Gate of Revelation - Chapter 601

Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Part 1 Messing With People’s Hearts


Assuming the masters here could casually create an [S] class powerhouse from thin air… … how strong would that person be?

Chen Xiaolian was thoroughly shocked. However, a spark of thought flashed through his mind. Something had seemingly flickered within his mind. Unfortunately, the thought was fleeting and disappeared before he could fully grasp it.

Even so, Chen Xiaolian could instinctively sense something wrong here.

Something is definitely not right here!

Such a powerful existence cannot possibly exist!

Otherwise, the balance of the game would be turned upside down.

The Avenging Angel stood before Chen Xiaolian. Reaching out with his hand, he gripped Chen Xiaolian by the throat and hoisted him up. Next, the Avenging Angel sent a punch toward Chen Xiaolian’s abdomen area.

The punch elicited several intense coughs from Chen Xiaolian. Next, the Avenging Angel tossed him onto the ground. Chen Xiaolian, who had been discarded upon the ground, did not even have the strength to get up. He could only kneel there as he puked. The intense pain rocking his abdomen area was incredibly severe.

“Have you fallen into despair? Knowing that your opponent is too strong, knowing that no matter how you fight, even if you exert all the strength you have, you will not be able to win. Have you fallen into despair? Is that why you are lying on the ground, unwilling to get up?”

The voice from the sky spoke up once more, carrying with it a boundless amount of ridicule.

“He he… …” Chen Xiaolian snickered in a low voice.


“Ha ha ha!” Chen Xiaolian raised his head. However, he did not raise his head to look at the Avenging Angel before him. Rather, he raised his head up to look coldly at the sky.

The Avenging Angel, who had raised his sword once more, suddenly lowered the sword.

“What are you laughing at?” asked the voice.

“Have you been reading too much Japanese manga?” Chen Xiaolian sneered and continued, “Those two-dimensional words from big BOSSES, where did you learn that from?”

“You have quite the mouth.” The voice sneered. “Since that is the case, just go die.” 

“Oh? You want to kill me?” Surprisingly, there was no sign of fear on Chen Xiaolian’s face at all. “I am eagerly awaiting that moment.”

“You… what did you say?”

“Am I wrong?” Chen Xiaolian laughed out. “Kill? Go ahead. I am curious as to when you will do so.”

As he spoke, Chen Xiaolian straightened his body. “I kept getting the feeling that there is something wrong. Only now did I realize it.”

Chen Xiaolian then pointed up at the sky. “You, cannot kill me! Oh, that is not right. I mean, you simply cannot kill any participants! Am I right?”

“… … …” The voice grew silent for a moment. Next, it scoffed and said, “Nonsense, I had nearly killed you in the third stage. You had nearly died to Phoenix. If not for the fact that you possess the Lifehymn Music Score, you would have died by my hands.”

“No, the one who nearly killed me was not you, it was Phoenix.” Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly. “Trying to play god? How much longer to you plan on putting up this charade before me? Humph!”

“… … you…”

Chen Xiaolian cast a dismissive look at the Avenging Angel before him before pointing a finger at him. “He cannot kill me because he is your creation. He was created from thin air. If I have to guess, you had utilized a certain method to occupy this instance dunge

on, turning this place into your domain. Thus, inside this place, you are infinitely powerful! Any participant who enters this instance dungeon, no matter how powerful they may be, they will be unable to fight you. Because in here, you are the equivalent of the system.

“How could the participants go against the instance dungeon? The rules within this place is under your control. Thus, no matter what they do, they will be unable to fight against you.

“And yet… … although you are as powerful as the system, you also have a fatal weakness.

“And that weakness is… … the system does not have the authority to kill of any game participants!

“Thus, within this place, you, an existence similar to the system, cannot directly kill me or any other game participant!

“If you want to kill someone, you will need to utilize some other methods. For example, the three stages earlier. You were simply trying to be mysterious! You had pushed the level of difficulty in the first two stages to such a high level, making it so hard to clear. However, even if we did nothing there, we would not have died in the first two stages because the rules forbid it!

“The third stage is where you really had the chance to kill me. You managed to control one of my companions. Utilizing her hand, you thus gained the ability to kill me!

