Heroes of Marvel - Chapter 59

Chapter 59


It seems that they were ready for Lin Rui’s attack. The five-person squad standing in the center of the building is facing away from the flying knives. Of the five people who were scattered, two of the shorter guys rushed out to the smoke that was in front of them. As for the remaining three, one man was hung with countless heat weapons, and the whole man was like a small powder depot. After escaping Lin Rui’s flying knife, he quickly retreated and drew away from the battlefield center. The other two men were staring at Lin Rui who had rushed up.

The secret weapon of the Frankenstein Family: The Berserk Squad. In the face of a rapid and orderly division of attacks against Daredevil and Mirage Knight, a two-to-one and one remote threat situation was formed in an instant. However, this is what Lin Rui and Matt expected. One-to-two, they’re not afraid now.

Faced with Berserk Squad’s divergence, Lin Rui rushed directly toward the two men in front of him. However, the next second, Lin Rui’s heart suddenly jumped and his body had already reacted and slashed his blade to his side.


A crisp sound was heard on the blade and a powerful bullet was blocked by Lin Rui’s dangerous sword. However, Lin Rui’s forward impact was also weakened by the bullet. And his hand shook slightly at the moment, which showed that the bullet had more power compared to ordinary bullets. The only user of Hot weapons in the Berserk Squad, the guy who is nicknamed the Gunner is using a modified special weapon that most people can’t use at all.

Glancing at the mobile arsenal that had been hiding in the corner of the building, Lin Rui had no time to take care of him for the time being. Faced with the enemy in front of him, he can only wave the Flowing Flame Blade again and send out two blade lights to the two men who have rushed towards him.

The blade lights contained Lin Rui internal energy and this scene looked like it was taken from a full sci-fi movie as the sword lights quickly rushed towards the two guys who were rushing toward Lin Rui. With Lin Rui’s current strength, these two blade lights are enough to seriously damage the mutant Tank whom he previously faced.

However, the two guys who rushed straight toward Lin Rui didn’t seem to want to avoid Lin Rui’s blade lights. Therefore, Lin Rui did not ease down and while paying attention to the movement of the mobile arsenal in the distance, he tightly holds the handle of the Flowing Flame Blade and waited for them to come to him.


As Lin Rui’s blade light was about to hit the two men, the man in front suddenly opened his hands and pressed them directly on the blade light.

“Is he made of iron?” Seeing the man’s movements, Lin Rui squinted and guessed. However, even if he is made of iron, he should not be able to block his attack directly.

Buzz! ~

However, the next moment there was something that surprised Lin Rui. Just when he thought that the man would be split in half by the blade light and at the worst his hands would be to cut off. Out of the man’s outstretched upper hand came a strange wave, like an area in front of his palm that was different from the surrounding physical rules.

Then, in Lin Rui’s astonished eyes, the two blade lights disappeared as soon as they touched the palm of his hand as if they had been absorbed by something.

“What the hell is this!?” Looking at this unbelievable scene, Lin Rui almost screamed.

There is no doubt that the guy who made Lin Rui’s blade lights disappear must be a Mutant as only Mutants have such eccentric ability. Otherwise, this person should be a sorcerer(s). However, In Marvel World, there are very few sorcerer(s) and Lin Rui doesn’t think he would encounter one so soon.

However, although that

fellow let Lin Rui’s attack disappear, he was obviously unhappy himself. After absorbing the light of Lin Rui’s blade, the man suddenly turned pale and his body shook unconsciously for two times before stopping. The man next to him was apparently a little surprised, but he still rushed quickly towards Lin Rui.

Fast approaching, the man instantly appeared with two knives, waving and attacking Lin Rui at all points. Judging from this man’s action, he is an assassin in close combat. And he is not the usual assassin, He is at least one who can threaten Lin Rui’s life.

Not everyone can threaten Lin Rui’s life with two small knives. When the man attacked him, Lin Rui found that he couldn’t keep up with his rhythm with his long blade. After some attack and defense, Lin Rui found out that the man was not only agile and skilled in double-knife dancing, but he also had something similar to his internal energy inside him.


The Assassin attacked with his knife and Lin Rui quickly left his original place at his feet. The next moment, his original position was penetrated by a powerful bullet

“Why does Marvel World have an Internal Energy cultivation technique!!” Daredevil, a protagonist with an internal energy cultivation technique has a mysterious master. One of Frankenstein Family’s hitters also had internal energy cultivation technique, which Lin Rui didn’t understand.

“Viper! Avoid!” Just when Lin Rui was annoyed, the man who had absorbed his blade light suddenly shouted in the back. Viper apparently was the assassin’s nickname.

Without any hesitation, the guy named Viper returned to the back with a flash.


