Gate of Revelation - Chapter 619

Chapter 619

GOR Chapter 619 Wu Ya


In his attempt to shake off the Thunderstorm Tank just now, Bluesea had furiously driven the sports car around more than 10 junctions. Even so, Bluesea still had a rough grasp on his present position.

The street he was in was much more congested compared to the earlier area. Vehicles were stopped everywhere. Some of them were even flipped over. Due to the circumstances, Bluesea was unable to push the sports car to its maximum speed. Then, he heard the sound of artillery coming from behind him. Realizing that the tank was embroiled in a battle with the monster, Bluesea grew somewhat relieved. After making a rough estimate on which way to go, he quickly proceeded to move toward the convenience store.

Regardless which side emerged victorious, the fight would delay both sides. By making use of this opportunity, Bluesea believed he would have enough time to rush toward the convenience store.

Seeing that its beam attack was blocked, the Karra beast released a furious howl. Next, its rear legs kicked the high-rise building and it pounced toward the rock wall.

Its huge body descended from the high-rise building, causing the wind to whistle around it as it did. In contrast, Wu Ya, who was standing in the middle of the street, appeared pitifully small.

The Karra beast raised up one of its forelimbs. The forelimb moved to slam down, putting its weight and the momentum of its fall behind this attack. Its target was none other than Wu Ya. The Karra beast would shatter not only Wu Ya, but also the surrounding areas.

Wu Ya, however, quickly glanced back at the Thunderstorm Tank. Under Deiha’s control, the tank had retreated to the end of the street. Seeing that, a relaxed look appeared on Wu Ya’s face.

As long as the Thunderstorm Tank is protected, everything will be all right!

After turning his gaze back to the Karra beast, a look of disdain coloured his eyes.

“Do you think you are big enough? Stupid beast!”

Wu Ya laughed out arrogantly and his body abruptly expanded like a balloon. The clothes on his person were instantly ripped to shreds as his muscles wriggled beneath his skin, like earthworms.

In but a flash, a clawed foot that was twice as large as the Karra beast’s foot rose up to meet the incoming attack.

Two feet slammed into each other and a loud booming sound echoed out. Next, the over 20-metre-high behemoth, the Karra beast, was sent flying backward.

Wu Ya had disappeared. In his place was something twice as big as the Karra beast. It was a- 


No, it was not exactly a dragon.

Four thick and sturdy limbs, and sharp clawed feet. The pair of wings behind it gave a gentle flap. It appeared almost similar to the mythical dragons from western legends.

However, the shape of its four limbs appeared closer to that of human limbs. Additionally, its head was that of a snake.

The snake head grinned, a bright red tongue extending out from its mouth. “Insect! This senior will use the body of Jormungandr to teach you what real power is!”

After the Karra beast was sent flying, it landed heavily on the ground. However, it quickly flipped itself back up, all four limbs on the ground. The scales on its body was no longer smoothly adhering to the surface of its body. Instead, they stood straight up.

This time, the Karra beast did not unleash a howl. Instead, a low growling sound came from its throat as it fixed its pair of eyes at Wu Ya.

Given its level of intellect, it was unable to understand what just happened. How could a creature as small as a speck of sand that should have died under its foot suddenly transform into a snake-headed dragon that was twice as big as itself.

“Terrified, insect?” Wu Ya lifted up his long neck and f

licked it in the air a few times as he strode forward.

The sight of a gigantic dragon walking forward in a bipedal manner should have appeared comical. However, Wu Ya’s display of the action created only terror.

Despite having entered a deterring stance, the gigantic creature before it was still approaching it. The Karra beast gave a howl and its four feet kicked the ground to jump backward.

However, it was not trying to escape.

Jumping up into the air, it landed against the high-rise building behind it. Then, it put all of its strength into kicking itself forward, charging right at Wu Ya at a speed superior to that from earlier. Bursting with power, its thick feet slammed down.

This time, Wu Ya sent his left palm forward.

His left palm intercepted the Karra beast’s incoming right foot. Right after that, he gripped the foot and swung, tossing the over 20-metre-high monster to the ground before him. Then, he balled his fist and sent a vicious punch down.

His one punch was sufficient to cause the surface of the ground and even the buildings to shake.

The Karra beast gave a miserable cry. The attack had broken its right limb; its muscles snapped as blood and flesh spilled out from the broken areas. 

Wu Ya kicked the Karra beast, releasing a burst of laughter from its fang-filled mouth.

The strength behind the kick sent the Karra beast flying and it slammed heavily onto the high-rise building behind it. The weight of the Karra beast and the power behind Wu Ya’s kick was too much for the building and it collapsed as a result. Large chunks of concrete fell down, burying the Karra beast beneath it.

Suddenly, a hiss rang out from under the rubble and a bluish ripple of energy spread out. The rocks on the Karra beast’s body were pushed away. Then, with its body bloody, it turned both its eyes to stare intently at Wu Ya.

It was, after all, a mature Karra beast. Although this opponent was bigger than it, had a more savage appearance, had utterly suppressed it, the Karra beast was not one to show cowardice. Instead, all of that had simply prodded its ferocious nature.

However, Wu Ya, in his snake-headed dragon form appeared disinterested in that. He grinned. Next, he unfolded his wings and flew.

This… is what you call real flight!

With just a gentle flap of his wings, Wu Ya had managed to fly above the surrounding high-rise buildings. Even if the Karra beast wanted to attack him, it would have no way of reaching him.