“Let me guess. You do not have the authority to kill any one of the participants in this instance dungeon because you are just a counterfeit system-like existence!”

After a lengthy period of silence…

“How did you find out?”

“I should have figure it out long ago.” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “A pity, I had only figured this out just now.”


“You are too strong. So much so that I can hardly fight back… … I already possess the ability to unleash short bursts of [S] class power, but your strength is such that I do not even know what to make of it… I had encountered such a powerful existence once before. However, that was under special circumstances.

“From a theoretical point of view, existences as powerful as you fellows are an impossibility – it is a violation of the game balance.

“Most importantly, just now, you had created an [S] class powerhouse from thin air.

“That power… … made me thought of an issue.”

“What issue?”

“We have entered this instance dungeon for a long time now. You, you are so powerful. Logically, given how powerful you are, if you wanted to kill us, you could have taken action much earlier.

“My group had been split up for a long time now. I do not know what happened to the others but my team had encountered quite a bit. There were the snow-capped mountains, the forest, various monsters… … if you wanted to kill us, not suffering from a single loss of life at this juncture would have been an impossibility.

“From the beginning until now, we had not experienced any real life and death situations – the only time I nearly died was when you made use of Phoenix.

“Thus… … I figured it out.

“Since you are so powerful, why didn’t you kill us along the way?

“The only explanation here is, either you never wanted to kill us or you simply cannot kill us!”


The Avenging Angel sent Chen Xiaolian flying with a kick.

His body skidded across the airport runway and smashed into the terminal building.

The tempered glass of the building was smashed apart. Chen Xiaolian, who lay amid a pile of damaged waiting chairs, coughed out blood. Despite that, his face revealed no fear. Instead, he laughed loudly.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It is so funny I am going to die from laughter!”

Another voice suddenly spoke up from the sky. This voice sounded deeper. However, it sounded as though it was struggling to breathe due to excessive laughter.

GOR Chapter 601 Part 2 Messing With People’s Hearts


Another voice suddenly spoke up from the sky. This voice sounded deeper. However, it sounded as though it was struggling to breathe due to excessive laughter.

“This kid is more interesting than I expected. He is also much smarter. After all this time, he is the first to see through your shenanigans. I say, old freak, this game of yours is already exposed. Don’t you feel awkward right now? Even if you feel angry due to embarrassment, there is no need to beat him up to vent your rage. Even if you beat him up, you cannot kill him. Causing him pain will only make others mock you.”

“Shut up! You bastard! Get out of my domain!”

“Humph, we agreed that we can observe each other’s game. Must I scram just because you want me to?”

Hearing the two voices in the sky bickering with one another, Chen Xiaolian felt somewhat shocked. Even so, he remained silent and said nothing. Instead, he retrieved a healing substance and shoved it into his mouth.

“Kid, there is no need to waste healing substances. Those wounds the Avenging Angel gave you are all illusions. When the illusion is over, the wounds will naturally go away. Of course, if you are a plutocrat with too much points to spare and you want to treat healing substances as snacks, that is up to you.”

Chen Xiaolian inhaled before speaking up, “You fellows, just who are you people?”

The Avenging Angel walked until he was standing before Chen Xiaolian. He gave Chen Xiaolian a cold stare.

Chen Xiaolian turned to stare back.

Suddenly, the Avenging Angel lifted his sword up and slashed down with it.

Chen Xiaolian revealed no fear and he simply watched as the sword descended.


The blade of the sword stabbed into the wall beside Chen Xiaolian’s ear.

Next, the Avenging Angel turned away and vaulted up before disappearing into the sky.

Chen Xiaolian, who remained standing there, was dumbfounded.

“Kid, congratulations. You have cleared this instance dungeon – also, ever since we took over this instance dungeon, you are the first to clear it.”

A voice spoke up from the sky. It was the second voice.


“Correct. We have given this game the name ‘Discern life and death’. Mm, that is how it is. Ever since this game first began until now, you are the first to discern the secret of this place. Congratulations to you. The reward is very big.”

Chen Xiaolian sneered. “Clearing the game? Reward? You fellows really consider yourselves as the system, huh?”

