Chapter 359


Chapter 359: Give the money to me

With Village Chief Li’s words, the villagers who were brought by Jia Dazhuang to testify immediately ran away.

Lu Changqing and Wang Daniu also hurriedly took away their sons. They were afraid to be one step away and end up the culprit to Jia Dazhuang’s son’s accident.

Before leaving, Bai Zhi looked at Dongzi in bed. She saw that he was secretly looking at her. There were tears in his eyes. She sighed at the bottom of her heart. What a poor boy for ending up in such a kind of family. Even if the outsider wanted to help, they can’t help. He can only carry everything by himself now.

Looking at the crowds leaving, the plan of Jia Dazhuang and his wife to save money was completely ruined, and they were very angry of it.


The same day, a carriage entered the village to pick up the melons. The previous coachman was sick, so he was temporarily assigned to pick up the goods. After he entered the village, he doesn’t know where exactly to go, but then he saw two women walking towards the river. The coachman hurriedly chase after the two and asked: “Big sister, do you know where Miss Bai Zhi lives?”

The two women were Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu, who were holding basins. Mrs. Liu looked at the coachman and saw the carriage. This carriage was familiar to her. Two days ago, it passed by the village and now it’s here again, but the coachman doesn’t seem to be the same person.

“Your not the same coachman before, right?” Mrs. Liu asked.

The young man smiled and said “I came here just today. Big Brother Zhao is sick. I am helping him to do his job. When he gets better, he’ll go back to work.”

Mrs. Liu answered with “oh” and then immediately stood up. She smiled and said:  “I am Bai Zhi’s first aunt.”

The young man smiled and replied: “It turned out to be Miss Bai Zhi’s relative. Big sister, could you tell me how to get to her house?”

Mrs. Liu nodded her head: “I’ll tell you the way, how many pounds of melon will you get today?”

The youth man busily replied: “100 pounds, we always buy 100 pounds.”

On the side, Old Lady Bai butted in with a smile: “100 pounds? You can make a lot of food out of it. You can earn a lot of money if you open a restaurant. My granddaughter works so hard to plant melons, but she could only earn a few pieces of copper coins.”

The young man immediately waved his hand: “You shouldn’t be saying this. To be honest, I never seen someone earn so much by selling melons. For 100 pounds of melons, our Boss Chen is paying 5 silver coins. Even in the capital, they never bought melons at the same price.”

Old Lady Bai’s mouth wide opened. Did she hear it right? 5 silver coins?

5 silver coins for 100 pounds of melons?

In other words, every time this carriage comes, they give 5 silver coins to Bai Zhi. After coming a few times, how much money now did they paid to her?

So nowadays, Bai Zhi was just sitting at home and collecting 5 silver coins?

Mrs. Liu was very angry. They can’t earn 5 silver coins for a year, but this Bai Zhi who was sitting at home can earn so much? Every two days she can earn 5 silver coins… … How much will that be after a year?

When Old Lady Bai saw the young man seemed to be stupid, she had an idea. She said: “Young man, I am Bai Zhi’s grandmother. She told me earlier that if someone came to buy melons, she will give me the money to me. The autumn season will come to end soon, she told me to buy new clothes. You give me the money first, and when you meet Bai Zhi, you can tell her you saw me.”

The young man immediately shook his head: “This can’t be done. We have rules when buying supplies. We always hand over the money when the goods are in front of us. How can I give you the money when I haven’t seen the goods?” Besides, you are not Bai Zhi. The young man muttered to himself.


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