Heavenly Castle - Volume 2 - Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Translator: Pink Tea       Editor: Ryunakama

Yanual raised one hand before Ditzen, who lost consciousness after seeing the large number of robots.

As if it was a sign for something, Yuri nodded.

「Please, wake up, Ditzen-sama.」

Yuri called to him, speaking those words in a silly tone, and started murmuring something.

Then, a transparent fist-sized sphere appeared on Yuri’s palm. Lightly swaying in the air, that sphere appeared to be consisting of water.


The moment Yuri placed her hand above the water sphere and let out a shout, the sphere turned into a fast projectile. The volume of emitted water was enough to cover all of Ditzen’s face.

Unable to endure, Ditzen starts rolling on the ground writhing in pain.

「Guh, Guoh… My nose, my ears… What a cruel thing to do…」

When Ditzen stood up with such a howl, Yanual snorted with a fed up expression.

「You are the one who fainted, so the blame is on you.」

「Eh? Fainted? Why…! Mm? ! T-T-That’s right!」

After finally regaining his senses and taking another look at the lined-up robots, Ditzen, with bloodshot eyes, attacked me with questions.

「Taiki-sama! Can all those golems move at the same time?! Or you move only a few of them at the same time and the rest are spares?!」

「Well, they pretty much all move at the same time.」


Ditzen exclaimed in shock, Yanual also widened his eyes in surprise.

「Just how many hundreds of practitioners are on this flying island……However, it’s strange that despite that we are yet to meet even a single practitioner.」

Yuri tilts her head along with the puzzled Yanual.

「Speaking of which, we hardly met any people yet. Although, occasionally practitioner-like people seem to be nearby.」

When Yuri softly murmured, Ditzen started turning his head left and right with wide open eyes.

「Where?! Eh?! Where?!」

「I think it’s about there.」

Saying that Yuri pointed at the medical room behind the robots.

「Over there are those golem’s…!」

And as soon as he said that Ditzen ran off. He ran through the gaps between the robots and jumped into the medical room.

And a scream echoed.



The high-pitched scream of a girl overlapped with the muffled voice, after looking at each other we head to the scene.

When I peeked inside the medical room, Ditzen was lying on the floor, foaming from his mouth. Mea and Rant were standing next to him.

「Ah, Taiki-sama.」

「What happened?」

When I asked Rant, he looked at Mea with a frown. Then, Mea, covered with cold sweat, took a step back,

「Ugh, He, he suddenly jumped out, so I kicked him out of surprise…」


Hearing Mea’s words I tilt my head. Would you start foaming at the mouth just because you got kicked by a girl?

「It’s the man’s weak point.」

Rant provided additional information, and I involuntarily felt a sense of dread pass over my crotch. If you look closely, he is lying down with his hands holding his groin.

「Well, it can’t be helped. Jumping at such a cute little lady……We shall leave this criminal to be judged by your laws.」

When Yanual said that, Yuri nodded while looking at Mea.

「I agree. By the way, this young lady here. Didn’t she come close to us a few times since we came here…?」


Surprised by Yuri’s unexpected words, Mea reflexively looked at me. Since there was no way around it I gave my assent with a nod and she started speaking timidly.

「Y-yes… Out of concern for Taiki-sama’s safety I’ve been sneaking…」

「My, so I was right.」

Pleased by Mea’s words, Yuri turned to me.

「I understood it right away because only this girl is emitting magic. It seems to be a pretty strong magic power, is she a disciple of a practitioner?」


The one who had the biggest reaction to Yuri’s words was Yanual. Staring at Mea intently, he hums.

「Hmm……A beastman practitioner, huh. That’s quite unusual.」

「Eh? P-Practitioner? Do you mean magician?」

While Mea was bewildered, Ayla retreated back as if in shock and leaned against the wall.

「Such a thing……Mea-chan, a magician……Taiki-sama’s disciple……? What should I do……Forget cooking, I can’t beat Mea-chan at anything.……」

And, unusually, depressed, Ayla was speaking what was on her mind. And while I was wondering what to do with this, Ditzen, who was supposed to be foaming on the floor, rose up.

Seeing Mea he showed a frightened expression for a second but then immediately looked around the medical room and spoke.

「Taiki-sama! This place?!」

「I guess it’s a room for treating injuries and ailments.」

When I answer so, Ditzen once again dashed with bloodshot eyes and clasped to sexual harassment machine.

「T-This is…」

「You can be treated if you lie down in there.」

「Y-you say one can be healed just lying there? No good. I can’t understand it at all…」

Yanual frowned looking at Ditzen, who for a while turned silent, visibly brooding over something.

「Are you planning to dash somewhere again? By now, due to diplomatic reasons, I’m considering stopping you even if it means beating you.」

In response to Yanual’s words Ditzen sighed and shook his head.

「……No, it’s alright. This is so beyond my scope of understanding that it, on the contrary, calmed me down. Really, it’s like I’m dreaming.」

When Ditzen said that, Yuri put her hands together in front of her chest.

「Oh my! Ditzen-sama finally came back from being a piece of trash.」


Ditzen groaned hearing Yuri’s merciless remark. Then, he turned his face this way.

「I was most impressed by the many wonderful technologies. However, today’s information is too much for me to get into my head, so I would like to ask for guidance again tomorrow. Pardon me for asking, but that room equipped with that marvelous toilet…」

Even though I thought that he finally calmed down, Ditzen’s breath started to grow heavy again. Most likely, Ditzen will keep investigating the toilet without sleeping.

Seeing that appearance, Ayla had a wry smile as well.

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