“What you actually want to say is: You fellows really consider yourselves as gods, right?”

“Something like that.”

“Enough, I am not the other fellow. My skin is much thicker compared to that fellow. Your stabbing words have no effect on me. Now… … let’s go to the ‘after clearing the game’ process.”

After the words were spoken, Chen Xiaolian felt everything flash before him. The world before him disappeared. The airport, the terminal building, the runway… … all of them disappeared.

He found himself standing within an empty space. His surroundings, the space above him, all of them were empty. As for him, he sat on a metallic, disc-like object within the void.

“Now, the first step. You can make a wish.”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Chen Xiaolian laughed in a ridiculing manner. “I take back what I said earlier. You fellows weren’t imagining yourselves as gods. You fellows imagine yourselves to be wish-granting genies – can you grant any wish?”

“Of course not. How could such a wonderful thing exist?” the voice was quick to respond. “This is also part of the test. You will need to guess what we are capable of. As long as it is within our powers, your wish will be ours to fulfil. We will certainly satisfy your wish. However… … if it is beyond our powers, you will have wasted one wish.”

“Guess what you fellows are capable of?” Chen Xiaolian sneered and said, “I understand. For example, if I ask you to destroy the system, that wish cannot be realized, right?”

“If we can do something like that, there will be no need for us to coop ourselves inside this instance dungeon.” The voice sighed.

Chen Xiaolian grew silent.

He solemnly pondered the matter.

Truth be told, there were many issues in need of answers swirling within his mind. For example, the events in Zero City, what he had done within that special room, why did Zero City’s defensive protocols get lifted, etc.

However, despite the various thoughts within his mind, there was no doubt which one was the biggest. There was only one!

“If, I am saying, if…” Chen Xiaolian asked seriously, “If I want to resurrect a companion who had died and was not refreshed into an ordinary person… … is there any way you fellows can help?”

“… … …”

The voice grew silent for a long time.

In the end, the voice finally sighed. “Not getting refreshed into an ordinary human after death… … so, that companion of yours is an Irregularity.”

“Yes. Also, there is no need for you to ask. I can answer you. I am also an Irregularity.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head before continuing, “That way, we can save time on nonsense. Let us continue.”

“You are quite clever.” The voice did not sound surprised to hear about Irregularities. Instead, it continued slowly, “Just now, if you had just asked us to help you resurrect your companion, we will be unable to do it. Then, you will have wasted this wish. However, what you said was: Is there any way we can help… thus, I will have to be truthful. A way… … there really is one.”


“Don’t get too happy just yet. This method is a theoretical one. No one has succeeded before.”

“Enough nonsense. Out with it, what is the method?”

The tone of the voice then turned serious.

“Let us make an analogy. Theoretically speaking, this world is the equivalent of the interior of a computer. The one in control of this world is the main program within the computer. All of us are but existences within a game. Comparison wise, you, me, everyone within this game is a file within the game. Everyone of us is a file.

“For Awakened ones, after dying, their file type will be changed from ‘Awakened’ to ‘Ordinary human’. It is the equivalent of changing the extension of the file.

“However, Irregularities are different. Once an Irregularity dies, his or her file will be deleted.

“Now, a question. When you use a computer, after you delete a file, where will the file be sent to?”

Chen Xiaolian considered the question and replied, “Recycle Bin? The dumpster?”

“Reality wise, that is not what happens. However… … comparatively speaking, it should be more or less the similar.” The voice continued slowly, “Thus, there should be a place similar to a ‘Data Recycling Centre’ within this system.”

“Wait, ‘should’?” asked Chen Xiaolian.

“Nonsense, of course this is just a theoretical guess. I have never died and gone to that place before.” 

“Continue, then,” said Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“So… think about it. Under normal circumstances, as a file within this game, what do you need to do in order to get to the Recycle Bin? It is not within any folder! It is not even within the computer’s drives. Do you understand? There has never been a case where a file can just jump into another folder. Unless… …”

“Unless I die!” said Chen Xiaolian gravely.

