Gate of Revelation - Chapter 484

Chapter 484

GOR Chapter 484 Abnormal Situation?

Yu Jiajia cast an innocent and puzzled look at Chen Xiaolian. Looking concerned, she moved forward and extended her hand to pull Chen Xiaolian up from the floor. However, Chen Xiaolian waved her hand away and moved to avoid her. Seeing that, Yu Jiajia’s face turned dark. “Just what is wrong with you?”

“I…” Chen Xiaolian got up and stopped Roddy from saying anything. He threw a look at him that said: We’ll talk about this outside.

“Hey!” Yu Jiajia shouted loudly as Chen Xiaolian dragged Roddy out. They seemed to be running away from the house.

Beneath the building, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy ran until they reached the lawn. The two of them exchanged glances. There was a rather anxious look on Roddy’s face. “This… … what is going on?”

Chen Xiaolian’s face grew increasingly warped as he watched Roddy. Then, he spoke up.


Roddy’s body gave a shudder and he stared hard at Chen Xiaolian. He had instantly understood what Chen Xiaolian meant.

Next, Roddy’s face seemingly indicated that he was about to go crazy. He abruptly pulled out his mobile phone and called a number.

Chen Xiaolian observed Roddy’s actions for a moment. Then, he took a few steps away. He stood on the lawn and raised his head to look at the sky.

Roddy was hastily calling…

“Hey! Little Li? It is me, Roddy! I need to ask you something. About Queen Qiao Qiao, lately … … what? What did you say?”

“I am Roddy! I want to ask you, do you know Qiao Qiao? What? Who is Qiao Qiao? You…”

“Wang Chao! Roddy here! I got a question for you. Have you been in contact with Qiao Qiao lately… … what? You don’t know who that is?”

“Hey! I am Roddy…”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly walked over. He snatched the mobile phone away from Roddy’s hand and ended the call.

“What are you doing?” Roddy shouted angrily.

Chen Xiaolian looked at Roddy. “I should be the one asking. What do you think you are doing?”

“I… I…” Roddy’s lips quivered. “I want, I wanted to prove Qiao Qiao’s existence!”

“Prove? Prove to whom?” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and stared into Roddy’s eyes. “You should already realize the answer to this issue, don’t you? So, what else do you want to prove?”

“I… … I just cannot accept this! I cannot accept that after her death… … she would disappear so thoroughly! It is as though she had never existed within this world…”

“We are Irregularities!” Chen Xiaolian’s fist hammered Roddy’s chest heavily. He then gritted his teeth and said in a hushed tone, “After Awakened ones die, they would be refreshed back to ordinary humans and given a set of memories that have nothing to do with this game world. The system would delete all of their related ‘history’! That way, no abnormality would appear within the normal world.

“But Irregularities are different!

“Do you still not get it?

“Once an Irregularity dies, that person will disappear completely. That person will not be refreshed back into an ordinary human. There will be no backup version of Qiao Qiao!

“Qiao Qiao has utterly disappeared! The system had also reset this world, all the relevant history and memories… in the end, all traces of Qiao Qiao’s existence were erased from this world.

“She was Qiao Yifeng’s daughter, but now this identity is taken over by Yu Jiajia. She was my girlf

riend, but now that role is taken over by Yu Jiajia!

“Her school, her childhood experience, all of them were erased!

“Her classmates and teachers will not remember her. Her friends will not even know she existed!

“We remember her because we are not ordinary humans. However, the ordinary humans in this world… … after the refresh and reset by the system, to them, Qiao Qiao had never existed.

“Can you not understand?”

Roddy shouted furiously, “How could this happen?”

“You don’t believe me? Let us go!”

Chen Xiaolian pulled Roddy out of the residential complex.

After over half an hour, they reached the Qiao residence.

The two of them casually broke their way through the mansion’s security system and entered. There in the dark confines of the Qiao residence, Roddy became silent as he faced the facts laid out before him.

This was Qiao Qiao’s house.

As her good friend, it was only natural that Roddy had come here before. However, after breaking into this place today, they searched the place for a long time but were unable to find any traces of ‘Qiao Qiao’.

