Gate of Revelation - Chapter 603.2

Chapter 603.2

GOR Chapter 603 Part 2 Phoenix’s Revenge


The warblade’s name was Flex Edge. By luck, Wang Sheng had picked up this weapon in his first instance dungeon after becoming an Awakened. Although it had no special damaging properties, it came with a special skill, the ability to change its shape depending on the whims of its wielder. 

In its initial state, Flex Edge was simply an ordinary metal hilt. However, all he needed to do was to pour his focus into it to have it change its form. It could take the shape of anything, a warblade, great axe, or even… a shield.

After following his Guild Leader, War Tiger, through several instance dungeons, Wang Sheng found that Flex Edge’s skill was not limited to simple transformation, far from it.

The skill’s ability would grow alongside its wielder’s combat experience.

After undergoing battle after battle, Flex Edge would accumulate combat experience. It became capable of scoping out its surroundings and enemy attacks, thereby allowing it to make its own judgements on how to transform and take on incoming attacks by itself.

It was precisely due to his ownership of this equipment that Wang Sheng would become so confident after thinking that Phoenix was a melee-type combatant.

Phoenix gritted her teeth and she coolly regarded Wang Sheng. She kept dodging around while utilizing her dagger to ward off Flex Edge’s attacks, which could come from various bizarre angles. As she did, she continued to calculate the time until she could once again use her True Samadhi Fire.

Besides the True Samadhi Fire, Phoenix also possessed other skills. However, she chose not to display them. From the beginning of this battle until now, she had not brought out her wand.

It was clear to her that this was a duel to the death. Additionally… … Chen Xiaolian had selected her…

She must finish off the opponent before her with one hit. She must not give him any chances.

The amount of space for Phoenix to move about gradually shrank due to Wang Sheng’s attacks. Seeing that, however, did not cause any look of concern to appear on Chen Xiaolian’s face. Instead, he turned to look at the distant Han Bi.

At that moment, Han Bi had also shifted his gaze toward Chen Xiaolian.

After his earlier outburst of rage, Han Bi had managed to calm himself down. Likewise, his face betrayed no emotions. He simply looked at Chen Xiaolian, their eyes meeting in mid-air.

Next, Chen Xiaolian saw Han Bi reach out with his hand to point at Phoenix, who was inside the arena. After that, he made a throat slitting gesture.

Chen Xiaolian sighed to himself.


At that moment, Flex Edge no longer took the form of a warblade. Instead, it had taken the form of what appeared to be a vine. It stretched out to surround the two of them and countless branches and spikes extended from it toward Phoenix.

Every time they struck Phoenix’s dagger, a ringing sound could be heard.

“Cool down… done!”

Phoenix’s face had originally been one of solemnness. Suddenly, a smile flashed across her face while her eyes exuded extreme iciness.

Next, the dagger disappeared while a wand suddenly appeared within her right hand.

Before Wang Sheng could react, Han Bi froze. Seeing the wand, he then slammed a fist upon the energy wall.

“Be careful! That woman is a magus!”

Han Bi had met Phoenix before in the punishment instance dungeon. However, he never did get to see Phoenix in a fight. He also never saw what equipment Phoenix usually used.

Just now, seeing Phoenix use only the dagger and her body techniques to exchange blows with Wang Sheng, Han Bi’s anxious heart gradually grew relaxed – slightly.

She was, after all, a Guild Leader. There was a limit to how weak someone like her could be. In the announcement earlier, the two old freaks had mentioned that Phoenix was the last remaining member of Coffeehouse Guild. The rest of her guild members had been killed.

That meant her guild had, in an instance dungeon, met annihilation.

However, Han Bi himself could not know that the one that annihilated Coffeehouse Guild was the punishment instance dungeon. Additionally, the one who caused Phoenix to lose her last remaining member, leaving her all alone, was Han Bi himself.

Thinking about how her guild had suffered from annihilation… maybe… it was possible that the strength of this woman known as Phoenix had fallen substantially.

Wang Sheng… … might win?

That was what Han Bi had thought. However, when Phoenix pulled out her wand, Han Bi’s heart sank.

That dagger was not Phoenix’s main weapon of choice.

If Phoenix’s weak performance earlier where she was barely able to exchange blows with Wang Sheng was not her toying with him, that would mean…

She was waiting for her skill cool down.

In just an instant, Han Bi had figured all that out. Unfortunately, there was no way for his shouts to get past the energy wall.

Also… even if it could, it could not save Wang Sheng from certain death.

With the disappearance of the dagger, there was nothing left to block Flex Edge. As Flex Edge’s attacks stabbed forward from every direction, Phoenix flicked her left hand to cast out a stack of talismans.

After leaving Phoenix’s left hand, the talismans transformed into clumps of golden light. Part of them rested protectively around Phoenix’s figure while the rest struck and seeped into Flex Edge. The countless metal barbs that were about to stab into Phoenix immediately grew sluggish.

With a flash, Phoenix extricated herself from Flex Edge’s encirclement.

All of those happened in a flash. Before Wang Sheng could react, he had already lost his advantage against Phoenix.

He frantically controlled Flex Edge to change its form. Next, he grew even more frantic to discover that his ability to control Flex Edge and Flex Edge’s ability to move by itself had seemingly disappeared.

No, it had not disappeared. Flex Edge was still moving. However, its rate of movement had grown incomparably slow. Assuming that Flex Edge had been moving as fast Usain Bolt, it now moved like a baby crawling on the ground.

“Pretty good weapon. But… … an equipment with only physical attacks, no matter how powerful it may be, it is limited. Did you really think… … all Players and Awakened ones could just engage in melee combat?”

Said Phoenix, who was standing behind Wang Sheng, her voice icy.

Wang Sheng did his best to control Flex Edge to have it transform, restoring it back to its original form of the warblade. Next, he turned around to face Phoenix, Flex Edge’s blade positioned before him. However, the confidence from earlier was no longer there on his face.

Flex Edge, which had been like his own finger, now felt as though it weighed 10,000 kilogrammes.

“If you have no other moves, then let this duel…”

Phoenix waved her wand and said, “End!”

Flames burst out from Flex Edge, which Wang Sheng was holding, and surged upward along the blade.

Wang Sheng exclaimed and hastily threw Flex Edge away, letting it fall to the ground with a clang.

Metal was not a flammable material. However, after the warblade was set on fire, it continued to burn, showing no signs of extinguishing.

Wang Sheng stared dumbfoundedly as Flex Edge slowly melted from the flames. It was not transforming as it had earlier. Rather, it was melting into a liquid state.

Phoenix waved her left hand again and numerous golden coloured talismans flew out before flying toward Wang Sheng.

“No… don’t!”

Having witnessed the ferocity of the fire attack, Wang Sheng’s whole body trembled.

Flex Edge was the [A] class weapon that he had found in his first instance dungeon. Since then, any points he earned would go into enhancing his melee capabilities. He knew very well that he had no ability to stop Phoenix’s magic attacks.

Even Flex Edge, a liquid metal weapon, was unable to withstand the flames… … if it struck him…

“Bo… boss! You are here, aren’t you? Save me! Save meeee!!!”

Wang Sheng raised his head up to look at the stands around him and shouted.

He could not see Han Bi. However, he knew that his Guild Leader must be watching the battle from the stands.

Behind the energy wall, Han Bi’s chest heaved up and down somewhat. Even so, no emotions appeared on his face.


As he screamed, flames burst out from every corner of his body, reducing him to a pile of ashes in an instant.

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