the longhaired man. However, the longhaired man had the purple protective suit; Chen Xiaolian felt as though his fists were punching onto a slab of metal.

“Go die!”

The longhaired man viciously cried out and his hand suddenly produced a dagger out from his waist. The dagger then stabbed down onto Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian forced his body to twist aside, causing the trajectory of the incoming dagger to change slightly. It then stabbed down into his shoulder

Chen Xiaolian let out a scream due to the pain. He saw blood flowing out without restraint from his wound and yet the longhaired man’s hand continued gripping onto the dagger as he attempted to turn the blade…

Chen Xiaolian screamed out miserably and he struck out with his fists and elbows towards the longhaired man’s body several times. The longhaired man though, extended out with his other hand and began strangling Chen Xiaolian’s neck!

Chen Xiaolian could feel his breathing rate becoming slower while his blood kept flowing out from his shoulder wound. As for the longhaired man, he was on top of Chen Xiaolian, his expression becoming increasingly ferocious…

It was at that moment, that a “hong” sound resonated!

A dining table smashed down onto the longhaired man’s head!

The longhaired man’s eyes rolled up for a moment and his hold on Chen Xiaolian was suddenly lost. Chen Xiaolian quickly rolled over to the side. He watched, as the longhaired man remained bent over, both his hands holding onto his head for a moment before dodging over to another side.

Raising his head, Chen Xiaolian saw a youngster standing there with a pair of thick and intertwined eyebrows.

Han Bi panted as he looked on at the scene before him with surprise… he looked down at the dining table that he had smashed apart…

Back then, he had heard a noise coming over from here. He then ran over to find Chen Xiaolian being pressed down by the longhaired man as he used a dagger to stab into Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder…

When he saw that, Han Bi did not give too much thought about it and only instinctively wanted to help this new friend of his. The hot blood of youth led him to rush forward without showing any hesitation…

He smoothly pulled up a dining table beside him…

Han Bi had forgotten that the tables on the train were all welded together with the train floor!

He pulled the table; then, following a tearing sound, the table was lifted up using an inexplicable strength of unknown origin. The table then arced down onto the longhaired man’s head!

A strike!

Seeing Chen Xiaolian extricate himself, Han Bi then reacted. He stood there and gaped as he looked down upon his own hands.

“I… how could I have so much strength?”

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and pulled the dagger out of his shoulder, causing blood to spray out. He did not hesitate to produce a Mid Class Healing Beast Blood and proceeded to swallow it.

The longhaired man had stood up and stared intently at Han Bi. He looked long and hard at him. “Eh? You… you are a newbie? Mistake! It’s you!”

The longhaired man’s face suddenly changed. It was as if he had suddenly realized something important.

Chen Xiaolian had already gotten up himself. He quickly summoned out the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword and charged forward again.

“Linked Dual Slash, Cross Slash!”

A light in the shape of a standard cross was imprinted onto the longhaired man’s body, throwing him back. Several seats within the train coach were wrecked as a result. Chen Xiaolian grabbed onto Han Bi and shouted. “Han Bi! Have you awakened?”

“Wha… what? I do not understand what you are talking about!” Han Bi remained immobile as he looked on in surprise at his own hands. “I… What happened to me just now? I… How did I do that?”

“Enough nonsense!” Chen Xiaolian shouted. “Let’s fight this fellow together! Quick, use your skill!”

“Ski… Skill?”

Han Bi’s face turned distressful. “What are you talking about? I do not understand a single word that you are saying.”

Chen Xiaolian looked on helplessly and could only charge forward alone. His cross shaped sword arced through the air, but the longhaired man had the protection of the protective suit. The longhaired man dodged around for a bit, then executed a few moves and forced Chen Xiaolian to retreat.

The longhaired man lowered his head to examine his protective suit and saw a shallow cross-shaped mark on it. His face turned irritated. “Do you have any idea how expensive it is to repair this mark? Bastard!”

Chen Xiaolian gasped for breath and looked at the longhaired man. He became increasingly frustrated – this fellow is simply far stronger than him!

At this moment, a sound came from behind him, from the other end of the train coach.

“Just what is going on? Do you really need to spend so much time on a rookie? Where is the target?”

Chen Xiaolian rapidly turned his body sideways to look back. He saw a middle-aged man wearing a trench coat slowly walking over from the other side of the coach.

This trench coat wearing middle-aged man had a short and gaunt stature, however, his cold and indifferent eyes…

“Another one?” Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank badly.

The longhaired man fiercely spat out his spittle. “Pei! I nearly scored an own goal. Earlier I had identified the wrong person and thought of some little girl as the target. There, the target is right here. You go catch him. I will deal with this sword-wielding rookie! He is mine!”

Having heard the conversation between the two of them, the gears of Chen Xiaolian’s mind moved quickly…

Own goal?

Wrong person?

Target is right here?

He quickly turned his head to look at Han Bi and yelled out. “Han Bi! Quickly run!”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man curled up the corners of his lips and sneered. Suddenly, his figure flickered!

So fast!

Chen Xiaolian felt as though there was something wrong with his eyes!

The trench coat wearing man appeared beside Han Bi, his palm cut down like a blade onto Han Bi’s neck. The thick browed youngster’s head tilted and fell onto the floor.

“Done! Task complete, let’s go.”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man carried Han Bi on his shoulders and moved to a side. With one punch, he broke open the windows. “Let’s go! Your actions this time is too big! Problems will arise.”

“I…” The longhaired man stared at Chen Xiaolian with fury. He pointed at Chen Xiaolian and said. “Rookie! If not for the rule to limit power usage, I would have killed you! Remember, don’t ever let me see you in an instance dungeon!”

After saying that, he pulled back his finger and made a throat slitting gesture.

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man carried Han Bi and leapt out of the train, disappearing into the surroundings. The longhaired man gave a sneer and turned around. However, he instead leapt up onto the roof of the train!

Chen Xiaolian immediately shouted out. “Not good!”

He rushed over to the place where a hole was made on the roof of the train to see the longhaired man running over at a rapid speed.

Soon, the sound of Qiao Qiao screaming could be heard. “Soo Soo!”

The longhaired man let out a triumphant laughter. Chen Xiaolian could only watch as the longhaired man carried Soo Soo with him as he jumped off the train, his figure flitting past outside the windows and he landed onto the wilderness beside the railways.

Chen Xiaolian quickly jumped up onto the roof. There, he saw Qiao Qiao bent over the side of the roof as she shouted with all her might into the distance.

“Stop shouting! I will go snatch her back!”

Chen Xiaolian shouted. “Roddy! Take care of Qiao Qiao!”

After that, he took two steps back and inhaled deeply as he prepared to jump down the train…

En, I am B Class after all. If they can do it, I should not have any problems doing so, right?

However, before he could make the jump, Qiao Qiao seized Chen Xiaolian’s arm. “Bring me together!”


“Bring me down together! We are running out of time! Quick!”

“I cannot do that! You…”

“If you won’t bring me down, then I will just jump down myself!”

Having said that, Qiao Qiao suddenly let go of Chen Xiaolian’s arm. She ran towards the side of the roof …

“… damn it!” Chen Xiaolian cursed out loudly. He moved forward and grabbed Qiao Qiao in an embrace. Then, he took a deep breath and both his legs pushed with all its might. His figure was propelled out towards the farmlands beyond the railway…


Roddy was scared silly from the spectacle. He quickly rushed to the side of the roof and saw Chen Xiaolian standing up on the farmlands that was now far behind the train. Chen Xiaolian waved to him. “I am all right! You take care!”

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