Her room, her wardrobe, the items she liked, her photos…

All of them were ‘replaced’ by others.

Chen Xiaolian stood inside the room that should have belonged to Qiao Qiao and observed the furnishing inside… … the feminine clothes filling the wardrobe and the photos beside the bed proved that the owner of this room was not Qiao Qiao.

Inside the photo, the figure smiling at the camera was another familiar face.

This room now belonged to… … Yu Jiajia.

“The system sure is thorough,” Chen Xiaolian said coldly.

“In other words, as of now, we are the only ones who can still remember Qiao Qiao? And the other members of our guild?”

“Theoretically speaking, it would be all the Awakened ones and Irregularities that had contact with Qiao Qiao before. They would retain their memories of her. However, people from this normal world, their memories of her had been erased.”

They had not turned on the lights. Chen Xiaolian simply stood there in the middle of the dark room and looked at Roddy. “Right now, there is an issue that we have no way of avoiding.”

“What is it?”

“Qiao Yifeng.” Chen Xiaolian inhaled deeply. “Qiao Yifeng was once an Awakened. However, he died and was refreshed to become an ordinary human. After that, the members from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild came looking for him and told him the truth. After accepting the truth, he helped them with their matters, managing Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s asset in this secular world.

“However, he is now an ordinary human.”

Hearing that, Roddy revealed a shocked expression. He then recollected himself and blurted, “You mean to say… … Qiao Yifeng’s memories might have been reset as well? He may not remember having Qiao Qiao as his daughter?”

“Hard to say.” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “This would depend on the situation… … where was Qiao Yifeng when Qiao Qiao died. If he were in Zero City, then the system’s resetting process would be blocked by Zero City. That way, his memories of Qiao Qiao would remain. However, if Qiao Yifeng were not in Zero City when we entered the instance dungeon… maybe…”

“Maybe Qiao Yifeng’s memories had been reset by the system?” Roddy was stunned. “That is ridiculous! Would a father forget he has a daughter?”

Chen Xiaolian looked Roddy in the eye. “Ridiculous? Roddy, that is not the main point.”

“Mm? What do you mean?”

Chen Xiaolian sighed helplessly. “If Qiao Yifeng’s memories were not reset and he remembers Qiao Qiao, how do we explain her death to him?”

Roddy was shocked.

Chen Xiaolian continued in a tangled voice, “Maybe telling him Qiao Qiao died is not the hardest part … … the hardest part, as someone who was once an Awakened, Qiao Yifeng understands matters related to Awakened ones! However, after her death, all traces of Qiao Qiao disappeared from this world. She was not refreshed to become an ordinary human like other Awakened ones.

“Think about it. When Qiao Yifeng finds out about this…

“How do we explain matters to him?

“More! Qiao Qiao had stayed in Zero City before. Back then, many people in Zero City and Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild had met her!

“Bluesea had met her; even the members from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild had met her…

“They all consider Qiao Qiao to be an Awakened. However, instead of undergoing a refresh process and returning as an ordinary human, all traces of her existence within this world disappeared.

“Given this situation, what would the people from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild think?”

Roddy was left dumbfounded

“The secret concerning us Irregularities might be exposed.”

Time: 8.30 pm.

Qiao Yifeng woke up from his sleep. The plane was slowly moving to land in a Tokyo airport.

Within the Bombardier private aircraft, Qiao Yifeng got into his habit of stretching his body after waking up. Next, he sat up and looked outside the window to observe the descending process.

Beside him, a female flight attendant with clear mixed Asian and Western features smiled at Qiao Yifeng. She brought a warm cup of water and placed it before Qiao Yifeng – the crewmembers were familiar with the boss’ preferences. He would normally sleep during flight. After waking up, the first thing on his mind was a cup of warm water.

“What time is it?” Qiao Yifeng completely ignored the beautiful flight attendant’s smile – this move from him caused a hint of disappointment to appear on her face.

Although Boss Qiao was old, both his looks and body shape were in fairly good condition. Factor in his vast financial resources and personal charisma and he would undoubtedly become a target for many women.