GOR Chapter 601 Part 3 Messing With People’s Hearts


“Correct. Unless an Irregularity dies! An Awakened dying likely will not do because they will not be sent to the Recycle Bin after their death. They will remain within the game folder while their extension is changed. So, in order to head to the Recycle Bin, the one to die must be an Irregularity such as you.”

“But if I die, how can I go save others?”

“That is why I said, we have a way to help you.” The voice laughed before continuing, “As it so happens, there is this type of item. Simply put, it is something to trick the system… … a prop for faking death.”

“A prop for faking death? Where?”

“Simple. It is in your hands.”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian was stunned for a moment. However, he quickly spoke up, “The Lifehymn Music Score?”

“Exactly, that prop.” The voice laughed out once more and said, “Since that item is with you… you should already know how to use it, right? Store your life inside it, then die. After that comes the crucial part – do not resurrect immediately! Instead, wait!”


“Yes, wait.” The voice continued. “According to our judgement, after the death of any game participant, the system will initiate an undeclared resolution period for that participant… … how long will that resolution period last, we do not know. However, the purpose of that resolution period is likely for… … err, how should I put it, waiting for resurrection props. The system knows that some participants possess resurrection props. Thus, whenever someone dies, it will not immediately take action to deal with it. Otherwise… … just think about it, an Awakened dies and the system immediately refreshes the dead Awakened to an ordinary human only for the refreshed Awakened’s companions to use a resurrection prop on him or her. Wouldn’t there be chaos?

“Thus, the system will initiate an undeclared resolution period. That undeclared resolution period is to await the grace period for resurrection that resurrection props have. 

“After the undeclared resolution period is over, it would mean that the grace period for resurrection that resurrection props have is over as well. As no one had chosen to resurrect the dead participant, the system will deal with the situation. Awakened ones will be sent for refresh while Irregularities will be sent to the Recycle Bin… … something like that.”

“So, what should I do?”

“Store your life in the Lifehymn Music Score. Then, go die. However, do not resurrect yourself within the time period specified by the Lifehymn Music Score! Remember, do not let your companions resurrect you. Wait until the time specified by the music score ends. That way, the system will conclude that you are dead and send you to the Recycle Bin.”

“… wait a minute, if I wait until the time period for resurrection is over, wouldn’t I die for real? No more resurrection?”

“Ha ha ha! Under normal circumstances, the ‘Lifehymn Music Score’ produced by the system cannot be used in such a manner. Because using it in such a manner would really kill you. What I mean is, the Lifehymn Music Score must be a ‘special version.”

Special version?

Chen Xiaolian was left dumbfounded.

“Do you know? The Lifehymn Music Score you have is a product of the system. It is an extremely rare resurrection prop. In terms of rarity, it is even higher up compared to other [S] class props. After all, no matter how rare powerful equipment may be, life remains priceless.

“As far as I can tell, the present number of resurrection-type props created by the system does not exceed three.

“Naturally, even though it is extremely rare, you cannot utilize the Lifehymn Music Score to do what I just said earlier. Since it was created by the system, it cannot go against the rules of the system. Thus, the grace period for resurrection cannot exceed the system’s undeclared resolution period. Otherwise, there will be conflicts in executions.

“Thankfully, you are quite lucky. You had encountered us.”


“The special version I mentioned is one that can go against the original grace period for resurrection. It is an ‘overclocked’ type. By using unorthodox means, its grace period for resurrection has been prolonged to become much longer than the system’s undeclared resolution period! As long as you write your name on it and die, once you are dead for a period exceeding the system’s undeclared resolution period, you will be sent to the Recycle Bin. As long as you do not remain dead longer than the ‘overclocked grace period’, you can be resurrected! Even though you have been sent to the Recycle Bin, by using it to resurrect yourself, the system will determine that you are still alive. So, it is possible that it will automatically send you back to this game world!”

“Possible?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a wry smile.

“Of course. Like I said, I have never died before, I have never gone to that place. How could I know? All of these are but our speculations.”

“How can I get the special version of this Lifehymn Music Score?”

“You are lucky, I can modify it.” The voice suddenly laughed out wickedly. Then, it continued, “A pity, if I am not mistaken, the Lifehymn Music Score in your hand is a fragment. Only if you have the whole thing, in other words, the original, can I modify it. Otherwise… …”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian grew anxious. “How do I get the whole version?”

