Heroes of Marvel - Chapter 184

Chapter 184

Shortly after Lin Rui and others left, the road was completely blocked by a large number of police officers. It’s not that they are too slow to come to the scene in time but Lin Rui and others only fought for more than ten minutes in total, and they also cause a traffic jam. It’s already good that they can get there so fast.

However, as Iceman said before, the police cordoned off at the scene of the accident. Another group of government secret organizations people came to take over the place. After the police left, they quickly blocked the whole road and no one knew what they were doing inside.

Anyway, Lin Rui will not care about this now. There is already a S.H.I.E.L.D. that is bothering him enough. He doesn’t want to provoke any special department about Mutants. What he cares more about at this time is the mysterious organization behind Francis, which can have such a powerful level-4 Mutant, and they seem to be fighting against X-Men for a lot of time without losing any ground and X-Men is one of the strongest Mutant organizations that Lin Rui knows.

So, after returning to the Guardian base, Lin Rui and the five people sat together to discuss the powerful organization they might encounter in the future. Yes, it’s five people. After seeing the powerful organization behind Francis, Wade also knew that there was no chance for him to find a chance to take revenge alone, so he followed Lin Rui to the guardian base. Jack also came as Lin Rui had called him. Although he did not participate in this incident, he is also an indispensable member of the guardian team.

Lin Rui had no objection to Wade joining them as he had already planned to recruit him to his team long before Wade became Deadpool. Although Wade’s personality seems to have changed a bit because of his mutated genes and his awakening process as he seems to have become more funny and more unconventional. However, Wade’s current strength is above Jack, and Daredevil, who has already grown in strength and he doesn’t know who is better between them, and his special “Not Dying” ability is even more enviable for everyone. Of course, if they can get that ability by making themselves become like Wade, probably no one would want to.

Lin Rui and others who returned to the base, sat on their respective sofas. Wade, who first came to the base, was looking around, touching here and there, looking curious.

“So this is your little base? It looks ok. Whoa! There is also a small Arc Reactor energy supply unit! ” Roughly visiting the Guardian Base, Wade commented lightly. However, he was really shocked when he saw the latter group using a micro Arc Reactor to provide energy.

Micro Arc Reactor, Wade also knows that it is the latest invention of the Stark Industries, but isn’t this invention only used withing the Stark Industries? He had heard that Iron Man is using this tech to power his Iron Man Armor and he doesn’t know how they got it. Did they rob the Stark Industries? Wade’s head was already filled with a few possibilities seeing the micro Arc Reactor.

“Oh, you mean the Micro Arc Reactor. It’s sponsored by Tony Stark.” Hearing Wade’s exclamation, Lin Rui glanced at it and replied lightly. Since Lin Rui and Tony reached a cooperation agreement last time, Tony did sponsor a lot of things, but he didn’t seem to offer much help to Tony as Mirage Knight.

“Tony Stark, he’s the money man behind you! No wonder!” It seems that Wade misunderstood Lin Rui’s words and imagined a lot of things by himself.

“Although a lot of what I have here is sponsored by Mr. Stark, it’s a simple partnership, and there’s no money to be made.” Not wanting Wade to think that they are working for Tony, Lin Rui explains.

“Is that so? It doesn’t matter! It&r

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squo;s all the same to me. Say, are there any benefits in joining you?” With a wave of his hands, Wade has settled down to the edge of Lin Rui’s sofa, sitting next to Lin Rui in red tights.

On their way back to the Guardian base, Lin Rui has said that he wants Wade to join them. But Wade hasn’t made any decision yet, after all, he likes to work alone. However, after seeing the complete appearance of Lin Rui’s team, Wade didn’t have much resistance. He can see that the people here are all willing to join forces to fight for something they believe in. There is no special leadership or some rules and regulations like X-Men. So Wade thought about it a little bit. After all, he has fought with Mirage Knight and Daredevil before, all of whom are trustworthy teammates.

“Benefits? What do you want? We don’t pay any wages here, everything is at our own expense. ” Hearing Wade’s words, Lin Rui asked helplessly.

“Then you want me to join you nothing? I am a famous Deadpool!” Seeing Lin Rui said nothing, Wade said dissatisfied.

