Gate of Revelation - Chapter 607

Chapter 607

GOR Chapter 607 Part 1 Tian Lie’s Request


The one… … whose hair is not red?

The astonished Chen Xiaolian turned to look at Tian Lie and his heart gave a thump.

Just now, he was the only one to walk through the door.

He was the only one to see the two old monsters within the white space.

Appearance wise, the punk youngster seemed to be only around 18 to 19 years old while the red-haired woman, too, looked fairly young. However, Chen Xiaolian knew all too well that the two of them were monstrosities who have lived through who knew how long. External appearance was something that could be modified.

If so… how could Tian Lie know that one of the two had red hair?

After a moment of silence, a voice spoke up from the sky. “Why are you looking for me?”

Chen Xiaolian frowned inwardly.

Although this voice sounded deep like that of a man, Chen Xiaolian, who had met the two monsters, could identify the voice.

Currently, the one talking to Tian Lie was the red-haired woman.

Given the fact that those two monsters possessed near GM-like authority within the instance dungeon, changing their voices was a simple matter for them.

Despite that, Chen Xiaolian said nothing. He simply pondered the matter in secrecy.

Tian Lie had his face looking upward as he said loudly, “There is this person. You owe this person a big favour.”

“Me? Owing others? Nonsense!” The red-haired woman said with a dismissive snort. “Who in this world could I owe a favour to?”

Tian Lie smiled and continued, “He once mentioned, should he encounter a problem he could not solve, the only one who is willing to help him, the only one who can help him, is you alone. And now, he has likely encountered the aforementioned problem.”

“Who is he?”


A raging roar suddenly reverberated through the sky of the colosseum, like a clap of thunder spreading through the sky.

Next, the space within the arena abruptly twisted. A pair of fair white hands appeared without any warning to tear the fabric of space.

A red-haired figure in white emerged from the resulting spatial tear. With a flash, the figure appeared before Tian Lie.

“That name, say it one more time!”

At that very moment, there was an incomparably ferocious expression on the red-haired woman’s face as she glared intently at Tian Lie. Her eyes had turned as red as her hair.

“Shen. I said, his name is Shen.”

The moment Tian Lie saw the woman, he knew that things had taken a wrong turn. However, he did not reveal any look of fear. Instead, he simply smiled and replied.

Those words had just left his mouth when his feet suddenly flew upward. His entire body hovered in the air.

Several finger marks appeared on the surface of his neck. It was as though the red-haired woman was tightly choking his neck with her hand.

However, the red-haired woman had not made any moves.

Even so, Tian Lie’s face was that of normalcy. In fact, there was a little look of disdain in his eyes. If that was a normal human in his shoes, that person would have long since struggled due to suffocation. For Tian Lie, however, the only change to him was the appearance of the faint metallic colour on the neck areas where the finger marks had appeared.

Looking closely, it was possible to see that there were minute streams of data flowing beneath the transformed layer of skin.

“This little fellow’s skill is metal digitization. You think attacks like that bring any effect on him? Seriously… … getting stupider…”

Another voice spoke up from the sky. It was the punk youngster, who had remained concealed.

>“Shut up!”

There was a terrifying expression on the red-haired woman’s face. With a wave of her hand, Tian Lie’s massive body was sent flying. With an air-piercing sound, his body shot through the air like an artillery blast before slamming into the side area of the stands.

Half of the stands area collapsed as a result.

“It has been so long… … you still hold such a grudge against Shen…”

It appeared that the punk youngster had no intention of appearing. Only his voice could be heard coming from the sky, echoing throughout the colosseum.

Tian Lie stood up from amid the dust and rubble, causing broken rocks to fall around. He dusted his body before walking toward the centre of the colosseum once more.

Seeing the nonchalant face on Tian Lie’s face, the expression of fury on the red-haired woman grew more intense. As she was about to make another move, a hand gently pressed down on her shoulder.

The punk youngster had, at an unknown moment, appeared behind her.

“See for yourself, he is not hurt at all. Here, you have no way of killing him. Even if you continue beating him up for the whole day, it is pointless, no?”

