Heroes of Marvel - Chapter 185

Chapter 185

New York, Oscorp Secret Biological Laboratory.

“What’s the result?” Harry, standing outside a room with transparent glass all around, asked a scientist in a white coat. In the glass room in front of him, two people who lost their left arm and right calf were lying on the testbed without any movement.

“It still failed. This gene is too unstable. There has been no successful clinical trial so far. Although we have removed most of the side effects, its primary effect has also been reduced by a lot, and there is basically no treatment effect.” When he heard Harry, the scientist in charge of the experiment said with a defeated expression.”

Harry frowned a little when he heard the answer from the scientist next to him. After Norman’s Green Goblin incident, Harry grew up a lot in a flash. He also knows that his family has always had a hereditary genetic disease. If there is no new gene serum treatment, he will suffer from diseases and die when he reaches a certain age just like Norman did.

So after Norman’s death, Harry took over the experimental team that he had previously kept secret and continued to study the serum for genetic diseases of his family. However, after removing the side effects of Norman’s gene serum, the rest of its effect is not enough to cure Harry’s disease.

“Continue the experiment but postpone the human clinical trials and don’t start human trials until the effect is confirmed.” Thinking about it, Harry said faintly.

Although he doesn’t know when he will get sick, Harry is not his father. He will not use innocent people to experiment with the immature gene serum without hesitation even though the current gene serum has removed most of the side effects. Moreover, Harry also knows that Peter and Dr. Connors have been studying genetics in this area, although their research is a little different. But as long as their research is successful, Harry will be saved.

“Yes, Chairman.” Hearing Harry’s words, the scientist seemed to give a sigh of relief and quickly agreed.

Harry nodded and didn’t say anything more. Then, after seeing the two experimental people in the glass room who had been injected with the gene serum but didn’t recover, Harry turned and left the secret laboratory.

After Harry left, the scientists in the secret lab were once again busy with the experiment, they were frustrated as they couldn’t find anything even though Oscorp paid them so much.

After Harry left the lab, he did not stay in the Oscorp building and drove away. An hour later, Harry was away from downtown New York and came to the estate belonging to the Osborn family.

Call ~

Pushing the door of Norman Osborn’s room, Harry came in here for the first time after his father’s death. After taking a brief glance at something in the room, Harry finally lifted his foot and walked inside. Soon, Harry walked to the innermost wall, inside which was Norman’s secret arsenal.


When he reached out and pressed something on the bookshelf, the wall in front of Harry quickly cracked from the middle, and then it automatically separated, showing a gate. Looking at the front door, Harry’s eyes flashed and he finally walked in.


Of course, Lin Rui doesn’t know what Harry is doing right now. He is currently excited and rolling around on his bed. The reason for his excitement is the sound of the system that suddenly came from his mind a minute ago. His quest to get the true friendship of Iron Man Tony Stark finally reached 100% completion and the mainline quest that took several months was finally completed. Moreover, the Quest Rewards also allowed Lin Rui to get rid of his Reward Points poorness.

“20,000 Reward points, Two D-Level training cards, Gauss Sniper R

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ifle’s design blueprint, and a Low-Level Elven Holy Spring Water, they are really a very rich Reward!” While rolling in bed, Lin Rui has repeatedly reviewed the reward points in his mind. This mission is worthy of being a mainline quest, the rewards given are quite rich.

“There is no shortage of Reward Points at this time. Although it is necessary to sacrifice a lot of Reward Points to resurrect the system, at least he can exchange some practical things for himself. The Phantom Suit can also be upgraded, and after the last fight, it would be better for him if he is able to resist mental and magical attacks.” Looking at the golden Reward points in his mind, Lin Rui was thinking in his heart how to spend these hard-earned Reward points.

“The Gauss Sniper Rifle blueprint can be taken out directly. With the equipment sponsored by Tony, he should be able to be built it directly inside the Guardian Base and he can finally obtain his hidden Gauss Sniper Rifle. The Low-Level Holy Spring Water is a good thing that can save a person’s life.” With a brief thought on the use of the Reward point, Lin Rui looked at several other reward items and thought of something.

“Ok! Let’s take a look at how many Reward points are needed to upgrade the Phantom Suit. The rest of the Reward Points will be sacrificed. After all, the system disappeared to save me.” Then, Lin Rui is ready to upgrade the Phantom Suit. This is the upgradeable hero suit that he had bought from the system shop on the system suggesting, otherwise. He would have likely need a new one now.

“Well, let’s look at the upgrade defense options first. Yes, there are different types of defense options. There are Melee defense, Hot weapon defense, Poison defense, Five-Element defense, … Mental defense, Magic defense, that’s it! ” In the system shop, he called up the defense options that phantom suit can be upgraded to. Lin Rui looked at them one by one, and finally found what he wanted.

“For mental defense, it needs 500 Reward Points to defend against E-Level mental type attacks. For D-Level mental attacks, it needs 2000 reward points to upgrade and to defend against A-Level mental attacks, he needs one hundred to one million Reward Ponts.” Looking at the following upgrading conditions of mental defense, Lin Rui was calm at first, but when he saw the number million reward points, he almost scolded the system directly.

The Reward Point needed for the upgrade of mental defense increases rapidly from the E-Level at the beginning to the A-Level, which requires an unreasonable number of one million reward points. However, there is almost nothing that can’t be solved with the A-Level mental defense. A million reward points are actually worth it. Of course, Lin Rui still doesn’t understand what A-Level mental power is.

“Forget it, let’s take a look at the magical defense.” Even if he spent all 20,000 Reward points, he would only be able to exchange for a C Grade mental defense. Lin Rui has to think about magic first, which is also a thing that he has no means to deal with at this time.

“E-Level magic defense requires 300 reward points for the upgrade, A-Level magic defense requires 800000 reward points for the upgrade! ” Advanced magic defense upgrade consumes a little fewer reward points than mental defense upgrade, but it’s still not something that Lin Rui can exchange.

“Forget it, it’s useless to upgrade to the Advanced Defense now.” Finally, due to the limited Reward point, Lin Rui had to give up upgrading to Advanced Mental Defense or Advanced Magic Defense.

Next, Lin Rui took a few minutes to think carefully about the type of upgrade. In the end, Lin Rui chose a comprehensive upgrade. He upgraded Phantom Suit’s mental defense and magic defense to D-Level and also upgraded melee and thermal weapons defenses to C Grade, which cost a total of 12000 Reward Points which really hurt his heart. However, in order to cope with and against the various characters he may encounter, it is necessary to spend these Reward points.

However, if the system is still there, it will tell Lin Rui not to rush to upgrade the mental defense of Phantom Suit. Because at this time his own mental strength has reached the C-Level, and the general mental attack will be weakened to a certain extent against him, just like the previous Level 4 mental class Mutant, Magician, he could only trap Lin Rui for only two seconds.

So, after spending some Reward points to redeem some necessary things, Lin Rui was finally left with two thousand Reward points, and then he sacrificed the remaining two thousand Reward points. However, after thousands of reward points are sacrificed, the position of the resurrection system in the system shop just flickers for a while, and there is no movement. It seems that these reward points are not enough.

“Humm! It seems that I have to work hard to earn the reward points. Speaking of which, S.H.I.E.L.D. should be in a mess right now.” The difficulty of reviving the system is still beyond Lin Rui’s expectation, and he can’t help thinking about it.

Then, Lin Rui looked at the next few things while watching the upgrade of Phantom Suit.

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