Gate of Revelation - Chapter 427

Chapter 427

Chapter 427: Huge Harvest

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When Chen Xiaolian heard that, his nose turned sideways and it nearly became crooked. He observed the expression shown by Fatty and saw that it was solemn. It would appear that he did not mean to ridicule Chen Xiaolian and was being serious.


Whatever, no need to be so petty.


Chen Xiaolian sighed inwardly before shaking his head as he restrained himself. “I am not Qiao Yifeng’s son.”


Seeing that Fatty was about to ask another question, Chen Xiaolian quickly cut him off. “Brother, I can see that you are a good fellow. But, I doubt I will be able to answer your questions. I also don’t want to lie to you. So, if you have any questions, it would be best for you to go ask your boss.”


Fatty was surprised. Next, his expression eased up and he showed no signs of anger. He nodded his head and glanced at Chen Xiaolian. “All right. Although you are strange, you are quite honest. Come on, let’s go in to get your items before chatting further.”


After passing through the door and into the corridor, they moved forward. They then reached a large rolling gate.


The rolling gate was tens of metres high. At the top of the gate were several warning signs.


Fatty stood beside the rolling gate, reached out with his hand and placed it on a scanning device there. Then, the rolling gate slowly rose up.


Chen Xiaolian followed Fatty and they walked past the gate. One glance at the interior made him suck in a cold breath!


What a colossal warehouse!



A long metal frame stood before him and rows of Sentinel mechs were stationed there!


Seeing the metal lustre glowing off them made Chen Xiaolian dizzy!


One glance told him that there were at least 100 of those there!


Fatty moved to stand beside a workstation and pressed a few buttons on the workstation.


Chen Xiaolian moved until he was beside Fatty and he asked, “This… do I just move them away?”


Fatty shook his head. “How could we just casually take it? Didn’t Sarah take us here just now? Sarah is the AI made by the boss. She is the boss’ primary housekeeper. The warehouse systems here are all connected to it and she acts similar to a central control system.


“Although she had only taken a glance at the list, she had already made the necessary arrangements through the system.


“All the equipment in this warehouse has been coded into the system. Take these mechs for example. Each of them has a serial code. However, while we were walking here, Sarah had already unlocked the serial codes for the four mechs you needed through the main control system. Only after I access the system here can the unlocked mechs be moved away. As for the others, we must not even make contact with them. Otherwise, the alarm would be triggered. That is a violation of the guild’s rules!”


Chen Xiaolian regarded the rows of mechs and was unable to stop himself from letting out a sigh. “Your guild has so many mechs in reserve?”


Fatty simply smiled. “These mechs are nothing. They are but inanimate objects. Not to mention, these Sentinel mechs are not that useful. They are mostly just used for patrolling. When a real fight occurs, they will be nothing more than stacks of metal waiting to be torn apart by experts. At the end of the day, they are but items used for patrolling purposes. We use AI to control it inside Zero City.


“Mm, but these things are quite useful for the Angel Corps. They use these Sentinel mechs to train their pilots in combat training. Since they train with it, the number of damaged units is high as well. That is why they would have more of these things.”


Hearing the relaxed manner in which Fatty was talking about them, Chen Xiaolian’s heart grew increasingly shocked!


These Sentinel mechs appeared worthless in the eyes of Fatty simply because he was a member of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild!


For the resident guilds of Zero City, these mechs were nothing more than equipment normally used for patrolling purposes. But for outsiders, these were high-end goods with astronomical price!


Chen Xiaolian recalled how the weapons and equipment shops of the resident guilds would showcase these mechs. The prices shown there were all unbelievably high. Only a small number among the outsiders could afford to buy those mechs.


Fatty’s carrot like fingers rapidly tapped on the control panel a few times before shouting, “Done!”


Conveyor belts appeared beneath a row of mechs and the mechs were moved. Four mechs were moved out and gently placed on the conveyor belts and they were slowly transferred out.


They were not directly sent toward Chen Xiaolian. Rather, the conveyor belt sent them to an automatic equipment integration room.


According to Fatty, there, the reserve equipment would have its components installed properly. Then, it can be taken.


“Since the boss wants to give you something, it is naturally not some emasculated version meant to fool outsiders. Those weapons and equipment has to be installed for you. Otherwise, you will only have a robot that can move. That’s pointless.


“Things like the Vulcan auto cannon, military slicer blade, miniature electronic cannon, all-tracing radar and energy reactor turbine has to be installed. But bro, let me remind you. These things appear complete, but in fact… it is just for appearance. It can appear overbearing in front of normal fellows. But when you meet experts, you’ll get insta-killed. Don’t rely too much on these goods that are just for show. Specifically speaking, these things are infantry type of combat mechs. Although it is touted to have air defence capabilities, it is no different from scrap metal before a combat type aircraft.”


Chen Xiaolian did not say anything against Fatty. He simply listened seriously to Fatty’s words without refuting anything.


After around 10 minutes, the conveyor belt moved back and the four mechs were sent back out.


This time, they were no longer vanilla robots. With the equipment installed on them, they appeared mighty.


