Meow Meow Meow - Chapter 203

Chapter 203

The little maid looked at me confused and as if I were a strange person. The two of us fell into silence, in the end, she broke the silence, "Mistress Miao Miao...can this servant continue to sweep?"

"Oh, you can." I quickly turned to the side and walked off to the stone on the side and continued to sit and think about possible ways to get out.

Can I pretend to be seriously ill and force Ao Yun to find me a doctor and use the opportunity to escape?

It is impossible for the whole Dragon palace to be lacking a doctor and I can't beat Ao Yun.

Or when I go to attend a banquet in the Dragon Palace and see if there are ground dwellers attending and steal their water pearl to escape?

That won't work, if I go to the Dragon Palace and steal a water pearl, unless I immediately escape from the Dragon palace, if not he will definitely sense the presence of the water-repelling bead on the way back to the Sorrow parting palace. 

To obtain the water pearl, I must leave Sorrow parting palace and Ao Yun must not be present.

Is it really impossible to meet demons from the surface here? I stood up and walked around looking at the flowers carved out of corals and stones in the garden blooming, the peonies, plums, roses, hibiscus, cloves, camellias, all of the four seasons were all perfectly blooming, except for the lack of fragrance, I couldn't see any flaws.

The flowers were really beaituful, suddenly a light flashed in my head as I looked at the flowers, I knocked my head a few times, feeling like an idiot who forgot things that were right in front of me. Wasn't Hua Rong a mortal who got turned into a water fairy? She must have a water pearl on her! And this person always keeps a low-profile, and would never disclose this to others, so the various little demons not knowing this about her is not surprising.

But this person is Ao Yun's confidante and would never disobey Ao Yun's orders, so it absolutely impossible for her to obediently hand it over to me. Therefore I must develop and employ every means to obtain it.

Either by Stealing or fighting over it? I should be able to beat her...

I touched my chin and smiled sinisterly, recalling all the ways I used to deal with all sorts of little demons in my past life.

While I was absorbed in my thoughts, a gentle and soft voice sounded behind me, "Mistress Miao Miao."

I returned back to the present and the person who I had tied up and torturing 10,000 times in my heart, the one I wanted to steal her water-repelling bead was holding two packs of dried fish in her hands, smiling like the spring breeze, looking the kindhearted and amiable older sister next door.

"What is it?" I was a little vigilant.

Hua Rong was very thoughtfully said, "I thought that since Mistress Miao Miao came to the Dragon Palace, you may not be very happy in your heart so I came to talk with you."

"Being meddlesome with bad intentions." I wanted to scold her viciously, after I finished saying it, I began to regret it. I shouldn't be so straightforward, it can affect the plan to steal.

 Hua Rong showed no anger and took me to the gazebo on the side and called over to a maid in the distance and told her to prepare a variety of snacks and tea and softly said to me, "I know you're angry with me."

I looked at her sideways without denying it, "Lord Ao Yun once told me that time in Qi Feng Lou, it was you who persuaded him to rescue me...Now it is Hua Rong who has bit the hand that fed her."

Although I was dissatisfied, I didn't want to take the credit, "The one that saved you in the past was Ao Yun, it doesn't have much to do with me."

"If it wasn't because of you talking to him, he won't have bothered with

me." Hua Rong smiled and said, "I still have a bit of this kind of self-awareness and understanding."

"It's useless to say anything about it now, it's been so long." I look off to the side and took a deep breath to suppress the urge to pounce on her to rob.
The maid from before arrived an put down the refreshments in silence. I took a fish cake and stuffed in my mouth unceremoniously, however, I carefully observed Hua Rong trying to figure out where she would most likely keep it.

"I won't let you get the water pearl." Hua Rong poured two cups of tea and put one in front of me, "Don't think about it."

My intentions were correctly guessed. I was a little panicked and vaguely asked, "Do you really have a water-repelling pear?"

"I do, but I have already handed it over to Lord Ao Yun." Hua Rong's eyes were gentle and wave-like, it seems that she could see through all my thoughts, "As long as you stay here, I will also stay here."

"Why do such a thing?! Why did you want to help him cheat?!" I angrily stood up, "When I met you before, you were gentle and kind. Why are you taking the side of an evildoer now?"

"I am not helping an evildoer, like this, it is good for everyone." Hua Rong was not stirred by my ager. her smile was still light, but her eyes were empty and it seemed there was no emotion in them.

"How is it good?" I asked in anger.

"If you use the heaven shattering claws to regain your strength, just like Bi Qing Shen Jun from the past life, you will continue to go through reincarnation and will not be able to return to the world of immortals. I originally hoped that you would not meet Bi Qing in this life, so your mind will be at ease and you could be together with Lord Ao Yun and afterwards become a water immortal, forever living happily in the sea, isn't this good?" Hua Rong argued, "As long as you and Bi Qing forget your life together, both sides will eventually find love again, and will be able to live this third life happily, unlike the current state of affairs, isn't this good?"

"This child is simply a cat and knows the joy of the cat! There is also happiness in reincarnating, I don't need to be immortality!"

"Lord Ao Yun is so good, so perfect! So many women in the entire world would pay to be you, to be able to fall in love with him, why can't you just love him?"

After listening to this, I silently looked at Hua Rong and said, "Actually, you like Ao Yun, right?"

"That's right, he's everything to me." Hua Rong answered very frankly.

"Then why are you asking me to do this and trying to send me to him?" I looked at the woman in front of me confused, "Don't tell me you don't have the word jealousy in your mind?"

"With my background, I have never thought about being together with him. What's more, for this thousand years he has only liked you." After a short pause, Hua Rong continued, "As long as he wants something, even if I have to cross through mountains, fire, and the ocean, I will get it for him. As long as he commands me to do something, I will not be afraid even if I have to compensate with my life I will accomplish it, as long as he can be happy and smile again, I don't care about anything else!"

I suddenly realized and clapped my hands and sneered, "It turns out that you are the reincarnation of the legendary Virgin Mary."

Hua Rong's face went a little stiff but then quickly returned to normal, "I only hope that you will treat Lord Ao Yun properly and not do anything to hurt his heart again. A few decades in the human world will go by in a flash and pass, Bi Qing will eventually get married and have children and forget you."

"Your words are very funny." I turned and walked away, after a few steps and then turned back and said, "I also don't understand your love."

"Everyone has different ways of liking someone." Hua Rong also stood up, her face was pale and her fists were clenched. Her usual weak and delicate appearance was gone and she now looked especially strong, "In any case, I will protect Lord Ao Yun's happiness. The dragon palace is a thousand leagues beneath the surface. Miao Miao, I ask that you give up. I will attend to you as a servant."

"To monitor me, right?" I sneered and turned away, but I didn't expect as I turned around to see Ao Yun leaning against the white jade railing silently watching me.

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