Gate of Revelation - Chapter 592

Chapter 592

GOR Chapter 592 Night Shock Part 2


After tying Sawakita Mitsuo to her back with several layers of rope, Nagase Komi’s crouched body wavered unsteadily and her rate of breathing grew slightly more ragged.

“Why don’t I carry him instead?” Phoenix, who watched the near-bald girl exert herself, asked.

Nagase Komi shook her head. “No, it is better for me to carry teacher. I am already wounded. If we encounter those monsters, I would not be able to contribute too much in a fight. Your condition is the best among us three. Should we encounter those monsters, you will be our main combatant against those monsters. Carrying someone on your back means exerting some of your strength. As for me… … I no longer have much strength left to fight.”

Phoenix sighed and replied, “All right.”

They then departed from the place. Phoenix took the lead, searching for the way out within the gap between the glaciers.

After moving forward for some time, Phoenix raised her head to look at the cracks between the glaciers. “Here.”

She produced two blades. Using a strip of gauze, she wrapped the blades around her hands. Next, she thrust the blades into the surface of the glacier, repeating the action at a higher elevation each time to climb upward. A few moments later, Phoenix then sent a rope down from above. The end of the rope was tied into a bowline knot, allowing Nagase Komi to put it around her.

Phoenix, who stood above the glaciers, pulled the two below up.

A snowstorm was raging at the moment. Phoenix, who stood up there, was immediately turned white from the snow.

The snowy plain was vast. No matter which way they looked, they could not see an end to the snowy plain.

After Nagase Komi got up, she tightened the rope tying Sawakita Mitsuo to her back. Then, she moved toward Phoenix and shouted, “Where should we go?”

Phoenix pointed in a certain direction. “There! When I was exploring the way yesterday, I had taken this direction!” 

After saying that, she pulled out a magic wand from her waist and raised it up above her head. Instantly, light burst out from the surface of the wand and a translucent barrier of light appeared, blocking off the snowstorm.

It was like a transparent umbrella which protected the three of them from the snowstorm. Once again, Phoenix took the lead. Her body leaned forward as she laboured to lead Nagase Komi into the snowy plain… …

If one were to observe the snowy plain from the sky, they would see that, somewhere hundreds of metres from Phoenix’s group, a large and crowded mass of rapidly moving objects were forming a circle. They were converging together. Clearly, their objective was Phoenix’s group.

In a large and black coloured room, the only source of illumination came from a crystal ball in the centre. Images floated upon the surface of the crystal ball: An endless plain of snow, a magical barrier blocking the snow, a young woman, a near-bald girl, a wounded person on her back… …

A thin hand pressed down on the surface of the crystal ball to gently stroke it. The image and the light disappeared. The room was once again reunited with darkness and silence…

“You guess. Which among these fellows will make it out first?”

“Humph! So, are we going to bet on it? What is the wager?”

“… … let’s wager 100 years.”


Two voices permeated the darkness of the room.

Outside the wooden cabin, Chen Xiaolian stared at the thing opposite him intently. He could feel the pores in every corner of his body.

It was not exactly due to fear. Truth be told, considering his p

resent level of strength, even if he were to encounter a powerful opponent, or some powerful monster, it would not cause him to feel fear.

However, this thing standing before him right now was his one nightmare.

An intense feeling of fury instantly broke all his sense of reason. All of it seemingly broke down in a fiery flame.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were on the verge of spouting flames.

An animal-like howl escaped his lips. It sounded as though it contained an extreme amount of rage and sadness. His entire body shuddered.

The thing standing outside the wooden cabin was surprisingly… … a human.

To be exact, it was a dead human.

The person wore a common set of casual wear; had a slender figure and noticeable curves. The pair of jeans revealed the figure’s pair of slender legs. However, the person’s entire body was covered in blood.

That was especially true of the waist area. A considerable number of parts there had decayed. The wounds rotted while the mucus from the wounds had a faint greenish colour. 

Both the person’s clothes and body were in tatters.

The figure stood there with a contorted posture. There was a peculiar air of stiffness and clumsiness in the posture.

The person’s hair was long and dirtied. The head slouched, while the face was also covered in blood and mucus. Even so, it was still possible to know how the person had originally looked like.

It should have been a beautiful face, with exquisite facial features. Now, however, it appeared stiff. Rather, it was the type of stiffness that would rouse the feelings of disgust in others. The eyes on the face could still swivel about, but they too, carried an air of clumsiness. At the same time, the muscles on the left cheek had been torn off, causing the gums and bones beneath to become exposed.

To sum it up, the ‘thing’ standing before Chen Xiaolian was surprisingly a human, a young female human.

To be precise, it was a zombie.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, that was the name that many movies and drama series had given it.

A creature of the dead.

However, this person, this face, this was someone Chen Xiaolian knew.

Even without looking at this person’s face, just by looking at the person’s figure, he would recognize her. There was no way he would be mistaken.

The female zombie stood before Chen Xiaolian, its mouth faintly releasing “hou hou” sounds.

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes had turned bloodshot. His entire body trembled. Even his fingertips trembled.

He clenched his teeth hard and bit his lip to forcibly suppress the howl of rage and grief from escaping his mouth once more.

Finally, Chen Xiaolian opened his mouth. Looking right at the female zombie standing before him, he softly uttered out a name.

“Qiao Qiao… …”


The zombie Qiao Qiao pounced. Despite being a zombie, she was exceptionally fast. Her figure vaulted through the air like a bolt of lightning.

As she was still in the middle of the air, however, a black silhouette flew forward and slammed her away with a bang. At the same time, a hand moved to vigorously pull Chen Xiaolian away. 


The falling zombie Qiao Qiao managed to fall upon the spot that Chen Xiaolian was standing upon earlier. Her fingers were like hooks and they pulled a large clump of the earth out as she got up.

Chen Xiaolian, who was rolling away on the ground, was pulled up by Hossein. “You fool!”


“Is fake! All of it is fake!” Hossein shouted with a concerned fury.

Chen Xiaolian turned and saw the zombie Qiao Qiao snarling at him. Decayed gums could be seen on the left side of her cheeks.

Zombie Qiao Qiao charged forward once more. Hossein grunted as he raised his sword to hack at her.

It was then that Chen Xiaolian shouted out.


A sword heavily deflected Hossein’s sword attack. Zombie Qiao Qiao’s body twisted and she sent one hand out to grab Hossein’s shoulder. Hossein swore. Although he did his best to dodge, she managed to rip out a small tear on the protective suit he wore.

“Chen Xiaolian! You stopped me? Have you gone crazy?” 

“She is my companion!”

“It is fake, you idiot!” Hossein was furious. After having his attack deflected by Chen Xiaolian, he grew infuriated. “You idiot!”

Chen Xiaolian panted. However, he placed himself in between zombie Qiao Qiao and Hossein. “No matter what, do not kill her… … just subdue her first.”

“Fool!” Hossein harrumphed and quickly backed off. He then stood before the door of the wooden cabin and said, “If so, you handle it on your own! If you get bitten or scratched by it and die as a result, it’s on you! I won’t save an idiot!”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were filled with grief. He stared intently at zombie Qiao Qiao, which stood before him.

“Who are you?! Who? Who?!!”

Chen Xiaolian raised his head in the direction of the forest and bellowed, “You dare use something like this on me? I will KILL you! Kill you!!!”

“The target is growing angry.”

“Interesting, I like this method of playing the most.”

“Humph, that is because you are a sicko.”

“Eh? Wait up. The three in the third area are quite interesting… … that bald guy, it looks like… …”

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