Chapter 101

Wings Covering the Sky (Part 3)

“Good morning, Son. I’m glad you’re all right. Come let Mommy have a hug.”

Elizabeth watched me walk out from the cave with pleasant surprise and then pulled me into her embrace with one arm. A feeling I was familiar with enveloped me once again. My ears were buried, so all I could hear was Mommy Elizabeth’s muffled voice from her chest. She ecstatically rubbed my head and pulled me into her chest even further. She said, “I’m so glad. I’m so glad you’re all right. You gave Mommy a fright yesterday with the shape you were in. There’s no need to be scared. Mommy has killed those dragons. You don’t need to be scared, Son.”

I couldn’t see Mommy Vyvyan’s face behind me, but I was sure that it had resentment written all over it, as I noticed her trying to pull me toward her by my arm. Mommy Vyvyan’s cold voice sounded as though it came from in the distance: “What are you doing pretending to be a mother here? What did you do for my son yesterday when he was in that shape? Was I the one who saved him or you? What did you do to deserve to hug my son now? Are you worthy?!”

“I can’t believe you have the shame to say that. What did you do again yesterday? The White Deer King showed the way, and I slew the dragons. If it wasn’t for me, my son would be dead by now, got it? I killed all of those dragons. Did you contribute to it at all? Nope, yet here you are telling me about being unworthy. I can stay with my son, too! I’ve yet to talk to you about using that as an excuse to stay with my son, and all of a sudden you have the right to steal my son from me in my presence, no less?!”

Elizabeth pulled me over with more force to prevent Vyvyan from pulling me over to her. Enraged, Vyvyan yanked me out. The two of them pulled me back and forth without ever asking for my input. I randomly felt nostalgic. It reminded me of the dragons fighting for a turn to use me yesterday. The two were no different to the dragons! The one difference was that the dragons maintained a degree of courtesy between dragon kin and respect, whereas my two moms began to mercilessly curse at each other. The two of them gnashed their teeth as they showed their ferocity. I, in fact, could detect them amplifying their strength.

“What are you doing?” asked Syvlanas.

If Dragon Mom’s voice wasn’t heard, I might’ve died from suffocation. Mommy Elizabeth released me upon noticing Dragon Mom. Mommy Elizabeth wasn’t as trained as Mommy Vyvyan, so her first reaction when somebody saw her was to release me. Mommy Vyvyan didn’t hesitate to pull me into her embrace. Her arms were comparable to iron. She had me tightly locked in her embrace to ensure nobody would steal me from her. Seeing all her efforts end in vain, Elizabeth glared at Dragon Mom and Vyvyan. She mouthed, “Just you wait,” but Vyvyan didn’t care about Elizabeth’s rage whatsoever. She gave her a shrug, and then ignored her.

“I was trying to tell you that breakfast is ready. Don’t we have something to discuss together at breakfast?” expressed Sylvanas.

Dragon Mom seemed genuinely oblivious as to what we were doing. Mommy Elizabeth let out a breath of relief then put on a calm front and nodded, “All right. Go have breakfast, then, Son. It’s unfortunate, but we didn’t bring a chef along this time, and neither do we have many ingredients. Once we get back, I’ll personally cook for you.

I was stunned. It truly was a statement that was on par with lightning on a clear day. I questioned myself: “Has this world I’m in encountered some sort of error? Did Mommy Elizabeth say she was going to cook for me? She did, right? Mommy Elizabeth just said she want

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ed to personally cook for me, right?”

I would say that Mommy Elizabeth’s dishes were just edible if she cooked under the guidance of a chef. Key phrase: just edible. It definitely didn’t qualify as delicious. Furthermore, Vyvyan was around.  How Mommy Elizabeth gained the confidence to cook for me in Mommy Vyvyan’s presence would forever elude me.

“Pfft!” And, as expected, Vyvyan mercilessly ridiculed Elizabeth with her laughter. She held her tummy and burst into laughter. She looked as if she was short of breath from laughing: “You? You? Don’t make me laugh. Hahahaha! Ahahaha!!! Tell me I misheard that. You, who has never been in a kitchen, wants to cook for someone? No, no, no, don’t get it wrong, I know you’re eager to prove yourself, but I must turn you down on behalf of my son because his life is more important than your show. I’m afraid he won’t see another day after eating your cooking.”

Mommy Elizabeth’s determination didn’t seem to diminish as a result of Vyvyan’s blatant mockery. Perhaps you could say that Elizabeth never had any regard for Vyvyan’s reaction. She wasn’t going to be swayed no matter what Vyvyan said. In fact, she was ready for Vyvyan’s jeering long ago.