“Too simple.” The voice laughed. Its laughter grew increasingly wicked. “I will be honest with you. The Lifehymn Music Score originally belonged to me. Back then, due to special circumstances, that item was damaged and part of it became lost. I do not even know how part of it came into your possession. As it so happens… … the other part is in my hands. You want a whole version of the prop? Simple, just ask me for it.”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. “I am guessing you are not going to just give it to me, are you?”

“Of course not!” the voice snapped. “You are neither my friend, son, or disciple. I owe you nothing! Why should I just give it to you?”

“… but I had made a wish.”

“Your wished for a way. We have given you a way. As long as you possess the original, a whole Lifehymn Music Score, I will help you modify it. However, you do not. Thus, I have no obligation to help you find it.”

“Enough nonsense. Spit it out. What will it take for you to give it to me?”

“It is very simple, a game. If you win, I will fuse the Lifehymn Music Score back to its wholesome state. Next, following the contents of your wish, I will modify it into the special version.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

A game, another bloody game.

“Tell me about it.”

“It is simple. A duel between two parties. You put a bet on one party. If the one you bet on wins, it is your victory.”

“I don’t mind. But if you just create an [S] class powerhouse, that is just cheating. I will not be able to win.”

“This is a game!” The voice grew furious. It continued, “When playing games, the important thing is to have fun, not to win! Cheating to win, is there any meaning to such actions? If there is any meaning in cheating, we would have killed off every one of you long ago! What we seek is entertainment. Thus, for this duel, we will not create an opponent you cannot possibly defeat.”

“Fine, I will personally fight. Now, who do I have to fight?”

“No, no, no. You cannot fight.” The voice laughed and said, “You are the one putting the bet, you cannot participate! If you deliberately bet on you losing before throwing the game, that won’t do.”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian was speechless – truth be told, he did consider that move.

“It is very simple. So many of you have entered this instance dungeon. You choose one of them while I choose another. We will have those two duel each other! How about it?”

“… … …”

As Chen Xiaolian was considering the proposal…


Four curtains of light suddenly appeared before him.

“Group A, there is you, Chen Xiaolian, Hossein. Ah, the two ordinary humans don’t count.

“Group B, Soo Soo – by the way, I quite like this cunning little girl. You may send her out. Who knows, due to me liking this little girl, I might send in a weaker opponent for her. Then, there are Nicole, and Tian Lie. I detest this bald guy the most. I would love to see him suffer.”

“Group C, Phoenix, Sawakita Mitsuo, and Nagase Komi.”

After glancing at the three curtains of light, Chen Xiaolian became stunned.

He saw that there was actually a Group D.

A fourth group?

In this instance dungeon, besides those people he knew, there were other strangers as well?

“Group D, War Tiger and Wang Sheng.”

The voice said nonchalantly, “From what I can gather, the first three groups consist of people you know. You fellows did not even know there was a fourth group. That makes this simple. In order to avoid cheating, you can choose someone you know. As for me, I will choose someone from the fourth group. That way, you will have no way of knowing the other party’s strength. Now that is interesting.” 

War Tiger? Wang Sheng?

Those two names were unfamiliar to him.

Chen Xiaolian grew silent.

“I… …”

As Chen Xiaolian was about to speak up, the voice suddenly spoke out coldly, “Don’t try anything funny. If you are thinking about selecting the weakest one among those you know and bet on that fellow losing, I will have to warn you that this duel is a duel to the death!”

Chen Xiaolian froze.

A duel to the death!

Chen Xiaolian looked at the four screens before him and took a deep breath.

No matter who he chose… … someone must die.

He inhaled, a grim look on his face. “There is no way to around it. Since someone has to die, I cannot allow my companions or friends to die!”

Chen Xiaolian pondered.

He had first excluded Nicole and Tian Lie.

His reasoning was simple. Nicole was a Floating Angel from the Angel Corps while Tian Lie was stronger than her… 

However… there will always be a higher mountain.

As this was a duel to the death, Chen Xiaolian had excluded the two of them.

It was not that he did not have faith in their strength, rather…

They were both Irregularities.