The punk youngster smiled at the red-haired woman and continued, “Besides… … he said he is looking for me.”

The red-haired woman abruptly turned her head to glare at the punk youngster. “Are you done being a busybody?”

The punk youngster shrugged and pursed his lips to the side. “I am just giving you a suggestion. If you are bored to the point where beating up a sandbag who cannot feel pain feels like a… … mm, interesting thing to do, well, do whatever you like. I can just wait on the side lines until you are done.”

After saying that, the punk youngster turned around and walked away. Seating himself in a corner with one knee up, he snapped his finger. Next, a bottle of coke appeared from thin air before him.

After unscrewing the bottle of coke, he took in a large mouthful. After that, he gave a loud burp and waved at the red-haired woman. “Go on, show me your sandbag hitting skills. Work hard, I will be watching you!”

The red-haired woman turned around and glared at the punk youngster.

The two of them exchanged glances for a long time. The punk youngster’s face maintained that lackadaisical expression while the red-haired woman’s face only grew increasingly livid.

After a long time had passed, the red-haired woman suddenly turned her head. Charging toward Tian Lie, she sent her left hand out and her fingers pierced through Tian Lie’s right shoulder like a blade.

Tian Lie should have possessed the ability to transform his body into streams of data. However, after the red-haired woman’s palm stabbed into him, Tian Lie found that he could no longer do anything to extricate himself. He was completely pinned down. Next, his body was slammed down the ground.

The red-haired woman’s right fist became like a tempest as it struck Tian Lie’s body repeatedly.

Knowing that he was no match for the old monster before him, Tian Lie was too lazy to put up a fight. No matter how powerful the red-haired woman’s strikes were, they were unable to bring him pain.

The force behind every one of the red-haired woman’s punch was the equivalent of the force of a battering ram. Booming sounds echoed throughout the colosseum.

Tian Lie’s body was bombarded by her punches and a huge crater was formed on the ground.

The red-haired woman unleashed one final, heavy punch down at Tian Lie. After that, however, she saw that there was only a look of indifference on Tian Lie’s face. She then released a lengthy sigh. After sending another glare toward the punk youngster, she turned around and walked away.

As she was walking, a door appeared before her. In but an instant, she made her way through the door. Next, the door disappeared.

“I have to say, you sure are lucky.”

It just so happened that the punk youngster had just finished his bottle of coke. He tossed the bottle aside, but the bottle disappeared even before it reached the ground.

He stood up and walked to stand before the crater. Crouching down, he looked at Tian Lie, who remained lying within the crater. “Mm, although she cannot kill you while you are inside this instance dungeon… … if your skill is not this digitization type capable of blocking off pain… … it is still easy for her to put you through hell for a bit. Can you get up on your own?”

Tian Lie turned to look at the punk youngster and nodded. Pushing with both hands, Tian Lie vaulted up from the crater and landed on his feet.

The punk youngster regarded Tian Lie and smiled. “Quite the good disposition. To be able to remain so calm after receiving a beating from her… for an [S] class… mm, not an easy feat.”

Hearing the punk youngster’s words, Tian Lie turned and gave Chen Xiaolian a solemn look: Thanks to you.

After their exchange of glances, Chen Xiaolian quickly understood what Tian Lie meant.

He had ‘died’ once and was resurrected as an Irregularity. Thus, his Tian Lie personality had merged with that of Da Gang.

If not for that, given the original Tian Lie’s character, would he allow the red-haired woman to treat him like a sandbag?

While the red-haired woman may not have any means of killing Tian Lie within this instance dungeon – even if Tian Lie retaliated against her attacks, it would not solve anything. Instead, it would only cause the others to be stuck there longer.

If being patient could solve the issue, well, be patient.

“Well, then. That woman has left. Although she could see everything that happens here regardless, I believe… …” The punk youngster smiled and said, “Given her current state, I think she is in no mood to be looking at us. Tell me, Shen… what kind of trouble did he encounter?”

Tian Lie shook his head. “I… … do not know either.”

“You do not know?” The punk youngster knitted his brows and smiled wryly. “It seems this is quite a big problem. At the very least, tell me what you know.”

