Gate of Revelation - Chapter 60

Chapter 60

GOR Chapter 60: Bone Crusher! Demon King’s Three Axes

Chen Xiaolian wearily pulled the ironwood boat ashore. He was so tired that he felt a desire to just lie himself down on the riverbank and sleep for one whole day and night.

He forced his body up – the most concerning part was mental fatigue. After having pulled the ironwood boat ashore as per Qiu Yun’s instructions, he pulled Soo Soo aside and sat down. After that, he retrieved an energy bar, which he tore out and vigorously munched down on.

The underground river finally came to an end. Upon the rocky beach that they were at was a dome-shaped cave entrance. Judging by the well-ordered shape of the entrance, it must be manmade.

After finishing an energy bar, Chen Xiaolian brought out a bottle of mineral water. He unscrewed it and first handed it to Soo Soo. “Do you want to drink?”

Soo Soo shook her head – the little girl had at some point turned silent. She did not say anything and only looked at Chen Xiaolian as she shook her head. Traces of tears could be seen upon her face. Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile and used his hands to wipe away the tear marks. He then spoke out warmly. “Do not be afraid.”

“En,” Soo Soo lightly nodded her head.


An axe fell before Chen Xiaolian, thrown over by Qiu Yun.

The severed arm was still gripping upon the axe. Chen Xiaolian glanced at the axe that was gleaming with a cold light. Then, he heard Qiu Yun’s voice. “Your Cross-shaped Medallion Sword was lost. Take this weapon to make up for it.”

Seemingly numb towards the sight of the bloody stump, Chen Xiaolian picked it up and forcibly pulled each fingers off. After that, he threw the stump into the underground river before examining the axe.

[Weapon name: Bone Crusher, Type: War Axe, B Class Weapon, complementing skills: All types of axe skills, suitable for strength type and melee type Players].


Bone Crusher?

It has quite the overbearing name.

However, I do not have any axe skills.

Qiu Yun walked over and sat down before Chen Xiaolian. He retrieved a cigarette and lit it up – Heaven knows where this fellow keeps so many cigarettes.

“Any problem?”

“En,” Chen Xiaolian nodded. “This item is good, a B Class weapon. However… I do not know of any axe skills.”

“You can still use it without axe skills. Only, you won’t be able to execute melee skills,” Qiu Yun glanced at Chen Xiaolian. “I will give you one suggestion.”


“Have you ever considered which development route to go for?” Qiu Yun slowly said. “Melee Type or Ranged Type.”

“Is there a big difference?”

“It is not big, but it is not small either,” Qiu Yun pondered about it and slowly spoke out. “Truth be told, all Players and Awakened ones will have both Melee and Ranged Types. Those of the pure Melee Type or pure Ranged Type have a very noticeable weakness. However, one of them must be focused upon. In other words, you can choose melee attacks as your main repertoire of fighting skills. At the same time, it would be best if you can have some methods to initiate ranged attacks as a supporting skill. Otherwise, an enemy could toy with you to your death simply by keeping some distance from you.

The same holds true vice versa.

Players and Awakened ones with only one pure type will be eliminated quickly.”

Chen Xiaolian thought about it. “Currently, I should be considered a Melee Type. I grasped onto a sword skill.”

“For any weapon’s melee skills, there will be a division between Basic Skills and Special Skills,” Qiu Yun spoke in a low tone. &l

dquo;Just now, I had seen the sword skill of yours during the fight. Linked Dual Slash, Cross Slash. That skill is a Basic Sword Skill.

Basic skills have a small probability of being comprehended during actual combat. The probability of comprehension is related to the level of weapons or equipment that you use.

Theoretically speaking, by holding onto a beginner’s light sabre, you can go find a monster and fight it for about 300 rounds. You will then have a chance to grasp onto a Basic Sword Skill or another type of attack moves. If you are holding onto a high-levelled weapon, for example B Class or above, even S Class, then just a moment’s worth of fighting will allow you to comprehend some basic skills. In addition, some high-levelled weapons come with skills equipped.