Fatty pointed at the mechs and said, “You can check the description for the built-in controls inside the pilot cockpit. You can also setup the controls, start up the AI for self-patrol purposes, put settings on how to identify an enemy. I won’t go into the details with you. You can go and slowly figure it out yourself.”


Chen Xiaolian felt overjoyed and he quickly used his Storage Watch to keep the four mechs.


Fatty looked at Chen Xiaolian’s Storage Watch and a grin appeared on his face. “Bro, I’m not trying to mock you. But to be able to talk with our boss means you are quite the character. Why is someone like you using such a low-grade storage equipment?”


Chen Xiaolian was dumbfounded. He could only smile wryly as he looked at Fatty.


Fatty sighed and said, “This Storage Watch’s capacity is too small. I’ve seen the list just now. Let’s not talk about the other items, after putting those four mechs in, how much more items can you store inside? You probably don’t know how big a Tidal Fighter is, do you?”


Hearing this reminder from Fatty, Chen Xiaolian suddenly realized his mistake.


Seeing Chen Xiaolian enter a state of silence, Fatty smiled. “Whatever, the two of us can be considered as acquaintances. Since you are someone that the boss values, I will consider you a friend as well.”


After saying that, Fatty reached his hand into his bosom and pulled out something, which he stuffed into Chen Xiaolian’s hands.


Chen Xiaolian inspected it and saw that it was a wrist watch. However, it had a more simplistic design compared to the Storage Watch he was wearing.


“A little gift. Take it and use it.” Fatty waved his hand and said, “The method of operating it is about the same as the one on your hand.”


After accepting the watch, Chen Xiaolian tested it out and was instantly overjoyed.


The function of this wristwatch was not merely one notch higher compared to the one on his hand!


This device appeared simplistic. However, its ability was extremely powerful. After starting it, Chen Xiaolian saw that it had 16 storage spaces! The biggest storage space was as big as two football fields combined!


The smallest was as big as several containers combined!


There were 16 storage spaces and they were arranged from big to small. That way, the stored items can be categorized, making the accessing process more convenient.


However, something like this was probably not cheap. Chen Xiaolian held it in his hand and he hesitated.


Seeing the look on Chen Xiaolian’s face, Fatty quickly said, “It’s just a minor item. Don’t go say no now. I still have a few more of these stuff. These things are pretty much a standard in our guild. Just take it! My boss is being so generous in giving you so many items. Even though I am not up to boss’ level, I can still afford to give you this wristwatch.”


Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian did not show any hypocritical actions. He nodded toward Fatty and said solemnly, “All right, then I can only thank you! Brother Fatty, you are a straightforward person. I, Chen Xiaolian am also not some hypocritical person. Since I’ve accepted you as a friend, if there is anything you need of me, just say the word.”


Chen Xiaolian thanked Fatty sincerely. When Fatty heard those words, his eyes suddenly lit up.


He took two steps forward and leaned closer to Chen Xiaolian before whispering, “Eh, if you really do think that way, I do have a rather difficult matter to ask of you…”


Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian’s heart pounded. He took a deep breath and looked straight at Fatty. “Just tell me about it. As long as I can do it, I will never say no!”


Fatty thought about it and said, “Don’t worry, it is definitely not something too difficult on you. Mm, this is not a suitable place to discuss things. Let’s go finish up our current business first. Later on, when we have the time, I will go find you and discuss it with you.”


After hearing that, Chen Xiaolian felt something odd. However, since Fatty was unwilling to talk about it, he could only keep this matter in his heart.


Next up, Fatty brought him to another warehouse to pick up the ‘Tidal Fighter’.


The moment he saw it, Chen Xiaolian understood why Fatty would say that his original Storage Watch was too small.


This Tidal Fighter was not just big.


Originally, Chen Xiaolian had assumed that this was merely something similar to a fighter aircraft.


However, when he saw it, he was unable to stop himself from inhaling a cold breath of air.


This… this is simply an aerial fortress!


One glance at the pure silver-coloured mechanical body was sufficient to make him feel the certain atmosphere of dominance emanating from it! The size of its mechanical body was a match for a Boeing airplane!


The sleek body was brimming with a sense of science fiction. Chen Xiaolian circled around the body of the Tidal Fighter before being pulled inside by Fatty.


The cockpit was extremely spacious with two piloting consoles. According to Fatty however, the Tidal Fighter also possessed AI functions and was very powerful.


Naturally, the aircraft did not operate using some conventional fuel. Instead, it utilized an energy reactor source and could achieve a maximum speed of 4.9 Mach’s! That was around five times the speed of sound.


The reason why it was called ‘Tidal Fighter’ was because the aircraft possessed a ‘tidal force system’. During high-speed operations, it will not face an overload situation.


In terms of speed, this Tidal Fighter could simply blast apart the American military’s most powerful fifth-generation fighter the F22.


As for the various nations’ missiles, with the exception of ballistic missiles, no other conventional missiles could catch up to this Tidal Fighter.