After dying, they will not be resurrected.

Resurrecting Qiao Qiao was already proving to be a herculean task. If either Tian Lie or Nicole were to die… … only Heaven knew how much more difficult it would be.

Naturally, he had also excluded Soo Soo.

Hossein… … he possessed a great deal of power…


Chen Xiaolian had no understanding of his power. He was unable to determine if Hossein could win.

As for Nagase Komi, she possessed quite a decent amount of strength. However, she was still not good enough.

Sawakita Mitsuo was also quite strong, but…

Then, Chen Xiaolian suddenly thought of something.

During the third stage, why did the master of this place choose Phoenix to act as the gatekeeper?

The master here did now know that Chen Xiaolian would be the one to fight in the third stage.

Therefore, the master chose Phoenix not because he or she wanted to mess around with others by having him fight a battle of life and death against a friend.



The likely scenario was: The master of this place judged that, among the group of three, consisting of Phoenix, Sawakita Mitsuo, and Nagase Komi… … the strongest among them was Phoenix.

The master of this place could not choose a weaker one because that would result in him or her losing.

Choosing one that will win was a must.

Thus, it was necessary to choose the strongest.

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Xiaolian decided. However, as he was about to speak up, his heart gave a thump.

With a pale expression, he raised his head and said with a sigh. “I’m not choosing!”

“What did you say?”

“I said. I am not choosing!” Chen Xiaolian clenched his fists. “I am not choosing! I do not want your Lifehymn Music Score fragment! I don’t want it!”


“It is very simple. I really want to resurrect a companion of mine who had died because she is not only my companion, she is also my girlfriend. However… … me loving her, that is my personal business. Morality or conscience wise, I have no right to send another friend to their death for the sake of resurrecting my girlfriend! Something so unprincipled and despicable, I cannot do it.” Pausing, Chen Xiaolian then said, “Likewise, it is also the same for the two strangers. I have no grudge against them. To potentially kill an innocent person to save my girlfriend… … I cannot do it.”

“… … understood,” the voice replied coldly. “If that is the case, you may leave. I can send you out of this instance dungeon. At any rate, you completed this game. I suppose it is a clear.”

“All right, when can we leave? My companions… …”

“I said: You may leave. Because you have cleared this game. Your companions, on the other hand… … they did not!” The voice laughed and continued, “Do you think we are doing charity work here? To be so kind-hearted? Just because you alone managed to clear the game, you think I would allow the others to leave? What kind of good dream are you having? Next, your companions and friends will have to continue going through the test. However, I will have to be honest with you… … it is likely that none of them will be able to leave this place alive.”

“… … …”

“Why is that? It is as we have said earlier. Since the day we occupied this instance dungeon, you are the first to clear it. You do not need to participate in the next test, but not them. In the colosseum, they will continue killing… … furthermore, that battle you had with Phoenix was very interesting. However, I believe there is no way you could write everyone’s name in the Lifehymn Music Score. For those who remain, I might just have them kill each other, just like you and Phoenix… in the end, at least half of them must die. Ah, right. There is an even more interesting test after that… …”

“… you bastard!” Chen Xiaolian snapped out furiously.

“Actions through the mouth is the weakest action.” The voice snickered and said, “However, I can… …”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian’s chest heaved up and down. “You can what?”

“We can add a game between us. If you win, not only will I grant you the version of Lifehymn Music Score you want, I will also give everyone the clear status! However, if you lose… …”

The voice took on a different tone. “You stay! Stay in this instance dungeon forever and accompany us! Deal or no deal?”

Chen Xiaolian was momentarily at a loss for words. “For you to force me to such a corner, why?”

“Because I am a bad person! Because I love messing with people’s hearts! Gyah ha ha ha ha ha!”

Within another space, two voices were conversing with one another.

“You really plan on giving him the special version of the music score?”



“Simple. Back then, that fellow took my music score to go save Bai Qi, but… … the two of them disappeared, never to return. Now, I am very curious to know if this kid could do it.”

“If that is the case, must you force him to this wager? Is there any meaning to messing around with him?”

“Naturally, when going for the main course, it is necessary to add seasoning to increase the flavour.”

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