If we are to exclude Basic Martial Skills, then the other high-levelled martial skills will generally require Skill Books. You learn those skills by loading those Skill Books.”

“Skill Books…” Chen Xiaolian became silent.

He had known of the existence of Skill Books. As he was making his preparations, he had tried to understand the Exchange System with Han Bi’s help. Within the Exchange System was various types of items available for exchange, including equipment, weapons, props, medicines… and skills!

Chen Xiaolian sighed and deliberately spoke out. “My points are not enough.”

Qiu Yun glanced at the Bone Crusher Axe within Chen Xiaolian’s hand, the corners of his lips suddenly curled upwards.

[System Prompt, Guild Channel: Guild Leader Qiu Yun has gifted you ‘Demon King of Confusion’s War Axe Skill Book’ X 1, do you wish to accept?]

“En?” Chen Xiaolian turned to look at Qiu Yun.

“I acquired it in a previous instance dungeon,” Qiu Yun shrugged and took another drag from his cigarette. “I cannot use it while the other guild members do not use axe as their weapon. Originally, I had wanted to have it sold at a later time. However, it just so happened that you have picked up this weapon. Additionally, you are also a newbie who have yet to select your development route. So, I will give this to you.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Qiu Yun and was suddenly speechless.

“I am not giving it to you for free,” Qiu Yun laughed out with indifference. “This time’s instance dungeon is very dangerous. Since I only have you as my guild member here, I need you to have a stronger fighting ability in order to support me. So, there is no need for you to feel moved. I am not doing charity here.”

“… Thank you!” Chen Xiaolian uttered out each of those words with sincerity.

Qiu Yun waved his hand. “Take advantage of the current time to familiarize yourself with it.”

[Demon King of Confusion’s War Axe Skill Book: The legendary Cheng Yao Jin’s unique axe skill, B Class Skill Book [1]. Usage requirement: Must be equipped with an axe type of weapon of the B Class or above, Physique must be at B Class or above].


En, both requirements have been met.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the Skill Book through the system interface and chose to confirm.

Instantly, a mass of faint silver light shone out and the Skill Book within his Item Box disintegrated and disappeared.

Instead, a faint set of memories and knowledge was added to his consciousness.

Chen Xiaolian picked up the Bone Crusher Axe and waved it in his hand. The strange and heavy feeling of coldness disappeared. In its place was a comfortable and dexterous feeling that seemed to originate from his heart.

He casually waved the axe handle a few times before something flashed through his consciousness. The axe in his hand then made a few chopping and smashing actions.

[Demon King of Confusion’s Axe Skills: Linked Triple Strike, Axe Skill. First move, Head Cleaver; second move, Impish Teeth Displacer; third move, Ear Gouger].


Ok… these names made it lose its entire overbearing aura.

However… a B Class skill’s power will likely be decent.

Additionally, there is also a marked prompt at the bottom: Skill enhancement requires proficiency.

At the current, the skill level is at LV1. The highest level is LV3.

Chen Xiaolian moved to an open area by the riverbank. He took a deep breath and suddenly launched his moves!

The axe handle spun around within his palm. Then, he held it with both hands and hacked it downwards!

The rotating axe turned into a white ray and a piece of rock situated on the riverbank was split into two with a “ca” sound!

First move: Head Cleaver!

Next, the Bone Crusher Axe within his hand sprung up. Its movement was smooth without any sense of sloppiness! The axe was raised up high, carrying with it sparks of cold light that bloomed out, causing the few broken rocks on the ground to shake. Under the rays of the cold light, they were disintegrated!

Second move: Impish Teeth Displacer!

Chen Xiaolian did not stop and the axe within his hand flowed like water. It moved above his head before drawing an arc downwards, chopping forward horizontally!

