Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Taking the role deeply serious

“If you want to keep your face, then disappear from my sight.”

When he said those words, his face still doesn’t show any emotion, but his tone is even colder.

Mu Wanrou looks at him as if she is looking at a stranger.

“Zhe, tonight… …what’s wrong?”


“You normally don’t … act like this to me.”

Mu Yazhe’s lips curve into a cold smile and approached her a few steps.

Every weekday, he was close to her. So, she started dreaming and hoping that something might change. But now, his eyes are very cold, so she couldn’t help but step back and felt some fear.

“So, what do you want me to do?”

His face was cold, so Mu Wanrou’s hand that was holding Little Yichen’s small arm couldn’t help but tremble. Little Yichen had never seen his father act like this, but… …

Tonight, his father had some inexplicable irritation since they went to the EMPRESS Shop. In the past, even if his father loses his temper. He never showed it in his face. But tonight, he’s really out of control… …

Mu Wanrou’s voice trembles: “Zhe, your always so gentle to me. So, why tonight… …”

Everything is good. It was all good! But, when he saw Yun Shishi standing so close to Gu Xingze at the EMPRESS shop. That’s when the calmness in his heart got disrupted, right? And since then,  he extremely couldn’t control himself.

Mu Yazhe never becomes moody. On the contrary, his emotion is always as cold as ice. But, to her or to Grandfather Mu or to Little Yichen. He never loses his patience.

Mu Yazhe said: “Stop your nonsense. It’s because of you that I lost my patience.”

“It’s because of me? What did I do ah?!”

Mu Wanrou’s eyes got teary and sadly asked: “It’s been fifteen years, but am I still not in your heart?”

Mu Yazhe looked at her and coldly said: “Everything between us is fake. You’re just taking your role deeply serious.”

Mu Wanrou felt like she was struck by lightning.

So, she looked at him intently in disbelief, “Then, why did you say that you’re going to marry me?”

Mu Yazhe’s eyes squinted and coldly said: “Isn’t it because it’s part of my grandfather’s will.”

At that time, he doesn’t understand what marriage is actually is.

For centuries, Mu family have been an influential family in the capital and their foundation is too deep.

And because of this, the family members become more unruly. Each one of them wants to control the power and wealth. But, since he was born in this family, he was destined to control all of it even though he has no personal interest in it.

And about his marriage, he also has no liberty.

Mu Sheng had other wives aside from his legal wife. So his family is so huge and there is always dispute among them.

But, the dispute is not about his love, but rather dispute for the inheritance. So whoever win in the dispute will still bleed in the end. But, other members of the family started also their schemes.

So he has no impression in this marriage and he was so tired to hear it.

In the face of power and wealth, marriage is just part of his test. If that is the case, marrying anyone will make no difference.

After all, is there an honest person in this world?

Well, he’s not sure.

And also at that time, he was still young. And Grandfather Mu is the head of the family. So. he has the biggest influence and his words seem like an imperial edict. So no one will dare to refute him.

Grandfather Mu Sheng always wants the future successor of Mu Family strives for utmost excellence. So he never tried to fail his expectations and do only what is best. After all, failure has no room for him.

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