Elizabeth touched my head: “Mommy has been diligently practicing for a long time. Mommy guarantees that it won’t be that bad. Son, trust Mommy this once. Mommy will be sure to personally cook for you this time. Mommy will not rely on assistance from others!”

Mommy Elizabeth’s confident expression only served to scare me even more. To be frank, I would feel much more reassured if there was a chef assisting. Before worrying about the taste of it, we needed to ensure that I, at least, wouldn’t die from eating it. If Mommy Elizabeth personally cooked… I’d argue that taste would be the least of my problems, because I may very well get food poisoning.

Mommy Vyvyan shook her head with a snicker. She leaned onto my back and wrapped her arms around my neck similarly to a young girl.I don’t think a young girl would have such heavy knockers on her, having said that. Mommy Vyvyan said, “I’m afraid you won’t get the chance. My son will be coming to the elven lands for some time to recuperate. My son sure is lucky. That way, he won’t have to risk his life for your cooking.”

“What…?” exclaimed Mommy Elizabeth, jolting beforehand. Her gaze brimmed with surprise: “Why do you have to go to the elven lands? Son, are the living conditions here not up to standard? If you need to recuperate, Mommy has a specific place for royalty that you can use to recuperate.”

“No, that’s not the issue, Mommy Elizabeth. It’s not the living conditions. It’s just that I require mana at the moment. It’s better for me to recuperate in the elven lands, since this is a mana issue.”

That, indeed, was my goal. I wasn’t going there due to Mommy Vyvyan. After all, I really wasn’t in the mood to sleep with anyone. The elven population was smaller, and it was quieter over there. Plus, Mommy Vyvyan could provide me with the appropriate care and treatment, while I could also avoid Mommy Elizabeth’s peculiar cooking.

“Mm… All right, then.”

Mommy Elizabeth looked a little sad, but she understood that it couldn’t be helped, as that was how it was for humans. I wasn’t a complete human. Not only did I require blood, but also mana for my body to return to normal functioning. She wanted to be by my side very much, but what she wanted most was for me to recuperate. Therefore, she had no choice but to give in.

Perhaps we had to have breakfast outside this time owing to there being too many of us.

I looked around. Nier and Lucia were currently busy dealing with the dragon corpses. A plague might spread if the big piles of dragons weren’t properly dealt with. Nier cut them open as if she was cutting meat. Lucia was responsible for throwing the cut up pieces into a hole. A fire had been prepared in the hole. I guess you could say that we cremated the dragons.

I didn’t see Irina, though. I decided, “How’s Irina doing? I should go and see her today.”

“Good morning, Your Highness!” greeted Lucia. She walked out when she saw me and cheerfully laughed. Her long ears twitched a little then she looked at her body: “I am very sorry, Your Highness. I really want to give you a hug, but I am covered in blood, so… please wait a bit.”

Nier, to the contrary, didn’t care. She tossed her sabre onto the ground. I thought, “I don’t think Ying and Xia are going to like Nier after that kind of treatment.”

Nier leapt at me and tightly hugged me without caring about herself being covered in blood.

“Eek!!” Lucia shrieked. She anxiously stuttered, “What are you doing, woman?!! You’re covered in blood! Why would you touch His Highness?! His Highness doesn’t like blood, yet you’re dirtying him with blood! Get off! Get! Off!!”

Nier ignored Lucia’s protests from behind. She hugged me in a calm manner and kissed my forehead. I noticed that she wanted to kiss me on my lips; due to Mommy Elizabeth watching from behind, nonetheless, she didn’t do so.

“Good morning, Troy.” Camille exited the forest.

I felt as though Camille was surprised to see me recover so quickly.  She appeared to be feeling very awkward. After all, she had a hand in what I went Mommy Sylvanas and I went through.

Truthfully, I, too, felt slightly awkward. I had no idea how to face Camille. While she wasn’t innocent with regards to the incident, she wasn’t the one who had a direct hand in it, or you could argue that she wasn’t a culprit. To the contrary, if you considered what she did, to a certain extent, you could say that she protected me, because if she didn’t take me in at the start, I might’ve died way back then. With that said, it didn’t change what she did to Mommy Sylvanas.

“Where’s Irina?” I asked. I then asked myself, “Why was that the first thing I asked her?”

“I am here…” Someone with a soft voice called out to me from behind…

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