Most importantly, this thing was not just a fighter aircraft. Rather, it was an aerial fortress!


According to Fatty, once the Tidal Fighter took off, it could remain up in the air for 235 hours.


That was close to 10 days!


According to Fatty, this aircraft was not hi-tech enough. (Not enough?!) Once the time limit was exceeded, the core components would become overloaded. That was the reason why it could only maintain aerial operations for 235 hours.


Additionally, it was also equipped with vertical take-off and landing functions. It also had some powerful offensive and defensive equipment.


All-tracing radar, beam weapons and… 36 mini fighter aircrafts that it carried within it. When required, they could be sent out. Then, using either manual remote control or AI, it will identify the enemies and attack automatically.


This was pretty much a smaller-sized Helicarrier!


However, in Fatty’s view, this was not a good high-end item.


“This thing appears very powerful. If you encounter a technological-type instance dungeon, then you will be able to use it. However, you know how things are. Due to the different types of instance dungeons, this equipment is limited in usage. If the instance dungeon you encountered is a magic-type, then you won’t even be able to bring it out.”


After saying that, Fatty sighed. “That is why, no matter how much more powerful it may be, it is still worthless. There aren’t many technological-type instance dungeons, so this thing is usually restricted in usage. You can’t just start it up and go to war against the American military’s aircraft carriers either. We are Awakened ones; we cannot act recklessly in the real world. The system would put restrictions on us and we will not be able to use anything stronger than [A] class.”


Chen Xiaolian was silent.


System restrictions?


It would appear that for an Irregularity like him… that was not the case.


After picking up the Tidal Fighter, Chen Xiaolian’s heart was filled with confidence and fiery passion.


Next, he followed Fatty into several other warehouses and picked up the Thunderstorm Tanks. Thus, the acquisition of the large-scale equipment was completed.


Fatty continued leading him through the various warehouses for the other items on the list.


Some reserve healing medicinal substances, device components, firearms and cold weapons.


Chen Xiaolian did not forget to get something else, something that had a very high price in the Exchange System. An Exact Replicator Arm.


Utilizing nano-technology, it was a replicating liquid metal that could replicate any part of the body.


This was something very expensive. Back then, their guild could not even afford it. Thus, Bei Tai had to make do with a low-grade arm. Now that the conditions were right, Chen Xiaolian would not forget about his bro.


Fatty on the other hand, did not say much about the other items on the list. The only time he made any inquiries was for that arm. After inquiring a little, he found out that it was for Chen Xiaolian’s bro from his guild.


Fatty sighed and said, “That brother of yours could give up his life and his own arm for the sake of his guild members; he is a true man. If there is a chance, I would like to get to know him.”


The final item to be picked up was the one said to be the most expensive by those in Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, the Assembly Station.


Just now, Chen Xiaolian had heard that this item had an extremely powerful function. Having it meant having a weapons and equipment manufacturing plant of his own.


However, when he saw what the item was, he could not help but feel shocked.


He watched as Fatty used both his hands to carefully carry over a black-coloured metal cube from a table situated in the centre area of the warehouse. Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from blurting out, “This is the Assembly Station?”


Fatty snickered and said, “Don’t just judge it based on its present inconspicuous appearance. This item has yet to be started up. Once it is started, its size is anything but small.


“Brother, let me remind you. If you do not have enough space, don’t start up this thing.”


Chen Xiaolian asked inquisitively, “Why do you say that?”


Fatty pinched his chin and replied, “This thing is presently in module form. After starting up, it will have powerful functions. How should I put it? Take the equipment that you know of for example. It will have the manufacturing template for all those equipment and could open up in accordance to what you require.


“For example, if you need to create some cold weapons like swords and armours, it will open up a small-scale weapons workshop. One or two rooms would be enough for this case.


“But if you want to create a fighter aircraft or a tank, then the required space would be huge!


“In short, it has a lot of wondrous aspect to it. You can slowly go back and figure it out.


“Oh right, this thing consumes a lot of resources!


“I’ll tell you this. This thing is simply a gold devouring beast!


“My guild has several of this Assembly Stations. However, only three are being constantly used.


“The others would simply be placed in the warehouse to gather up dust.


“Why? Could it be that we do not understand that by opening up more of those Assembly Stations, we can create equipment at a faster rate, leading to more equipment being created?


“There is only one reason for it. We can’t afford to!


“This thing is not a shortcut.


“Simply put, it would help you in the aspect of technology. However, depending on what you want to create, you will need to give it that much energy!


“If you want to make a sword, you will have to give it several kilograms of good steel.


“If you want to create a tank, you will need to give it several tonnes of metal.


“You can’t minimize any cost at all.


“Theoretically speaking, it can create even a mech. However… I doubt you have deep enough of a pocket to feed it that much.


“Truth be told, I don’t understand why the boss would give you something like this.”


After hearing that, Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt suspicious.


Although this station was powerful, it was expensive to use…


For those super great guilds, having this item was practical.


But for Chen Xiaolian’s small guild… it would appear that he would not be able to use it.


If that is the case, why did Bluesea gift this to me?


What is his intention?

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