“Shen has gone missing. No one can make contact with him.”

“Missing?” The punk youngster looked at Tian Lie. “He is a Player. Players are never a part of this world. If he does not log in, you will not be able to contact him. Isn’t that only normal?”

Tian Lie slowly shook his head. “That is not it. He has already gone missing for a long time. It is such that… … Thorned Flower Guild has entered a state of internal strife.”

“Is that so…” The punk youngster rubbed his chin and said with a serious tone, “Where was he last seen? Did you try to find him there?”

Tian Lie shook his head. “I am unable to go there. According to what I can gather, the place where he was last seen, where he had gone missing, is a place that we were never able to enter. Moreover… … at present, that place no longer exist.”

“What?” The punk youngster froze. A look of surprise appeared within his eyes. “Don’t tell me that place you are talking about is…” 

“You… have probably guessed it.” Tian Lie sighed. “That place is called Zero City.”

“Zero City… … disappeared?”

The punk youngster muttered those words a few times before staring at Tian Lie. “You… … are not joking?”

There was a solemn expression on Tian Lie’s face. “I don’t think I look like someone who would make such a joke.”

The punk youngster furrowed his brows and lowered his head, contemplating the matter silently. Suddenly, he extended his hand out and snapped his fingers.

Next, both him and Tian Lie disappeared.

GOR Chapter 607 Part 2 Tian Lie’s Request


Tian Lie looked down and saw whiteness beneath his feet. The white floor spread out to the horizon.

The punk youngster was standing beside him while the red-haired woman from earlier was sitting cross-legged within the space.

“As expected, you weren’t watching what is going on outside. I believe you do not know what this kid said to me just now.”

The red-haired woman ignored the punk youngster, choosing not to turn around at all. It would appear that she was sulking.

“Ignoring me?” The punk youngster smiled and shrugged. He turned to look at Tian Lie before turning his attention back to the red-haired woman. “It seems you have no interest at all in Zero City’s disappearance.”


The red-haired woman had been seated cross-legged some distance away. However, without making any move, she suddenly appeared before the punk youngster.

“Come again? Zero City disappeared?”

“I am not the one who said it. He was the one who told me about it.” The punk youngster shrugged once more and pointed at Tian Lie.

The red-haired woman regarded Tian Lie in a hesitant manner. “You say Zero City has disappeared… … just what has happened?”

“To be exact, Zero City did not disappear, it has fallen,” said Tian Lie calmly.

“Nonsense!” The red-haired woman scoffed. “You don’t even know what Zero City is! That is an independent system! Within Zero City, the main control system possesses an authority equivalent to that of the system’s GM! How could it become compromised? It is impossible for the system’s Electronic Guardians to even find its entrance point!”

Tian Lie spread open his hands. He did not say anything. Instead, he calmly looked at the red-haired woman.

“Enough, I believe there is no need for us to question that now.” The punk youngster sighed and continued, “Let him finish first.”

After saying that, the punk youngster turned toward Tian Lie and said, “Tell us what you know, all of it, no matter how minor it may seem.”

Tian Lie revealed a wry smile and shook his head. “Due to certain reasons, I do not know much. Only two things are certain – Zero City has fallen and Thorned Flower Guild has split due to Shen’s disappearance.”

“You are certain that Shen’s disappearance is related to Zero City’s fall?”

Tian Lie shook his head. “No. However, I managed to make contact with several Awakened members of Thorned Flower Guild. According to them, Shen was last seen leading the Player members of the guild to complete a system quest: The siege of Zero City. After that, he was never seen again.”

“By assembling every Player… add the system’s Electronic Guardians in, strength wise, taking down Zero City does not seem like an impossibility. Besides, the one leading them is Shen…” The punk youngster mumbled to himself. “However, the location of the entrance to Zero City is ever changing. Additionally, there is also the internal defensive mechanism. How could the system issue out a Player quest with Zero City’s entrance location?”

“I am not sure about that. I can only be certain that Zero City was indeed attacked. The other combatants who had followed Shen in were all teleported out of Zero City – those that were not killed in combat anyways.”