Working as part of his private crewmembers gave a very handsome salary. However, if she could get into this super plutocrat’s bed, perhaps she would be able to acquire an even bigger benefit?

Qiao Yifeng however, had no interest in the flight attendant. After he forwarded the question, the one to answer him was his personal bodyguard, the man in black coloured suit.

“8.30 pm,” said the man in black in a hushed tone. “We expect the landing process to end in 10 minutes.”

Qiao Yifeng nodded and gulped down the cup of water. Then, he said coolly, “Phone.”

“Yes.” The man in black quickly pulled out a satellite phone. “Who do you want to call?”

“My daughter.” Qiao Yifeng sighed. “I haven’t talked to her for a few days. I wonder how things are going between her and that brat.”

A look of understanding flashed across the man in black’s eyes and he swiftly made the call…

After handing the phone over, Qiao Yifeng held the phone to his ear and knitted his brows. He turned to look at the man in black. “You called the wrong number?”

“Mm?” The man in black was taken aback.

He had always been detailed and calm. How was it possible for him to commit such a lowly type of mistake?

Qiao Yifeng shook his head. “Are you exhausted? After we land, go to a hotel and rest yourself up properly. You have had it hard these past few days.”

After saying that, Qiao Yifeng personally dialled another number. A few seconds later…

“Hello, Jiajia. It is me,” Qiao Yifeng spoke in a gentle voice.

The man in black was surprised. However, he quickly recovered. When Boss told me to call her daughter, he meant Miss Jiajia. I thought he meant Miss Qiao Qiao… mm, that was my mistake.

Just as he was feeling relieved, he heard something that sent his mind into shock again.

“Jiajia, what is wrong? Why does it sound like you are crying?” Qiao Yifeng frowned. After listening to the phone for a few seconds, he said, “What? That Chen Xiaolian pissed you off? You youngsters, if you are in love, then just be loving to each other. Why go quarrel… … sigh!”

Hearing that, the man in black’s expression twisted into a peculiar one.

Miss Jiajia and Chen Xiaolian?

In love?


This is not right!

Shouldn’t it be Qiao Qiao and Chen Xiaolian?

His cautious nature made the man in black maintain his silence. He waited silently until Qiao Yifeng was done with the call. Then, after accepting the satellite phone, he heard Qiao Yifeng mutter, “That bastard.”

The man in black then weighed his words before probing out. “Mr Qiao, is there a need to call Miss Qiao Qiao?”

“Mm?” Hearing that, Qiao Yifeng turned to look at the man in black. There was a very strange expression on his face. “What did you say?”

The man in black gave a light cough and raised his voice slightly. “I said, is there a need to give Miss Qiao Qiao a call?”

“… … …” Qiao Yifeng furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at the man in black. “Who is Miss Qiao Qiao?”

Ten minutes later, the plane landed at Narita Airport in Tokyo.

After the aircraft had stabilized its position, Qiao Yifeng walked out of the cabin door. Two flight attendants bowed as they escorted him out. After getting out of the aircraft, he saw that a luxurious sedan was waiting on the airport runway.

The man in black stepped forward to pull open the door of the sedan. His sharp eyes swept through the interior of the sedan. Seemingly by accident, his hand swung around inside the sedan – there was a watch on his wrist.


The man in black watched as Qiao Yifeng got into the sedan. Next, he pulled the door to the driver’s seat and got in.

After the sedan began moving, Qiao Yifeng, who was in the back, closed his eyes and rested. As for the man in black who was in the driver’s seat, he felt puzzled.

After considering it for a few minutes, he sent out a message through the guild channel.

“Bodyarmour calling Nighthawk. Bodyarmour calling Nighthawk.”

It did not take long before he received a response from the guild channel.

“Nighthawk here receiving. Bodyarmour, what is it?”

“There is an abnormal situation with the representative.” The man in black thought about it and continued, “The situation is a Code [X]. I need to report to the Guild Leader as soon as possible!”

After he sent this message, the other person’s tone became grim.

“Code [X]? Message received. I will report this immediately! Bodyarmour, continue protecting the representative. Our guild will send someone to contact you soon!”

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