Gate of Revelation - Chapter 666

Chapter 666

GOR Chapter 666 Fox


“Hello to the three of you.”

After the door was opened, the snowy winds from the outside immediately surged into the little cabin.

The Irregularity was wearing a long trench coat over his body. He also wore a bowler hat on his head. His face was as pale as the snow outside.

Taking off the hat, he patted the snow off its surface before placing it before his chest. Then, he performed a slight bow toward Chen Xiaolian and the others. After that, he walked into the cabin by himself. Under their watchful eyes, the Irregularity sat himself down on one of the stumps.

Chen Xiaolian, Bluesea and Qiao Qiao exchanged glances but said nothing. The three of them were standing in a besieging formation, with the Irregularity in the middle.

“The snowy winds outside are too strong. It took me a long time to find this place. You have had to wait for a long time. I am very sorry.” The Irregularity courteously placed his hat on the table and took off the trench coat.

Taking off the trench coat revealed his bare chest, which revealed two large scars. The two scars came together to form an X. That was the result of Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea’s actions.

As for the Irregularity, he spoke in a very gentle and casual tone. It was as though he had travelled a long way before finally making his way to a friend’s house to participate in an agreed upon meetup.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Lei Hu. Although… … this is not our first meeting.” He smiled at Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea. Then, he turned toward Qiao Qiao. “I am also very sorry for imprisoning you for so long before this. However, that is for the sake of leaving this damned place. I believe you can understand and forgive me.”

Chen Xiaolian shifted his glance to quickly look at Qiao Qiao only to see her shaking her head slightly.

She had never seen this person before.

“No need to be doubtful.” Lei Hu maintained a smile on his face and said in a gentle tone toward Qiao Qiao. “This is just a body that I am borrowing for the moment. I have always believed that we should not resort to violence if we can resolve matters through negotiation. Thus, I had made special arrangements for this meeting and that no one else disturbs us.”

Despite the gentleness in his voice, it carried with it an unquestionable air of resolve and confidence.

The underlying meaning within his words was also clearly relayed to Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea.

I wish to negotiate with you all. However, if negotiation fails, I can use force at any moment to achieve my goal!

“No one disturbs us? Who would disturb us? Your subordinates?” Chen Xiaolian smiled and sat down on the seat opposite of Lei Hu.

“Please do not address them as such.” Lei Hu extended a finger out and waved it sideways. “In World’s End, no one is under others. There may be a difference in the levels of strength. However, personality wise, everyone is equal.”

“Really?” Chen Xiaolian sneered. “If I am not mistaken, you are the leader of the Coalition.”

“More accurately, I am the one who initiated and organized it.” Lei Hu shook his head. “Believe it or not, while I was the one who organized the Irregularities within World’s End to perform clearing duties, I have never given any of them orders. I also do not believe myself to be worthy of such authority. All within the Coalition are equal. After all, the clearing of instance dungeons is something that affects our survival.”

“Oh?” Chen Xiaolian maintained an impassive face as he looked at Lei Hu. “Back then, the Irregularities on Mt Olympus were not part of your arrangement?”


However, arrangement does not equal orders.” A look of pride flashed across Lei Hu’s smile. “Although all within the Coalition are equal, there is a need for someone to coordinate and make plans. There is a need for someone to arrange personnel to clear instance dungeons. Supplies are lacking in World’s End. There aren’t many long-range communication devices available. Issuing of duties and reporting requires all to come to the Pantheon Temple. I simply… … during the formation of the plan, I just so happen to arrange for the suitable people to a suitable place at a suitable time.”

“To be able to make those calculations with such accuracy is not simple.” Chen Xiaolian nodded. “If so, allowing us to escape is also part of your plan?”

“Of course.” Lei Hu smiled. “There is no impenetrable wall in this world, after all. I had still made sure to play it safe, watching over you three as you left Mt Olympus. Only then could I rest easy and come forward to meet up with you fellows. Although I am fairly confident in my own strength, I do not wish for too many people to know about this chance to leave World’s End.”

“If that is the case, were you not afraid that we might die somewhere along the way?” Chen Xiaolian gave a harrumph. “The enemies in the square weren’t weak, especially that fellow with the silver bow.”

“There is no way the so-called plan can be perfect to the final detail. At the end of the day, certain variations are inevitable.” Lei Hu sighed. “However, it matters not. Even if something unexpected did occur, I have ways to allow you to leave.”

“From the way you are talking, it would seem as though everything is within the palm of your hand?” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “Since you want to resolve this issue through a negotiation, surely you will probably have no issues telling me how you know about this.”

“Not at all.” Lei Hu maintained a nonchalant demeanour. “Harmony is the most important thing, after all. I hope that we can build up a stable and trustworthy partnership. It is very simple – my initial skill is Foresight. I was able to foresee the arrival of this beautiful girl and also… … that the chance to return to the outside world is hidden within her.”


Chen Xiaolian blurted out a laugh and said, “Fortune telling? If that is the case, why had you put on a disguise to test us? Mr Abertoni? Humph…”

Although there was a smile on his face, there was none in Chen Xiaolian’s heart. Rather, it was somewhat cold.

“Fate. Who could actually see it all? At the very, very best, it could only push open slightly the veil covering the gears of fate,” Lei Hu said nonchalantly. “The skill could only uncover the probabilities of the countless possibilities in the future, acting as a guide for me to move forward. I cannot accurately determine who is it that will come here and what methods that person will use to bring this girl away. To actually see it all, I will still have to wait for it to happen. Thus, I could only borrow this body to accept and test you all.”

“So, that is how it is. It seems you were one of those weaklings who chose to flee when Bai Qi was leaving World’s End. If not, you would have died by his hands,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile.

“Yes. However, please allow me to correct a minor wording mistake.” Lei Hu slowly shook his head, the smile on his face slowly fading off. “The King… … Bai Qi had long since left World’s End. There is no need for me to feel fear toward someone who had long since left. Back then, I had just… … made a wise decision. Thankfully, it would appear that the guide this time is very weak.”

Chen Xiaolian sneered, not saying anything.

He had finally figured out why Lei Hu did the things he did.

Lei Hu had witnessed Bai Qi’s departure. Naturally, he had also witnessed Shen’s arrival.

Although no attacks were exchanged, there was no way Lei Hu could not sense Shen’s extraordinary power.

Lei Hu was worried that the one to come here was Shen as well, or someone as powerful as Shen, someone so powerful that he had no chance of winning.  Thus, if he had used his own body to accept that person, he may end up like the others back then, dying easily.

Only after confirming that Chen Xiaolian was weaker than him could he further implement his next plan.

True to his name, this man was a sly fox.

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