Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Do I like her?

And because this girl is so charming and sentimental. Her attractiveness is too much!

She may not know it, but sometimes, the more she struggles the more a man want to conquer her. And got even more excited!

Mu Yazhe lay on her body and covered her soft lips with his lips. His hand was grabbing the back of her neck, while the fingers on his other hand were slowly caressing her shoulder up to her… …

Yun Shishi felt uncomfortable when Mu Yazhe pressed his body on her. However, when she felt that thing on his lower abdomen across her body, she forgot to resist. 

Until a strange sensation has entered her body. At that moment, Yun Shishi got stiff and shiver!


Yun Shishi twisted her eyebrows, she just barely spits out a word because the pain instantly numbs her mind.

Then suddenly, a fragment of her memory during that night six years ago flashed in her mind. So, Yun Shishi cannot stop from trembling!

However, Mu Yazhe only kissed her deeply, smile while his lips touching her cheeks and then harshly bite her lips.

Yun Shishi’s waist is thin, so it’s very to easy to grip.

And despite her countless refusal, she couldn’t stop her body to feel a strange sensation.

And again, it’s because of this man.

This man who has a very handsome face and impeccable figure. Her mind was constantly refusing him, but her body was instinctively desiring to warm him! Her desire for him was continuously tearing her reasoning ability and almost wish to collapse!

“See, you want it too, right?”

Mu Yazhe arrogantly smiles and unbutton his pants in a leisurely manner. Then, he looks into her eyes that were full of confusion.

However, Yun Shishi just closed her eyes in desperation. So, he couldn’t help but pecked her cheek and said.

“Good, don’t worry, it won’t hurt.”

Mu Yazhe has always been an elegant man, so even in bed, he’s not impatient to eat his prey. Even though his body could no longer hold it!

His big palm holds up her waist, and then he completely devoured her through the night… …


From the outside, Gu Xingze was standing across the door, but it seems he just heard Yun Shishi voice.


So, Gu Xingze turned his head and looked at a magnificent looking door.

The Presidential Suite is the most exclusive suite in the hotel. So, no one can just casually use it easily.

And there was even a rumor that is not open to the public.

So, suddenly Gu Xingze had guessed what just happened.

And then, he remembered He Lingxiang’s words: “Yun Shishi was really fancied by President Mu.So, if you want to find her you just need to look for him… …”

Gu Xingze couldn’t help but pursed his lips. He is not an inexperienced man, so naturally, he knows what exactly is happening inside this room.

His eyes turn very cold and he tightly grips his hand. But, when he was about to take a step to get closer. It seems he had a hard time to move his legs.

Gu Xingze suddenly lost his courage to break down the door.

So, he tried to ask himself: Why are you so concern about her? Do you like her? She’s not even your woman, so why are you using your fist for her?


Does he like her?

Gu Xingze’s mind suddenly went in chaos.

He never liked a woman before, so he doesn’t know how it feels like to like a person.

But right now, he’s nervous, worried, and wanted to save her… …so are these feelings enough to know that he like her?

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