However, a mature Karra beast was a powerful beast, something that Thorned Flower Guild had utilized to break through Zero City’s defences. Watching Wu Ya, who was hovering in the sky, the Karra beast gave a low growl before raising its head up once more to roar.

Once again, a bluish glow appeared from its abdomen to travel up to its throat area.

Facing the Karra beast that was about to unleash another beam of light at him, Wu Ya showed no sign of fear. Instead, he laughed out loudly.

He balled his right hand into a fist and raised it high above his head.

A white sphere of light gradually appeared on his right fist and it swiftly rotated.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”

Deiha’s eyes were bulging. As he was moving the Thunderstorm Tank backward, he looked through the periscope at what was happening up above.

Up in the sky… … the snake-headed dragon monster that is even more terrifying that the Karra beast, could that be… … Mr Wu Ya?

As Deiha was reeling from amazement, he heard a deafening roar coming from the sky. “Deiha! Put up the protective shield!”

Despite having the tank between him and the sound, the roar had still managed to elicit a shudder from Deiha. He frantically turned on the Electromagnetic Shield, pushing it to its maximum setting.

Wu Ya watched as a layer of light suddenly shimmered over the outer surface of the Thunderstorm Tank, indicating that the shield had been turned on. Seeing that, Wu Ya revealed a satisfied smile.

Below him, the Karra beast had completed its build up process, one that had taken even longer than before. All of the bluish light was focused on its throat area, turning it into something like a Chinese lantern.

The skin area of its throat was stretched so thin that it was possible to see through the scales. The condensed light energy inside was like flowing liquid, moving slowly and incessantly within.

With a roar, the Karra beast’s lower jaw burst open. Like a blossoming flower, its mouth opened up into three as the beam of light, which was twice the size of its earlier attack, shot toward Wu Ya in the sky.

“Die, insect!”

Wu Ya’s bellow reverberated through the air, suppressing the Karra beast’s howl.

He furiously flung down the white sphere of light that was gathering on his right fist and it met the beam of light head on.

Back in Zero City, this beam of light had managed to destroy four Thunderstorm Tanks, and 20 plus remotely controlled Sentinel mechs. Now, this beam of light was broken by Wu Ya’s sphere of light.

Like a bullet hitting a fountain, the beam of light was incapable of stopping the sphere of light’s descent. Instead, it was split into two by the sphere attack. The two halves continued shooting upward, completely missing Wu Ya. As for the sphere of light, it continued to descend with an unstoppable force, slamming right into the Karra beast’s mouth.

When the Karra beast’s lower jaw made contact with the sphere of light, a dazzling explosion of light erupted. The sphere of light expanded violently, growing countless times bigger in size to envelop not only the Karra beast, but also the surrounding area.

The Karra beast did not even have the chance to release a cry of pain as the sphere of light continued expanding outward. Even the high-rise buildings that were not enveloped by the sphere of light were creaking uncontrollably. 

Countless pieces of glass had begun melting.

The instant Wu Ya hurled down the sphere of light, Deiha had turned his gaze away from the periscope to look instead at the monitoring screen. Even so, the instant the sphere of light erupted, the dazzling light had still forced Deiha to shut his eyes.

What little part of the light flashing out from the periscope was still enough to nearly burn Deiha’s retina.

For a moment, Deiha lost his sense of sight. However, his hand was still pulling the control shaft, moving the Thunderstorm Tank in a retreat path. The resulting tremor of the explosion, though, caused the Thunderstorm Tank to deviate slightly and slam into a building behind it.

At the same time, the resulting shockwave from the collision of the two energy attacks slammed the Thunderstorm Tank’s energy shield.

The alarms within the tank rang out furiously. The red light, which indicated danger, flashed continuously. Popping sounds came from the surface of the protective shield as it shook without respite. Despite the protection from the shield, the tank itself shook. It seemed as though it would break apart at any given moment.

That was just from the shockwave from the impact. If the tank had received a direct hit from any of the two attacks, it was likely that not even ashes would be left of the Thunderstorm Tank.

Deiha leaned against the seat with his eyes closed. His heart was racing uncontrollably.

This… … this is too terrifying!

He had heard the rumours that Mr Wu Ya was one of the strongest Irregularities within World’s End. However, until this day, Deiha had never imagined that Wu Ya’s strength could reach such terrifying heights.

If the mature Karra beast had appeared in an instance dungeon in the outside world, it would certainly be a BOSS-level monster. It could easily annihilate any ordinary team. To think that such an existence would become powerless before Mr Wu Ya.

Deiha suddenly considered himself fortunate. He was fortunate to have joined the coalition and become Mr Wu Ya’s companion.

If not for that, if someone as minor as him end up becoming enemies with Mr Wu Ya…

Deiha felt a chill run down his spine. Mr Wu Ya probably only needed one finger to poke him to death.

After the stinging sensation in his eyes had lessened somewhat, Deiha rapidly opened up his eyes to look out using the periscope.

The humanoid snake-headed dragon that was flapping its wings and hovering up in the sky had disappeared. As for the street before his position, it had utterly disappeared. All that was left was a colossal crater. It looked as though the place had just suffered from a nuclear strike.

Around half of the surrounding high-rise buildings had collapsed. Those that had not collapsed were badly damaged and they all tottered unsteadily.

From the edge of the crater, a figure slowly emerged from the pile of dust and moved toward the tank.

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