Heroes of Marvel - Chapter 186

Chapter 186

Washington, The headquarter of S.H.I.E.L.D. is located in this area where S.H.I.E.L.D. occupied a large number of places. In Washington, where the size of the land is large, only organizations such as S.H.I.E.L.D. can have such a large capacity.

At this time, in a conference room on the high floor of the headquarters of SHIELD, Director Nick Fury is wearing virtual reality glasses and he is holding an online meeting with members of the World Security Council, and their meeting is about the hidden Hydra inside SHIELD.

After the last reminder from Mirage Knight, Director Nick not only investigated the inside of S.H.I.E.L.D. by normal means but also called a part of his own secret agents to conduct a targeted investigation. Under such a clear and double investigation, he really did find some traces of Hydra.

Therefore, in order to completely expose Hydra, Nick decided to take the risk. He reported part of the results of his investigation to the World Security Council, the organization that oversees S.H.I.E.L.D. He also knows that these people have their own target characters, but Nick’s purpose is clear here, he needs these people to expose themselves.

“The results of the investigation are already very obvious. We have Hydra’s lurkers inside SHIELD. I think that since the end of World War II, they have already lurked in when SHIELD was formed. Just give me enough time, I will thoroughly check them and force them to come out.” Sitting in the empty meeting room, Nick said calmly.

Through the glasses of Director Nick, it was seen that the conference room in front of him was filled with members of the World Security Council, because Hydra involved too much and they had to pay attention to it. Among them, One of the names that Lin Rui gave him is also sitting here.

“Director Fury, we are fully supportive of this matter. It is necessary to remove the front of the Hydra lurkers. The presence of these mice cannot be allowed inside of SHIELD.” After seeing Nick’s findings, a member of the World Security Council said with a serious face.

“Yes, this is a matter of urgency! You must first resolve Hydra. Some experiments or projects that SHIELD is currently doing must stop.” Another older member apparently knew the danger of Hydra and quickly suggested.

“No, some of the projects that we are working on can’t be stopped at all. Moreover, such a big move will definitely cause Hydra’s suspicion. Therefore, I still recommend this thing to be solved in secret, it is best not to cause too much turmoil.” A member responsible for the scientific department within SHIELD shook his head after hearing the advice of an old man. He felt that this suggestion was not feasible.

Subsequently, other members of the board also made their own recommendations. Nick looked at them calmly, but his one eye glanced over at the middle-aged man sitting on his right side three seats away: Alexander Pierce, the top Hydra Agent inside SHIELD on the list that Mirage Knight provider to Nick Fury.

As far as Lin Rui knows, this Alexander Pierce is not in a low position in the Hydra organization. At least he has Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes in his hand. As a member of the World Security Council, he has been in charge of supervising SHIELD and a series of other things. Nick couldn’t imagine it was true until he got the evidence, but now he’s going to figure out the way to get him out. Such an important figure within SHIELD was a Hydra agent all along, he couldn’t digest the fact that a Hydra agent was in front of him and giving him orders all along without him knowing.

In front of Nick’s eyes, all the members of the Board discussed with each other. Finally, they still depend on Nick Fury, the current director of SHIELD. So they all turned to Director Fury to see what he was planning.

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Seeing everyone’s eyes turned to him, Nick no longer kept silent. When he put his hand on the table, he said what he had prepared. “The investigation is not over yet. As for Hydra, it is lurking within SHIELD. It’s not very clear at which level their agents are at. So, my plan is not to do anything for the time being, or it will alarm other people who have not yet been exposed. So, my plan is like this…”

Then, Nick spent a few minutes talking about his next “plan” to the members of these council. It is nothing more than continuing the secret investigation until the Hydra inside S.H.I.E.L.D. is completely dug out, and then the internal cleaning will be carried out.

No one objected to Nick’s plan. After discussing some details, the meeting ended in a serious atmosphere.

Call ~

Taking off the glasses, Nick looked at the empty meeting room thoughtfully. His plan has been laid down, and now it’s up to those people to fall for it. Even if they don’t act, Nick will come up with more evidence in the next investigation. So the Hydra inside SHIELD can’t be hidden.

After a quiet moment in the conference room, he thought about the various parts of the plan. Finally, Nick picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“Mr. Stark? About the thing that I asked your help for?”

“That’s good, thank you.”

After saying a few words, Nick seemed to hang up after confirming something and no one knew what an agreement had been reached between him and Tony.


New York, Tony’s seaside villa, Tony, who was just talking to Nick, is doing experiments in an underground lab. Not far in front of him is a familiar figure, Lin Rui, who was pulled by Tony. However, Lin Rui doesn’t mind being asked by Tony to do something because he has finished Tony’s mainline quest. As for the phone call Tony just received, Lin Rui vaguely heard something. It seems that Nick is finally about to make a move, which makes Lin Rui pay a little attention to it.

“Mr. Stark, the data has been adjusted.” After a few clicks on the computer screen in front of him, Lin Rui turns to Tony in the back.

“I see.” With a sigh of relief, Tony waved directly at Lin Rui and motioned him to come towards him.

After Lin Rui ran to Tony a few steps, Tony began to demonstrate in front of Lin Rui that he had recently studied an important experiment: optimization of anti-gravity engine. It’s a technology that can shake the whole world, and only a genius like Tony Stark can develop it.

Soon, under the huge computational complexity of J.A.R.V.I.S, the results of this simulation experiment have come out. Although it is not perfect, at least there is a general idea. Lin Rui believes that with a little more time, this cross century technology can be born.

“OK, it’s a step further from the success of the experiment. Let’s stop here today. Jackson, come and help me if you are free in the next month. ” Sending the experimental results and data to his personal servers, Tony said to Lin Rui.

“Er… Although I’d like to help Mr. stark, I’m about to start school. Maybe I wouldn’t have so much time in the future. ” Hearing Tony’s words, Lin Rui said with some embarrassment. Actually, it’s not just the beginning of school. As Mirage Knight, Lin Rui also has some responsibilities that are no less than Iron Man.

“Ohh? Then come over when you are free, and you can slowly keep up with the rhythm.”

“I know and I will.”

“Well, let’s go and eat, we wouldn’t want Pepper to wait for us again.”


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