“Famous? It seems that not many people know your name now. Deadpool? Probably only those gangs who have been killed by you know your name. Besides Jack and Daredevil’s fan’s website has more than 50000 members. Spiderman and I have more than 100000 members. Who do you think is more famous? ” Hearing Wade boasting there, Lin Rui mercilessly hit him back.

Speaking of Lin Rui’s fans website, in the beginning, some students who are good at making web pages were simply maintaining it. But as the number of fans has increased, some powerful online people are also helping to improve the quality of the fan websites.

He doesn’t know where these online users got their information from. Anyway, there are many videos that Lin Rui didn’t expect to find on the website. For example, Lin Rui used to crack down on criminals in the night before and he was occasionally caught on surveillance camera, there are also some high-definition videos of Spiderman saving people in the street, and some clips of Spiderman fighting Green Goblin some time ago. Obviously, they were shot by the crowd at that time and they uploaded it as the police may have confiscated it later.

So, a few months later, Lin Rui and Spiderman’s fan’s websites are no worse than some big famous actors. And those fans seem to know that there is some kind of explicit relationship between Mirage Knight, Daredevil and Spider-Man. The three websites have also made a joint, forming an interactive forum called Guardian house. The cover of this interactive forum is a picture of Mirage Knight, Spider-Man and Daredevil standing together, which is obviously the work of those great online users.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or something. The name they gave to the forum is the same as Lin Rui’s team name. Lin Rui and Peter also often speak on their fan websites and participate in some discussions and have fun. Peter also took out some photos of himself flying around from one building to another.

“What? You have your own fan’s website?! And tens of thousands of fans! ” Sure enough, hearing Lin Rui say that he and Spiderman have fans websites, and there are many fans, Wade immediately jumped up from the sofa and shouted incredulously.

“It’s over a hundred thousand.” After Wade jumped up, Peter added a light sentence. After Peter solved the crisis of Green Goblin some time ago, his number of fans has surpassed that of Mirage Knight, getting him in becoming the hottest and most popular vigilante in New York. Of course, Iron Man doesn’t belong to vigilante and doesn’t have his own fans website. Otherwise, Tony’s fans should have surpassed Spiderman by a large margin.

“Here, this is Spiderman’s fans website.” Knowing Wade doesn’t believe him, Lin Rui has opened a website directly on the tablet and he has moved the computer screen to Wade’s front.


Lin Rui didn’t take his hand off the tablet, and Wade had already robbed it. The eye-catching poster of the Spiderman classic flying pose filling the entire screen looks really awesome.

“There are really so many fans!” After a few clicks on the screen, Wade finally believes that Spiderman has more than 100000 fans. Naturally, he has no fans. As Lin Rui said, the name of Deadpool is probably unknown to many people.

“No, I have to have my own website! I have to have more than a hundred thousand fans! No, millions! Tens of millions!” Wade shouted loudly on the tablet screen. Wade can’t see that Spiderman is better than himself in all aspects. If the hero suit is compared, he can’t be so behind him in the fans and fame department.

“So, are you willing to join the League of Defender?” There was a shred of cunning in his eyes as Lin Rui continued.

“Join join. You’re going to deal with the forces behind Francis, aren’t you? Will I receive any problems from you on that front? ” When he heard Lin Rui, Wade immediately replied.

“OK! So, you are a member of League of defender now. I hope you can work hard on becoming a superhero in the future. ” After Wade agreed, Lin Rui suddenly got up from the sofa and patted Deadpool on the shoulder.

“Ah?! What happened? What superhero? ” Wade obviously didn’t understand what Lin Rui meant. He joined League of Defenders just for the sake of power. Being a Superhero doesn’t suit him!

“Wade, a vigilante who only knows how to fight bad guys won’t attract many fans. You can be a Superhero. Everyone from League of Defender, let us welcome our new member!” Lin Rui smiled towards Wade and has already shouted towards others.

“Welcome newbie.”


After Lin Rui said that Wade joined the League of Defender, Jack and Daredevil simply expressed their welcome towards him.

Deadpool: “Why do I have a feeling that I just got fooled?”

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