The next moment, Lin Rui felt strange fluctuations again. Then, two more powerful blade lights suddenly appeared from the man’s hands and rushed towards Lin Rui in an instant. Meanwhile, the mobile Arsenal in the distance opened fire again, blocking Lin Rui’s retreat.

“The Fuck! What is this ghost skill!? He can attack with the things he has absorbed?” Lin Rui finally couldn’t help but spit out as the two blade lights that he attacked with rushed towards him at an even faster speed.

Although he was silent about the situation, Lin Rui obviously would not fall down by his own attacks. He squeezed his blade tightly and waved it directly after holding it high.

“You want to use my attacks to deal with me? You are too naive!” Lin Rui gave a low cry and a huge red-hot blade light rushed out of his Flowing Flame Blade and hit the two coming blade light attacks straight ahead.



A burst of burning air sounded in this space and in the next moment, three powerful blade lights that had been enhanced struck together. A small explosion broke out in the hall of the building. The huge shock wave directly hit Lin Rui, who is in the center of the explosion causing him to fly upside down.


“Help! Help!”

“Ah! Help!”

Once again, the explosion in the building caused a cry of alarm from the poor people who were locked up in a small apartment to trade, but at this time Lin Rui had no time to worry about their feelings. He is facing the most troublesome thing that has ever happened to him.

As for Matt’s side, it’s impossible to see everything because of the smoke, but from Lin Rui’s feeling, it’s not going to be very good there. So to save these innocent people, Lin Rui can’t hold himself back anymore.

“Daredevil! Quick and fast!” Screaming loudly over the smoke, the point at the foot of Lin Rui, who was knocked out by the explosion, has disappeared again.

As a result, several flying knives went straight to the mobile Arsenal hiding in the distance. Although Lin Rui has a shield mark on him, every shot by that fellow gives Lin Rui a sense of danger. For some reason, the man had more firepower than the average gun. Lin Rui cannot concentrate on avoiding lethal bullets fired off the field when dealing with the two guys in front of him.


Faced with Lin Rui’s attack, the long-range shooter hiding in the distance did not evade, but quickly put down his powerful sniper gun and lifted a quick-fire machine gun from his waist.

Da Da Da Da Da Da~

Then, the obviously modified fast-fired machine gun fired many bullets and instantly covered the flying knife of Lin Rui.

Dang Dang Dang!

Faced with the dense bullets, Lin Rui’s flying knives were all knocked down before they could fly far. Frankenstein Family’s Berserk Squad is not idle.

“Fuck! This guy can use the machine gun to shoot like he is shooting from a sniper gun!!” I thought that even if I couldn’t kill this bastard, I could force him away. I didn’t expect this. Lin Rui was helpless.

“Distraction on the battlefield is a big taboo!” While Lin Rui was dealing with the long-range attacker, Viper, who had just been repelled by the blast wave, rushed again.

And the Mutant hiding behind him who can absorb the attack and turn it into a stronger attack seems to be preparing for a big move. He just seems to absorb some of the energy of the explosive power. If he releases the power of the explosion just now, Lin Rui would not have any way to block that.

“Humph! He really thinks that I can’t take him!? Lin Rui’s eyes suddenly turned cold and he muttered to himself when he saw Viper swinging his two knives close to him again.

Subsequently, Lin Rui’s internal energy ran quickly in a specific way. After the enhancement of Advanced Internal Energy cultivation Technique, the internal energy in Lin Rui’s body is different from the past. In addition, Lin Rui exchanged some good things in System Shop in order to improve his strength.

The operation of internal energy is just an instant thing. When Viper’s attack is coming, Lin Rui is ready.


It’s like an old classic car suddenly replaced with the engine of the latest Ferrari sports car. Its appearance hasn’t changed, but its speed has suddenly soared. The speed of Lin Rui, who could not cope with Viper’s double-knife attack, suddenly increased dramatically. Flowing Flame Blade waved in his hand and it only left a remnant, which was more than enough to deal with Viper’s attack.

With a sharp cut, Viper had to cross the knives in front of him. Lin Rui’s sudden surge of speed has begun to suppress him, and now he can only passively defend.


Although he blocked Lin Rui’s blade, he wasn’t able to block his next kick. Viper was kicked out and exposed the Mutant behind him who controlled the energy.

Buzz ~

However, at this time he has completed the absorption and transformation of the previous energy and is releasing them. The goal is, of course, Lin Rui.

“You won’t succeed!” At this critical moment, Lin Rui threw some small things at him as soon as he shook his hand.

The Mutant, who was at the last minute, couldn’t stop for the little things, he could only watch them piercing into his body.

Buzz ~



The next moment, the huge energy controlled by the Mutant suddenly became unstable, so it exploded directly in front of his own body.

Boom! ~

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