“Those who attacked Zero City were teleported out… …” The punk youngster pondered the matter. “If so, what about the people within Zero City?”

“Who knows?” Tian Lie shrugged. “All of Zero City’s contact personnel within the outside world are unable to contact their superior. However, I think… … it is unlikely that all of them had died.”

“It really is… … interesting.” The punk youngster turned to look at the red-haired woman, who had remained silent all this time. “I believe you feel the same.”

The red-haired woman sent a glance at the punk youngster and said, “It seems that Shen is trapped in Zero City.”

The punk youngster nodded in assent. “That is the only possibility. The only question is… … who could possess the ability to trap him within Zero City. Could it be…”

Before he could finish his words, the red-haired woman shook her head. “You mean that San? Impossible. He had once vowed never to interfere in matters related to Zero City anymore. Besides… to trap Shen? Since neither of us can do it, he will be no different.”

“That is true… I am growing even more intrigued now.” The punk youngster smiled. “You see, such an interesting incident is a rare occurrence. It won’t do to miss this situation with Shen.” 

The red-haired woman nodded her head and said lackadaisically, “Makes sense.”

A look of joy suddenly appeared on the punk youngster’s face. “Good. When do we set off?”

“We?” The red-haired woman abruptly rolled her eyes and said, “All I said was, your words made sense. When did I say I will be going with you? It doesn’t matter if you just want to join in the fun, or if you want to save Shen; if you want to go, just go. What does that have to do with me?”

The punk youngster’s throat froze and he grew speechless as he stared at the red-haired woman. After a long time, he sighed and shook his head. “Fine, you win. I will stay behind and accompany you in this game of attrition. Let’s see who will win.”

After saying that, the punk youngster turned to Tian Lie and spread his hands. “Negotiation failed. It seems Shen will have to fend for himself.”

Tian Lie frowned as the punk youngster turned away. Stunned, he said, “You do not want to save Shen?”

The punk youngster turned to look at Tian Lie. Giving him a rueful smile, he said, “It is not that I do not want to. Rather, I cannot. If she doesn’t leave, I have no way of leaving as well.”

Tian Lie shook his head. “I do not understand.”

The punk youngster turned to give the red-haired woman a glance, the same rueful smile on his face. “This woman… … back then, we had obtained the authority to this instance dungeon together. I believe you have already witnessed just how much control the two of us possess within this instance dungeon.”

“Within this instance dungeon…” Tian Lie considered. “You two are omnipotent, practically like the system itself.”

“Correct.” The punk youngster nodded. “However, there is a problem. Back then, due to certain reasons, the two of us obtained this instance dungeon and equally split the authority here. The two of us feel… feel very resentful. I mean, really, really, resentful!

“You might be thinking that the relationship between us two is pretty good, right? Wrong. A long, long time ago, we were indeed friends. It was not just us two, there was also Shen and… … several other bizarre weirdoes. However, due to certain circumstances, we all went our separate ways. Some of us remain friends, some became like strangers, some felt disgusted at some others, some… mm, want to kill each other as soon as they meet.”

“You two…” Tian Lie looked at the red-haired woman.

“Mm… me and her, we haven’t exactly gotten to the point where we would want to kill each other. However, be it me or her, neither one of us wants to live with the other in this instance dungeon. Even more importantly, however, neither of us wants to share the authority over this instance dungeon with the other.

“Throughout the many years, we have come to know everything about this instance dungeon. The instant one of us leaves this instance dungeon, the remaining one will be able to quickly seize the other half’s authority over this instance dungeon, kicking the other one out completely. Thus…”

The punk youngster sighed. “For so many years, the two of us have been restraining each other, staying within this instance dungeon and having the other trapped inside like within a prison.”

Tian Lie looked at the punk youngster before turning to look at the red-haired woman, who gave off a frosty atmosphere. He smiled wryly and said, “When you put it that way, you really have no way of following me out to save Shen.”

“Although I do owe Shen quite the favour… … it is not to the point where I can give up this instance dungeon.” The punk youngster spread his hands and said, “However… … if you really want to help him, I am not completely without a solution.”

“What solution?”

“You go!”

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