A “weng” sound burst out! A ray of light that resembled a white chain sprayed outwards! It spread out to form a circular arc of sharp light! The area surrounding Chen Xiaolian within around 4 paces from him was shrouded by this white light formed by the horizontal chopping motion!

Third move: Ear Gouger!

Pulling the axe backwards, Chen Xiaolian gasped for breath. Looking at the Bone Crusher Axe in his hand, he could not help but feel stunned. His mind was instantly struck by a feeling of surprise!

This is… the feeling of power!

This Demon King of Confusion’s Linked Triple Strike was displayed smoothly. Chen Xiaolian himself was surprised to find that there was no impediment in his movements. It was as though he had been practicing this set of axe moves since the day he was born! Moreover, the power displayed truly made him satisfied!

“It seems that you have managed to grasp it,” Qiu Yun walked up from behind Chen Xiaolian. Glancing at him, he said in an indifferent manner. “The loading of the axe skill went well and your Physique and strength is also sufficient. However, keep in mind that any skill, be it Exclusive Skill or Martial Skill, will end up consuming your strength. The more skill you use, the more strength will be consumed. Your body build does not appear as the strength type; however, using an axe type of weapon with your thin body build could possibly give your opponent a surprise. Perhaps it would end up bringing an even better result.”

A strength type with a thin body build?

Chen Xiaolian gave a bitter smile.

“Can I request something from you?” Chen Xiaolian said with a cautious tone.


Chen Xiaolian pointed at Soo Soo. “Can you accept her into Autumn Stone Guild?”

Qiu Yun glanced at Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian had originally thought that Qiu Yun would reject or at least question him. Unexpectedly, Qiu Yun did not even bother asking him anything and directly nodded his head.

Soon, his system received a prompt.

[Prompt, Guild Channel: Your current guild, Autumn Stone Guild has accepted a new member].


Chen Xiaolian became startled. He turned to look at Qiu Yun but Qiu Yun turned around and left while saying. “I know what you want to do… although I think this act is stupid, but… there are presently too few idiots like you left in this world.”

“Thank you, Guild Leader!” Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly towards Qiu Yun’s back.

Ever since they met, this was the first time that he sincerely called him ‘Guild Leader’.

Next, Chen Xiaolian did something that others might indeed consider as stupid.

He used his remaining 300 points at the Guild’s Special Exchange System to exchange out a B Class ‘Autumn Stone Protective Suit’.

The B Class Autumn Stone Protective Suit is very similar to the protective suit that Chen Xiaolian had seen before in terms of shape. It is shaped like a tight sleeveless vest seemingly made with lighter material. Feeling it with his fingertips, he could feel a sense of softness that carried with it a tough nature.

He lifted the silvery white vest with his hands. It is very light and has about the same weight as an ordinary sweater.

Chen Xiaolian did not wear it upon himself. Instead, we walked to Soo Soo’s side and placed the protective suit upon Soo Soo.

“Be obedient, wear it properly!” Chen Xiaolian said in a deep voice.

Soo Soo raised her head in surprise and used a peculiar expression to glance at Chen Xiaolian. The little girl did not say anything or tried to refuse. She obediently wore the protective suit.

Due to the elastic nature of the material, it was not difficult for even the thin, little girl to wear it. The suit was able to roughly complement her body.

“All right,” Chen Xiaolian helped smoothen her ruffled hair and smiled. “This time, you will be much safer.”

Chen Xiaolian stood up and rested the axe upon his shoulder. He turned to look at Qiu Yun who was standing not far away. “Guild Leader, are we heading out now?”

Soo Soo stood behind Chen Xiaolian, a strange look flashing across her little face. She lowered her head, both her hands were clenched tightly before being loosened… she then extended her hand to gently grab onto the corners of Chen Xiaolian’s clothes.

Chen Xiaolian failed to notice that Soo Soo had murmured something in a low tone, as though she was talking to herself.

“… Xiaolian oppa…”

Soo Soo’s expression turned into an oasis of calmness.

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