Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Extraordinary

“Personal keepsake?”

Yun Shishi felt surprised but also frowned out of curiosity, so she asked: “Then… …why are you giving me Mu Yazhe’s keepsake?”

“Mu … …”

Alan couldn’t directly shout President Mu’s name.

Then, she stared at Yun Shishi, as if she’s looking at some monster.

This Miss Yun is too extraordinary, ah?

After all, no one had dared to call President Mu by his name because it’s a taboo. Even the other noble in the capital should call him President Mu and not just “Mu Yazhe” if they had seen him.

So generally, everyone calls him as “President Mu”.

This “Rose Tears” is not just an ordinary item, but a very special one. So, if President Mu will give this to her, then it means her existence is very significant for him. Even she got surprised because Yun Shishi is generally not in the right position to receive such a gift, right?

Well, she’s not actually trying to judge her, but with President Mu’s identity. Yun Shishi should naturally show her respect to him and shouldn’t try to offend him.

Moreover, Yun Shishi seems like a person that is very easy to get along with and have a nice temperament. She’s not arrogant like those big celebrities even though she looks nicer than them.

“Miss Yun, actually, you can’t call President Mu by his name so casually because it’s a taboo.” Alan smiled while looking at her. 

Yun Shishi helplessly said: “He is not an emperor and we’re not in the feudal era anymore. So, why I can’t call him by his name?”

What is wrong with that guy? Why would some of those powerful figures try to respect him so much anyway?

Alan smiled again and said: “Oh, it seems Miss Yun doesn’t know how big President Mu’s assets are and how rich their entire family is. We ordinary people cannot search for some information about it anyway.”

After saying those words, Alan wears her gloves before actually holding the necklace. By doing that, it shows that the necklace is extremely precious.

“Miss Yun, this necklace will perfectly suit you. Don’t move, I’ll help you wear this.”

” No, I don’t want to wear his stuff!”

Just by thinking that this necklace is extremely precious to that arrogant man, Yun Shishi would gladly refuse.

“Miss Yun … …please don’t make things very difficult for me ah! My job is to send you perfectly to the party. If there will be a little flaw, then… …”

Alan grumbled while covering her mouth and as if was about to cry.


So, Yun Shishi couldn’t help but agree.

“… …”


Now that everything is set, Alan who is standing in front of Yun Shishi couldn’t help but conceal the shock she felt inside her heart because Yun Shishi looks so gorgeous. “Oh my god! Miss Yun, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

“Thank you.” Yun Shishi’s cheeks turn red when she saw herself in the mirror.

Gu Xingze’s eyes are very sinister, this dress surprisingly looks very beautiful in her body Especially, because of her noble appearance.

Yun Shishi’s eyes fell on the necklace on her neck. So, she noticed that the pigeon blood gem almost turns like a treacherous blood that shines charmingly on her white skin.

“Miss Yun, the cocktail party is about to start, I’ll take you there!”

The door slowly opened, Yun Shishi lifted up the skirt of her dress and carefully walked out from the room, but crashed into Gu Xingze who had long been waiting.

Yun Shishi felt surprised when she saw Gu Xingze. And the embarrassment she felt instantly showed up on her face.

On the other hand, Gu Xingze also got stunned when he saw her dress. But soon recovered his mind when he saw the trace of weary and embarrassment in her face. At that moment, Gu Xingze’s heart couldn’t help but feel in pain.

“Shishi …”

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