Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Hypocrite Slut

Thus, Yun Na helplessly got surrounded by them in the middle. She could only bite the bullet
and listen to their endless insults. So, her heart felt grievances over and over again.
Just wait! Just you all wait for her! Because she will frmly remember each one of their insults.
If her time comes, she will return all the insults they said a hundred times. No, a thousand more
Many members of the media felt sympathy for her on the side.
A newcomer like her that had already offended her seniors are really poor. But in the
entertainment circle, if you are just a newcomer you must understand that you need to stay in
the low-key. Otherwise, you will easily offend the veterans.
So, no one really came forward to rescue her.
And also, Yang Mi has a very high status in the entertainment circle and her career is still
fourishing. And after spending eight years in this career, she accumulated a lot of fans for

herself so no one would really dare to offend her.
“What’s going on? Why are you ladies just staying in the entrance?”
Not far away from them, a man with a cool voice came.
Everyone got surprised so they turn their head around and saw Li Jiuxian was standing behind
them. Tonight, he is wearing a hand-made custom suit. The tailoring looks very decent and
elegant and made him extraordinary handsome. His handsome appearance immediately
attracted their attention and some of them even screams.
Li Jiuxian is the new popular male idol in the entertainment industry. His unique handsomeness
helps him debut in just two years even though he only starred in two commercial and

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