Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Game


“I just participated in the audition and the director hasn’t announced the result. And also, I am not someone from Entertainment Industry and I don’t have any good background for you to invite me and be your partner. I really can’t understand your intention.” Yun Shishi politely refused.

Her refusal made Xiao Xue dumbfounded.

God, is she silly? Does she know how many actresses in entertainment industry wants to have an opportunity to be with Superstar Gu Xingze? And she was personally invited by him to be his partner but she turned him down?

Gu Xingze was not upset, his pair of handsome eyebrows move up and added a few more words: “After the cocktail party tomorrow night, there will be a signing contract ceremony. Shishi, why don’t you signed up with me!”

Yun Shishi finally understood what he meant.

Gu Xingze had already decided that she will be her female lead, so he intended to use his own popularity to create her momentum in entering the entertainment circle! 

To put it bluntly, it is nothing more than his speculation, a generous speculation that only Gu Xingze can do!

He ambitiously took the first step and it seems that he was determined to hold her.

However, why would he treat her … … so good?

Yun Shishi elegantly nodded and replied with a spring-like voice. “All right. In that case, I will respectfully obey you.”

Lin Fengtian nodded with satisfaction, this girl’s honor is not surprising because of her patience and calmness. If she stays like this her position in the entertainment industry will last forever.

“Ok let’s go now, Shishi, you and your friend … … uh, my friend and I can drive you home.” Lin Fengtian said.

But suddenly, Mo Qi, one of the executive director showed an inexplicable trace of panic in his face and said. “Director Lin, Xingze, can you come here for a minute … … Miss Yun, I may be rude, but I have something to talk about with Director Lin and Xingze first!”

He pulled the two men with a smile on his face, but when they move on the side his face sank down immediately. “Director Lin, I am not against in your opinion, but aren’t you giving the heroine position that easily?”

Gu Xingze smile, but didn’t speak.

Lin Fengtian has already made his final decision, he wants Yun Shishi to be the heroine so the other executive directors felt anxious.

Several executive directors have received a lot of benefits in this movie.

How many newly actresses and model do you think has the small branches of talent agency has sent? Lin Fengtian didn’t accept anything from them, but this group of executive directors benefited from them so how can they accept it easily and take responsibility.

And now, a little unknown newcomer passed the audition, so naturally, they will become anxious.

Lin Fengtian’s face showed discontent. “How come? Why not? Didn’t you see Yun Shishi’s performance with your own eyes? Isn’t she a rare talent!?”

Yun Shishi … … is not close and has nothing to do with this two people, right?

No, in his impression, Lin Fengtian is a movie fanatic. He always wants to create and shoot good movies, he’s not the same with other movie directors.

He will never dive in a woman’s hand.

“She is a newcomer! She has no name, no background and she doesn’t even have fans. But you still finalized her as the heroine, what do you think will the other investors think?” Mo Qi earnestly advised.

“What new? You have seen her performance, right? Her acting and appearance are exactly the same with Yin Xiachun. You’ve seen such a talent, so how can you not be tempted?” Lin Fengtian said his praises.

“But before, isn’t the other investor interested in casting another female artist? Well, ahem  … … I think she’s called, Yan Bingqing!”

Hearing this, Lin Fengtian sneered: “Yan Bingqing? That carpet star? She looks like a vase, she doesn’t resemble the sweet looking Yin Xiachun. In addition, during the Film Festival, she only walks up to the red carpet to giggle and flirt. She doesn’t have any acting talent, all she have is her face!”

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